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FSX Civil Aircraft

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Sata International Airbus A310-300Repaint

Sata International Airbus A310-300. Repaint of Thomas Ruth's Airbus A310-300. Textures only, requires base model TOMA310.ZIP. Repaint by Paul Craig. Sata International Airbus A310-300 in flight. Sata International Airbus A310-300 Repaint of Thomas Ruth's Airbus A310-300.Textures Only, requires base model "". Repaint by Paul Craig Installation: Unzip & copy & paste the folder " texture.Sata International " into your "...

File size: 1.28 MB | Download hits: 1300

Pakistan International Airlines Boeing 747-400Repaint

Pakistan International Airlines Boeing 747-400 "Lahore Garden Of Mughals" livery. Textures for the default FSX 747. Includes repainted 747 cockpit textures. PIA repaint by Rashad Waseem. Pakistan International Airlines Boeing 747-400. Copy and paste all this into your aircraft.cfg file. remember to replace the x with the final following number in cfg.file. happy flying! [fltsim.X] title=Boeing 747-400 PIA-Lahore Garden of the...

File size: 6.63 MB | Download hits: 1298

jetBlue Embraer 190Repaint

jetBlue Embraer 190. This is the second jetBlue aircraft. Premair Aircraft's aircraft. Textures only by Jason Harnois. jetBlue Embraer 190. This is a Premair Aircraft Design aircraft. Texture by: Jason Harnois (A.K.A-Vermount1998 found on the FS-MP Pro Server Just re-place the xx with the next number down from your aircraft list: [fltsim.xx] title=EMBRAER...

File size: 948.98 kB | Download hits: 1295

Egypt Air Airbus A380-800Repaint

Egypt Air Airbus A380-800. Fictional repaint of the Project Airbus A380-800 using their A380 paint kit (PA380_PAINTKIT.ZIP). Textures only (32 bit BMP); requires base model (PA380_HOUSE.ZIP). Repaint by Paul Craig. Egypt Air Airbus A380-800 in flight. Egypt Air Airbus A380-800 Fictional repaint of the wonderful Project Airbus A380-800 using their excellent A380 Paintkit "". Textures Only (32 bit BMP), requires base model...

File size: 7.94 MB | Download hits: 1295

Virgin Atlantic Airways Airbus A340-600Repaint

Virgin Atlantic Airways Airbus A340-600, registration G-VMGE; last metallic red colors - high effects of reflections. Textures only for the Thomas Ruth A340-600 (TOMA346.ZIP). Repaint by Mario Gasparella. Virgin Atlantic Airways Airbus A340-600 in flight. ***************** A340-600 Virgin Atlantic Airways G-VMGE - repaint for the Thomas Ruth A340-600 **************************** ********** You must have the base package installed...

File size: 5.36 MB | Download hits: 1293

Qantastic Boeing 737-800Repaint

FSX Qantastic Boeing 737-800. Textures only for the default B737-800. Repaint by Jon Murchison and Tim Clarke. ...

File size: 13.34 MB | Download hits: 1276

Brazilian Boeing 737-800Repaint

FSX Brazilian Boeing 737-800. Three texture sets for the default B737-800 in the liveries of GOL, TAM and Varig. ...

File size: 14.16 MB | Download hits: 1275

Emirates Airlines Airbus A340-313XRepaint

Emirates Airlines Airbus A340-313X, registration A6-ERS. A repaint for the Thomas Ruth A340-300 model, textures only, requires the base package TOMA343B.ZIP. These textures are tested only for FSX with SP1 and SP2 installed. Repaint by Mario Monfrecola. Emirates Airlines Airbus A340-313X in flight. Emirates A340-313X, Registration Number A6-ERS, repaint for the Thomas Ruth A340-300 How to install the new livery: -Place the texture.Emirates in the Tom_A340-300 folder -Add the...

File size: 1.95 MB | Download hits: 1259

Delta Airlines Boeing 747-400Repaint

A repaint of the default B747-400. By Cassidy Dietrich. Screenshot of Delta Airlines Boeing 747-400 on the ground. Installation: Copy and paste the text above the line in the b747_400 aircraft.cfg in its appropriate location. You're able to do this in Notepad. Replace the x in [fltsim.x] with the next number in order. Save File. If Windows is not allowing you to save, try "Save as" in desktop (with ANIS encoding) and try moving the aircraft.cfg file from...

File size: 7.71 MB | Download hits: 1251

Edelweiss Air Airbus A380-800Repaint

Edelweiss Air Airbus A380-800, registration VH-OQF. Textures only for the Project Airbus model. Edelweiss Air Airbus A380-800 on runway. Airbus A380-800 Edelweiss Air HD Textures in dds! Installation: 1. Put the "texture.edelweiss" folder in the Pairbus A380 Aircraft folder. 2. Put these things in the aircraft.CFG. At [fltsim.xx] put the next following number. Example: [fltsim.5]next [fltsim.6]. [fltsim.xx] title = A380 Edelweiss Air sim = pa380 model =...

