FSX 50cm Generic Project Textures Intermediate Scenery (All Parts)

This amazing all-in-one package includes all parts (1-5) of the series.

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Microsoft Flight Simulator X (FSX) including Steam Edition & Prepar3D (P3D)
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This amazing all-in-one package includes all parts (1-5) of the series.

All of the ZIP files have been extracted and placed in the correct folders.

The original ZIP files in the series below have been included in the package:

  • 50cm_interzone_01.zip
  • 50cm_interzone_02.zip
  • 50cm_interzone_03.zip
  • 50cm_interzone_04.zip
  • 50cm_interzone_05.zip

Scenery 50cm Generic Project Textures Intermediate Zones. Zones between mountains and forest from 1m to 50cm. Includes All seasons. By Aime Leclercq.

50cm Generic Project Textures Intermediate Scenery.

50cm Generic Project Textures Intermediate Scenery.

Before installation made a backup of the textures of FSX/scenery/world/texture.

I cannot be considered person in charge as the errors which you committed and backup that you did not make.


Copy the folder "scenery" into the main FSX folder.

Don't forget to set the texture slide of FSX to 60cm.


Copy the textures which you had backup previously into the "FSX/scenery/world/texture" folder.

The archive 50cm_interzone.zip has 599 files and directories contained within it.

File Contents

This list displays the first 500 files in the package. If the package has more, you will need to download it to view them.

