CLS MD-81/82 Jetliner for FSX

CLS MD-81/82 JetlinerThe CLS MD-81/82 Jetliner-FSX Microsoft Flight Simulator is available for immediate download. This particular jetliner is a model of the McDonnell Douglas MD-81/82 and simulator add-on especially excellent. It comes with top-flight 3D models, great textures and realistic animations. This simulator does demand web activation and is solely compatible with FSX.

The Commercial Level Simulations offers users pretty impressive flight dynamics. In fact, they are so good that individuals fortunate enough to try the simulator will feel like they are actually flying an aircraft, which is exactly the point. The visuals are also quite good.

The CLS MD-81/82 Jetliner-FSX is fairy easy to manipulate and control. It is ideal for those looking for a simulator with at least mid-level functionality. It is simple to use and includes a long developed panel. Both advanced and new simmers will find this particular simulator to be a good pick.

The MD-81/82 is a part of the MD-80 series that was first available 30 years ago, 1980 to be exact. It was an upgrade of the DC-9. It was both moderate in size and range. The design featured two turbofan engines which were both fuselage-mounted. The wings were small and the aircraft had a T-tail. This aircraft was ideal for transporting no more then 172 people and no less then 130.

The CLS MD-81/82 Jetliner-FSX Microsoft Flight Simulator comes with a detailed flight manual and tutorial. The model’s design is quite detailed and accurate. The virtual cockpit is both 3-D and interactive. The cabin is virtual as well. The 2 panel comes with customized gauges. The following are parts of the simulator are animated, the cargo and passenger doors, rudder, undercarriage, elevators, flaps, spoilers, engine fans and thrust reversers.

All-in-all, this is a very good simulator. If you are interested in simulating the MD-81/82, give this one a try. It is quite impressive and decently priced.

The CLS MD-81 and 82 can be purchased from the store along with screenshots and videos here.

The CLS MD-81/82 Jetliner in Iberia livery for FSX
The CLS MD-81/82 Jetliner in Iberia livery for FSX

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Ian Stephens

Ian Stephens

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