Charlotte Douglas International Airport Scenery Released by FSDreamTeam

For FSX and P3D users sick of the bland and generic Charlotte Douglas International, this can be the perfect remedy. As a strong and effective airport with huge international importance, the original default edition of this airport simply was not good enough. Now, though, this remake by FSDT is well-worth installing.

Having been re-defined to show much better attention to detail and realism, this is a highly detailed package for your copy of FSX or P3D. The development team has managed to turn a gray, old-school looking airport from the original simulators into its grandiose, authentic self. With the best programming put into each and every section, this is about as realistic an airport design for Charlotte Douglas International that’s available.

Terminal building and aircraft.
Terminal building and aircraft.

Major Changes

One of the first and most significant changes, though, is the new textures. The ground and runway textures have been made fully DX10-11 compatible. This means that they are much crisper, sharper and deeper in terms of scale. Now, the ground no longer looks so flat and muddy. Crispness shines through, making the whole airport look more visually appealing.

Ground terrains have been integrated perfectly into the simulator, too. While other mods make it obvious where the changes occur, leaving a ghastly fault-line, this avoids that and instead blends together seamlessly.

Add in the fact that new animations have been created for virtually everything, and this looks pretty outstanding. Now, objects and people move around the place without any kind of major impact on performance or memory usage.

Terminal and gates.
Terminal and gates.

The use of bump and specular mapping throughout the airport, too, adds a nice touch of realism to the place. Now, it no longer looks so exceptionally flat. Add in these new material properties and it starts to add a greater level of realism to the overall look. With new LOD techniques being put into action, too, you can be sure that the whole airport is going to look the very best that it can.

Building textures have been optimized and improved too. This ensures that you are left with a more impressive airport from the gravel on the floor to the top of the ATC tower. Everything has been changed and improved to make sure that it showcases a huge improvement visually.

The visuals are just part of it, though: the sound of an airport is just as big and important. With this mod, you can feel the whole airport change around you. Now, the ambiance and the sounds that you hear perfectly reflect the depth and detail of an airport.

Taxiway and light aircraft hangars.
Taxiway and light aircraft hangars.

Other Features

  • Fully optimized to work in sync with the Avatar mode which is part of P3D.
  • SODE Jetways and EMAS systems have been installed to make sure you have total, complete control.
  • THL and REL runway light systems work perfectly, too.
  • Full integration with GSX if you have it – even the Free Version will work perfectly
  • Total control when using YouControl menus, making it easy to turn on and off static aircraft around the airport.
  • If you purchase this package, you get it for both FSX and P3D. No need to pay twice for the same project!

Thanks to this, then, you can get a far more engrossing and realistic take on Charlotte Douglas International. Whether you are from the area or you tend to fly over this area on a regular basis, this can be an excellent addition to any simulator. If you feel like airports should be getting a bit more love and attention across the board, then this can help you to get around that problem once and for all. You can find more information over at the official website here. If it's freeware you're after, we have a great package for this airport over in the file library here.

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Ian Stephens

Ian Stephens

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