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Missouri Pacific GP38Repaint

This is a GP38-2 Missouri Pacific for MSTS. Missouri Pacific GP38 Designed by Ken Boudreaux Please see the installation instructions below. INSTALLATION: Unzip this file to your MS "Trainset" folder. Usually c:program filesmicrosoft gamestrainsimtrainstrainset. After this will create a folder called "GP38 MP" in your trainset folder. Next, copy the "Cabview" and "Sound" folders from the "GP38" folder located in...

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BNSF Dash 9-44 Heritage IRepaint

This is a repaint of the default BNSF Dash9-44 locomotive. I wanted a Heritage I paint scheme Dash 9-44 and #1023 does look like this. BNSF Dash 9-44 Heritage I Steve Boese. ...

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Genesis LocomotiveRepaint

MSTS Genesis locomotive. A modified .eng file that makes the default Amtrak Genesis driveable. Wow, I finally did it, took me an hour to do, I made the Genesis available for user control.  Amtrak Genesis loco To install: Put genesis.eng into your TRAINSTRAINSETGENESIS folder. Copy the sound and cabview folders from the Dash 9 and put them into the Genesis folder, and that should do it, now with added smoke and throttle fix. Thanks, Matt Chamberlain ...

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Conrail GP38 LocomotiveRepaint

Conrail GP38 repaint of the default BNSF GP38 A repaint of the default BNSF GP38 in Conrail livery. ​ Blue Conrail loco To use, place the us2gp38col1.ace and us2gp38col2.ace files into the  C:...Train SimulatorTRAINSTRAINSETGP38 directory. IMPORTANT NOTE: THIS WILL OVERWRITE YOUR EXISTING BNSF GP38 PAINTSCHEME. To save the BNSF paintscheme you must first backup the us2gp38col1.ace and us2gp38col2.ace files within the GP38 folder before overwriting them with the...

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Santa Fe GP38Repaint

This is a repaint of the default GM EMD GP-38 locomotive. I wanted a Santa Fe GP-38. When I was a youth these trains use to run behind my school. Hoover Middle School in Merced California. All ways carrying all kinds of cargo through the Central Valley of California. Sometimes large military parts for Castle A.F.B.  Santa Fe loco on track I plan on doing a few more paint schemes, along with possibly building a few models.  The housing on the left side of the train is...

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Southern Pacific GP-38 LocomotiveRepaint

Southern Pacific locomotive on track MSTS Southern Pacific GP-38 locomotive textures. Included are the two .ace files to change the default GP38-2 to a SP livery. Just copy these files into the Gp38 directory to use, but back up the originals first. By Brad Brown. ...

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