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Preview Ants Aussie Airports 13 - YHML Hamilton, Vic, Australia. Hamilton airport is located in Western Victoria with the Grampian Mountains only a short flight north east of the airfield. Regular passenger transport is supplied by Sharp Airlines with flights to Melbourne (via Portland sometimes) and ...

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Ants Aussie Airports 13 - YHML Hamilton, Vic, Australia. Hamilton airport is located in Western Victoria with the Grampian Mountains only a short flight north east of the airfield. Regular passenger transport is supplied by Sharp Airlines with flights to Melbourne (via Portland sometimes) and Adelaide. Sharp Airlines operates a fleet of Metros. Fire fighting operations are also based at Hamilton (the water tanks and shed just north of the apron are for the fire fighting aircraft). The airport features custom made 3D objects based on photos of the actual airport. Approx 40 sq km of photoreal ground textures around the airport are also included. By Anthony Lynch.

Screenshot of YHML Hamilton Scenery.

Screenshot of YHML Hamilton Scenery.


Country: Australia
State/Province: Victoria
City: Hamilton
Airport Name: Hamilton Aero
Elevation: 3.962m, 13 ft


10/28 : 1233m x 30m Red Gravel
17/35 : 1404m x 30m






Step 1: Copy the folder "Ants Aussie Airports Hamilton YHML" into your FSX/Addon Scenery folder.

Step 2: Start FSX and manually add "Ants Aussie Airports Hamilton YHML" to your scenery library ensuring it is above any FTX or aussiex entries.

Windows 7 and Vista users may have difficulty adding entries to their scenery library.


Start FSX and remove "Ants Aussie Airports Hamilton YHML" from your scenery library.

Remove the "Ants Aussie Airports Hamilton YHML" folder from your FSX/Addon Scenery folder.


FTX TEXTURES AND AUSSIEX: This airport has been designed to work best with the FTX Australia textures and AussieX.

T_VASIS LIGHTS: This airport still uses T-VASIS lights. These are unique to Australia and consist of 4 central lights (just like PAPI lights). There are 3 lights running up the runway and 3 lights running down the runway from the 4 central lights. If you are too high on approach then 1 by 1 the three lights above the runway will light up. If you are too low then 1 by 1 the 3 lights down the runway will light up. If you are really low on approach the lights will change from white to red. If you are on the correct glide slope then only the four central lights will be lit. Caution should be exercised with these lights as 4 white lights indicate you are on the correct glide slope. With PAPI lights these 4 lights would indicate you are too high. It can therefore become easy to be confused about

RUNWAY AND TAXI LIGHTS: This airport features custom made airport and taxiway lighting. Due to the nature of FSX these lights will not be visible during the day in IFR conditions.

WINDSOCK: This airport uses a stock FSX windsock. I could have made a more accurate windsock but doing so means using an FS8 scenery object and I wanted to make this a 100% FSX airport. The problem with the stock FSX windsock is that it doesn't look that good and it has a small block at the base of it.

GROUND TEXTURES: This airport features about 40 sq km of photoreal ground textures at 1m per pixel resolution. Note that these textures are very low res. This is due to the source imagery being very poor.

APRONS AND RUNWAYS: Due to the poor quality of the source ground textures the decision was made to use default FSX aprons and runways. However, to make things more realistic ground markings have been added to the taxiway and aprons which more accurately depict the real apron.

CHICKYBABE ULTRA: This is a new technology developed exclusively by Ants Aussie Airports for the best eye candy in the business.


Thanks to Arno Gerretsen for ModelConverterX and Library Creator.
Thanks to Luis Sa for SBuilderX.
Thanks to all at Aussiex.

This scenery was created by Anthony Lynch based on photos supplied by members at Aussiex.

