Project Open Sky Announces Boeing 767-300

Project Open Sky has announced a preview of their upcoming Boeing 767-300 v4, featuring a new generation of flight dymanics. For more information, click on Read More.

Delta Air Lines POSKY 767 v4.

Project Open Sky previews their brand new Boeing 767-300 v4.

The new 767 features an highly detailed virtual cockpit and exterior mode.

The 767v4 was made from scratch and will have a new generation of flight dynamics for optimal realism! A 2D panel and soundset will make the package complete!

The Boeing 767-300 is an augmented version of the airline's 767 design. The original aircraft features a wide body and incorporates twin jet engines. The 767 was designed to be smaller than Boeing's other popular carrier, the 747, but the aircraft is still capable of carrying up to 375 passengers at a distance of over 6,300 nautical miles, depending on the aircraft's load.

The first of the 767 began flying commercially in 1982, with the 767-300 following in 1986. Cargo versions such as the 300F were introduced starting in 1995. The 767 was planned out of its older brother, the Boeing 747.

The 747's claim to fame is its wide body which allowed it to have twin-aisle cabins, the first passenger jet liner to do so. While the earlier aircraft was successful in terms of passenger capacity, rising operating costs in the 1970s forced airlines to choose planes that were more cost efficient. As a result, Boeing modified the 747 to be more fuel efficient. The thousands of hours in wind tunnel tests along with early computer aided designs resulted in the 767 which boasts a 25 percent fuel saving over the 747.

Aside from the fuel savings, the 767 became famous during its first years because Boeing offered the aircraft with a choice of two different engines: a Pratt & Whitney engine or General Electric turbofan, both of which were capable of producing 48,000 pounds of thrust. The aircraft's fuselage is interesting in that it is set narrower than the earlier Boeing planes while still being able to allow for two aisles.

Another standout feature during the unit's first models was its two-crew digital glass cockpit, the first of its kind in any commercial passenger craft. The 767 continues to be in production, although demand has declined in recent years. Almost 1,000 units are still in service as of 2011.

Boeing hopes to improve its future 767 aircrafts with a new tanker variant designed specifically for the US Air Force.

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