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FSX Scenery

San Francisco scenery in FSX

Image shows a demonstration of Aerosoft's US Cities X: San Francisco scenery package for FSX.  While this is actually payware, it also illustrates what's possible with freeware scenery too.

There are many ways to expand and enhance your version of Microsoft Flight Simulator X (or as it's know within the industry, FSX), and by adding scenery enhancements is just one of them.  Some of the scenery packages we have here cover small airfields to large international airports such as London Heathrow (LHR) or Los Angeles International (LAX).  These larger international airports are already included in the default FSX scenery, but developers have created more detailed, better resolution versions for you to download free of charge.

Some of the add-ons included within our scenery section for FSX are included in this list:

  • Replacement airports
  • 3D objects
  • Scenery design software
  • Global mesh and terrain packages
  • Environment upgrades
  • Local town scenery and partial area scenery downloads

This isn't the extensive list of what's available within our download sections, but it gives you a good idea of what's available.  The best way to find what you're looking for is by using the search function below.  Or, if you're simply browsing; you can find each add-on in seperate boxes below, with 25 downloads per page and making use the page navigation links to browse through each of the pages.

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FreeMeshX Global Terrain Mesh Scenery 2.0

For users of Flight Simulator X (and FSX: Steam Edition) and/or Prepar3D, terrain meshing can feel dated. With the immersion of a flight simulation being increasingly important to the enjoyment of the process, we recommend that you take a look at FreeMeshX.  This is a groundbreaking global mesh scenery replacement for stock FSX, FSX: SE and P3D mesh terrain. This add-on looks to add a global terrain transformation, replacing all stock mesh and features for the vast majority of the...

File size: 45.41 GB | Download hits: 18

Israel Complete Photoreal

This scenery contains the entire territory of Israel, Palestine Authority, Gaza Strip and Golan Heights.  The scenery made with 1m/pix texture, there is no night texture and only one season.  In order to install the scenery, you need 8.7GB of free space on your computer, also for best performance we recommend to use SSD for better loading time and faster feedback. It is advised to download a detailed mash for the scenery so you get the most out of the rich environment of...

File size: 8.42 GB | Download hits: 18

Idaho Photoreal

This is a complete package containing photoreal scenery for almost the whole state of Idaho. After we have completed a large part of Idaho, we can truly say that Idaho is a very beautiful state. Idaho offers superb mountain flying and interesting places like the huge lava fields of Craters of the Moon National Monument. You can also visit Idaho's capital Boise (KBOI) or take your military jet to Mountain Home AFB (KMUO). Tested with FSX, FSX: Steam Editon and Prepar3D v4....

File size: 33.57 GB | Download hits: 19

Wyoming Photoreal

This is a complete package containing photoreal scenery for almost the whole state of Wyoming. Your virtual vacation in the mountains. Just a download away! We believe, that this is our best mountain scenery so far. Do what airline captains do in their pastime. Enjoy nature, fly the backcountry with a light aircraft and leave the FMC at home. Tested with FSX, FSX: Steam Editon and Prepar3D v4. This is a very large file download. Note: This scenery would work best with a...

File size: 25.1 GB | Download hits: 9

Oregon Photoreal

This is a complete package containing photoreal scenery for almost the whole state of Oregon. Already covered about half of Oregon, including the whole coastline from California to Washington, Oregon's Ring of Fire volcanoes and the big cities of Salem and Portland. Tested with FSX, FSX: Steam Editon and Prepar3D v4. This is a very large file download. Note: This scenery would work best with a high-quality mesh texture package.  We recommend FreeMeshX Global...

File size: 44.39 GB | Download hits: 123

Washington Complete Photoreal

This is a complete package containing photoreal scenery for the whole state of Washington. ​No matter whether you are looking for exceptional nature, big cities or beautiful coastlines. Washington has it all. Navigate the complex airspace of the Puget Sound and fly to Seattle, home of Boeing and Microsoft.  Visit the breathtaking mountain sceneries of the Cascade Range, Mount Rainier, and Olympic National Parks.  Or enjoy the diversity of all the changing landscapes while...

File size: 31.62 GB | Download hits: 190

Colorado Photoreal

This is a complete package containing photoreal scenery for almost the whole state of Colorado. Colorado and the Rockies have never been so beautiful. Well, at least not in Flight Simulator. See what mountain flyers see. This scenery is made from aerial photographs. No more ever repeating tiles. Every area looks different and real. Follow any road and find every house. Or simply enjoy the most stunning views. Tested with FSX, FSX: Steam Editon and Prepar3D v4. This is a very large file...

File size: 16.09 GB | Download hits: 431

California Complete Photoreal

This is a complete package containing photoreal scenery for the whole state of California. ​California is where BlueSkyScenery started in 2006. Now we are returning in large scale high resolution. California's diverse landscape provides stunning views for pilots. It ranges from the Pacific coast to the Sierra Nevada mountain range, the Mojave desert with Death Valley and the megacities Los Angeles and San Francisco. Tested with FSX, FSX: Steam Editon and Prepar3D v4. This is a...

File size: 70.99 GB | Download hits: 920

Utah Complete Photoreal

This is a complete package containing photoreal scenery for the whole state of Utah. ​Southern Utah - that's labyrinths of canyons and colorful layers of sand and limestones comprising world-renowned places like Arches- and Canyonlands National Parks. Seeing this beautiful land from above is a stunning new experience that gives you the big picture from a bird's eye view. This scenery is made from aerial photographs. No more ever repeating tiles. Every area looks different and real....

