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FS2004 P-51D Mustang Aces

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P-51D Mustang Aces of Mighty Eighth compilation package. Created by a talented team of North American Aviation Corp designers, the graceful Mustang achieved unparalleled success in the savage aerial combat of WWII to be recognized by many authorities as the masterpiece fighter in that era. Includes 3 famous Mustangs for 8AF Aces, "Cute Nude", "Detroit Miss", and "Glamorous Glen III". Reproduces graceful enough and yet powerful streamlines of this legendary wild horse in absolute accuracy of entirely perfect proportion with cutting-edge fine details. Making the most of all the latest fs modeling technologies and advanced fs features, including full animations, effective use of reflective textures for stunningly brilliant bare duralumin external surfaces, and creative gimmicks. Quality 2D panel with kneeboard, map, ATC, Garmin GPS 295, and radio stack for autopilot available for contemporary fs purposes. Enhanced 3D virtual cockpit complete with crisply working gauges, throttle lever, control stick, rudder pedals, and more. Superior flight dynamics specific for FS2004 flights. Distinct clear Mustang sound package by Aaron Swindle included via friendly consent.

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Aircraft.cfg05.03.049.68 kB
documents06.06.040 B
stpma.gif04.30.0413.63 kB
stpmap.gif06.15.0413.97 kB
stpma-previewshots.jpg06.11.04401.33 kB
stpma Glamorous Glen.jpg06.04.04387.51 kB
stpma Detroit Miss.jpg06.04.04340.33 kB
stpma Cute Nude.jpg06.04.04404.69 kB
stpma.txt06.26.0425.32 kB
File_id.diz06.26.041.33 kB
Visit our Web - stpma.files06.19.040 B
filelist.xml11.06.03378 B
Image2.jpg11.06.03123.51 kB
Image3.jpg04.13.04157.00 kB
Image4.jpg01.30.0413.56 kB
image001.jpg11.06.0387.44 kB
header.htm11.06.032.49 kB
Image5.jpg01.30.04140.68 kB
Image6.jpg01.31.04145.05 kB
Image8.jpg06.19.04286.40 kB
Image7.jpg06.19.04176.17 kB
Image9.jpg06.21.0433.45 kB
Visit our Web - stpma.htm06.21.048.46 kB
A-ST P-51D Mustang Aces.air09.14.0310.33 kB
model06.06.040 B
Model.cfg04.22.0444 B
A-ST P-51D Mustang Aces.mdl01.12.04901.97 kB
sound06.06.040 B
p51strt1.wav02.10.0264.90 kB
canopyopen.wav11.28.0368.15 kB
p51a.wav02.10.0294.65 kB
p51b.wav02.10.02110.47 kB
p51c.wav02.10.02114.96 kB
p51d.wav02.10.0276.94 kB
p51flaps.wav02.10.0252.62 kB
p51gear.wav02.10.0292.34 kB
p51shutdn.wav02.10.02172.80 kB
canopyclose.wav11.28.0381.27 kB
p51strt2.wav02.10.0295.30 kB
p51tdc.wav10.24.0158.76 kB
p51tdl.wav10.24.0193.33 kB
p51tdr.wav10.24.015.92 kB
p51wind.wav02.10.02125.53 kB
p51xa.wav02.10.0290.54 kB
p51xb.wav02.10.0258.51 kB
p51xc.wav02.10.0272.01 kB
p51xd.wav02.10.02108.04 kB
Sound.cfg11.27.038.86 kB
sound_file_id.diz02.10.02180 B
xp51amb.wav02.10.02125.54 kB
xp51strt1.wav02.10.0264.90 kB
xp51strt2.wav02.10.0295.30 kB
panel06.06.040 B
stp51d04.bmp09.14.03769.05 kB
Panel.Cfg01.06.044.05 kB
texture06.06.040 B
128bit.bmp09.02.031.00 MB
16bit.bmp01.07.0465.05 kB
2048bit.bmp01.06.04512.08 kB
256bit.bmp09.02.03257.05 kB
512bit.bmp09.02.03257.05 kB
64bit.bmp08.19.0165.05 kB
1024bit.bmp09.02.03257.05 kB
0008bit.bmp08.05.0365.05 kB
0001beethoven.bmp08.03.0365.05 kB
0001bach.bmp07.29.0365.05 kB
glass.bmp07.06.0365.05 kB
sushihide.bmp02.23.0365.05 kB
support-enthusiasm.bmp09.02.0365.05 kB
silverspin.bmp06.28.0365.05 kB
goldcoin.bmp12.02.0265.05 kB
0001dvorak.bmp01.17.04512.08 kB
0001mozart.bmp01.11.04128.08 kB
texture.206.06.040 B
128bit.bmp04.22.041.00 MB
16bit.bmp04.22.0465.05 kB
2048bit.bmp01.07.04512.08 kB
256bit.bmp04.22.04257.05 kB
512bit.bmp08.07.03257.05 kB
64bit.bmp08.19.0165.05 kB
1024bit.bmp08.07.03257.05 kB
0008bit.bmp08.05.0365.05 kB
0001beethoven.bmp08.03.0365.05 kB
0001bach.bmp07.29.0365.05 kB
glass.bmp07.06.0365.05 kB
sushihide.bmp02.23.0365.05 kB
support-enthusiasm.bmp04.22.0465.05 kB
silverspin.bmp06.28.0365.05 kB
goldcoin.bmp12.02.0265.05 kB
0001dvorak.bmp01.17.04512.08 kB
0001mozart.bmp01.11.04128.08 kB
texture.106.06.040 B
128bit.bmp09.02.031.00 MB
16bit.bmp01.07.0465.05 kB
2048bit.bmp01.06.04512.08 kB
256bit.bmp09.02.03257.05 kB
512bit.bmp09.02.03257.05 kB
64bit.bmp08.09.0165.05 kB
1024bit.bmp04.22.04257.05 kB
0008bit.bmp08.05.0365.05 kB
0001beethoven.bmp08.03.0365.05 kB
0001bach.bmp07.29.0365.05 kB
sushihide.bmp02.23.0365.05 kB
silverspin.bmp06.28.0365.05 kB
support-enthusiasm.bmp09.02.0365.05 kB
glass.bmp07.06.0365.05 kB
goldcoin.bmp12.02.0265.05 kB
0001dvorak.bmp01.17.04512.08 kB
0001mozart.bmp01.11.04128.08 kB
stpma06.06.040 B
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B


