FSX Lewis University Scenery

Preview Lewis University (KLOT), Illinois (IL). This is as close to actual representation, without doing photoreal, as possible. Most all buildings are represented except for a few in the University area. By Jimmy R. Martin.

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Lewis University (KLOT), Illinois (IL). This is as close to actual representation, without doing photoreal, as possible. Most all buildings are represented except for a few in the University area. By Jimmy R. Martin.

Aerial view of Lewis University Scenery.

Aerial view of Lewis University Scenery.

This is as close to actual representation, without doing photo real, as I can make it. Most all buildings are represented except for a few in the University area. I did take the liberty of adding Grady's Flight Service in memory of Grady Cates, retired Braniff Pilot, close friend and encouragement to keep up scenery design. Our virtual airlines used this airport.

Due to the fact that ceilings can be 100' and below I have added ILS to RWY9 and checked the ILS for RWY27.

I believe all textures are here. BUT, you will need the following, which you should have already downloaded if you use addon sceneries.

FOR MY TEXTURES IF any are missing on airport buildings...be sure to download and install KSPG, Albert Whitted FSX.

Be sure you have:

FS2004 Rwy12 - Library Collection #1,2,3.

Screenshot of Lewis University Scenery.

Screenshot of Lewis University Scenery.

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file_id.diz12.31.10225 B
PS0029.jpg12.31.1062.89 kB
PS0031.jpg12.31.1045.62 kB
PS0032.jpg12.31.1027.83 kB
PS0034.jpg12.31.1020.37 kB
PS0035.jpg12.31.1032.30 kB
PS0038.jpg12.31.1039.04 kB
PS0039.jpg12.31.1025.78 kB
PS0040.jpg12.31.1037.39 kB
PS0041.jpg12.31.1026.55 kB
PS0043.jpg12.31.1025.31 kB
pspbrwse.jbf12.31.1017.17 kB
README.txt12.31.101.11 kB
scenery12.31.100 B
KLOT_ADEX_JRM.ad2.ad212.31.10484.12 kB
KLOT_ADEX_JRM.BGL12.31.1027.59 kB
KLOT_ADEX_JRM_CVX.bgl12.31.10708 B
KLOT_objs_arpt__jRm.bgl12.31.102.15 kB
KLOT_objs_jRm.bgl12.31.107.26 kB
KLOT_rplts1_objs_jRm.bgl12.30.10140 B
KLOT_rplts_objs_jRm.bgl12.30.102.20 kB
KLOT_univtrees_objs_jRm.bgl12.30.103.56 kB
Thumbs.db05.27.0832.50 kB
texture12.31.100 B
aptY256-Side.bmp05.20.07257.05 kB
aptY256-Side_LM.bmp05.20.07257.05 kB
aptY256.bmp01.22.0365.05 kB
aptY256_grn.bmp05.20.0765.05 kB
aptY256_grn_LM.bmp05.20.0765.05 kB
aptY256_gyl.bmp05.20.0765.05 kB
aptY256_gyl_LM.bmp05.20.0765.05 kB
aptY256_LM.bmp01.22.0365.05 kB
brick1.bmp05.24.0765.05 kB
ESDG_ramp.BMP01.09.0532.07 kB
ESDG_ramp_lm.BMP01.09.0532.07 kB
GFS2fb512.bmp03.29.05257.05 kB
GFS2fb512_LM.bmp03.29.05257.05 kB
GFS2side512.bmp02.23.03257.05 kB
GFS2side512_LM.bmp02.26.04257.05 kB
GFSFB512.BMP02.23.03257.05 kB
GFSfb512_lm.bmp02.23.03257.05 kB
GFSSIDE512.BMP02.23.03257.05 kB
GFSside512_lm.bmp02.23.03257.05 kB
Hanger End 1.bmp07.20.08257.05 kB
