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Preview A380 - Airbus LUFTHANSA, for FS2004 and FS2002. Complete avionics and high textures virtual cockpit. (INFO:free TRIALWARE / with black visual banners) Animated: LUFTHANSA A380, Pilots, Visor, sensors, mirror, emmisionseffects, landing gear and flaps, high textures, by - Autho...

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A380 - Airbus LUFTHANSA, for FS2004 and FS2002. Complete avionics and high textures virtual cockpit. (INFO:free TRIALWARE / with black visual banners) Animated: LUFTHANSA A380, Pilots, Visor, sensors, mirror, emmisionseffects, landing gear and flaps, high textures, by - Author: A.Meyer.

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Aircraft.cfg12.08.048.27 kB
A380afs.air12.06.048.12 kB
a4.BMP12.07.0465.05 kB
a5.BMP12.07.0465.05 kB
Tr04.BMP11.27.0465.05 kB
Tr05.BMP11.27.0465.05 kB
Tr01.BMP12.08.04257.05 kB
F01.BMP12.08.0465.05 kB
F02.BMP12.07.0465.05 kB
F03.BMP12.07.0465.05 kB
F04.BMP12.07.0465.05 kB
a1.BMP12.08.0465.05 kB
a3.BMP12.03.0465.05 kB
a2.BMP12.03.0465.05 kB
Tr02.BMP12.08.04257.05 kB
Tr03.BMP11.28.0465.05 kB
x.BMP12.08.0465.05 kB
vc15.BMP12.03.0417.05 kB
vc16.BMP12.04.0417.05 kB
vc01.BMP12.06.04257.05 kB
vc02.BMP12.06.04257.05 kB
vc06.BMP12.05.04257.05 kB
vc14.BMP12.05.04257.05 kB
vc07.BMP12.05.04257.05 kB
vc09.BMP12.04.04257.05 kB
vc08.BMP12.05.04257.05 kB
vc12.BMP12.05.0465.05 kB
vc05.BMP12.05.04257.05 kB
vc13.BMP12.05.04257.05 kB
vc10.BMP12.05.04257.05 kB
vc11.BMP12.06.04257.05 kB
$P01.BMP12.05.04192.05 kB
$P02.BMP12.05.04192.05 kB
$P03.BMP12.05.04192.05 kB
Panel.cfg12.05.044.82 kB
A380m.BMP11.08.04185.39 kB
A380.BMP12.08.04769.05 kB
z1.bmp12.07.04135.63 kB
z2.bmp12.06.0476.43 kB
Sound.cfg11.28.0413.43 kB
BAAPDIS.WAV09.17.9913.69 kB
BAGLIDE.WAV09.17.997.19 kB
BAN11.WAV09.17.9955.23 kB
BAN12.WAV09.17.9972.23 kB
BAN13.WAV09.17.9963.23 kB
BAN14.WAV09.17.9966.19 kB
BAN1SHUT.WAV09.17.99206.75 kB
BAN1STRT.WAV09.17.99389.31 kB
BAN21.WAV05.03.98264.53 kB
BAN22.WAV09.17.9956.69 kB
BAN23.WAV06.13.99220.39 kB
BAN24.WAV02.12.98132.76 kB
BAN2SHUT.WAV09.17.99259.75 kB
BAN2STRT.WAV09.17.9962.25 kB
BAN2T.WAV09.17.99114.81 kB
BAOVER.WAV09.17.9922.23 kB
BBN11.WAV09.17.9947.23 kB
BBN12.WAV09.17.9953.73 kB
BBN13.WAV09.17.9945.23 kB
BBN14.WAV09.17.9959.69 kB
BBN1SHUT.WAV09.17.99212.25 kB
BBN1STRT.WAV09.17.99342.81 kB
BBN21.WAV09.17.9962.19 kB
BBN22.WAV09.17.9970.19 kB
BBN23.WAV09.17.9963.19 kB
BBN24.WAV09.17.9969.69 kB
BBN2SHUT.WAV09.17.99254.25 kB
BBN2STRT.WAV09.17.9950.25 kB
BBN2T.WAV09.17.99119.31 kB
BMFLAPS.WAV09.17.9973.81 kB
BMGEARDN.WAV09.17.99119.19 kB
BMGEARUP.WAV09.17.99122.19 kB
BMGWARN.WAV09.17.9914.73 kB
gear.wav05.24.98253.95 kB
XBAN11.WAV09.17.9952.23 kB
XBAN12.WAV09.17.9972.23 kB
XBAN13.WAV09.17.9950.73 kB
XBAN14.WAV09.17.9963.69 kB
XBAN1SHUT.WAV09.17.99212.25 kB
XBAN1STRT.WAV09.17.99496.81 kB
XBAN21.WAV12.21.98264.50 kB
XBAN22.WAV09.17.9946.69 kB
XBAN23.WAV06.13.99316.74 kB
XBAN24.WAV12.07.98358.34 kB
XBAN2SHUT.WAV09.17.99227.75 kB
XBAN2STRT.WAV09.17.9960.75 kB
XBAN2T.WAV09.17.99108.81 kB
XBBN11.WAV09.17.9946.73 kB
XBBN12.WAV09.17.9972.73 kB
XBBN13.WAV09.17.9950.73 kB
XBBN14.WAV09.17.9967.69 kB
XBBN1SHUT.WAV09.17.99220.25 kB
XBBN1STRT.WAV09.17.99460.81 kB
XBBN21.WAV09.17.9951.19 kB
XBBN22.WAV09.17.9947.19 kB
XBBN23.WAV09.17.9970.19 kB
XBBN24.WAV09.17.9967.69 kB
XBBN2SHUT.WAV09.17.99217.75 kB
XBBN2STRT.WAV09.17.9958.25 kB
XBBN2T.WAV09.17.99119.31 kB
Model.cfg12.08.0424 B
A380a.mdl12.08.04980.61 kB
= READ ME =.txt12.09.041.86 kB
liesmich.txt12.09.041.54 kB
d.JPG12.08.045.76 kB
a.JPG12.08.045.75 kB
e.JPG12.08.0471.06 kB
b.JPG12.08.048.32 kB
g.JPG12.08.04123.62 kB
c.JPG12.08.046.15 kB
h.JPG12.08.04123.69 kB
f.JPG12.08.04190.00 kB
File_ID.diz12.09.04309 B
avsim.diz04.27.04360 B
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B


