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FSX 50cm Generic Project Textures Rocks Scenery

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Microsoft Flight Simulator X (FSX) including Steam Edition & Prepar3D (P3D)
File size
647.58 MB
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Scanned 11 days ago (clean)
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Free (Freeware)
Content Rating
2 star rating.

Rated 2 out of 5 stars by 1 PRO members.

Scenery 50cm Generic Project Textures Rocks Mountains. All rocks around the world are updated from 1m to 50cm. Includes all seasons. By Aime Leclercq.

50cm Generic Project Textures Rocks Scenery.

50cm Generic Project Textures Rocks Scenery.

Set of generic textures replacement for FSX.

Before installation made a backup of the textures of FSX/scenery/world/texture.

I cannot be considered person in charge as the errors which you committed and backup that you did not make.


Copy the folder "scenery" into the main FSX folder.

Overwrite any existing files, yes.

Don't forget to set the texture slide of FSX to 60cm.


Copy the textures which you had backup previously into the "FSX/scenery/world/texture" folder.

Nota: You can use the summer 30cm texture with this pack but you must to install them after this 50cm pack.(See 30cm project textures).

The archive has 677 files and directories contained within it.

File Contents

This list displays the first 500 files in the package. If the package has more, you will need to download it to view them.

Filename/Directory File Date File Size
50cm_rock09.13.120 B
__MACOSX09.13.120 B
50cm_rock09.13.120 B
Readme.txt09.13.121.16 kB
scenery09.13.120 B
scenery09.13.120 B
world09.13.120 B
world09.13.120 B
texture09.13.120 B
texture09.13.120 B
001b2su1.bmp12.19.092.67 MB
001b2su2.bmp12.19.092.67 MB
001b2su3.bmp12.19.092.67 MB
001b2su4.bmp12.19.092.67 MB
001b2su5.bmp12.19.092.67 MB
001b2su6.bmp12.19.092.67 MB
001b2su7.bmp12.19.092.67 MB
001b2wi1.bmp12.19.092.67 MB
001b2wi2.bmp12.19.092.67 MB
001b2wi3.bmp12.19.092.67 MB
001b2wi4.bmp12.19.092.67 MB
001b2wi5.bmp12.19.092.67 MB
001b2wi6.bmp12.19.092.67 MB
001b2wi7.bmp12.19.092.67 MB
056a2hw1.bmp12.19.092.67 MB
056a2hw2.bmp12.19.092.67 MB
056a2hw3.bmp12.19.092.67 MB
056a2hw4.bmp12.19.092.67 MB
056a2hw5.bmp12.19.092.67 MB
056a2hw6.bmp12.19.092.67 MB
056a2hw7.bmp12.19.092.67 MB
056a2su1.bmp12.19.092.67 MB
056a2su2.bmp12.19.092.67 MB
056a2su3.bmp12.19.092.67 MB
056a2su4.bmp12.19.092.67 MB
056a2su5.bmp12.19.092.67 MB
056a2su6.bmp12.19.092.67 MB
056a2su7.bmp12.19.092.67 MB
056a2wi1.bmp12.19.092.67 MB
056a2wi2.bmp12.19.092.67 MB
056a2wi3.bmp12.19.092.67 MB
056a2wi4.bmp12.19.092.67 MB
056a2wi5.bmp12.19.092.67 MB
056a2wi6.bmp12.19.092.67 MB
056a2wi7.bmp12.19.092.67 MB
056b2hw1.bmp12.19.092.67 MB
056b2hw2.bmp12.19.092.67 MB
056b2hw3.bmp12.19.092.67 MB
056b2hw4.bmp12.19.092.67 MB
056b2hw5.bmp12.19.092.67 MB
056b2hw6.bmp12.19.092.67 MB
056b2hw7.bmp12.19.092.67 MB
056b2su1.bmp12.19.092.67 MB
056b2su2.bmp12.19.092.67 MB
056b2su3.bmp12.19.092.67 MB
056b2su4.bmp12.19.092.67 MB
056b2su5.bmp12.19.092.67 MB
056b2su6.bmp12.19.092.67 MB