File size: 20.32 MB | Download hits: 1243

Federal Express Boeing 727-200ADV (F)Repaint

Federal Express Boeing 727-200ADV (F). A repaint of Thomas Ruth's 727-200ADV (F) in current FedEx colors. This 727-200 Advanced freighter is in dire need of a wash and paintjob! Repaint only; requires original model. By Bjoern Kesten. Federal Express Boeing 727-200ADV (F). Word wrap is your friend! //Fed Ex repaint for Thomas Ruth's Boeing 727-200ADV// // Contents // - Repaint for the B727-200ADV in Fed Ex' current livery with a lot of dirt -...

File size: 5.66 MB | Download hits: 1243

Boeing 737-800 Northwest Airlines Textures onlyRepaint

for the default 737-800. Lee Tennant. ...

File size: 8.09 MB | Download hits: 1221

LOT Polish Airlines Tupolev TU-154Repaint

LOT Polish Airlines Tupolev TU-154. Textures only. Base model unknown. By Artur Stechura. LOT Polish Airlines Tupolev TU-154 on landing approach. ...

File size: 8.30 MB | Download hits: 1220

Royal Jordanian Airbus A330-200Repaint

Royal Jordanian Airbus A330-200 PW, "City of Aqaba". Textures only. Model by Thomas Ruth (TOM330.ZIP). Repainted by Ali Zied. Repaint (Texture only) of Mr.THOMAS RUTH's amazing A330-200 in the colors of Royal Jordanian Airlines, aircraft name is "City of Aqaba" Royal Jordanian dont have any A330-200's but the rumor has it that due to the delay of the Boeing 787 dreamliners delivery, which RJ have ordered, they will be renting a couple of A330-200 until the...

File size: 3.92 MB | Download hits: 1219

Turkish Airlines Airbus A340-600Repaint

Turkish Airlines Airbus A340-600. A repaint for TOMA346.ZIP. Model by Thomas Ruth. By Francesco Monzeglio. Qatar - Repaint for Thomas Ruth's A340-600 model. By Francesco Monzeglio. Installation Instructions 1. Place the 'Texture.QTR' folder into your Flight Sim X directory, under ...SimObjectsAirplanesTOM_A340-600 2. Open the aircraft.cfg file and paste the following text into the file after the previous aircraft repaint, ensuring to replace [fltsim.xx] with the next...

File size: 3.87 MB | Download hits: 1219

SunExpress Boeing 737-800 RepaintRepaint

SunExpress Boeing 737-800. A repaint for the default B737-800. SunExpress is a Turkish airline and has many 737-800s in their fleet. SunExpress goes to many destinations around Europe. Repaint by Alex Hartshorne. SunExpress Boeing 737-800 taking off. THIS IS FOR MICROSOFT FLIGHT SIMULATOR X ONLY AND WILL NOT WORK ON OTHER SIMULATORS. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thank you for installing SunExpress repaint for...

File size: 10.21 MB | Download hits: 1219

Alaska/Skywest Airlines CRJ-700Repaint

Alaska/Skywest Airlines CRJ-700. Alaska-SkyWest Airlines livery for the default Bombardier CRJ700. Textures only. By Don Bodenstedt. Alaska/Skywest Airlines CRJ-700 on runway. Alaska Airlines Livery for the FSX default Bombardier CRJ-700. Textures only... *********************************************************************************** Put the "texture.Alaska" folder in your SimObjects/Airplanes/Bombardier_CRJ_700 folder. It uses the texture.cfg...

File size: 1.47 MB | Download hits: 1219

Brussels Airlines Boeing 747-400Repaint

FSX Brussels Airlines Boeing 747-400. Textures only for the default B747-400. Repaint by Anthony Duray. ...

File size: 6.60 MB | Download hits: 1216

Delta Airlines Boeing 767-31K ERRepaint

Delta Airlines Boeing 767-31K ER, registration N172DN. Repaint of iFDG / CamSim design. Model by Albert Bouwman. Textures by Ben Hewitt, Ben Jones, Camil Valiquette. FDE by Albaro Villegas, with blended winglets and animated ground servicing (AGS). Texture only. Repaint by Mohammed Al-Khaalifa. Delta Airlines Boeing 767-31K ER in flight. INSTALLATIONS: 1- Uzip file and Copy txture.DL to "iFDG-CamSim .... 763" folder. 2- Copy and paste the following text into your...

File size: 2.12 MB | Download hits: 1215

Onur Air Airbus A321Repaint

Onur Air Airbus A321, registration TC-SEBI. Textures only for the default A321. Repaint by Selim Birdal. Onur Air Airbus A321 in flight. Install: 1- copy Texture.onurair to C:Program Files (x86)Microsoft GamesMicrosoft Flight Simulator XSimObjectsAirplanesAirbus_A321 2- edit C:Program Files (x86)Microsoft GamesMicrosoft Flight Simulator XSimObjectsAirplanesAirbus_A321aircraft.cfg add that: [fltsim.x] title=Airbus A321...

File size: 2.96 MB | Download hits: 1207


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