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FSX Scenery

San Francisco scenery in FSX

Image shows a demonstration of Aerosoft's US Cities X: San Francisco scenery package for FSX.  While this is actually payware, it also illustrates what's possible with freeware scenery too.

There are many ways to expand and enhance your version of Microsoft Flight Simulator X (or as it's know within the industry, FSX), and by adding scenery enhancements is just one of them.  Some of the scenery packages we have here cover small airfields to large international airports such as London Heathrow (LHR) or Los Angeles International (LAX).  These larger international airports are already included in the default FSX scenery, but developers have created more detailed, better resolution versions for you to download free of charge.

Some of the add-ons included within our scenery section for FSX are included in this list:

  • Replacement airports
  • 3D objects
  • Scenery design software
  • Global mesh and terrain packages
  • Environment upgrades
  • Local town scenery and partial area scenery downloads

This isn't the extensive list of what's available within our download sections, but it gives you a good idea of what's available.  The best way to find what you're looking for is by using the search function below.  Or, if you're simply browsing; you can find each add-on in seperate boxes below, with 25 downloads per page and making use the page navigation links to browse through each of the pages.

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Skydive DubaiComplete with Base Model

This scenery is an update of the new runway at Skydive Dubai (OMSD) for the scenery of Flytampa Dubai. The old track was no longer used and was created as the new runway 2250.00 feet by 100.10 feet. AI traffic includes with Pilatus PC-6 Porter and de Havilland DHC-6 Twin Otter. Create by Diego Jacobino. Screenshot of Skydive Dubai scenery.   ...

File size: 2.11 MB | Download hits: 4796

RAF Marham 1993Complete with Base Model

RAF Marham in the UK for the period circa 1993. Designed for use with the Victor and Canberra AI packs (JY_VICTORS_AI_FSX_1.ZIP, JY_CANBERRAS_AI_FSX_1.ZIP). A very detailed, but frame rate efficient scenery of this airfield set in the Victor K2/Tornado GR1 era. By John Young, Airfield Construction Group. Screenshot of RAF Marham scenery.   ...

File size: 76.10 MB | Download hits: 1180

Foxpine AirparkComplete with Base Model

New Zealand (NZFP). FoxPine AirPark is situated near the small provincial town of Foxton on the southwest coast of New Zealand's North Island. This private airfield set in park-like grounds is sited on a broad coastal plain of mixed farming and forestry bounded by sweeping beaches, a meandering river, and off to the east, rugged bush-clad ranges, all great places to fly. FoxPine is also the New Zealand home of the Jabiru light aircraft, where is assembled, sold and serviced. This scenery...

File size: 3.95 MB | Download hits: 624

Los Llanos AlbaceteComplete with Base Model

(LEAB), Spain, v1.0, with AI traffic, photo-textures, buildings, charts. Has capacity for two B-737s and four light aircraft. The airport is used by Air Force, civil and Private Wings. Also La Maestranza Aerea, is responsible for the modifications and overhaul of all F-1 Mirages and other Air Force aircraft. Screenshot of Los Llanos Albacete scenery. This scenery is created for Microsoft Flight Simulator X. Have placed the objects and places as accurately as possible to...

File size: 93.66 MB | Download hits: 1167

Fair Isle AirportComplete with Base Model

Fair Isle Airport is a small airport located in Fair Isle, Shetland, Scotland, UK. It is owned by the National Trust for Scotland. Fair Isle Aerodrome has a CAA Ordinary License that allows flights for the public transport of passengers. The aerodrome is not licensed for night use. The only runway is made up with gravel and the isle from the high is very suggestive, magic. The default airport was very poor, and it was a pity: a tiny runway in the middle of nothing. Now the airport looks like...

File size: 28.99 MB | Download hits: 1034

Barra Airport V2Complete with Base Model

Barra Airport (also known as Barra Beachport) is the unique airport which operates scheduled passengers flights on a beach. You can see British Airways, Flybe planes, (operated by Loganair) land on the sand. It's one of the most dangerous airports in the world. There is a small terminal, a car park, and three runways with red poles to signal where the runway starts and finishes. Flights are operated most of the time in the day, but sometimes you might find a night time flight. It...