Filename/Directory File Date File Size
50cm_InterZone02.26.130 B
scenery02.26.130 B
world02.26.130 B
texture02.26.130 B
002b2hw1.bmp12.22.092.67 MB
002b2hw2.bmp12.22.092.67 MB
002b2hw3.bmp12.22.092.67 MB
002b2hw4.bmp12.22.092.67 MB
002b2hw5.bmp12.22.092.67 MB
002b2hw6.bmp12.22.092.67 MB
002b2hw7.bmp12.22.092.67 MB
002b2su1.bmp11.28.092.67 MB
002b2su2.bmp11.28.092.67 MB
002b2su3.bmp11.28.092.67 MB
002b2su4.bmp11.28.092.67 MB
002b2su5.bmp11.28.092.67 MB
002b2su6.bmp11.28.092.67 MB
002b2su7.bmp11.28.092.67 MB
002b2wi1.bmp12.22.092.67 MB
002b2wi2.bmp12.22.092.67 MB
002b2wi3.bmp12.22.092.67 MB
002b2wi4.bmp12.22.092.67 MB
002b2wi5.bmp12.22.092.67 MB
002b2wi6.bmp12.22.092.67 MB
002b2wi7.bmp12.22.092.67 MB
003b2fa0.bmp12.21.092.67 MB
003b2fa1.bmp12.21.092.67 MB
003b2fa2.bmp12.21.092.67 MB
003b2fa3.bmp12.21.092.67 MB
003b2fa4.bmp12.21.092.67 MB
003b2fa5.bmp12.21.092.67 MB
003b2fa6.bmp12.21.092.67 MB
003b2fa7.bmp12.21.092.67 MB
003b2fa8.bmp12.21.092.67 MB
003b2fa9.bmp12.21.092.67 MB
003b2faa.bmp12.21.092.67 MB
003b2fab.bmp12.21.092.67 MB
003b2fac.bmp12.21.092.67 MB
003b2fad.bmp12.21.092.67 MB
003b2fae.bmp12.21.092.67 MB
003b2hw0.bmp12.21.092.67 MB
003b2hw1.bmp12.21.092.67 MB
003b2hw2.bmp12.21.092.67 MB
003b2hw3.bmp12.21.092.67 MB
003b2hw4.bmp12.21.092.67 MB
003b2hw5.bmp12.21.092.67 MB
003b2hw6.bmp12.21.092.67 MB
003b2hw7.bmp12.21.092.67 MB
003b2hw8.bmp12.21.092.67 MB
003b2hw9.bmp12.21.092.67 MB
003b2hwa.bmp12.21.092.67 MB
003b2hwb.bmp12.21.092.67 MB
003b2hwc.bmp12.21.092.67 MB
003b2hwd.bmp12.21.092.67 MB
003b2hwe.bmp12.21.092.67 MB
003b2sp0.bmp12.21.092.67 MB
003b2sp1.bmp12.21.092.67 MB
003b2sp2.bmp12.21.092.67 MB
003b2sp3.bmp12.21.092.67 MB
003b2sp4.bmp12.21.092.67 MB
003b2sp5.bmp12.21.092.67 MB
003b2sp6.bmp12.21.092.67 MB
003b2sp7.bmp12.21.092.67 MB
003b2sp8.bmp12.21.092.67 MB
003b2sp9.bmp12.21.092.67 MB
003b2spa.bmp12.21.092.67 MB
003b2spb.bmp12.21.092.67 MB
003b2spc.bmp12.21.092.67 MB
003b2spd.bmp12.21.092.67 MB
003b2spe.bmp12.21.092.67 MB
003b2su0.bmp11.25.092.67 MB
003b2su1.bmp12.02.092.67 MB
003b2su2.bmp12.02.092.67 MB
003b2su3.bmp12.02.092.67 MB
003b2su4.bmp11.25.092.67 MB
003b2su5.bmp11.25.092.67 MB
003b2su6.bmp11.25.092.67 MB
003b2su7.bmp11.25.092.67 MB
003b2su8.bmp11.25.092.67 MB
003b2su9.bmp11.25.092.67 MB
003b2sua.bmp11.25.092.67 MB
003b2sub.bmp11.25.092.67 MB
003b2suc.bmp12.02.092.67 MB
003b2sud.bmp11.25.092.67 MB
003b2sue.bmp11.25.092.67 MB
003b2wi0.bmp12.21.092.67 MB
003b2wi1.bmp12.21.092.67 MB
003b2wi2.bmp12.21.092.67 MB
003b2wi3.bmp12.21.092.67 MB
003b2wi4.bmp12.21.092.67 MB
003b2wi5.bmp12.21.092.67 MB
003b2wi6.bmp12.21.092.67 MB
003b2wi7.bmp12.21.092.67 MB
003b2wi8.bmp12.21.092.67 MB
003b2wi9.bmp12.21.092.67 MB
003b2wia.bmp12.21.092.67 MB
003b2wib.bmp12.21.092.67 MB
003b2wic.bmp12.21.092.67 MB
003b2wid.bmp12.21.092.67 MB
003b2wie.bmp12.21.092.67 MB
