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SCFA Connie Nears Completion

Last updated Tue, 03 Oct 2017 13:52:47 GMT
Originally posted on Sat, 17 Apr 2004 23:10:52 GMT

The Super Constellation Flyers Association (SCFA), a European group that owns and flies an actual Lockheed Constellation, has announced that development of a flightsim version of their aircraft is nearly complete. The aircraft will work with FS2004 and FS2002 and will be donationware in support of the real aircraft. For details, click on Read more.

Some members of the Super Constellation Flyers Association (SCFA, flyers of the real thing) are developing a very detailed FS model of their Connie! By having access to a real C-121C aircraft, this FS add-on package of the Lockheed L-1049 series will be the closest ever made to the real L-1049 aircraft.

The model is absolutely true to scale. Please see the published screenshots. This model will be available as donationware. The price for the first release will be EUR 16.00. All funds raised will go into the SCFA project.

Release date: 20th of April, 2004


High details in:

  • Visual model
  • Internal (cabin)
  • External surfaces
  • 2D-Cockpit (all gauges self-created with EasyGauge!)

Full animation:

  • Visual model
  • Fully animated surfaces (ailerons, elevators, rudders, flaps, cowl flaps, and gear, doors)
  • Special feature: pitchable propeller blades (incl. propeller feathering!)


  • Super Constellation Flyers Association livery
  • MATS (Military Air Transport Service) livery
  • All textures feature reflective textures & "Dynamic shine"

FDE and Sound:

  • High realistic flight dynamics
  • Complex sound files

Flight manual:

  • A very detailed 32-page flight manual
  • Extracts from the "Super Constellation, Model 1049 Series, CREW OPERATING FLIGHT MANUAL"(Lockheed Report NO. 7786)

Further developments of the model will be supported by access to the original aircraft. As soon as the original C-121C is based in Basel, Switzerland in May '04, the team will have FULL access to all details of this magnificent aircraft! This will result in updates which will then be developed and then made available for downloading.

Future Developments

In the next release of the Connie, the SCFA will also offer a highly detailed clickable virtual cockpit! In later releases, the SCFA is planning to offer most of all of the L-1049 variants and their liveries - these include the:

  • L-1049G (with and without weather radar nose)
  • L-1049H
  • EC-121
  • R7V-1
  • ...


The SCFA offers a forum to all their customers and people interested in the Connie to discuss topics and ask questions about the flight simulator project! This will enable all Connie fliers the opportunity to give the development team their feedback and input/suggestions for all further developments. The following discussion boards are available:

  • News
  • Screenshots
  • Feedbacks and Inputs

You are welcome to support the SCFA FS-Team with your inputs - with you it can only get better!

Super Connie Flights

All interesting and notable flights of the SCFA Super Constellation will be made available as installable flight plans, in order to recreate authenticity. The first plan to be made available will cover the entire flight plan of the ferry flight, which starts at the 26th of April in Camarillo, California, and ends on 8th of May in Basel EuroAirport, Switzerland.


The SCFA FS-Model will be available for downloading. If you want to buy the CD-version you can now pre-order it by visiting the SCFA's online shop! The CDs will be delivered as soon as the model has been released.

If you have questions, requests, etc. feel free to contact us:

More information and screenshots can be found at:

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