Munich RealCity VFR Scenery Updated by SamScene

The city of Munich is without doubt one of the crowns of German society. As one of the primary commercial and cultural hubs of German life, Munich is seen by many as a truly major part of the countries success. However, such is the case with flight simulators, there is a distinct lack of quality in the realism and closeness in the city itself. This release by RealCity VFR looks to help add a touch of energy to Munich once again.

Complete with a fantastic view of autogen features to help add more life to the city from VFR flights around 2,600-3,400ft, this makes Munich look as imperious as it should. For those with high-end machines, this can offer you a huge amount of extra detail and realism to the city down below. It helps to make the whole area look much more alive in general, without being incompatible with other Munich scenery mods. It works perfectly in tandem with the likes of Aerosoft sceneries and ORBX FTX Europe.

Over the city of Munich.
Over the city of Munich.

By adding a freshness and an energy to the city, it brings a very Munich-specific level of architecture. Buildings and facilities all look far more like traditional Bavarian architecture, adding scope and detail where previously little existed.

Easy to install and manage, too, this take on the city of Munich helps to add depth, precision, and detail to the entire city.

Birdseye view over the city.
Birdseye view over the city.

What’s New?

A whole new take on the city is included, with new autogen vegetation all across the city. This makes even just the basic land look more Bavarian, ensuring that the whole area represents Munich accordingly.

This has plenty of new features such as small animated birds flying above the city center to various custom architecture. Indeed, it has many new churches and other custom buildings, with wonderful historical landmarks all added to the city in kind.

Towers, stadiums and buildings.
Towers, stadiums, and buildings.

New apartment blocks and hotels are added, too, giving the city that draping, towering feeling that you feel on its streets. Even small changes such as the color of the roofs have been changed. New ground textures are added, too, making it look more natural and less dated and dried out. Overall, it just makes the whole city a touch sprightlier than it perhaps once did.

Color correction and placement of buildings has been adjusted to make the whole area feel more realistic. From the scale to the placement, this mod adds the finishing touches to one of the most important cities in Europe.

Key Features

  • High-resolution textures used throughout to ensure everything from roofs to roads look authentic.
  • Ground textures for both spring and summer, helping the whole city change depending on flight time.
  • Fresh new 3D buildings made from scratch to mimic a more German looking building style. Schools, homes malls, hospitals, stadiums, stations and more all come to life with style.
  • Freeways are active with busy traffic just as they are in real life. Helps to add atmosphere to a city that felt previously very quiet and dull.
  • Works well with a high frame rate despite the level of addition. Easy to adjust and change settings to help balance out performance on lower to medium spec machines.
  • Fully compatible with other VFR add-ons based in the region.

This scenery package is compatible with FSX (all versions including Steam Edition) and Prepar3D (including the latest v4).

You can view more information over at the official SamScene website here.

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Ian Stephens

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