Having used so many different kinds of military aircraft over the decade or so I’ve been using flight simulators seriously, I felt it would be a nice change to maybe get into something a bit more dynamic such as the old school World War II aircraft. They were what you would consider to be the first leanings we had towards the incredible array of fighters that we have today, and are more than capable of giving us the kind of inspiration we need to really see where military aviation started.

This remake of the famous Mustang Aces is a modification I had a lot of time for prior to release, and after using it for many hours I can safely say it’s up there with some of the most enjoyable FS2004 add-ons I think I’ve ever used!

It’s got a huge attention to detail, which really gives you all the help that you need to get immersed into the atmosphere and the style of the aircraft itself. This will help you really see how things are going, and how you are beginning to look in terms of the style and the nature of the aircraft; it’s a fair bit different from the super bombers that most of us would be used to flying.

Aside from the detail and the authenticity, though, it was impressive to see just how easily the North American Aviation Corp were able to implement a lot of the changes between modern aircraft and more classic numbers like this package with ease.

Thanks to the improvement in FS technology this mod was able to more or less grab my attention right away, giving you a nice idea of what it would be like to fly one of these things for real. It uses all of the tricks in the book to give you a fully working P-51D whilst helping you to see just how capable these aircraft were. I used to look at the older aircraft out there from the Second World War and find it strange that people were willing to fly those rickety old death-traps.

A few hours in FS2004 and a fine bit of education later, though, and it was very easy to see just how easy it is to manage a hard flight in one of these aircraft. It captures that nimble, accurate nature of the original aircraft (much to my surprise) and I actually found it a bit more calming to fly than some of the modern aircraft I’ve been more used to. Without a whole stack of buttons and extras to work my way through, I could concentrate on the flying and the actual enjoyment of using such a unique aircraft style.

One thing I did find, however, was that the package does great justice with FS2004. You might be expecting something a bit stripped down and average if you are used to FSX, but this does a fantastic job of keeping up with the times and delivering something truly awesome. 

Adam McEnroe

Adam McEnroe

Adam McEnroe is a flight sim enthusiast who has been simming since the days of FS95. Adam writes all of the download section editorials after testing each of the files.  Adam has extensive knowledge using various flight simulator packages and thoroughly tests the files before writing about them.  Adam also like to fly real-world aircraft in his spare time and is training for his PPL.

Should you wish, you can contact Adam via email at

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AndrewTue, 24 Apr 2018 17:14:06 GMT

Any Idea how to edit the "Cute Nude" texture? I use FS9 for an educational program with 10 year olds and one just pointed out the "boobies." I would hate to stop using this model, but I'm in hot water!! My email it

homerMon, 24 Sep 2012 00:11:40 GMT

I get no gauges no matter what I do, other than that awesome.

jrd929Sat, 08 May 2010 02:55:12 GMT
Great plane, the sound is kind of mixed with a turbine for some reason.
Viking606Tue, 20 Nov 2007 12:14:06 GMT
Awsome to fly. Great detail. This is one of my favorite birds to fly.
daveryMon, 18 Dec 2006 16:54:51 GMT
I have several P 51's on FS 2004.this is the best of the bunch. This plane screams performance.After flying this Mustang my other Mustangs just sit in the hanger.Great rendering of a great fighter
wygalwingmasterWed, 23 Aug 2006 23:13:15 GMT
Very good, takes skill to land not like most sims that make t easy.
violentvioletThu, 01 Jun 2006 16:36:59 GMT
the only thing missing from this download is the scene from the movie "1941", where Warren Oates says to John Belushi,"Let me hear your guns son,yakakakakakakakakakak".Bloody fantastic!!!!

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