Whilst not always a huge fan of flying such large aircraft, the Airbus range have certainly grown on me over the years and this was a fine addition to my own collection of aircraft mods for older flight simulators. Given that this jointly compatible with both FS2002 and FS2004, you can use this package on many older machines allowing you to get a nice taste of what flight simulation can feel like without having to go the full way and get a new machine to try out FSX or one of the more modern equivalents for flight simulation fans worldwide.

Preview screenshot

However, despite being for simulators that came out more than a decade ago this stands up incredibly well compared to many of its contemporaries. Put it up alongside most FS2002 and FS2004 vanilla aircraft, for example, and the difference in the precision and the detail is absolutely staggering. There’s nothing more enjoyable than flying an aircraft that you know is going to feel just like the real thing and if you like the somewhat lumbering nature of the Airbus aircraft, you’ll absolutely love trying out this mod. Some prefer to fly smaller, more manageable models whilst others go with size.

If you prefer size and want to show off just how powerful an aircraft can be when you get the right level of engines in there, this is a good place to start that argument. Given the fact it’s for the older models, too, the accuracy in the avionics of the aircraft – and the detail in the textures – are some of the most impressive we have seen in a flight simulator outside of FSX. It’s capable of capturing those minor details that older simulators never really tried to do with any great consistency, and also brings in a whole chunk of new features that many of us though we probably wouldn’t be seeing any time soon in the older version of flight simulator.

For example, it’s got a huge array of animations that come with it, too, helping to create that friendly and inviting image we are all looking for when using flight simulators. It feels like the real thing thanks to the fact that the things like the pilots and even the visor are fully animated, as well as the effects from the emissions that the airbus is using whilst you fly through the air, hundreds of passenger on-board!

Again, though, the quality of the textures was some of the most impressive features. It makes life in general far more interesting when you are flying an aircraft that isn’t just an extended blob, especially for anyone who wants to take things to that next level and really notice a big difference in their overall capability when flying. After all when you are flying something that looks the part it’s easier to get engaged and with the increased options in front of you in terms of flight options that are available it’s a whole lot easier to manage with this.

Adam McEnroe

Adam McEnroe

Adam McEnroe is a flight sim enthusiast who has been simming since the days of FS95. Adam writes all of the download section editorials after testing each of the files. Adam has extensive knowledge using various flight simulator packages and thoroughly tests the files before writing about them. Adam also like to fly real-world aircraft in his spare time and is training for his PPL.

Should you wish, you can contact Adam via email at

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Awesome plane, just wow its awesome

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