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San Francisco scenery in FSX

Image shows a demonstration of Aerosoft's US Cities X: San Francisco scenery package for FSX.  While this is actually payware, it also illustrates what's possible with freeware scenery too.

There are many ways to expand and enhance your version of Microsoft Flight Simulator X (or as it's know within the industry, FSX), and by adding scenery enhancements is just one of them.  Some of the scenery packages we have here cover small airfields to large international airports such as London Heathrow (LHR) or Los Angeles International (LAX).  These larger international airports are already included in the default FSX scenery, but developers have created more detailed, better resolution versions for you to download free of charge.

Some of the add-ons included within our scenery section for FSX are included in this list:

  • Replacement airports
  • 3D objects
  • Scenery design software
  • Global mesh and terrain packages
  • Environment upgrades
  • Local town scenery and partial area scenery downloads

This isn't the extensive list of what's available within our download sections, but it gives you a good idea of what's available.  The best way to find what you're looking for is by using the search function below.  Or, if you're simply browsing; you can find each add-on in seperate boxes below, with 25 downloads per page and making use the page navigation links to browse through each of the pages.

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FreeMeshX USA LOD12 Mesh Scenery Add-on

​This is the open beta for FreeMeshX USA at LOD12 depth.  The current stock mesh scenery for FSX (and Steam Edition) for the USA is LOD10 and represents a depth of 38-meter coverage.  This package enhances the entire USA region to bring it up to LOD12 (9.5m pixel size). This mesh scenery add-on gives a greatly improved terrain coverage for the entire region of the USA. Please note, in this beta version, Hawaii and Alaska are unfinished and may be updated in later versions...

File size: 50.81 GB | Download hits: 1739

Montenegro Complete Photoreal

Those who take flights to the European nation of Montenegro in FSX, FSX: Steam Edition and Prepar3D often feel let down. The lack of detail and attention in this popular part of Southeast Europe is often a major disappointment. With this add-on, though, this relatively new nation will come to life in a way it never has beforehand. Bordered by the likes of Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Kosovo, Montenegro is a nation beset by challenges on all sides. The fractious nature of...

File size: 16.8 GB | Download hits: 307

Malta Complete Photoreal

Take a trip to the small nation of Malta in any simulation package, and you will often be left disappointed. One of the big problems with smaller nations in the simulation is the lack of detail they receive. This add-on, though, looks to cover this important Southern European island nation in the necessary detail required. Despite being just 333km2 in size, Malta is a very important place for a good many people. The location is richly enjoyable to visit, with a huge amount of awesome sights....

File size: 1.47 GB | Download hits: 1589

Serbia Complete Photoreal

As one of the most important nations in Eastern Europe, Serbia is the largest of the former Yugoslavian nations. From a trip to the capital of Belgrade to flying over its vast farmland, the country is a very fun nation to visit in a simulator. Users of FSX, FSX: Steam Edition and Prepar3D though will have noted the lack of detail and realism in the nation normally. Now, though, this add-on covers all 88,361km2 of the nation. The rich and satisfying nature of the whole country, covered in...

File size: 34.84 GB | Download hits: 426

Slovenia Complete Photoreal

Take a trip to the Southern European nation of Slovenia, and you’ll soon see why this nation was such a talking point during the 1990 Yugoslavian conflict. This nation is one of the most important in Europe as it acts as a crossroads from mainland Europe to its most important trade routes. Slovenia is bordered by Italy, Austria, Hungary, and Croatia, as well as the Adriatic Sea. This add-on now adds some much-needed detail across 20,273 square kilometers of the country, covering all of...

File size: 16.11 GB | Download hits: 523

Macedonia Complete Photoreal

A trip to the European nation of Macedonia is one laced with history and learning. However, for users of FSX, FSX: Steam Edition and Prepar3D, the country looks and feels empty. The lack of detail across the nation is a big problem, creating a bland and empty looking country. However, this add-on looks to change all of that. Now, a flight over this country using the scenery shows the hugely important country to European economics and culture that truly exists. Flying here can be quite...

File size: 25.49 GB | Download hits: 304

Lebanon Complete Photoreal

A trip to the Lebanese Republic in Western Asia is very much a trip you can enjoy. However, anyone flying on a regular flight simulator might feel a touch let down. This major Asian nation often lacks the detail that you would expect, and this can ruin much of the spectacle of coming to this nation. If you would like to see this stunning part of the Mediterranean Basin, then now is the time: this add-on includes details which never before existed within any of the major simulators discussed...

File size: 4.66 GB | Download hits: 582

Kosovo Complete Photoreal

As one of the most disputed parts of Eastern Europe, Kosovo has been a major news story for decades. This often disputed piece of land has been fought over time and time again by various parts of Eastern Europe. For most fans of FSX, FSX: Steam Edition and Prepar3D (including version 4), though, the nation of Kosovo can feel decisively empty when you fly over it. Despite being a small nation, this country fits a huge amount into the area that it has: creating a very interesting nation to...

File size: 2.63 GB | Download hits: 400

Hungary Complete Photoreal

For anyone heading to Europe, one of the most interesting nations to come visit is Hungary. This European nation might no longer be a leading global power, but once upon a time, it was alongside Austria. Fly to this nation, and its landmark cities such as Budapest, and you might feel a little let down, however. This is why users of FSX, FSX: Steam Edition and Prepar3D (including version 4) should try out this complete package. With a whopping 16.6 GB of content provided to cover this...

