FSX Alitalia Boeing 777-200

PreviewAlitalia Boeing 777-200. This is a repaint for the B777-200 v2 by Project Open Sky. This pack contains the model, sound and panel with the virtual cockpit. By Francesco Monzeglio.

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Alitalia Boeing 777-200. This is a repaint for the B777-200 v2 by Project Open Sky. This pack contains the model, sound and panel with the virtual cockpit. By Francesco Monzeglio.

Alitalia Boeing 777-200.

Alitalia Boeing 777-200.


Alitalia I-DISU New Colors

Textures by Francesco Monzeglio

************************************************************************ *******


Model builder:
Hiroshi Igami
Yosuke Ube
And with support of Posky members

Virtual Cockpit builder:
Jacob Kubique

FDE designer:
Brandon D Henry
Warren C. Daniel

Master Painter:
Yosuke Ube

Aircraft advisory:
Corey Ford
Aaron Seymour

************************************************************************ *******

Features ( in depth ):

Dynamic flexing wings
Body gear steering under 15kt above 1kt.
Nose gear steering under 60kt above 1kt.
Rudder lock under 60kt above 1kt.
Ground spoiler only works on ground.
Low speed aileron locks at high speed.
Fully animated control surfaces
Fully independent suspension
Trim Animation
Opening Passenger Doors
Animated tilting bogies
Rolling wheels
Animated thrust reversers
Detailed textures
Full night lighting
Crash affects
Ground Service Vehicles when Cargo door open
And more...

*********************************************************************** *******

Just unzip the file and send the Aircrafts folder to the FSX Simobject/AIRCRAFT FOLDER.
The contents of the "effects" folder needs to be copied into the main EFFECTS folder. The aircraft will show up under the "Boeing" manufacturer.

************************************************************************ *******


Opening Passenger (L1) door: Shift + E ( Opening door )
Opening Cargo Doors: Shift + E + 2
Opening Passenger (L2) door: Shift + E + 3
Opening Bulk Cargo Door: Shift + E + 4

************************************************************************ *******

ident=Posky Utility
gauge00=Pky_util!Pky_Util, 0, 0

Project Open Sky

Images & Screenshots

Screenshot 1

The archive posky772v2azanc.zip has 216 files and directories contained within it.

File Contents

This list displays the first 500 files in the package. If the package has more, you will need to download it to view them.