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scenery08.12.110 B
aaa13_AFX_YHML.bgl08.11.1113.06 kB
aaa13_YHML_lib.bgl08.11.111.27 MB
aaa13_YHML_lib.txt08.11.116.46 kB
aaa13_YHML_lib.xml08.11.1114.21 kB
aaa13_YHML_PLC.bgl08.11.1173.73 kB
aaa13_YHML_PLC_lights.bgl08.08.11764 B
aaa13_YHML_PLC_RWYlights.bgl08.08.113.75 kB
aaa13_YHML_PR.bgl08.09.1192.33 MB
aaa13_YHML_Windsock.BGL08.08.11154 B
aaa13_YHML_Windsock.xml08.08.11797 B
CVX_YHML.BGL07.31.11990 B
texture08.12.110 B
121230313122220an.agn08.06.111.47 kB
121230313122221an.agn08.06.11600 B
121230313122222an.agn08.06.113.63 kB
121230313122223an.agn08.06.112.54 kB
121230313122230an.agn08.06.11152 B
121230313122231an.agn08.06.11936 B
121230313122232an.agn08.06.112.46 kB
121230313122233an.agn08.06.11728 B
121230313122320an.agn08.06.111.08 kB
121230313122321an.agn08.06.111.48 kB
121230313122322an.agn08.06.111.44 kB
121230313122323an.agn08.06.11864 B
121230313211111an.agn08.06.11840 B
121230313211113an.agn08.06.111.22 kB
121230313211131an.agn08.06.11648 B
121230313211133an.agn08.06.11728 B
121230313211311an.agn08.06.11480 B
121230313300000an.agn08.06.111.95 kB
121230313300001an.agn08.06.112.95 kB
121230313300002an.agn08.06.112.61 kB
121230313300003an.agn08.06.112.10 kB
121230313300010an.agn08.06.112.09 kB
121230313300011an.agn08.06.11888 B
121230313300012an.agn08.06.113.12 kB
121230313300013an.agn08.06.111.41 kB
121230313300020an.agn08.06.112.23 kB
121230313300021an.agn08.06.11936 B
121230313300022an.agn08.06.111.84 kB
121230313300023an.agn08.06.11128 B
121230313300030an.agn08.06.11272 B
121230313300031an.agn08.06.113.56 kB
121230313300032an.agn08.06.11576 B
121230313300033an.agn08.06.11584 B
121230313300100an.agn08.06.11504 B
121230313300102an.agn08.06.11312 B
121230313300103an.agn08.06.111.27 kB
121230313300120an.agn08.06.11520 B
121230313300121an.agn08.06.11704 B
121230313300122an.agn08.06.112.16 kB
121230313300200an.agn08.06.113.37 kB
121230313300201an.agn08.06.111.26 kB
121230313300210an.agn08.06.111.37 kB
121230313300211an.agn08.06.11360 B
121230313300212an.agn08.06.11112 B
121230313300300an.agn08.06.11320 B
antscars_mitsubishiUte.dds05.28.11170.79 kB
antspeople_blonde2.dds08.07.11682.79 kB
antspeople_blondefancy.dds08.06.11682.79 kB
ants_YBOA_CarAurion.dds10.05.0942.79 kB
ants_YBOA_CarAurionBlue.dds10.05.0942.79 kB
ants_YBOA_CarBMW3.dds10.05.09170.79 kB
ants_YBOA_CarFalcon.dds10.05.0942.79 kB
ants_YBOA_CarFalconBlue.dds10.05.0942.79 kB
ants_YBOA_CarHiLux.dds10.05.0942.79 kB
ants_YBOA_CarHyundai.dds10.01.09170.79 kB
ants_YBOA_CarPajero.dds10.05.0942.79 kB
YHML_ApronLight.dds08.08.1185.48 kB
YHML_ApronLight_LM.dds08.08.1185.48 kB
YHML_Cones.dds08.09.11682.79 kB
YHML_FenceBarbed.dds08.08.11170.78 kB
YHML_FenceBarbed2.dds08.08.11341.48 kB
YHML_FenceGreen.dds08.08.1132.12 kB
YHML_FenceGreen_LM.dds07.19.1116.12 kB
YHML_FenceWire.dds08.08.11256.12 kB
YHML_Fuel1.dds07.26.11682.79 kB
YHML_Fuel1_LM.dds07.30.11682.79 kB
YHML_Fuel2.dds08.02.11682.79 kB
YHML_Fuel2_LM.dds07.30.11682.79 kB
YHML_Grass.dds08.08.111.33 MB
YHML_Grid.dds07.25.11824 B
YHML_Groundlight.dds07.30.11341.46 kB
YHML_Groundlight_day.dds07.30.11341.46 kB
YHML_HangarA.dds07.31.11682.79 kB
YHML_HangarAdmin.dds07.18.11682.79 kB
YHML_HangarAdmin_LM.dds07.30.11682.79 kB
YHML_HangarAeroClub.dds07.31.11682.79 kB
YHML_HangarAeroClub2.dds07.31.11682.79 kB
YHML_HangarAeroClub2_LM.dds08.03.11682.79 kB
YHML_HangarAeroClub_LM.dds07.31.11682.79 kB
YHML_HangarA_LM.dds07.30.11682.79 kB
YHML_HangarB.dds08.04.11682.79 kB
YHML_HangarB_LM.dds07.30.11682.79 kB
YHML_HangarC.dds08.03.11682.79 kB
YHML_HangarC_LM.dds07.30.11682.79 kB
YHML_HangarD.dds07.18.11682.79 kB
YHML_HangarDb.dds07.27.11682.79 kB
YHML_HangarDb_LM.dds07.30.11682.79 kB
YHML_HangarD_LM.dds07.30.11682.79 kB
YHML_HangarE.dds08.02.11682.79 kB
YHML_HangarE_LM.dds07.30.11682.79 kB
YHML_HangarF.dds08.02.11682.79 kB
YHML_Houses.dds07.28.11682.79 kB
YHML_Houses_LM.dds07.28.11682.79 kB
YHML_Lights.dds07.26.1142.79 kB
YHML_Lights_LM.dds07.30.1142.79 kB
YHML_RWYglow.dds08.08.1121.48 kB
YHML_RWYlightglow.dds08.03.1121.48 kB
YHML_RWYlightglowBlue.dds08.09.1110.79 kB
YHML_RWYlightglowGreen_LM.dds08.10.1110.80 kB
YHML_RWYlightglowRed_LM.dds08.09.1110.79 kB
YHML_RWYlightglowYellow.dds08.09.1110.79 kB
YHML_RWYlightglow_LM.dds08.09.1110.79 kB
YHML_RWYlights.dds08.04.1185.45 kB
YHML_RWYlights_LM.dds08.04.1185.45 kB
YHML_Sheds.dds08.01.11682.79 kB
YHML_Sheds_LM.dds07.30.11682.79 kB
YHML_Signs.dds08.01.11682.79 kB
YHML_Signs_LM.dds07.30.11682.79 kB
YHML_Terminal.dds07.25.11682.79 kB
YHML_Terminal2.dds08.04.11682.79 kB
YHML_Terminal2_LM.dds08.04.11682.79 kB
YHML_Terminal_LM.dds08.04.11682.79 kB
YHML_WheelieBinGreen.dds07.19.11170.79 kB
YHML_WheelieBinGreenBlue.dds07.25.11170.79 kB
YHML_WheelieBinGreenYellow.dds07.19.11170.79 kB
YHML_WheelieBinYellow.dds08.02.11170.79 kB
YHML_Yellow.dds07.21.114.12 kB
AntsHamiltonV101_Aerial_Apron.jpg08.13.11117.82 kB
Readme.txt08.12.114.97 kB
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B
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