006b2fa1.bmp12.22.092.67 MB
006b2fa2.bmp12.22.092.67 MB
006b2fa3.bmp12.22.092.67 MB
006b2fa4.bmp12.22.092.67 MB
006b2fa5.bmp12.22.092.67 MB
006b2fa6.bmp12.22.092.67 MB
006b2fa7.bmp12.22.092.67 MB
006b2hw1.bmp12.22.092.67 MB
006b2hw2.bmp12.22.092.67 MB
006b2hw3.bmp12.22.092.67 MB
006b2hw4.bmp12.22.092.67 MB
006b2hw5.bmp12.22.092.67 MB
006b2hw6.bmp12.22.092.67 MB
006b2hw7.bmp12.22.092.67 MB
006b2sp1.bmp12.22.092.67 MB
006b2sp2.bmp12.22.092.67 MB
006b2sp3.bmp12.22.092.67 MB
006b2sp4.bmp12.22.092.67 MB
006b2sp5.bmp12.22.092.67 MB
006b2sp6.bmp12.22.092.67 MB
006b2sp7.bmp12.22.092.67 MB
006b2su1.bmp11.24.092.67 MB
006b2su2.bmp11.24.092.67 MB
006b2su3.bmp11.24.092.67 MB
006b2su4.bmp11.24.092.67 MB
006b2su5.bmp11.24.092.67 MB
006b2su6.bmp11.24.092.67 MB
006b2su7.bmp11.24.092.67 MB
006b2wi1.bmp12.22.092.67 MB
006b2wi2.bmp12.22.092.67 MB
006b2wi3.bmp12.22.092.67 MB
006b2wi4.bmp12.22.092.67 MB
006b2wi5.bmp12.22.092.67 MB
006b2wi6.bmp12.22.092.67 MB
006b2wi7.bmp12.22.092.67 MB
009b2fa0.bmp12.24.092.67 MB
009b2fa1.bmp12.24.092.67 MB
009b2fa2.bmp12.24.092.67 MB
009b2fa3.bmp12.24.092.67 MB
009b2fa4.bmp12.24.092.67 MB
009b2fa5.bmp12.24.092.67 MB
009b2fa6.bmp12.24.092.67 MB
009b2fa7.bmp12.24.092.67 MB
009b2fa8.bmp12.24.092.67 MB
009b2fa9.bmp12.24.092.67 MB
009b2faa.bmp12.24.092.67 MB
009b2fab.bmp12.24.092.67 MB
009b2fac.bmp12.24.092.67 MB
009b2fad.bmp12.24.092.67 MB
009b2fae.bmp12.24.092.67 MB
009b2hw0.bmp12.24.092.67 MB
009b2hw1.bmp12.24.092.67 MB
009b2hw2.bmp12.24.092.67 MB
009b2hw3.bmp12.24.092.67 MB
009b2hw4.bmp12.24.092.67 MB
009b2hw5.bmp12.24.092.67 MB
009b2hw6.bmp12.24.092.67 MB
009b2hw7.bmp12.24.092.67 MB
009b2hw8.bmp12.24.092.67 MB
009b2hw9.bmp12.24.092.67 MB
009b2hwa.bmp12.24.092.67 MB
009b2hwb.bmp12.24.092.67 MB
009b2hwc.bmp12.24.092.67 MB
009b2hwd.bmp12.24.092.67 MB
009b2hwe.bmp12.24.092.67 MB
009b2sp0.bmp12.24.092.67 MB
009b2sp1.bmp12.24.092.67 MB
009b2sp2.bmp12.24.092.67 MB
009b2sp3.bmp12.24.092.67 MB
009b2sp4.bmp05.12.06682.74 kB
009b2sp5.bmp12.24.092.67 MB
009b2sp6.bmp12.24.092.67 MB
009b2sp7.bmp12.24.092.67 MB
009b2sp8.bmp12.24.092.67 MB
009b2sp9.bmp12.24.092.67 MB
009b2spa.bmp12.24.092.67 MB
009b2spb.bmp12.24.092.67 MB
009b2spc.bmp12.24.092.67 MB
009b2spd.bmp12.24.092.67 MB
009b2spe.bmp12.24.092.67 MB
009b2su0.bmp12.24.092.67 MB
009b2su1.bmp12.24.092.67 MB
009b2su2.bmp12.24.092.67 MB
009b2su3.bmp12.24.092.67 MB
009b2su4.bmp12.24.092.67 MB
009b2su5.bmp12.24.092.67 MB
009b2su6.bmp12.24.092.67 MB
009b2su7.bmp12.24.092.67 MB
009b2su8.bmp12.24.092.67 MB
009b2su9.bmp12.24.092.67 MB
009b2sua.bmp12.24.092.67 MB
009b2sub.bmp12.24.092.67 MB
009b2suc.bmp12.24.092.67 MB
009b2sud.bmp12.24.092.67 MB
009b2sue.bmp12.24.092.67 MB
009b2wi0.bmp12.24.092.67 MB
009b2wi1.bmp12.24.092.67 MB
009b2wi2.bmp12.24.092.67 MB
009b2wi3.bmp12.24.092.67 MB
009b2wi4.bmp12.24.092.67 MB