Filename/Directory File Date File Size
B777-200ER Alitalia NC01.24.100 B
Aircraft.cfg01.24.1016.08 kB
Boeing 777-200ER General Electric 90-94B.air06.08.089.36 kB
model01.24.100 B
model.cfg08.04.0837 B
OS772V2_GE90--L_VC.mdl11.01.084.28 MB
panel01.24.100 B
$vc_01.bmp06.26.084.00 MB
$vc_02.bmp06.26.084.00 MB
737-400.dll09.04.062.33 MB
777KM.cab08.08.061.26 MB
7E7KM.cab08.08.06990.25 kB
B737_800.cab05.11.072.01 MB
B777cj.cab08.08.061.36 MB
Boeing.Autobrake.CAB08.08.068.78 kB
Boeing747-400.cab06.13.033.40 MB
BoeingGeneric.dll09.04.064.16 MB
cpt.icons.cab01.06.0334.88 kB
Magnetic_Compass.dll09.04.06118.33 kB
main.bmp12.03.082.25 MB
Mooney_Bravo.dll09.04.063.17 MB
panel.BackupXGaugeWizard.cfg02.14.098.00 kB
panel.cfg10.20.098.12 kB
panel.XGaugeWizard.cfg10.20.098.12 kB
Pky_glassdirt01.24.100 B
$vc_03.bmp06.26.084.00 MB
install.txt03.25.08143 B
Pky_Glassdirt.xml07.02.08166 B
Thumbs.db02.14.0914.00 kB
vc_transparent01_t.bmp06.26.084.00 MB
Pky_glassdirt.xml07.02.08107 B
Pky_util01.24.100 B
$vc_03.bmp06.26.084.00 MB
install.txt03.25.08143 B
Pky_Init.xml04.25.08621 B
Pky_Timer.xml03.26.08743 B
Pky_Util.xml10.22.085.19 kB
posky_sw_close.bmp03.25.082.30 kB
posky_sw_off.bmp03.25.082.30 kB
posky_sw_on.bmp03.25.082.30 kB
posky_sw_open.bmp03.25.082.30 kB
posky_utilbase.bmp10.22.0847.87 kB
TESTDIRT.BMP06.26.08341.40 kB
Thumbs.db02.14.0924.00 kB
vc_transparent01_t.bmp06.26.084.00 MB
Posky77701.24.100 B
Pky2Rudder.xml04.25.08587 B
PkyAPUDoor.xml05.18.08343 B
PkyCALC.xml04.24.081.09 kB
PkyElev.xml04.25.08576 B
PkyEngRev.xml05.18.08699 B
PkyflaperonL.xml05.21.08486 B
PkyflaperonR.xml05.21.08490 B
PkyLeftgearboggie.xml04.15.08800 B
PkyLeftgearheight.xml08.19.07787 B
PkyLSAileronL.xml04.23.08418 B
PkyLSAileronR.xml04.23.08419 B
PkyLWINGMIDFLEX.xml04.29.08611 B
PkyLWINGTIPFLEX.xml09.27.07583 B
PkyNosegearheight.xml04.07.08732 B
PkyNosegearsteerling.xml10.22.08964 B
PkyRightgearboggie.xml04.15.08810 B
PkyRightgearheight.xml08.29.07508 B
PkyRudder.xml04.25.08582 B
PkyRWINGMIDFLEX.xml04.29.08615 B
PkyRWINGTIPFLEX.xml09.27.07581 B
PkySpoiler.xml04.24.083.64 kB
PkyWINGROOTFLEX.xml04.29.08633 B
Pky_AdvInit.xml05.14.08960 B
Pky_PB_Towhead.xml10.22.08809 B
poskydebug.xml07.03.08356 B
poskydebug2.xml04.29.08351 B
Thumbs.db02.14.0916.50 kB
Z_AB320KM.cab06.22.05976.57 kB
Z_AB340KM.cab06.19.051.03 MB
sound01.24.100 B
777_APU.wav08.30.09718.60 kB
777_APU2.wav08.30.09718.60 kB
777_FLAPS.WAV08.31.09307.56 kB
777_FLIGHTDECK.wav12.20.08160.80 kB
777_FLIGHTDECKB.wav08.30.09160.80 kB
777_GEAR_DN.WAV09.27.09996.52 kB
777_GEAR_UP.WAV09.27.09996.52 kB
777_GLIDESLOPE.wav12.20.0895.57 kB
777_LEVELAWARN.wav12.20.08123.80 kB
777_ROLL.wav08.30.09861.93 kB
777_STALL.wav11.17.08481.43 kB
777_SYSTEM.WAV12.02.081.25 MB
777_SYSTEMB.wav08.30.091.25 MB
777_TOUCH_C.wav09.15.08125.29 kB
777_TOUCH_L.wav09.15.08125.29 kB
777_TOUCH_R.wav09.15.08125.29 kB
777_WIND.wav08.30.09419.08 kB
RRTRENT800_GROAN.wav09.27.091.03 MB
RRTRENT800_GROANB.wav09.27.091.03 MB
RRTRENT800_HOWL.wav08.30.09400.31 kB
RRTRENT800_HOWLB.wav08.30.09400.31 kB
RRTRENT800_IDLE.wav08.31.091.47 MB
RRTRENT800_IDLEB.wav08.31.091.47 MB
RRTRENT800_REVR.wav12.01.082.26 MB
RRTRENT800_REVRB.wav12.01.082.26 MB
RRTRENT800_SCREAM.wav08.30.09889.25 kB
RRTRENT800_SCREAMB.wav08.30.09889.25 kB
RRTRENT800_SHUT.wav08.31.092.32 MB
RRTRENT800_STARTER.wav08.31.093.46 MB
RRTRENT800_STARTERB.wav08.31.091.51 MB
Sound.cfg09.27.0911.81 kB
xRRTRENT800_GROAN.wav03.16.08436.11 kB
xRRTRENT800_GROANB.wav01.14.09436.11 kB
xRRTRENT800_HOWL.wav01.14.09400.31 kB
xRRTRENT800_HOWLB.wav01.14.09400.31 kB
xRRTRENT800_IDLE.wav11.30.08672.07 kB
xRRTRENT800_IDLEB.wav08.29.09672.07 kB