056b2su7.bmp12.19.092.67 MB
056b2wi1.bmp12.19.092.67 MB
056b2wi2.bmp12.19.092.67 MB
056b2wi3.bmp12.19.092.67 MB
056b2wi4.bmp12.19.092.67 MB
056b2wi5.bmp12.19.092.67 MB
056b2wi6.bmp12.19.092.67 MB
056b2wi7.bmp12.19.092.67 MB
056c2hw1.bmp12.22.092.67 MB
056c2hw2.bmp12.22.092.67 MB
056c2hw3.bmp12.22.092.67 MB
056c2hw4.bmp12.22.092.67 MB
056c2hw5.bmp12.22.092.67 MB
056c2hw6.bmp12.22.092.67 MB
056c2hw7.bmp12.22.092.67 MB
056C2Su1.bmp12.22.092.67 MB
056C2Su2.bmp12.22.092.67 MB
056C2Su3.bmp12.22.092.67 MB
056C2Su4.bmp12.22.092.67 MB
056C2Su5.bmp12.22.092.67 MB
056C2Su6.bmp12.22.092.67 MB
056C2Su7.bmp12.22.092.67 MB
056F2hw1.bmp12.20.092.67 MB
056F2hw2.bmp12.20.092.67 MB
056F2hw3.bmp12.20.092.67 MB
056F2hw4.bmp12.20.092.67 MB
056F2hw5.bmp12.20.092.67 MB
056F2hw6.bmp12.20.092.67 MB
056F2hw7.bmp12.20.092.67 MB
056F2SU1.bmp12.20.092.67 MB
056F2SU2.bmp12.20.092.67 MB
056F2SU3.bmp12.20.092.67 MB
056F2SU4.bmp12.20.092.67 MB
056F2SU5.bmp12.20.092.67 MB
056F2SU6.bmp12.20.092.67 MB
056F2SU7.bmp12.20.092.67 MB
056F2wi1.bmp12.20.092.67 MB
056F2wi2.bmp12.20.092.67 MB
056F2wi3.bmp12.20.092.67 MB
056F2wi4.bmp12.20.092.67 MB
056F2wi5.bmp12.20.092.67 MB
056F2wi6.bmp12.20.092.67 MB
056F2wi7.bmp12.20.092.67 MB
056h2hw1.bmp12.20.092.67 MB
056h2hw2.bmp12.20.092.67 MB
056h2hw3.bmp12.20.092.67 MB
056h2hw4.bmp12.20.092.67 MB
056h2hw5.bmp12.20.092.67 MB
056h2hw6.bmp12.20.092.67 MB
056h2hw7.bmp12.20.092.67 MB
056h2su1.bmp12.20.092.67 MB
056h2su2.bmp12.20.092.67 MB
056h2su3.bmp12.20.092.67 MB
056h2su4.bmp12.20.092.67 MB
056h2su5.bmp12.20.092.67 MB
056h2su6.bmp12.20.092.67 MB
056h2su7.bmp12.20.092.67 MB
056i2hw1.bmp12.20.092.67 MB
056i2hw2.bmp12.20.092.67 MB
056i2hw3.bmp12.20.092.67 MB
056i2hw4.bmp12.20.092.67 MB
056i2hw5.bmp12.20.092.67 MB
056i2hw6.bmp12.20.092.67 MB
056i2hw7.bmp12.20.092.67 MB
056i2su1.bmp12.20.092.67 MB
056i2su2.bmp12.20.092.67 MB
056i2su3.bmp12.20.092.67 MB
056i2su4.bmp12.20.092.67 MB
056i2su5.bmp12.20.092.67 MB
056i2su6.bmp12.20.092.67 MB
056i2su7.bmp12.20.092.67 MB
056i2wi1.bmp12.20.092.67 MB
056i2wi2.bmp12.20.092.67 MB
056i2wi3.bmp12.20.092.67 MB
056i2wi4.bmp12.20.092.67 MB
056i2wi5.bmp12.20.092.67 MB
056i2wi6.bmp12.20.092.67 MB
056i2wi7.bmp12.20.092.67 MB
057h2hw0.bmp12.22.092.67 MB
057h2hw1.bmp12.22.092.67 MB
057h2hw2.bmp12.22.092.67 MB
057h2hw3.bmp12.22.092.67 MB
057h2hw4.bmp12.22.092.67 MB
057h2hw5.bmp12.22.092.67 MB
057h2hw6.bmp12.22.092.67 MB
057h2hw7.bmp12.22.092.67 MB
057h2hw8.bmp12.22.092.67 MB
057h2hw9.bmp12.22.092.67 MB
057h2hwa.bmp12.22.092.67 MB
057h2hwb.bmp12.22.092.67 MB
057h2hwc.bmp12.22.092.67 MB
057h2hwd.bmp12.22.092.67 MB
057h2hwe.bmp12.22.092.67 MB
057h2hwf.bmp12.22.092.67 MB
057h2su0.bmp12.22.092.67 MB
057h2su1.bmp12.22.092.67 MB
057h2su2.bmp12.22.092.67 MB
057h2su3.bmp12.22.092.67 MB
057h2su4.bmp12.22.092.67 MB
057h2su5.bmp12.22.092.67 MB
057h2su6.bmp12.22.092.67 MB
057h2su7.bmp12.22.092.67 MB
057h2su8.bmp12.22.092.67 MB
057h2su9.bmp12.22.092.67 MB
057h2sua.bmp12.22.092.67 MB
057h2sub.bmp12.22.092.67 MB
057h2suc.bmp12.22.092.67 MB
057h2sud.bmp12.22.092.67 MB
057h2sue.bmp12.22.092.67 MB
057h2suf.bmp12.22.092.67 MB