009b2wi5.bmp12.24.092.67 MB
009b2wi6.bmp12.24.092.67 MB
009b2wi7.bmp12.24.092.67 MB
009b2wi8.bmp12.24.092.67 MB
009b2wi9.bmp12.24.092.67 MB
009b2wia.bmp12.24.092.67 MB
009b2wib.bmp12.24.092.67 MB
009b2wic.bmp12.24.092.67 MB
009b2wid.bmp12.24.092.67 MB
009b2wie.bmp12.24.092.67 MB
012a2fa0.bmp12.21.092.67 MB
012a2fa1.bmp12.21.092.67 MB
012a2fa2.bmp12.21.092.67 MB
012a2fa3.bmp12.21.092.67 MB
012a2fa4.bmp12.21.092.67 MB
012a2fa5.bmp12.21.092.67 MB
012a2fa6.bmp12.21.092.67 MB
012a2fa7.bmp12.21.092.67 MB
012a2fa8.bmp12.21.092.67 MB
012a2fa9.bmp12.21.092.67 MB
012a2faa.bmp12.21.092.67 MB
012a2fab.bmp12.21.092.67 MB
012a2fac.bmp12.21.092.67 MB
012a2fad.bmp12.21.092.67 MB
012a2fae.bmp12.21.092.67 MB
012a2hw0.bmp12.21.092.67 MB
012a2hw1.bmp12.21.092.67 MB
012a2hw2.bmp12.21.092.67 MB
012a2hw3.bmp12.21.092.67 MB
012a2hw4.bmp12.21.092.67 MB
012a2hw5.bmp12.21.092.67 MB
012a2hw6.bmp12.21.092.67 MB
012a2hw7.bmp12.21.092.67 MB
012a2hw8.bmp12.21.092.67 MB
012a2hw9.bmp12.21.092.67 MB
012a2hwa.bmp12.21.092.67 MB
012a2hwb.bmp12.21.092.67 MB
012a2hwc.bmp12.21.092.67 MB
012a2hwd.bmp12.21.092.67 MB
012a2hwe.bmp12.21.092.67 MB
012a2sp0.bmp12.21.092.67 MB
012a2sp1.bmp12.21.092.67 MB
012a2sp2.bmp12.21.092.67 MB
012a2sp3.bmp12.21.092.67 MB
012a2sp4.bmp12.21.092.67 MB
012a2sp5.bmp12.21.092.67 MB
012a2sp6.bmp12.21.092.67 MB
012a2sp7.bmp12.21.092.67 MB
012a2sp8.bmp12.21.092.67 MB
012a2sp9.bmp12.21.092.67 MB
012a2spa.bmp12.21.092.67 MB
012a2spb.bmp12.21.092.67 MB
012a2spc.bmp12.21.092.67 MB
012a2spd.bmp12.21.092.67 MB
012a2spe.bmp12.21.092.67 MB
012a2su0.bmp11.25.092.67 MB
012a2su1.bmp12.02.092.67 MB
012a2su2.bmp12.02.092.67 MB
012a2su3.bmp12.02.092.67 MB
012a2su4.bmp11.25.092.67 MB
012a2su5.bmp11.25.092.67 MB
012a2su6.bmp11.25.092.67 MB
012a2su7.bmp11.25.092.67 MB
012a2su8.bmp11.26.092.67 MB
012a2su9.bmp11.26.092.67 MB
012a2sua.bmp11.26.092.67 MB
012a2sub.bmp11.26.092.67 MB
012a2suc.bmp12.02.092.67 MB
012a2sud.bmp11.26.092.67 MB
012a2sue.bmp11.26.092.67 MB
012a2wi0.bmp12.21.092.67 MB
012a2wi1.bmp12.21.092.67 MB
012a2wi2.bmp12.21.092.67 MB
012a2wi3.bmp12.21.092.67 MB
012a2wi4.bmp12.21.092.67 MB
012a2wi5.bmp12.21.092.67 MB
012a2wi6.bmp12.21.092.67 MB
012a2wi7.bmp12.21.092.67 MB
012a2wi8.bmp12.21.092.67 MB
012a2wi9.bmp12.21.092.67 MB
012a2wia.bmp12.21.092.67 MB
012a2wib.bmp12.21.092.67 MB
012a2wic.bmp12.21.092.67 MB
012a2wid.bmp12.21.092.67 MB
012a2wie.bmp12.21.092.67 MB
013b2fa1.bmp12.22.092.67 MB
013b2fa2.bmp12.22.092.67 MB
013b2fa3.bmp12.22.092.67 MB
013b2fa4.bmp12.22.092.67 MB
013b2fa5.bmp12.22.092.67 MB
013b2fa6.bmp12.22.092.67 MB
013b2fa7.bmp12.22.092.67 MB
013b2hw1.bmp12.22.092.67 MB
013b2hw2.bmp12.22.092.67 MB
013b2hw3.bmp12.22.092.67 MB
013b2hw4.bmp12.22.092.67 MB
013b2hw5.bmp12.22.092.67 MB
013b2hw6.bmp12.22.092.67 MB
013b2hw7.bmp12.22.092.67 MB
013b2sp1.bmp12.22.092.67 MB