File size: 94.49 MB | Download hits: 1420

KLTS Altus AFB Scenery / AI PackageComplete with Base Model

Custom built hangars and buildings for Altus AFB, Oklahoma (OK), USA. AFCAD for 97th AMW includes parking for C17s, KC135s,and more. Added fuel trucks and GSE. Traffic files and instructions included to add Altus C17s, C5s, KC135s to scenery. EZ scenery, Rwy12, CalClassic Core Objects, and Dan French Core LibrariesVol1_FSX or higher required. PAI models and textures required for AI. By Dan French. Aerial view of Altus AFB scenery. This scenery package represents Altus...

File size: 16.42 MB | Download hits: 1772

Chi Jima WW IIComplete with Base Model

Chi-Chi Jima. Susacki Airfield is presented in detail. Three water runways are included, One at Chi-Chi Jima, a second at Torishima and the third as Ha-Ha Shima. The scenery is presented in high definition. There is the naval port on Chi-Chi Jima, the naval facility on Ha-Ha Shima and the support base on Torishima. Several custom coastlines are included with instruction on how to install. By Tom Stovall and Mark Schimmer. Satellite image of Chi-Chi Jima.   ...

File size: 82.64 MB | Download hits: 327

Air America In Laos - Vietnam War ProjectComplete with Base Model

Air America In Laos - Vietnam War Project. Features 29 airfields in photoreal ground textures including Vientiane, Pakse, Long Tieng and 26 Lima Sites, new objects libraries (many custom objects) AI and static airplanes (Porter, C-123, Caribou). Revised lanclass (Bolovens plateau) Required: VNW_V09.ZIP, VNW_AP1.ZIP and SRTM West Asia by Taburet-Ferranti. By Xavier Carre - FSX Vietnam War Project. Screenshot of Vietnam War Project Scenery. This scenery takes part of our...

File size: 122.49 MB | Download hits: 1048

Long Tieng - Air AmericaComplete with Base Model

Long Tieng - Air America. Scenery for FSX Vietnam War project Long Tieng airfield used by Air Am. in 1969 photo-realistic (30 cm/pixel) ground textures autogen-custom objects-AI traffic, airplanes. Requires FSX Vietnam War project base pack and pack 1 (VNW_V09.ZIP, VNW_AP1.ZIP). By Xavier Carre - Jacques Godfrin FSX Vietnam War Project. Screenshot of plane flying over Long Tieng. During Vietnam War, a « secret war » takes place in Laos, mainly lead...

File size: 15.10 MB | Download hits: 401

Vietnam War Project - Airfields Pack 1Complete with Base Model

Vietnam War Project - Airfields Pack 1 for FSX Vietnam War project base pack v0.9. Adds four new airfields, three heli. fuel points Ham Tan, Cheo Reo, Luscombe, Quang Ngai Pattle Island (Photo) - Tight Reign pack New Objects libraries - New AI airplanes Corrected airfields - textures for airplanes. Full English and French docs. Requires the FSX Vietnam War Project base pack VNW_V09.ZIP. By Xavier Carre - Jacques Godfrin. Vietnam War Project - A Jet on the gorund. This pack...

File size: 116.74 MB | Download hits: 739

Operation Tight ReignComplete with Base Model

Scenery Operation Tight Reign, for FSX Vietnam War project. USCG Loran C stations during Vietnam war. Con Son, Sattahip, Lampang airfields. C-123 USCG AI and trafic files . C-123 USCG texture for V. Zhyhulskiy C-123. French and English documentation. Requires FSX Vietnam War project base pack (VNW_V09.ZIP) and Vladimir Zhyhulskiy C-123 (C123ZHV3.ZIP). By Jacques Godfrin, Xavier Carre. US Coast Guard plane on runway. 1966: USAF ask US Coast Guard for help during flight...

File size: 71.26 MB | Download hits: 485

Griffiss AFBComplete with Base Model

Scenery Griffiss AFB New York (NY) as it was back in the late 1980's before it was closed due to downsizing of the military bases. By Glenn Duerr. Griffiss AFB Scenery. I don't remember whether I actually got any custom lighting to work right in FS 2004 or not. I remember it was painful. This is another library of objects aimed at the freeware developer. Some I've used in my sceneries and some I haven't. It's a little bit of everything from single lights...

