Preview T.F. