Eclipse 500 for FS9 ACOF Version 3

Eclipse 500 for FS9 ACOF Version 3 A Commercial Twin Jet engine Aircraft. All New Panel. The Eclipse carries a Flight Crew of 2 with 4 to 6 passengers. Full Virtual Clickable Cockpit with working Passenger Exit. Custom Gauges and Reflective Specular Textures. Animated pilot,Spoilers,Gear, etc.

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Eclipse 500 for FS9 ACOF Version 3 A Commercial Twin Jet engine Aircraft. All New Panel. The Eclipse carries a Flight Crew of 2 with 4 to 6 passengers. Full Virtual Clickable Cockpit with working Passenger Exit. Custom Gauges and Reflective Specular Textures. Animated pilot,Spoilers,Gear, etc.

The archive has 243 files and directories contained within it.

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Filename/Directory File Date File Size
Eclipse5002K412.21.040 B
Aircraft.cfg12.21.0417.47 kB
Aircraft.ori04.23.0418.29 kB
Eclipse500.air11.05.0413.83 kB
Eclipse500_check.txt12.18.044.52 kB
Eclipse500_notes.txt12.18.0428 B
Eclipse500_ref.txt12.18.04355 B
EclipseNight.gif12.18.0412.47 kB
Eclipse_readme.txt12.21.043.10 kB
effects12.21.040 B
fx_eclight.fx08.06.036.12 kB
FILE_ID.diz12.21.04482 B
MeigsEclipse2.gif12.18.048.56 kB
Model12.21.040 B
Eclipse500.mdl12.12.044.16 MB
model.cfg11.07.0331 B
panel12.21.040 B
AutopilotBack.bmp07.17.04139.55 kB
main_1024.bmp08.15.041.78 MB
main_640.bmp12.11.04714.43 kB
Overhead.bmp08.01.04768.05 kB
Panel.cfg12.21.0413.06 kB
PANEL_INSTRUCT.bmp07.18.04287.16 kB
PopBack.bmp08.08.04139.55 kB
vc_pilot_stack2_T.bmp08.09.04768.05 kB
vc_pilot_stack4_T.bmp09.03.04192.05 kB
vc_pilot_T.bmp08.12.043.00 MB
pilot_stack3_T.bmp08.14.043.00 MB
sound12.21.040 B
sound.cfg10.06.0430 B
texture12.21.040 B
500FuseLeft_T.bmp12.04.04512.07 kB
500FuseLeft_T_L.bmp12.11.04512.07 kB
500FuseRight_T.bmp12.04.04512.07 kB
500FuseRight_T_L.bmp12.11.04512.07 kB
ALUMINUM2C_T.bmp06.12.048.07 kB
ALUMINUM2C_T_L.bmp06.12.048.07 kB
auxpanel_T.bmp06.12.0464.07 kB
auxpanel_T_L.bmp06.12.0416.07 kB
blackflat_T.bmp06.12.0464.07 kB
blackflat_T_L.bmp06.12.0421.43 kB
Black_T.bmp12.18.02341.43 kB
Black_T_L.bmp01.31.04341.43 kB
Brakefront_T.bmp09.05.04682.74 kB
Brakefront_T_L.bmp09.05.04170.78 kB
BrownLther_T.bmp06.12.0464.07 kB
BrownLther_T_L.bmp06.12.0416.07 kB
BURLOAK_T.bmp10.07.04341.43 kB
BURLOAK_T_L.bmp08.22.04341.43 kB
ButtonRed_T.bmp01.31.0421.40 kB
ButtonRed_T_L.bmp01.31.045.43 kB
CabinOverhead_T.bmp12.01.03170.74 kB
CabinOverhead_T_L.bmp01.24.04170.74 kB
CARPTTAN.bmp11.24.031.33 MB
CARPTTAN_L.bmp01.24.041.33 MB
Carpttan_T.bmp08.22.04341.40 kB
Carpttan_T_L.bmp08.14.0485.43 kB
cvrpanel_T.bmp08.22.0442.74 kB
cvrpanel_T_L.bmp06.06.0410.78 kB
DoorHandleplate_T.bmp09.18.0485.40 kB
DoorHandleplate_T_L.bmp09.18.0421.43 kB
DornGlassWhite_T.bmp08.15.04341.43 kB
DornGlassWhite_T_L.bmp08.22.04341.43 kB
DornNoseGearTiresPaint_T.bmp06.12.0464.07 kB
DornNoseGearTiresPaint_T_L.bmp06.12.0416.07 kB
DornWhite_T.bmp08.22.041.33 MB
