Aeroplane Heaven B17-F Flying Fortress for FSX Released

Military flight sim enthusiasts can finally relax and rejoice – one of the most comprehensively dangerous and awesome aircraft used in military combat has finally been released. That’s right; the recreation of the brilliant Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress is one of the most impressive that you are likely to come across on the web.

This package features an incredible amount of intimate detail and precision throughout that makes it very easy to fly and much more enjoyable to be a part of in general – this is a package that is made for anyone who has a genuine passion for the Flying Fortress and wants to try it out at the peak of its simulated powers within FSX Acceleration.

The package itself is loaded with features and modifications that have been made specifically to ensure that this system will run in the right way. It ensures that things will continue to improve for you, as well, as the aircraft is made to be rather user-friendly. If you are struggling to fly the Flying Fortress at first you will start to get used to its rather unique nature sooner rather than later!

B17 Flying Fortress by Aeroplane Heaven

The Flying Fortress

Having been in service for just 9 years, it might seem strange that the Flying Fortress is well-known to some. However, the fact that it played such a key role in the success of the Second World War and was a big player in the USAF and the RAF being capable of pulling back the war and making sure that aerial dominance could finally be secured.

Their bulky and powerful nature made sure that they could rip through enemy lines whilst offering an incredible level of firepower and defense – it was, for all intents and purposes, like a moving gun platform.

They were extremely potent in attack and also made excellent raiding systems; they could be used as the main firepower on an attack on convoys and docks. Their massive power and the extensive range of damage that they could inflict made them a popular choice for many different operations.

What made them so useful, though, was their range of firepower. Whilst most aircraft had either firepower or bombing power, this came with both. If covered well and provided with enough support they could easily turn the tide of a battle thanks to the wide range of firepower that they brought to the table.

One of their most effective uses was during the Combined Bomber offensive which was used to help to gain aerial superiority over Western Europe. These aircraft played a huge role in securing the path that eventually led to the successful invasion of France, changing the tide of the war entirely.

Flying Fortress on ground

What’s Included?

  • A whole range of brilliant additions that match up with the real thing, giving you a total recreation of the real Flying Fortress. Built to scale and made for both civilian and military jobs, this is the perfect place to be in terms of making sure that your aircraft skills can be improved!

  • The aircraft is designed using hours’ worth of research and knowledge to help make sure that the final product can be as close to the real thing as it possibly can be. This makes a monumental difference to the overall level of performance – and of realism – that you are likely to get when you are using this aircraft from here on in

  • Designed faithfully with true flight dynamics and a graphical output that ensures you get both visuals and performance. it makes it much easier to fly the aircraft when it looks the part, and the fact that it flies just as it was supposed to ensures that you can get a relaxing and enjoyable flight

  • Every little feature has been included, and this goes alongside the fully animated crew that mans all of the firepower and various other instruments that sit in the cockpit etc. this aircraft feels alive, and this makes it much easier to truly engage with.

Flying Fortress dropping bombs

Key Features

  • Each model has been provided in awesome high fidelity design with a massive amount of detail added into each area, boosting the looks and the authenticity of the whole package and ensuring that it will go together in the most dramatic format

  • Comes with a fantastic remake of the Wright Cyclone engines, giving you the same boost and power of performance that you would have been hoping for when you first stepped foot into the cockpit. The sound and the performance has been managed to be just as it should have been

  • 5 HD liveries have been created to give you a much better selection overall for what the aircraft should look like. These unique liveries look outstanding and manage to capture the look and feel of the aircraft in the most stunning manner possible

  • Each livery comes equipped with some unique bump effect mapping as well as nose-art that has been uniquely created to look exactly as it should. A massive attention to detail and design has gone into this part of the aircraft, maximizing its appeal and the visual qualities that it brings to the table in the long-term

