Project Open Sky Releases Embraer ERJ145

We are pleased to announce the beginning of the ERJ family with the release of the ERJ145LR and ERJ145XR. Following this release we are planning to release more ERJ series such as the ERJ140, ERJ135 and Legacy 600.

As a major part of their releases, the ERJ145 set has become a huge hit with fans and users alike. The group have created a high-end selection of designs that really do their best to capture the depth and feeling of the real aircraft in all of their glory.

This makes it much easier to really buy into the format and the feel of the aircraft as well as their own particular quirks and styles when flying. Thanks to the work put in by the Project Open Sky team, you can now enjoy the most authentic remake of this aircraft family possible.

In the future many more releases are expected to follow, of course, and have covered a wide range of flight models such as Airbus, Boeing, Bombardier, Embraer and other styles of jet to really give fans of these kinds of aircraft a much easier time in finding classy flight models.

Indeed, one of the major determining factors of the aircraft produced by Project Open Sky comes from the sheer attention to detail. Many of the aircraft are built to fit with the real thing perfectly, ensuring that it can capture and detail the right look and feel across the board.


Thanks to the work and the commitment put in by the team behind each creation, they all have every positive – and negative – you could expect to see from this kind of aircraft.

Since the attention and depth of detail can make such a telling difference in here, Project Open Sky can be the ideal place to start off with when you want to see progressive and newly improved flight models being included in your flight simulation experience. Best of all, Project Open Sky is now compatible with FSX – albeit with a bit of tinkering needed!

So, if you wish to use these Embraer models in FSX you can now do so – the installation process is exceptionally simple. This will help you get off into the air and make sure you can give all of the details that you need to FSX to maximize compatibility and control.

Although the Project Open Sky team no longer operate on making new models, many of their team have moved on over to the FSPro team. These ex-members are making sure that the project dos not need to die out, meaning that you can keep seeing classy changes and improvements in the name of making new models and recreations that will stand the test of time.

For more help in understanding and getting to grips with the major demands that tend to come with handling these models, make sure you read the files provided with the download. This will help you know if the files you are installing are going to be compatible with your own system.

This system will ensure you can get access to these new Embraer systems whilst also getting to enjoy a fresh and captivating experience without needing any major changes to your simulation configuration. Hop on-board today!

You can download the POSKY ERJ145 here.


Model Builder: Nicholas Wilkinson and supported by Project Open Sky Members
VC Model Builder: Jacob Kubique and supported by Project Open Sky Members
XML Coding: Hiroshi Igami
Flight Dynamics: Warren C Daniel, Brandon Henry
Master Textures: Samy Fay
Painters: Project Open Sky Members

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Ian Stephens

Ian Stephens

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