xRRTRENT800_REVR.wav11.28.081.85 MB
xRRTRENT800_REVRB.wav11.28.081.85 MB
xRRTRENT800_RUMBLE.wav12.01.08348.18 kB
xRRTRENT800_RUMBLEB.wav01.14.09348.18 kB
xRRTRENT800_SCREAM.wav08.29.09619.46 kB
xRRTRENT800_SCREAMB.wav01.14.09619.46 kB
xRRTRENT800_SHUT.wav08.31.092.46 MB
xRRTRENT800_STARTER.wav08.30.093.48 MB
xRRTRENT800_STARTERB.wav08.30.092.48 MB
Texture.AZNC01.24.100 B
$vc_01.bmp06.26.084.00 MB
$vc_02.bmp06.26.084.00 MB
$vc_03.bmp06.26.084.00 MB
772fan.bmp08.12.0165.05 kB
OS772V2_Glass_T.BMP07.17.075.43 kB
os772v2_WINGL_L.bmp03.25.071.07 kB
os772v2_WINGL_T.bmp01.24.104.00 MB
os772v2_WINGR_L.bmp03.25.071.07 kB
os772v2_WINGR_T.bmp01.24.104.00 MB
Os772_COCKPIT_L.bmp08.05.08256.07 kB
Os772_COCKPIT_T.bmp08.05.08256.07 kB
OS772_LFuse_FRONT_L.bmp08.11.081.00 MB
OS772_LFuse_FRONT_T.bmp01.24.104.00 MB
OS772_LFuse_MID_L.bmp08.11.081.00 MB
OS772_LFuse_MID_T.bmp01.24.104.00 MB
OS772_LFuse_REAR_L.bmp08.11.081.00 MB
OS772_LFuse_REAR_T.bmp01.24.104.00 MB
OS772_RFuse_FRONT_L.bmp08.11.081.00 MB
OS772_RFuse_FRONT_T.bmp01.24.104.00 MB
OS772_RFuse_MID_L.bmp08.11.081.00 MB
OS772_RFuse_MID_T.bmp01.24.104.00 MB
OS772_RFuse_REAR_L.bmp08.11.081.00 MB
OS772_RFuse_REAR_T.bmp01.24.104.00 MB
os773ERv2_Parts_L.bmp03.25.071.07 kB
os773ERv2_Parts_T.bmp09.26.084.00 MB
os773ERv2_WINGL_L.bmp03.25.071.07 kB
os773ERv2_WINGL_T.psd09.29.081.39 MB
os773ERv2_WINGR_L.bmp03.25.071.07 kB
os773ERv2_WINGR_T.psd09.29.081.39 MB
Os777CONTAINER_FRONT_L.BMP08.06.081.07 kB
Os777CONTAINER_REAR_L.bmp08.06.081.07 kB
Os777CONTAINER_REAR_T.bmp08.05.081.00 MB
OS777frontwheel_T.bmp08.05.0864.07 kB
OS777GSU1_L.BMP03.25.071.07 kB
OS777GSU1_T.BMP08.03.081.00 MB
OS777GSU2_L.BMP03.25.071.07 kB
OS777GSU2_T.BMP08.03.081.00 MB
OS777maintire_L.bmp08.06.081.07 kB
OS777maintire_T.bmp08.06.08256.07 kB
OS777mainwheelF_T.bmp11.11.07256.07 kB
OS777mainwheelR_T.bmp11.11.07256.07 kB
OS777nosetire_L.bmp08.06.081.07 kB
OS777nosetire_T.bmp08.06.08256.07 kB
OS777Option.bmp08.10.0864.07 kB
Os777shaft_L.bmp08.06.081.07 kB
Os777shaft_t.bmp08.06.084.07 kB
OS777V2_LowerCargo_L.BMP08.06.081.07 kB
OS777V2_LowerCargo_T.BMP08.05.08256.07 kB
os777v2_Parts2_L.bmp08.06.081.07 kB
os777v2_Parts2_T.bmp08.05.081.00 MB
os777v2_Parts_L.bmp08.06.081.07 kB
os777v2_Parts_T.bmp08.10.081.00 MB
Os777_GE90_Fan_blurred.bmp05.09.08256.07 kB
Os777_GE90_Fan_Slow.bmp05.09.08256.07 kB
Os777_ge90_L.bmp03.25.071.07 kB
Os777_GE90_parts_L.BMP03.25.071.07 kB
Os777_GE90_parts_T.bmp09.29.084.00 MB
Os777_ge90_t.bmp09.29.084.00 MB
OS777_PAXDOORSIDE_L.bmp08.06.081.07 kB
OS777_PAXDOORSIDE_T.bmp08.05.081.00 MB
OS777_SPRING_L.BMP08.06.081.07 kB
OS777_SPRING_T.BMP08.06.0816.07 kB
os777_VC_010_l.bmp06.09.084.00 MB
os777_VC_01_l.bmp06.09.084.00 MB
os777_VC_01_t.bmp06.09.084.00 MB
os777_VC_02_l.bmp06.30.084.00 MB
os777_VC_02_t.bmp06.09.084.00 MB
os777_VC_03_l.bmp07.02.084.00 MB
os777_VC_03_t.bmp07.02.084.00 MB
os777_VC_04_l.bmp06.30.084.00 MB
os777_VC_04_t.bmp06.26.084.00 MB
os777_VC_05_l.bmp06.09.084.00 MB
os777_VC_05_t.bmp06.09.084.00 MB
os777_VC_06_L.bmp06.30.084.00 MB
os777_VC_06_t.bmp06.26.084.00 MB
os777_VC_07_l.bmp06.30.084.00 MB
os777_VC_07_t.bmp06.30.084.00 MB
os777_VC_08_l.bmp06.30.084.00 MB
os777_VC_08_t.bmp06.30.084.00 MB
os777_VC_09_l.bmp06.09.084.00 MB
os777_VC_09_t.bmp06.09.084.00 MB
os777_VC_10_l.bmp06.30.084.00 MB
os777_VC_10_t.bmp06.09.084.00 MB
os777_WHEEL_L.bmp08.06.081.07 kB
os777_WHEEL_T.bmp08.05.08256.07 kB
Os_wt500e_l.bmp10.22.081.00 MB
Os_wt500e_t.bmp10.21.081.00 MB
Thumbs.db01.24.10263.00 kB
Thumbnail.JPG01.24.10124.76 kB
README.txt.txt01.24.102.69 kB
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B