DornWhite_T_L.bmp08.22.04341.43 kB
EclipseBlue_T.bmp11.26.04341.40 kB
EclipseBlue_T_L.bmp08.22.0421.43 kB
EclipseEngine_T.bmp11.27.04341.43 kB
EclipseEngine_T_L.bmp12.11.04256.07 kB
EclipseLogo_T.bmp09.06.04682.74 kB
EclipseLogo_T_L.bmp09.05.04170.78 kB
Ecl_DashTop_T.bmp06.30.041.33 MB
Ecl_DashTop_T_L.bmp06.30.04341.43 kB
ecl_T.bmp12.04.041.00 MB
ecl_T_L.bmp12.11.0416.07 kB
EngineGlower_T.bmp12.04.0485.40 kB
EngineGlower_T_L.bmp11.27.0421.43 kB
Enginexhaust_T.bmp08.22.041.33 MB
Enginexhaust_T_L.bmp08.22.04341.43 kB
FanHRPM_T.BMP06.12.0464.07 kB
FanHRPM_T_L.BMP08.31.0485.43 kB
FanLRPM_T.bmp06.12.0464.07 kB
FanLRPM_T_L.bmp08.31.0485.43 kB
FlapHinge_T.bmp09.05.041.33 MB
FlapHinge_T_L.bmp09.05.04341.43 kB
GearBay1_T.bmp11.10.03341.43 kB
GearBay_T.bmp06.12.0464.07 kB
GearBay_T_L.bmp06.12.0416.07 kB
glass_t.bmp01.31.02341.40 kB
Green_T.bmp08.31.04341.43 kB
Green_T_L.bmp08.31.04341.43 kB
grill_painted_T.bmp06.12.04128.07 kB
grill_painted_T_L.bmp06.12.0432.07 kB
headblack_T.bmp10.29.04341.40 kB
headblack_T_L.bmp01.24.04341.40 kB
hydraulics_T.bmp06.12.0464.07 kB
hydraulics_T_L.bmp06.12.0416.07 kB
InstruPanelPaint_T.bmp12.04.045.33 MB
InstruPanelPaint_T_L.bmp06.30.041.33 MB
Joystick_T.bmp06.12.0464.07 kB
Joystick_T_L.bmp06.12.0416.07 kB
Keys2_T.bmp08.22.0485.40 kB
Keys2_T_L.bmp06.12.0416.07 kB
lefthandtop_T.bmp12.29.03170.74 kB
lefthandtop_T_L.bmp06.06.0442.78 kB
LightroundLense_T.bmp08.07.045.43 kB
LightroundLense_T_L.bmp08.07.045.43 kB
luggage_T.bmp06.12.04128.07 kB
luggage_T_L.bmp08.22.0442.78 kB
overheadRear2_T.bmp06.12.0432.07 kB
overheadRear2_T_L.bmp06.12.048.07 kB
oxygenmask_T.bmp08.22.0485.40 kB
oxygenmask_T_L.bmp06.12.0416.07 kB
oxygen_T.bmp08.22.0485.40 kB
oxygen_T_L.bmp06.12.0416.07 kB
PanelTan_T.bmp06.19.0464.07 kB
PanelTan_T_L.bmp06.19.0416.07 kB
Pants_T.bmp06.12.04128.07 kB
Pants_T_L.bmp06.12.0432.07 kB
PedestalTop_T.bmp06.12.042.00 MB
PedestalTop_T_L.bmp06.12.04512.07 kB
Pedestal_T.bmp06.12.0464.07 kB
Pedestal_T_L.bmp06.12.0416.07 kB
pilotstack3face_T.bmp08.14.041.33 MB
pilotstack3face_T_L.bmp08.14.04341.43 kB
pilot_stack3_T.bmp08.14.04682.75 kB
pilot_stack3_T_L.bmp08.14.041.33 MB
PodLense_T.bmp06.12.0464.07 kB
PodLense_T_L.bmp06.12.0416.07 kB
Red_T.bmp08.31.04341.43 kB
Red_T_L.bmp08.31.04341.43 kB
reflect13.bmp10.04.02341.43 kB
reflect13_L.bmp10.11.02341.43 kB
righthandthumb_T.bmp12.29.0385.40 kB
righthandthumb_T_L.bmp08.31.0421.43 kB
righthandtop2_T.bmp08.14.04170.74 kB
righthandtop2_T_L.bmp06.06.0432.07 kB
rooflining_T.bmp02.18.0485.40 kB
RudderLeft_T.bmp11.10.03170.78 kB
RudderPedalLeft_T.bmp06.12.04128.07 kB
RudderPedalLeft_T_L.bmp06.12.0432.07 kB
RudderPedalRight_T.bmp06.12.04128.07 kB
RudderPedalRight_T_L.bmp06.12.0432.07 kB
SeatBackLeft_T.bmp06.12.04128.07 kB
SeatBackLeft_T_L.bmp06.12.0432.07 kB
SeatBackRight_T.bmp11.10.0385.43 kB
SeatBackRight_T_L.bmp01.24.04341.40 kB
SeatBack_T.bmp06.12.04128.07 kB
SeatBack_T_L.bmp06.12.0432.07 kB
SeatCushion_T.bmp06.12.04128.07 kB
SeatCushion_T_L.bmp06.12.0432.07 kB
