Project A320 Flight Dynamics Released

Pedro Oliveira has released a final version of the popular Airbus A320 flight dynamics, called "Project A320", which is now fully compatible with the Airbus Pro from Phoenix Simulations Software and depicts one of the closest approaches to a jet aircraft's handling and performance. There is no instability issue as found in previous releases.

While the Microsoft Flight Simulator experience is arguably the most complete one available to anyone looking for something as close to the real thing as they can get, it can be made even more impressive by utilizing the various community patches, mods and add-ons that have been created.

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Through the help of the amazing team of designers and hardworking modders out there in the flight simulation community, new products are released all the time that change the entire scope of the game and it’s general level performance – such as the Project A320 Flight Dynamics patch.

One thing that many people complained about when Flight Simulators first arrived was the lack of dynamics in-flight for aircraft – they all felt a little bit generic. For a game that prides itself on realism, this lack of detail in flight dynamics was a big problem for some people. Thankfully, though, the guys at Project Airbus have rectified this problem for you.

Chief developer Pedro Oliveria, a well-respected name within the community, has released the latest edition of the Airbus A320 flight dynamics project. Working alongside the excellent Airbus releases made by Phoenix Simulations Software, one of the biggest names out there in the aircraft madding community, and gives far more balance to any and all Airbus aircraft that you will be using in the game.

These updates have improved performance and functionality of previously releases, and is also adding more compatibility options as time goes on. It offers a great solution to those who feel like the handling quality of the original aircraft within the series, or indeed the Phoenix Simulations releases, were not good enough. It adds in new features to improve the overall quality of performance from each aircraft, whilst also dedicating many new lines of code to compatibility.

Many people will struggle to get the original packages to work as well as they should, but with some basic manipulation you can improve the Airbus characteristics tenfold. Realism is so important when using any flight simulation equipment and this removes any compatibility clashes or errors that you may have faced in the past, instead creating a system that’s easy to follow and even more enjoyable to implement in the first place!

Removing typical instabilities, incompatibilities and crashes from the system means that you can concentrate on just having fun rather than actually wondering if what you are doing is realistic or not. It takes the dynamics and attributes of each aircraft and molds them to a far more realistic level, making it feel much more like the real-life aircraft that we all have such fond memories of.

If you are sick of trying to get the most authentic flight experience possible, then this simple download is what you need. It takes away long-standing compatibility issues and instability problems, improving performance and reliability of every aircraft that you choose to use.

Project Airbus have created many useful products before and since, and as of September 2014 they are working on the A32X Sharklet. Keep up-to-date with their latest changes here.

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Ian Stephens

Ian Stephens

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