Scenery Gibraltar For FS2004 Now Available

Now available for FS2004 and FS2002 is Gibraltar 2004. This downloadable scenery features a detailed airport, working traffic lights on runways, soccer stadium with dynamic players and more. For details, click on Read More.

One of the most spectacular sceneries for FS2004 & FS2002. Discover the stunning airport between the Atlantic ocean and the Mediterranien sea. With workind traffic lights on the runways, dynamic soccer players in the stadium of Gibraltar, and more.

Gibraltar is the tiny British territory situated between Morocco and Spain. The airport was built during the Second World War, and it remains to function as a base for UK Royal Air Force, though commercial airlifts land on a daily basis.

Screenshot using Aerosoft's Gibraltar scenery in FSX.

Screenshot using Aerosoft's Gibraltar scenery in FSX.

Gibraltar airport is probably one of the tiniest airports one will ever use. Gibraltar Airport is the only airport in the British Overseas Region of Gibraltar situated on the Iberian Peninsula. It is maintained by the Ministry Of Defence. Presently only prearranged flights operate to the United Kingdom and Spain.

The airport is used by the civilian workers and the travelers arrive as well as depart via the civilian operated terminal. British Airways, Iberia and Brussels Airlines are some of the airlines that serve this airport. Gibraltar Airport has the credit of being the closest international airport to the city; it is only 500 meters from Gibraltar's city center.

The airport has controlled nearly 314,375 passengers and 380 tons of freight in the year 2004. Gibraltar airport is very unique and is the first sight seeing for most of the tourists who visit this place. It is also frequently visited by a large number of the residents of this place.

Gibraltar's runway is of medium length and has the Mediterranean at its Eastern end and the Bay of Algeciras at its Western end. Gibraltar airport is perhaps the only airport in the world to have a municipal road run across the runway. Just imagine a runway crossing Western Express Highway. You must have heard of highways being used as runways in certain countries, but this is the first time you could see roads crossing a runway and road traffic being stopped by a traffic light while an aircraft takes off or lands in. This sight is absolutely stunning and perhaps one of the highlights of this airport.

Another important feature of this airport is that it is highly equipped with the cargo as well as passenger facilities. Gibraltar X was one of the best scenery products ever released.

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Albert WebbFri, 07 Oct 2016 03:51:14 GMT

I can see you have never seen Gibraltar. It was never like that even before the airfield was built.

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