SeatLeather_T.bmp06.12.0464.07 kB
SeatLeather_T_L.bmp06.12.0416.07 kB
shirtsweater_T.bmp12.29.0385.40 kB
shirtsweater_T_L.bmp08.31.0421.43 kB
shockbottom_T.bmp11.25.0342.84 kB
shockbottom_T_L.bmp01.24.04170.76 kB
shocktop_T.bmp11.25.0321.46 kB
shocktop_T_L.bmp01.24.0485.41 kB
SpoilerBay_T.bmp06.12.0464.07 kB
SpoilerBay_T_L.bmp06.12.0416.07 kB
spotcover_T.bmp06.07.0485.40 kB
spotcover_T_L.bmp06.07.0421.43 kB
stainless.bmp12.08.0285.43 kB
stainless_T.bmp12.08.0285.43 kB
stainless_T_L.bmp12.08.0285.43 kB
tail_light_red_T.bmp03.28.0485.40 kB
tail_light_red_T_L.bmp08.22.0421.43 kB
TanLther_T.bmp06.12.0464.07 kB
TanLther_T_L.bmp06.19.0416.07 kB
TiresPaintBlur_T.bmp06.12.0464.07 kB
TiresPaintBlur_T_L.bmp06.12.0416.07 kB
tread_5.bmp06.12.0464.07 kB
tread_5_L.bmp06.12.0416.07 kB
Turbine_T.bmp06.12.0416.07 kB
Turbine_T_L.bmp08.22.0485.43 kB
vc_pilot_stack2_L.bmp06.07.04341.43 kB
vc_pilot_stack2_T.bmp06.06.041.33 MB
vc_pilot_stack2_T_L.bmp08.12.04341.43 kB
vc_pilot_stack3_T.bmp08.14.041.33 MB
vc_pilot_stack3_T_L.bmp08.12.04341.43 kB
vc_pilot_stack4_T.bmp09.03.04341.40 kB
vc_pilot_stack4_T_L.bmp09.03.0485.43 kB
vc_pilot_T.bmp08.12.045.33 MB
vc_pilot_T_L.bmp08.12.041.33 MB
VentLeft_T.bmp06.30.0421.40 kB
VentLeft_T_L.bmp08.22.045.43 kB
VentRight_T.bmp06.30.0421.40 kB
VentRight_T_L.bmp08.22.045.43 kB
YokeBootPaint_T.bmp06.12.0464.07 kB
YokeBootPaint_T_L.bmp08.22.041.33 MB
Gauges12.21.040 B kB
00.sukhoi.config.gau02.04.9845.00 kB
732sa.vsi.gau05.06.9829.00 kB
737-200.RP_REVERSE1.gau12.02.0072.00 kB
ACS.Zulu-MD11.gau04.21.9949.50 kB
Ala_min.gau02.22.04212.00 kB
b24gear_0001.gau12.26.0355.00 kB
bell_206b.control_surfaces.gau04.17.0117.00 kB
bjstall.gau07.30.0144.50 kB
bjtrmi.gau07.31.01259.00 kB
BOEING747-400.pbk.gau10.23.0468.00 kB
cessna.gau06.12.031.47 MB kB
cpt.toggles.plastic.cab11.07.0230.80 kB
Eclipse-EICAS1sw.gau07.03.0444.00 kB
Eclipse.EICAS.gau01.16.04249.50 kB
Eclipse.splr.gau10.23.0472.00 kB
EclipsedigAutBrk.cab01.14.022.02 kB
EclipseNew.cab08.17.043.21 MB
Eclipse_Dme.gau01.22.0251.50 kB
Eclipse_navcom.gau01.13.0450.00 kB
eclipse_pfd_pan4sw.gau07.03.04120.06 kB
eclipse_pfd_pan6sw.gau07.11.04120.06 kB
Eclipse_splr.gau01.16.0441.00 kB
Eclipse_stick.gau01.06.04153.50 kB
Eclipse_TO-GA.gau01.18.0437.50 kB
eclipse_vor_pan3sw.gau06.27.04120.06 kB
Eclips_rada.gau02.13.01402.00 kB
Eclyd.gau08.14.0439.00 kB
Extra-300.gau06.12.031.56 MB
f18flp.gau01.14.0439.50 kB
FB_AP_Ind.gau06.02.0048.00 kB
FD728-1.gau03.02.032.18 MB
FD_TAXI_SP.gau03.05.0378.50 kB
FD_Thrust.gau10.24.0436.00 kB
fpda_apu_start.gau01.30.0017.00 kB
fs9gps.cab06.12.03296.71 kB
FuelabGauge.cab07.22.04339.12 kB
FuelCabinOxy.cab07.22.0417.19 kB
FuelOxyGauge.cab07.22.048.68 kB
FuelPFD.cab03.13.04185.72 kB
FuelSwitches.cab07.03.048.04 kB
Gauge000.gau07.11.0428.00 kB
Gauge001.gau10.23.0476.00 kB
mooney_bravo.gau06.12.032.00 MB
simicons.cab09.19.0113.29 kB
trim_digital.gau01.19.987.00 kB
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B