013b2sp2.bmp12.22.092.67 MB
013b2sp3.bmp12.22.092.67 MB
013b2sp4.bmp12.22.092.67 MB
013b2sp5.bmp12.22.092.67 MB
013b2sp6.bmp12.22.092.67 MB
013b2sp7.bmp12.22.092.67 MB
013b2su1.bmp11.24.092.67 MB
013b2su2.bmp11.24.092.67 MB
013b2su3.bmp11.24.092.67 MB
013b2su4.bmp11.24.092.67 MB
013b2su5.bmp11.24.092.67 MB
013b2su6.bmp11.24.092.67 MB
013b2su7.bmp11.24.092.67 MB
013b2wi1.bmp12.22.092.67 MB
013b2wi2.bmp12.22.092.67 MB
013b2wi3.bmp12.22.092.67 MB
013b2wi4.bmp12.22.092.67 MB
013b2wi5.bmp12.22.092.67 MB
013b2wi6.bmp12.22.092.67 MB
013b2wi7.bmp12.22.092.67 MB
050b2fa0.bmp12.23.092.67 MB
050b2fa1.bmp12.23.092.67 MB
050b2fa2.bmp12.23.092.67 MB
050b2fa3.bmp12.23.092.67 MB
050b2fa4.bmp12.23.092.67 MB
050b2fa5.bmp12.23.092.67 MB
050b2fa6.bmp12.23.092.67 MB
050b2fa7.bmp12.23.092.67 MB
050b2fa8.bmp12.23.092.67 MB
050b2fa9.bmp12.23.092.67 MB
050b2faa.bmp12.23.092.67 MB
050b2fab.bmp12.23.092.67 MB
050b2fac.bmp12.23.092.67 MB
050b2fad.bmp12.23.092.67 MB
050b2fae.bmp12.23.092.67 MB
050b2hw0.bmp12.23.092.67 MB
050b2hw1.bmp12.23.092.67 MB
050b2hw2.bmp12.23.092.67 MB
050b2hw3.bmp12.23.092.67 MB
050b2hw4.bmp12.23.092.67 MB
050b2hw5.bmp12.23.092.67 MB
050b2hw6.bmp12.23.092.67 MB
050b2hw7.bmp12.23.092.67 MB
050b2hw8.bmp12.23.092.67 MB
050b2hw9.bmp12.23.092.67 MB
050b2hwa.bmp12.23.092.67 MB
050b2hwb.bmp12.23.092.67 MB
050b2hwc.bmp12.23.092.67 MB
050b2hwd.bmp12.23.092.67 MB
050b2hwe.bmp12.23.092.67 MB
050b2sp0.bmp12.23.092.67 MB
050b2sp1.bmp12.23.092.67 MB
050b2sp2.bmp12.23.092.67 MB
050b2sp3.bmp12.23.092.67 MB
050b2sp4.bmp12.23.092.67 MB
050b2sp5.bmp12.23.092.67 MB
050b2sp6.bmp12.23.092.67 MB
050b2sp7.bmp12.23.092.67 MB
050b2sp8.bmp12.23.092.67 MB
050b2sp9.bmp12.23.092.67 MB
050b2spa.bmp12.23.092.67 MB
050b2spb.bmp12.23.092.67 MB
050b2spc.bmp12.23.092.67 MB
050b2spd.bmp12.23.092.67 MB
050b2spe.bmp12.23.092.67 MB
050b2su0.bmp11.23.092.67 MB
050b2su1.bmp12.02.092.67 MB
050b2su2.bmp12.02.092.67 MB
050b2su3.bmp12.02.092.67 MB
050b2su4.bmp11.23.092.67 MB
050b2su5.bmp11.23.092.67 MB
050b2su6.bmp11.23.092.67 MB
050b2su7.bmp11.23.092.67 MB
050b2su8.bmp11.23.092.67 MB
050b2su9.bmp11.23.092.67 MB
050b2sua.bmp11.23.092.67 MB
050b2sub.bmp11.23.092.67 MB
050b2suc.bmp12.02.092.67 MB
050b2sud.bmp11.23.092.67 MB
050b2sue.bmp11.23.092.67 MB
050b2wi0.bmp12.23.092.67 MB
050b2wi1.bmp12.23.092.67 MB
050b2wi2.bmp12.23.092.67 MB
050b2wi3.bmp12.23.092.67 MB
050b2wi4.bmp12.23.092.67 MB
050b2wi5.bmp12.23.092.67 MB
050b2wi6.bmp12.23.092.67 MB
050b2wi7.bmp12.23.092.67 MB
050b2wi8.bmp12.23.092.67 MB
050b2wi9.bmp12.23.092.67 MB
050b2wia.bmp12.23.092.67 MB
050b2wib.bmp12.23.092.67 MB
050b2wic.bmp12.23.092.67 MB
050b2wid.bmp12.23.092.67 MB
050b2wie.bmp12.23.092.67 MB
051a2fa1.bmp12.21.092.67 MB
051a2fa2.bmp12.21.092.67 MB
051a2fa3.bmp12.21.092.67 MB
051a2fa4.bmp12.21.092.67 MB
051a2fa5.bmp12.21.092.67 MB
051a2fa6.bmp12.21.092.67 MB
051a2fa7.bmp12.21.092.67 MB
051a2hw1.bmp12.21.092.67 MB
051a2hw2.bmp12.21.092.67 MB
051a2hw3.bmp12.21.092.67 MB
051a2hw4.bmp12.21.092.67 MB
051a2hw5.bmp12.21.092.67 MB
051a2hw6.bmp12.21.092.67 MB
051a2hw7.bmp12.21.092.67 MB
051a2sp1.bmp12.21.092.67 MB
051a2sp2.bmp12.21.092.67 MB
051a2sp3.bmp12.21.092.67 MB
051a2sp4.bmp12.21.092.67 MB
051a2sp5.bmp12.21.092.67 MB
051a2sp6.bmp12.21.092.67 MB
051a2sp7.bmp12.21.092.67 MB
051a2su1.bmp11.27.092.67 MB
051a2su2.bmp11.27.092.67 MB
051a2su3.bmp11.25.092.67 MB
051a2su4.bmp12.02.092.67 MB
051a2su5.bmp12.02.092.67 MB
051a2su6.bmp11.27.092.67 MB
051a2su7.bmp12.02.092.67 MB
051a2wi1.bmp12.21.092.67 MB
051a2wi2.bmp12.21.092.67 MB
051a2wi3.bmp12.21.092.67 MB
051a2wi4.bmp12.21.092.67 MB
051a2wi5.bmp12.21.092.67 MB
051a2wi6.bmp12.21.092.67 MB
051a2wi7.bmp12.21.092.67 MB
066b2fa1.bmp12.22.092.67 MB
066b2fa2.bmp12.22.092.67 MB
066b2fa3.bmp12.22.092.67 MB
066b2fa4.bmp12.22.092.67 MB
066b2fa5.bmp12.22.092.67 MB
066b2fa6.bmp12.22.092.67 MB
066b2fa7.bmp12.22.092.67 MB
066b2hw1.bmp12.22.092.67 MB
066b2hw2.bmp12.22.092.67 MB
066b2hw3.bmp12.22.092.67 MB
066b2hw4.bmp12.22.092.67 MB
066b2hw5.bmp12.22.092.67 MB
066b2hw6.bmp12.22.092.67 MB
066b2hw7.bmp12.22.092.67 MB
066b2sp1.bmp12.22.092.67 MB
066b2sp2.bmp12.22.092.67 MB
066b2sp3.bmp12.22.092.67 MB
066b2sp4.bmp12.22.092.67 MB
066b2sp5.bmp12.22.092.67 MB
066b2sp6.bmp12.22.092.67 MB
066b2sp7.bmp12.22.092.67 MB
066b2su1.bmp11.24.092.67 MB
066b2su2.bmp11.24.092.67 MB
066b2su3.bmp11.24.092.67 MB
066b2su4.bmp11.24.092.67 MB
066b2su5.bmp11.24.092.67 MB
066b2su6.bmp11.24.092.67 MB
066b2su7.bmp11.24.092.67 MB
066b2wi1.bmp12.22.092.67 MB
066b2wi2.bmp12.22.092.67 MB
066b2wi3.bmp12.22.092.67 MB
066b2wi4.bmp12.22.092.67 MB
066b2wi5.bmp12.22.092.67 MB
066b2wi6.bmp12.22.092.67 MB
066b2wi7.bmp12.22.092.67 MB
071b2fa1.bmp12.22.092.67 MB
071b2fa2.bmp12.22.092.67 MB
071b2fa3.bmp12.22.092.67 MB
071b2fa4.bmp12.22.092.67 MB
071b2fa5.bmp12.22.092.67 MB
071b2fa6.bmp12.22.092.67 MB
071b2fa7.bmp12.22.092.67 MB
071b2hw1.bmp12.22.092.67 MB
071b2hw2.bmp12.22.092.67 MB
071b2hw3.bmp12.22.092.67 MB
071b2hw4.bmp12.22.092.67 MB
071b2hw5.bmp12.22.092.67 MB
071b2hw6.bmp12.22.092.67 MB
071b2hw7.bmp12.22.092.67 MB
071b2sp1.bmp12.22.092.67 MB
071b2sp2.bmp12.22.092.67 MB
071b2sp3.bmp12.22.092.67 MB
071b2sp4.bmp12.22.092.67 MB
071b2sp5.bmp12.22.092.67 MB
071b2sp6.bmp12.22.092.67 MB
071b2sp7.bmp12.22.092.67 MB
071b2su1.bmp11.24.092.67 MB
071b2su2.bmp11.24.092.67 MB
071b2su3.bmp11.24.092.67 MB
071b2su4.bmp11.24.092.67 MB
071b2su5.bmp11.24.092.67 MB
071b2su6.bmp11.24.092.67 MB
071b2su7.bmp11.24.092.67 MB
071b2wi1.bmp12.22.092.67 MB
071b2wi2.bmp12.22.092.67 MB
071b2wi3.bmp12.22.092.67 MB
071b2wi4.bmp12.22.092.67 MB
071b2wi5.bmp12.22.092.67 MB
071b2wi6.bmp12.22.092.67 MB
071b2wi7.bmp12.22.092.67 MB
074b2fa1.bmp12.22.092.67 MB