File size: 16.37 GB | Download hits: 754

Albania Complete Photoreal

As far as nations go, the volatile but beautiful nation of Albania may be among the most interesting to visit. Users of FSX, FSX: Steam Edition and Prepar3D (including version 4) can now enjoy a flight across Albanian territory like never before. Delivered in rich and attentive detail, you can now fly over this stunning part of Eastern Europe and see it like never before. ​Few trips can be quite as enjoyable as a flight over using this scenery add-on. The rich diversity in its...

File size: 6.84 GB | Download hits: 369

Cyprus Complete Photoreal

A trip to the Southern European nation of Cyprus in a flight simulator should be something that you enjoy a lot. However, a trip here often feels a little dull due to the lack of detail provided in popular simulators. Users of FSX, FSX: Steam Edition and Prepar3D (including version 4) can now make Cyprus stand out like never before, though, thanks to this immersive new add-on package. By taking the whole of the Republic and Northern areas, as well as Akrotiri and Dhekelia, the whole...

File size: 5.35 GB | Download hits: 1602

FreeMeshX Global Terrain Mesh Scenery 2.0

For users of Flight Simulator X (and FSX: Steam Edition) and/or Prepar3D, terrain meshing can feel dated. With the immersion of a flight simulation being increasingly important to the enjoyment of the process, we recommend that you take a look at FreeMeshX.  This is a groundbreaking global mesh scenery replacement for stock FSX, FSX: SE and P3D mesh terrain. This add-on looks to add a global terrain transformation, replacing all stock mesh and features for the vast majority of the...

File size: 45.41 GB | Download hits: 15621

Israel Complete Photoreal

For those looking to help make their FSX, FSX: Steam Edition and Prepar3D experience more enjoyable, it’s important every nation feels realistic. This add-on looks to implement vast changes to the nation of Israel, adding huge changes to the Middle Eastern nation to help ensure its accurate at the time of creation. With around 22,072km2 to cover, this add-on looks to make sure major parts of Israel stand out as they should. Impressive 1m/pixel scenery is used across the whole country,...

File size: 8.42 GB | Download hits: 939

Idaho Photoreal

This is a complete package containing photoreal scenery for almost the whole state of Idaho. After we have completed a large part of Idaho, we can truly say that Idaho is a very beautiful state. Idaho offers superb mountain flying and interesting places like the huge lava fields of Craters of the Moon National Monument. You can also visit Idaho's capital Boise (KBOI) or take your military jet to Mountain Home AFB (KMUO). Tested with FSX, FSX: Steam Editon and Prepar3D v4....

File size: 33.57 GB | Download hits: 396

Wyoming Photoreal

This is a complete package containing photoreal scenery for almost the whole state of Wyoming. This add-on includes an aerial imagery update for the whole of the US state of Wyoming. This new state has been improved and modernized, using over 25 GB of photorealistic scenery at 1m/pixel depth to improve the whole state. From new cities to a more accurate layout of its nature and flatlands, Wyoming will see numerous improvements. The aim of this add-on is to include more natural...

File size: 25.1 GB | Download hits: 310

Oregon Photoreal

This is a complete package containing photoreal scenery for almost the whole state of Oregon. A trip to the state of Oregon becomes much easier with the added detail included in this package. Now, Oregon – and all of its major landmarks, points of interest and cities – are carefully included. Each location will ensure Oregon contains the rich greenery and bustling, modern cities which make it so important to American culture. Major features are included, from a new coastline that...

File size: 44.39 GB | Download hits: 599

Washington Complete Photoreal

This is a complete package containing photoreal scenery for the whole state of Washington. This photorealistic scenery add-on looks to help add over 31.62 GB of added detail and realism to the state, spanning the entire state of Washington. Important landmarks come to life here, with major cities and natural landscapes all included. The major cities of the whole region come to life.  On top of that, users will see major changes to the natural scenery of Washington. New changes...

File size: 31.62 GB | Download hits: 1047

Colorado Photoreal

This is a complete package containing photoreal scenery for almost the whole state of Colorado. The rocky state of Colorado is one with a huge amount of challenging terrain to fly over. This photorealistic scenery package ensures that the state of Colorado, including its famous Rockies, look much more realistic. Attention to detail on everything from the placement of major cities like Boulder to even small-scale housing schemes ensures the whole state looks alive. Over 16GB of detail...

File size: 16.09 GB | Download hits: 1168

California Complete Photoreal

This is a complete package containing photoreal scenery for the whole state of California. This add-on package looks to help bring the state of California to life in the richest detail possible. Using photorealistic imagery and shots, this covers all major landmarks across the state. With over 70GB of detail attached in this file, you will find that everything from the Mojave Desert to major cities like Los Angeles and San Francisco is added. The diversity of California makes it an...

File size: 70.99 GB | Download hits: 3141

Utah Complete Photoreal

This is a complete package containing photoreal scenery for the whole state of Utah. As one of the most beautiful parts of the United States of America, Utah now shows that off. This richly detailed scenery package includes a host of worthwhile changes to help add in major parts of Southern Utah. Free from generic layouts and using right aerial photography to populate the skyline, FSX Utah Complete Photoreal Scenery adds extra realism to the whole state. Many new airports are included...

File size: 37.44 GB | Download hits: 706

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