jRm_hse1.bmp05.24.0765.05 kB
jRm_hse1S.bmp05.24.0765.05 kB
jRm_hse1S_lm.bmp05.24.0765.05 kB
jRm_hse1_lm.bmp05.24.0765.05 kB
jRm_hse1_roof.bmp05.24.0765.05 kB
KSPG #3 FT.bmp08.04.08257.05 kB
KSPG #3 FT_LM.bmp08.04.08257.05 kB
KSPG #3.fsc08.04.086.79 kB
KSPG #3rear.bmp08.04.08257.05 kB
KSPG #3rear_LM.bmp08.04.08257.05 kB
KSPG #3roof.bmp08.04.08257.05 kB
KSPG #3roof_LM.bmp08.04.08257.05 kB
KSPG 204ft hgr.fsc07.31.087.00 kB
KSPG bendingHGRdr.bmp09.27.08257.05 kB
KSPG bendingHGRdr_LM.bmp09.27.08257.05 kB
KSPG civilian door.bmp09.27.0865.05 kB
KSPG civilian door_LM.bmp09.27.0865.05 kB
KSPG CivilianDr&window.bmp08.05.0865.05 kB
KSPG CivilianDr&window_LM.bmp08.05.0865.05 kB
KSPG h4back.bmp02.24.091.00 MB
KSPG h4back_LM.bmp02.24.091.00 MB
KSPG h4front.bmp07.30.081.00 MB
KSPG h4front_LM.bmp07.30.081.00 MB
KSPG h4roof.bmp07.30.08257.05 kB
KSPG h4roof_LM.bmp07.30.08257.05 kB
KSPG h4side.bmp07.30.08257.05 kB
KSPG h4side_LM.bmp07.30.08257.05 kB
KSPG hangar 224ft.bmp07.21.08257.05 kB
KSPG hangar 224ft_lm.bmp07.21.08257.05 kB
KSPG Hanger End 1.bmp07.20.08257.05 kB
KSPG Hanger End 1_lm.bmp07.20.08257.05 kB
KSPG Hanger End 2.bmp07.20.08257.05 kB
KSPG Hanger End 2_lm.bmp07.17.08257.05 kB
KSPG Hanger Long View 256.bmp07.17.08257.05 kB
KSPG hanger longr roof.bmp07.17.08257.05 kB
KSPG hanger longr roof_LM.bmp07.17.08257.05 kB
KSPG Hanger open door back.bmp07.18.08257.05 kB
KSPG Hanger open door back_lm.bmp07.19.08257.05 kB
KSPG Hanger Open Door front.bmp07.20.08257.05 kB
KSPG Hanger Open Door front_lm.bmp07.20.08257.05 kB
KSPG hgr11 12.bmp09.27.081.00 MB
KSPG hgr11 12_LM.bmp09.27.081.00 MB
KSPG hgr12.bmp09.27.081.00 MB
KSPG hgr12_LM.bmp09.27.081.00 MB
KSPG hgr5 end_lm.bmp09.27.08257.05 kB
KSPG hgr5 NS.bmp09.27.081.00 MB
KSPG hgr5 NS_LM.bmp09.27.081.00 MB
KSPG long hangar 5dr front_back 1024.bmp07.20.081.00 MB
KSPG long hangar 5dr front_back 1024_lm.bmp07.20.081.00 MB
KSPG long hangar front_back 1024.bmp07.17.081.00 MB
KSPG long hangar front_back 1024_lm.bmp07.19.081.00 MB
KSPG long hangar front_back 1024_lm.jpg07.17.08192.42 kB
KSPG old hangar sides.bmp07.21.08257.05 kB
KSPG old hangar sides_LM.bmp07.21.08257.05 kB
KSPG PiperHgr.bmp09.27.081.00 MB
KSPG PiperHgrN.bmp09.27.081.00 MB
KSPG PiperHgrN_LM.bmp09.27.081.00 MB
KSPG PiperHgr_LM.bmp09.27.08257.05 kB
KSPGh3roof.bmp09.27.08257.05 kB
KSPGh3roof_lm.bmp09.27.08257.05 kB
KSPGh3SIDE.bmp09.27.08257.05 kB
KSPGh3SIDE_lm.bmp09.27.08257.05 kB
roof_browngravel.bmp05.17.07257.05 kB
roof_curac0.bmp05.17.0765.05 kB
tire.bmp02.24.0065.05 kB
WBsidegrill.bmp02.15.0365.05 kB
WBus1F512.bmp02.15.03257.05 kB
WBus1L512.bmp02.15.03257.05 kB
WBus1R512.bmp02.15.03257.05 kB
WBus1Top.bmp02.11.0365.05 kB
WBusBack.bmp02.15.03257.05 kB
Thumbs.db05.27.08280.50 kB
web.gif12.31.107.89 kB
web.txt12.31.10223 B
KLOT12.31.100 B
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B
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