  • Got an artistic mind and fancy doing a bit of fantasy designing? Then you can use the paint kit provided to make your own liveries that will look absolutely fantastic. The kit is provided to ensure that high resolutions can be managed with ease and ensure the whole thing looks spectacular

  • Ready to do a bit of damage? Well, with this package, you now have the capacity to drop bombs from a rather immense height – this makes it so much easier to manage the whole thing and ensure that you are taking on a military aircraft that actually feels the part

  • Additionally, you’ll have rotating turrets included on your flying fortress as it manages to give you plenty of power and strength compared to various other aircraft available to you. The turrets are manned by professional troops, too, which adds another nice latter layer of authenticity to the entire picture itself

  • The guns can be depressed and elevated with the press of just one button, too, which is a very nice feature for changing the dynamic

  • Waist gunners and side-door guns are added in there, too. This makes it easy for you to get the aircraft firing the way that you intended as well as ensuring that you can see the full firepower capacity that this aircraft actually brings to the party, changing the flight entirely

  • Hatches on the interior are fully operable, too, and they come with a massive range of detail in the design that brings the thing together perfectly. It looks great and it offers another little insight into just how much is going on in the cockpit of one of these aircraft

  • The audio included adds something extra special to the whole thing, making the aircraft sound far more intimidating and adding another level of quality to the whole image. This extra layer of atmosphere building really makes sense when you see how it all works together, creating the perfect overall image

  • Fresh animations made from scratch to ensure that the aircraft is taking off in the right way and that it looks true to the part. From exhausts vibrating away due to the massive range of power swimming through them to the turbochargers activating, this looks different to many other aircraft

  • A fully animated crew are included so that you don’t feel like you are piloting one of the famous ghost ships – this makes a big difference in many ways, and ensures that your aircraft flight will be far more enjoyable as well as feel a lot more realistic than it did

  • Sun splinter effects burst into the cockpit, adding a nice new feature that is rarely seen in a flight simulator thanks to their rather challenging nature to get it to look right. This mod, though, absolutely nails this feature and makes it easy to fly the aircraft even though the effect can be a little bit captivating from time to time

  • A pop-up panel that allows you to make wholesale configuration changes has been included, as well. This makes it easy for you to do things like show and/or hide the turret gunners and the bombers, as well as adjust things like the position of the seat that you are taking up in the cockpit – whatever you want to change, you’ll find a setting in here for it! This is one of the most comprehensive cockpit configuration panels that you are likely to find in any flight simulation mod

Flying away

System Requirements

  • Any Windows OS from Windows XP SP3 – Windows 8. 8.1 and 10 are untested
  • FSX /w SP2 and Acceleration expansion. Alternatively, FSX Steam Edition works fine as well
  • Fully compatible with Prepar3D FV2
  • 2+ GB RAM
  • At least 780MB HD space

Download Instructions

For anyone interested in picking up this package, you can do so from HERE. The download only takes a matter of moments, too!

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Ian Stephens

Ian Stephens

Ian Stephens is a flight simulation industry expert with over 20 years of experience and also has a keen interest in aviation and technology. Ian spends a lot of his time experimenting with various simulator packages but has a love for Microsoft Flight Simulator X because of the huge selection of add-ons available. However, Ian also has copies of Prepar3D and X-Plane installed.

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Sonny TassoneSat, 05 May 2018 15:04:30 GMT

A very detailed to the miniscule. A fine representation of a distinguished aircraft. Youll notice the flight physics are very particular to this aircraft, especially on those ever so slow slight inclined takeoffs with a bomb load. When you look at the older movies , aerials and the likes,as an example the tv show 12 OClock High. The planes were made to look so much larger and the scale of television screens made them look gigantic. The fact is , for all of those weapons, all of that ammunitiond and the weight of the crew and fuel and compacted into such a very small space its amazing that the plane could in fact take off. Ive flown 6 times at the airshows over the years and each time it bring the reality to mind what those pilots and crews had to deal with on a daily basis. Great plane, Great website.

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