Captain Sim MiG-21 Interceptor Is FS2004 Compatible

Captain Sim's latest add-on, MiG-21 Interceptor, published by Just Flight, brings the classic Russian Mach 2 jet fighter to life for flightsimmers. Originally designed for FS2002 and CFS2 it has now been checked and shown to be FS2004 compatible as well. For details, read the full press release by clicking on Read More.

We'd like to inform, our "Legendary MiG-21" version 2.1 is both FS 2004 and FS 2002 compatible.

Captain Sim has long been known for high quality flight simulator models, and is now ready to introduce it's brand new add-on compatible with Microsoft Flight Simulator 2002 and 2004, the MiG-21Interceptor, the legendary Russian fighter plane originally designed by Artem Mikoyan.

Screenshot of Captain Sim's MiG 21

Screenshot of Captain Sim's MiG 21

The MiG-21 will be made available in three versions with the package: Standard, with one 490 liter fuel tank and 2 APU 13 rails; Clean, with 2 APU 13 rails; and Long Range, with one 800 liter main fuel tank, and twin 490 reserve tanks For added variety the MiG-21 will be made available with 10 completely accurate and detailed liveries, including the United States Air Force, the English Royal Air Force, and the Indian Air Force; with 30 additional free liveries available.

The MiG features lots of great details from the original, such as lots of moving parts like: hinged canopies, an instructors cockpit periscope, rotating wheels, landing gears, wheel nacelle covers, engine nozzle, all-movable stabilizer, ailerons, rudder flaps, airbrakes, and shock struts. With extra visual details like an animated adjustable afterburner and very natural polished bare metal and canopy reflection.

The rendered 2D panels feature hundreds of bitmaps, and all of the cockpit systems were programmed in accordance with MiG-21 manuals and tested by real pilots and engineers. Or enjoy the realistic 3D cockpit with high quality dynamic views; look around and explore the all functional instruments, with some of them clickable and most of them animated.

The package also includes an interactive copy of the original Flight Training Course on the MiG-21the course includes 8 Modules covering 62.7 total flight hours. Even though the course does not directly launch any missions, it does directly explain what to do, and can interface with any flight simulator.

You can purchase the MiG-21 package directly from Captain Sim at their online store which accepts credit or debit cards, or you can pay with a secure direct transfer from your bank account at their online store.

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Ian Stephens

Ian Stephens

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