Captain Sim Announces Legendary 707

Coming later this year from Captain Sim is their FS2002/FS2004 version of the popular Boeing 707 four engine jet airliner. The package will include several civilian and military variants. A collection of screen shots are now available for viewing. For more information, click on Read More.

Well in progress Legendary 707 extension for FS2002/FS2004 features five truly legendary 707-based aircraft models: three B707 variants, E-3A and VC-137C Air Force One.

Captain Sim is known for their high quality models made available for flight simulators, and their version of the Boeing 707 is no exception.

This add-on was designed in tandem with a series of real professional jet pilots and engineers, and even consulted on by 707 rated pilots and mechanics. The package includes five of the most widely seen versions of the 707: the B707-320B, the B707-320ADV, B707-300 Cargo, E-3A, and even the VC-137C that served as Air Force One from President Eisenhower all the way until George W Bush.

Screenshot using the Captain Sim 707 package.

Screenshot using the Captain Sim 707 package.

Also available are 20 in-house designed liveries from the NATO outfitting of the E-3A to the Quantas B707-320 ADV. Included in the 2D interior models are more than 2,200 individually programmed bitmaps which simulate the hundreds of operate elements of a 707 cockpit, such as pointers, flags, switches, lights, and and indicators.

The cockpit is even outfitted with fully functional radar systems, TCAS, Sperry SP-50 Autopilot, ground proximity warning system, ADF with an old antique but still entirely authentic tuning system, audio selector, Radio panels, and even more! Even the fuel dump system is fully functional and available for use; with most all of the systems being designed in accordance with Boeing manual specifications; and then tested by certified pilots and engineers.

With six views available of the state of the art cockpit, you'll never be lacking in valuable information about your current flight. The 3D virtual cockpit also features full functioning instrument clusters, with details down to the sliding pilots windows.

Captain Sim also includes the Textures and Config editor, also known as the TCE. The TCE allows you to select, preview, and even add to the B707s features, right in Flight Simulator 2004. You can manage your B707 fleet by viewing, deleting, editing, or building on to any B707 variant; with texture templates available for easy repainting. Also included are a set of crew callouts and announcements recorded by actual 707 pilots, stewardesses, and engineers. All of this can easily be picked up at Captain Sim's convenient online store, with either a credit or debit card, or a secure direct transfer with your PayPal account at:

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Ian Stephens

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