FSX Bristol Scout D Of The Royal Flying Corps

Preview Bristol Scout D Of The Royal Flying Corps. Includes animated pilot, 2D and VC panels. By Tony Adams.

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Bristol Scout D Of The Royal Flying Corps. Includes animated pilot, 2D and VC panels. By Tony Adams.

Screenshot of Bristol Scout D in flight.

Screenshot of Bristol Scout D in flight.

This is my first attempt at an aircraft for FSX. I did a Scout for FS98 but found it much more involved with FSX. I only had a very basic drawing to work with so there has been some guesswork involved. I used FSDS3.5 to model and Photoshop CS2 for the artwork. Both 2D and VC cockpits included.

In external views the pilot is animated to stick and rudder input, also has head movement.

Flying the Scout....
Check fuel selector is ON. Mag switch OFF. Turn engine to prime cylinders. Mag switch to ON. Start engine and allow to settle. Toggle each Mag in turn and watch for slight rpm decrease. Both Mags on. Remove chocks, check clear in front and begin taxi. Gently open the throttle (or it may nose over) and take off around 55-60mph. A gentle climb to allow speed to build up. Being a very light aircraft it can be skittish in the wind or thermals. Closing the throttle causes a quick loss of speed as does a climb. Climb is slow, 15 minutes to 10,000'. A full tank will tend to keep the nose down a little. Stalls are fairly gentle but you need enough height to regain speed. Make a gentle descent on approach 'blipping' the throttle to stay around 60mph. Close throttle just short of landing at around 45-50mph. Let the tail drop to avoid nosing over. Landing too fast is not recommended!

Fire gun 'Ctr+L' or click the left screw on the panel.
Smoke 'I'.
Remove Chocks & Tie downs 'Shift+L' or click the right screw on the panel.

I hope you enjoy flying the Scout.
Constructive critism is always welcome.

Just extract all files into your FSX main folder. The smoke effect file may already be on your system, choose not to overwrite it if you wish.

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Airplanes09.24.090 B
Bristol Scout D09.24.090 B
Aircraft.cfg09.24.0914.23 kB
Bristol Scout D.air09.21.096.21 kB
model09.24.090 B
Bristol Scout D.mdl09.23.09478.53 kB
Bristol Scout D_Interior.mdl09.23.09333.46 kB
Model.cfg09.23.0969 B
panel09.24.090 B
$scblack09.12.0921.43 kB
$scblack.bmp09.12.0921.43 kB
panel.cfg09.24.092.70 kB
scpanel.bmp09.24.092.25 MB
sound09.24.090 B
scout1.wav08.12.06136.70 kB
scout2.wav08.12.06142.15 kB
scout3.wav08.12.06243.24 kB
scout4.wav08.12.0662.26 kB
scoutshutdown.wav08.12.06327.66 kB
scoutstartup.wav08.12.06712.37 kB
scouttchl.wav08.10.0651.15 kB
scouttchr.wav08.10.0651.15 kB
Sound.cfg09.19.097.00 kB
xscout_rpm1.wav01.16.03260.07 kB
xscout_rpm2.wav01.16.03155.96 kB
xscoutprop.wav03.18.03262.17 kB
texture09.24.090 B
$scblack09.12.0921.43 kB
scblack.bmp09.23.0921.43 kB
scblack_LM.bmp09.23.0921.43 kB
sceng.bmp08.13.0985.43 kB
sceng_LM.bmp08.13.0942.75 kB
ScFuse.bmp09.23.095.33 MB
ScFuse_LM.bmp08.07.0985.43 kB
Scglass.bmp09.19.09341.40 kB
Scglass_LM.bmp09.07.09341.40 kB
scgun.bmp09.02.09341.40 kB
scgun_LM.bmp09.02.09341.40 kB
scpan.bmp09.22.09256.05 kB
scpan_LM.bmp09.22.09256.05 kB
Scpilot.bmp09.22.095.33 MB
Scpilot_LM.bmp08.21.0942.75 kB
Scprop.bmp09.03.09341.43 kB
Scprop_LM.bmp08.07.0985.43 kB
scrotry.bmp09.03.091.33 MB
scrotry_LM.bmp08.25.0985.43 kB
ScWings.bmp09.08.095.33 MB
ScWings_LM.bmp08.07.0985.43 kB
ScWood.bmp08.14.091.33 MB
ScWood_LM.bmp08.14.0942.75 kB
Thumbnail.jpg09.20.0946.32 kB
Thumbs.db09.23.0936.00 kB
ScoutD.CAB09.24.09124.33 kB
fx_Scout_Gun.fx09.10.091.35 kB
fx_smoke_w.fx08.22.074.83 kB
scoutgun.wav03.09.0922.49 kB
Scout.txt09.24.092.03 kB
Scoutfsx.gif09.20.0918.53 kB
FILE_ID.DIZ09.20.09111 B
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B
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