File size: 37.44 GB | Download hits: 125

Orlando Seaplane Base

This scenery mod will add Orlando Seaplane base to the scenery of FSX, P3D, and FSW. The airport is not present in the default scenery of any of these games. In addition to adding the airport, the scenery around Lake Apopka has been improved and there are even sound effects around the base. This scenery uses default objects so no additional downloads are required. The scenery is compatible with FSX+Acceleration, FSX Gold, FSX-SE, all versions of P3D, and Flight Sim World. For best results, I...

File size: 113.72 MB | Download hits: 125

Bournemouth Scenery (EGHH)

Thank you for downloading my Bournemouth scenery. I've spent the last 2 months working to bring you the must up-to-date rendition of this airport, which was suggested for me to do by a friend who lives here. FEATURES: Custom models for Arrival and Departures Terminal, All 3 Cobham hangars, and Long hangars on the north-east side of the airport. Ground lines made almost entirely out of Ground Polygons, Updated Taxiways and Taxi Signs according to the latest ground charts...

File size: 261.35 MB | Download hits: 226

Salt Lake City International Airport 2020

KSLC - Salt Lake City Intl Airport 2020, Utah, USA by Ray Smith I have been asked many times could I do an update for SLC, knowing there were going to be major changes there I held off until now when someone sent me a plan for the new terminal layout and its taxiways, so here is my interpretation of what it may look like in 2020. This is a version of Salt Lake City Intl Airport with two optional files and made only for FSX, do not use in P3D: There is one version with the Crosswind runway...

File size: 4.91 MB | Download hits: 407

City of Paris - France

City of Paris - France v1.2 The scenery of Paris is for FSX. It covers about 140 km2 and also includes the towns of around in the west and the business area of "La Defense". It's apparently compatible with Prepar3D. ​The scenery includes new autogen, buildings, photo real mesh, iconic landmarks, the inclusion of bridges and correct placements for them and many replaced train stations and the addition of missing ones. By Marc Guitteny.   ...

File size: 1.47 GB | Download hits: 8045

Qeqqata X

Qeqqata X Scenery for Flight Simulator X. Lars Larsen: Rivers and Lakes polygons, Easter egg airstrips. Ulrik Motzfeldt-Skovgaard: Mesh, land class, coastline, custom made buildings. Finn Alfred Olesen: Added FSX standard object in Itilleq. Sarfannguit, Kangaamiut, Napasoq and Atammik. INFORMATION: QeqqataX covers the same area as Qeqqata Municipality. It has three airports: Kangerlussuaq (BGSF) Sisimiut (BGSS) Maniitsoq (BGMQ) The entire area has a...

File size: 1.44 GB | Download hits: 294

NZ West Coast Photoreal

ABOUT THIS SCENERY West Coast is photo scenery that covers a large area from Karamea in the North to Neils Beach at Jackson Bay in the South Airports covered Westport, Greymouth, and Hokitika.  Airfields covered Karamea, Franz Joseph, Fox Glacier, Haast and Neils Beach  INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS IMPORTANT: These files are designed to blend in with ORBX NZSI will also work with VLC Unzip the West Coast file into the Addon scenery folder of your FSX or P3D...

File size: 2.18 GB | Download hits: 556

Marlborough X 2015

Marlborough X 2015 is situated at the top of the South Island New Zealand and is compiled with the latest 2011 2012 high-resolution aerial images and covers a larger area of Marlborough including all of Marlborough Sounds. This scenery covers all of the Marlborough sounds and the Blenheim town and joins onto Robin Corns RealNZ Nelson and Robin Corn's Marlborough South lower resolution aerial imagery as it also Contains Robin Corn's 2007 Marlborough...

File size: 5.53 GB | Download hits: 408

Ibiza X

LEIB_Ibiza_X for FSX by Sierra.Foxtrot-Design. Installation: The folder "Flight Simulator X" contains the default FSX folder structure i.e. copy the folder "SFD_LEIB_Ibiza_X" and its contents in the parent folder "Addon Scenery" to "Microsoft GamesFlight Simulator XAddon Scenery". Start your FSX, go to Scenery Library and choose Add area. In the browser window select the folder "Microsoft GamesFlight Simulator XAddon...

File size: 121.47 MB | Download hits: 4618

Carlisle Airport Scenery by Chris Thompson

Thank you for downloading this scenery package for Carlisle Lake District Airport, ICAO code EGNC. This airport, located in Carlisle, Cumbria, England, is a former WWII RAF station (Crosby-on-Eden), once home for Hurricanes, Beaufighters, and Dakotas. Today it serves as a purely civil airport. Though not currently served by any airlines, it may eventually see service by ATR 42s of Aer Lingus Regional. Where they will park these is anyone's guess, as ther current parking layout...

File size: 452.89 KB | Download hits: 614

Elko Regional Airport

KEKO Elko Regional Airport NV by Eric Cagan. This is my rendition of Elko NV upgraded for FSX. I originally built this scenery using GMax for FS2004 (see AVSIM or Flightsim for those uploads). I decided to spend the time and upgrade this for FSX. I would like to thank Jirayu Tanabodee for his tutorial on how to upgrade FS2004 sceneries for FSX. I used that tutorial to upgrade a few libraries I heavily use in my sceneries (because they are perfect for what I need). All objects, except...

File size: 7.24 MB | Download hits: 319

St Maarten Scenery Package

This is a freeware file and has taken a lot of time and effort to make To install; simply run the auto install and activate in your scenery library. In this package you will receive: St Barthelemy airport WITH the sloping runway, Saba, Juancho E yrasquin airport completely re made and in its correct position as in real life. A rendition of Princess Juliana airport with assigned parking AFCADS and small fixes to the main airport. ...

File size: 86.32 MB | Download hits: 6895

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