This is a very interesting add-on, and worth picking up if you don’t really use any other modifications. Basically, it looks to take the generic textures in FSX, and improve their general quality. This means that it’s useless if you are using a bunch of texture packages and add-ons. If you still use the majority of the generic in-sim textures, though, this is well worth picking up when you get a chance.

Preview screenshot

A Refreshing Upgrade

What this mod does is simple. As a five-part series (all in one here, though) you get to see generic old textures become far sharper and more impressive. This looks to take the zones between mountains and forests, trying to improve how they look overall.

This is very useful for making sure that the forests down below now have a bit more life to them. It’s a 50x improvement, given that it moves from 1m to 50cm. In that regard, then, it’s very easy to see why so many like this add-on.

It’s simple, t does the job, and makes a refreshing add-on for those who maybe can’t get an excessive amount of other add-ons. At the very least, it’s a pretty decent starting point to work with. Forests, by modern standards, look pretty ugly in FSX. Thanks to this, you can help to bring them up to date in terms of detail a little bit.

Adam McEnroe

Adam McEnroe

Adam McEnroe is a flight sim enthusiast who has been simming since the days of FS95. Adam writes all of the download section editorials after testing each of the files. Adam has extensive knowledge using various flight simulator packages and thoroughly tests the files before writing about them. Adam also like to fly real-world aircraft in his spare time and is training for his PPL.

Should you wish, you can contact Adam via email at adam@flyawaysimulation.com.

Installation icon.

Installation Instructions

Most of the freeware add-on aircraft and scenery packages in our file library come with easy installation instructions which you can read above in the file description. For further installation help, please see our Flight School for our full range of tutorials or view the README file contained within the download. If in doubt, you may also ask a question or view existing answers in our dedicated Q&A forum.


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JohnSun, 07 Oct 2018 10:20:06 GMT

Good day This package looks very nice, however, will it and the related packages work with ORBX scenery? Thank you kindly. Regards. John

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