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MSFS Scenery

Included in this category are all of the freeware-released scenery add-on files available on Fly Away Simulation that are compatible with the brand-new Microsoft Flight Simulator (MSFS) 2020 release.

Cessna 152 flying over Meteora Valley scenery in MSFS 2020.

The image shows a Cessna 152 flying over Meteora Valley in MSFS 2020.

This section is proving to be most abundant in terms of quantity of mods released so far, mainly due to the fact that scenery generation is a lot easier to work with than designing something such as an aircraft model.  The SDK for MSFS is easy to work with and the creation process is very similar to previous versions of Microsoft's simulator packages.  Also, there is an abundance of stock 3D buildings, objects, textures, and items that can be used around airfields, airports, and regions.

Some of the files covered in this section;

  • Airport upgrades, expansions, and corrections
  • Entire new airports, airfields, and grass strips missing in the stock install
  • Corrections and additions of towns and cities
  • Missing landmarks and objects
  • Ground terrain enhancements and photoreal replacements

The add-ons are listed in order of date with the newest at the top of the page - however, you may change the order displayed by using the "Sort by" options below.

The file library is growing daily as new releases are announced for this brand-new simulator.  Stay up to date by visiting this page often - it's updated regularly so it would be wise to bookmark it. 

All of the files covered in this section are completely free to download and use.

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