067a2hw1.bmp12.20.092.67 MB
067a2hw2.bmp12.20.092.67 MB
067a2hw3.bmp12.20.092.67 MB
067a2hw4.bmp12.20.092.67 MB
067a2hw5.bmp12.20.092.67 MB
067a2hw6.bmp12.20.092.67 MB
067a2hw7.bmp12.20.092.67 MB
067a2su1.bmp12.20.092.67 MB
067a2su2.bmp12.20.092.67 MB
067a2su3.bmp12.20.092.67 MB
067a2su4.bmp12.20.092.67 MB
067a2su5.bmp12.20.092.67 MB
067a2su6.bmp12.20.092.67 MB
067a2su7.bmp12.20.092.67 MB
067a2wi1.bmp12.20.092.67 MB
067a2wi2.bmp12.20.092.67 MB
067a2wi3.bmp12.20.092.67 MB
067a2wi4.bmp12.20.092.67 MB
067a2wi5.bmp12.20.092.67 MB
067a2wi6.bmp12.20.092.67 MB
067a2wi7.bmp12.20.092.67 MB
067b2hw1.bmp12.20.092.67 MB
067b2hw2.bmp12.20.092.67 MB
067b2hw3.bmp12.20.092.67 MB
067b2hw4.bmp12.20.092.67 MB
067b2hw5.bmp12.20.092.67 MB
067b2hw6.bmp12.20.092.67 MB
067b2hw7.bmp12.20.092.67 MB
067b2su1.bmp12.20.092.67 MB
067b2su2.bmp12.20.092.67 MB
067b2su3.bmp12.20.092.67 MB
067b2su4.bmp12.20.092.67 MB
067b2su5.bmp12.20.092.67 MB
067b2su6.bmp12.20.092.67 MB
067b2su7.bmp12.20.092.67 MB
067b2wi1.bmp12.20.092.67 MB
067b2wi2.bmp12.20.092.67 MB
067b2wi3.bmp12.20.092.67 MB
067b2wi4.bmp12.20.092.67 MB
067b2wi5.bmp12.20.092.67 MB
067b2wi6.bmp12.20.092.67 MB
067b2wi7.bmp12.20.092.67 MB
067f2hw1.bmp12.20.092.67 MB
067f2hw2.bmp12.20.092.67 MB
067f2hw3.bmp12.20.092.67 MB
067f2hw4.bmp12.20.092.67 MB
067f2hw5.bmp12.20.092.67 MB
067f2hw6.bmp12.20.092.67 MB
067f2hw7.bmp12.20.092.67 MB
067F2SU1.bmp12.20.092.67 MB
067F2SU2.bmp12.20.092.67 MB
067F2SU3.bmp12.20.092.67 MB
067F2SU4.bmp12.20.092.67 MB
067F2SU5.bmp12.20.092.67 MB
067F2SU6.bmp12.20.092.67 MB
067F2SU7.bmp12.20.092.67 MB
067F2wi1.bmp12.20.092.67 MB
067F2wi2.bmp12.20.092.67 MB
067F2wi3.bmp12.20.092.67 MB
067F2wi4.bmp12.20.092.67 MB
067F2wi5.bmp12.20.092.67 MB
067F2wi6.bmp12.20.092.67 MB
067F2wi7.bmp12.20.092.67 MB
080a2hw1.bmp12.20.092.67 MB
080a2hw2.bmp12.20.092.67 MB
080a2hw3.bmp12.20.092.67 MB
080a2hw4.bmp12.20.092.67 MB
080a2hw5.bmp12.20.092.67 MB
080a2hw6.bmp12.20.092.67 MB
080a2hw7.bmp12.20.092.67 MB
080a2su1.bmp12.20.092.67 MB
080a2su2.bmp12.20.092.67 MB
080a2su3.bmp12.20.092.67 MB
080a2su4.bmp12.20.092.67 MB
080a2su5.bmp12.20.092.67 MB
080a2su6.bmp12.20.092.67 MB
080a2su7.bmp12.20.092.67 MB
080b2hw1.bmp12.20.092.67 MB
080b2hw2.bmp12.20.092.67 MB
080b2hw3.bmp12.20.092.67 MB
080b2hw4.bmp12.20.092.67 MB
080b2hw5.bmp12.20.092.67 MB
080b2hw6.bmp12.20.092.67 MB

Installation of Add-on Aircraft/Scenery

Most of the freeware add-on aircraft and scenery packages in our file library come with easy installation instructions which you can read above in the file description.  For further installation help, please see our Knowledge Center for our full range of tutorials or view the README file contained within the download.


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Mathieu FanneeSun, 09 Sep 2018 12:35:24 GMT

I found this file a true improvement for FSX. Actually I was fed up with FSX blurring out the rocks textures so those didn't look like rocks at all. With these 'Generic Project Textures Rocks', which are higher res than the original textures, rocks really look better now!

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