This model was recommended to me by a fellow simulator, and I decided that I would take a look. Whilst sold to me as “just a repaint” using the Alitalia design, I was still excited. It’s an iconic and important airline to me for personal reasons, so I was interested to download this. The developers, Project Open Sky, have a wonderful reputation in my book.

Preview screenshot

As such, I was really excited to see what this might hold for me. The package contains the model itself, as well as new sounds and a panel set to be used with the Virtual Cockpit. This creation by the excellent Francesco Monzeglio is like to be one of my most commonly used larger aircraft for some time.

I must say that the quality is excellent. From the high-depth new textures that paints the aircraft perfectly to the pristine and accurate coloring, I was captivated. Not only is this some of the most enjoyable texturing for me (again, for personal reasons, although it’s very accurate and sleek) but it’s a great aircraft to fly.


Installation is the same as ever – very easy. You merely unzip the file and send the Aircrafts folder to SimObject/Aircrafts and also the Effects folder to Main Effects. Simple!

You’ll then find the aircraft waiting for you to be enjoyed under the Boeing group.


With a few simple key chains to get used to for opening the various doors, I found it easy to get to grips with operating this machine. Immediately, though, I was struck by the detail. The textures were not only outstanding in the exterior – but on the interior, also. This looked outstanding and done the aircraft itself a tremendous justice.

It looked fantastic, with the trim animations and various fully animated control surfaces adding life to the textures. This wasn’t just a set of high-definition, flat imagery either. This manage to pull the cockpit and the aircraft together and add a missing splendor back to the aircraft.

I immediately found it easy to fly and use, too. from the change in body steering depending on the weight to ground spoilers only working on the ground, this was true to its word. I found that quite comforting, having growing too used to models that felt like they were flown by magic.

From the extra detail in the animations and the working features, though, came the little things that make all the difference. From the fully independent suspension to the magnificent new lighting at night, operation and enjoyment were at a premium. This went the extra mile for me in making it easy to enjoy and appreciate the depth of detail that this aircraft had offered.

Even the new crash effects are morbidly wonderful. I found this to be one of the most complete and enjoyable packages that I had discovered in some time for FSX. If you are looking for a new addition, then this take on the Boeing 777-200 might just be what’s needed.

Adam McEnroe

Adam McEnroe

Adam McEnroe is a flight sim enthusiast who has been simming since the days of FS95. Adam writes all of the download section editorials after testing each of the files. Adam has extensive knowledge using various flight simulator packages and thoroughly tests the files before writing about them. Adam also like to fly real-world aircraft in his spare time and is training for his PPL.

Should you wish, you can contact Adam via email at adam@flyawaysimulation.com.

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Installation Instructions

Most of the freeware add-on aircraft and scenery packages in our file library come with easy installation instructions which you can read above in the file description. For further installation help, please see our Flight School for our full range of tutorials or view the README file contained within the download. If in doubt, you may also ask a question or view existing answers in our dedicated Q&A forum.


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AlfonsoFri, 11 Sep 2020 01:00:50 GMT

There is no sound. [Sound is Off]. Press the Q key. Nothing happens. I have copied the sound files from the sound folder to the FSX sound folder.

DannyFri, 24 Aug 2018 21:53:30 GMT

So I downloaded the file but there is no 'effects' folder to complete the installation?

David GuadagnoMon, 27 Feb 2017 16:43:04 GMT

I would like to fly this monster but VC isnt working ;/

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