File size: 29.82 MB | Download hits: 1195

Bathurst - Mount PanoramaComplete with Base Model

Bathurst - Mount Panorama, Australia, photoreal. Bathhurst/Mount Panorama is well known for the "Bathurst 1000" car race every year. Car races are held here all year around and this scenery adds the airport, town/city areas as well as the Mount Panorama Race Track. By David Sheridan. Bathurst - Mount Panorama Scenery. Bathurst - Mount Panorama (Australia) Photoreal - FSX Bathhurst/Mount Panorama is well know for the "Bathurst 1000" Car Race every...

File size: 294.08 MB | Download hits: 610

RAF WoodvaleComplete with Base Model

RAF Woodvale UK Scenery for FSX and GenX. EGOW RAF Woodvale for FSX and GenX UK scenery. RAF Woodvale, near Southport, Merseyside, UK. With moving road traffic, six Grobs and a Vigilant motor glider performing circuits. Includes a considerable quantity of 'custom' autogen buildings. Designed for use with the Horizon UK GenX v2 VFR UK scenery. RAF Woodvale Scenery. Copy the 'Grob115' folder to your FSX 'SimObjects/Airplanes' folder. This folder...

File size: 3.34 MB | Download hits: 692

WWII Scenery Seaplane AerodromesComplete with Base Model

WWII Scenery Seaplane Aerodromes. Thirteen Pacific Theater locations. Main emphasis USS Bering Strait AVD-34 at Okinawa Japan. Seven seaplane tenders at Kerama Retto with AI ships and flying boats. Water runway lit up at night. By Earl Watkins and Wayne Tudor. WWII Scenery Seaplane Aerodromes. This is dedicated to all those who served aboard USS Bering Strait AVP 34, those who plied the seas aboard all seaplane tenders, and to the crews of the many flying boats who risked...

File size: 14.43 MB | Download hits: 807

Project NimitzComplete with Base Model

Project Nimitz with deck fix. A carrier for use with naval aircraft with tailhooks; the on-deck trap wires work. Project Nimitz.   ...

File size: 21.16 MB | Download hits: 1348

Mawlamyine Int'l AirportComplete with Base Model

Mawlamyine Int'l Airport (VYMM), v2.0 with Traffic-Pack 2. Mawlamyine International Airport in Burma (Myanmar), include Traffic-Pack 2. Traffic-Pack 1 comes with VYYY4TP1.ZIP. This scenery was produced based of suppositions, stories and voices. It is therefore pure speculation. If the planned Asean-Highway leads at it past, this airport should gain importance very quickly. Version 2.0 with new docks, jetways, already extended runway, taxiways and new taxisigns. First of all it corrects the...

File size: 3.56 MB | Download hits: 1066

V4 Yangon Int'l AirportComplete with Base Model

Yangon Int'l Airport (VYYY), Mingaladon v4.0 with Traffic-Pack 1. Yangon International Airport "Mingaladon" in Burma (Myanmar), including Traffic-Pack 1. Version 4.0 with new dock "G", jetways, already extended runway, taxiways and new taxisigns. First of all it corrects the airport location to the real one. With Myanmar Air Force area, helipads and even more parking for civilian airplanes. This scenery was produced based on a visit and on pictures from satellites....

File size: 11.44 MB | Download hits: 797

German Camp MarmalComplete with Base Model

German Camp Marmal v2.0 (OAMS); a tribute to the German soldiers in Afghanistan. By Volker Giesubl. German Camp Marmal Scenery. Made with Airport Facilitator X V1.01 and Instant Scenery for FSX. 3D-objects made with FSDesignStudio2 + Gmax. Installation: 1. Unzip the file 2. Copy OAMS-Mazar-MIL Folder in /Microsoft Flight Simulator X/Addon Scenery 3. Copy all files from Texture-Folder to main-texture of Addon Scenery 3. Copy airplanes Folder...

File size: 26.11 MB | Download hits: 422

161 pages with 3217 downloads.



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