When I first heard of the Eclipse, I was under the impression it would be a far different kind of aircraft to what I got. However, after a few hours of flying around a bit of looking around at the model I could easily see that it was my estimations that were way off rather than anything that is wrong with this aircraft. The recreation that you get in this model does a good job of re-creating all of the most basic parts of the Eclipse 500, bringing it to life in a very impressive – and realistic – fashion that captures all of those main little details that count.

Preview screenshot

If you are, like myself, a fan of realism and getting something that really tick the boxes in terms of giving you a total rendition of the aircraft (not just a basic model and panels) then this is a good choice to start with. You’ll get to hop into a sleek and fast little commercial twin-engine jet that is a lot of fun to fly around in and manages to capture a lot of necessities for taking on lesser flights.

The first thing that captured my attention, though, was the introduction of the panel in the cockpit. The cockpit was hugely impressive and really done a good job of helping me get to grips with the aircraft fairly quickly.

Since it’s such an easy item to fly and very simple to get to grips with, you will find that there are next to no problems waiting for you when you hop into the cockpit. There’s nothing revolutionary to learn and nothing too scary to try and put in place; it all just works perfectly fine, giving you the help that you need in really capturing the right look and feel of this.

Since it carries a Flight Crew of up to six passengers you aren’t going to be flying some tardy and slow luxury jet. Instead, it will become incredibly simple for you to start managing and preparing yourself for the flight knowing that you will be using a nimble and quick little number along the way.

It’s got a full, virtual cockpit that comes with clickable features and lots of little additions. As far as flying the actual thing goes it’s a piece of cake, made even easier by the glut of options that you have to get the flight spot on. Everything included in here is hugely impressive and does all that it can to capture the quality of the aircraft.

I’ll admit that it’s not something I knew much about but having had a good few hours in the cockpit now and time to get used to its nature, I really must say that the Eclipse is one of my favorite commercial aircraft at the moment! It’s got class and style, and with this mod you’ll be able to spot all of that with ease. The specular textures, custom gauges and animated features across the board all look outstanding and combine to make a really friendly and attractive aircraft that is an absolute dream to fly!

Adam McEnroe

Adam McEnroe

Adam McEnroe is a flight sim enthusiast who has been simming since the days of FS95. Adam writes all of the download section editorials after testing each of the files. Adam has extensive knowledge using various flight simulator packages and thoroughly tests the files before writing about them. Adam also like to fly real-world aircraft in his spare time and is training for his PPL.

Should you wish, you can contact Adam via email at

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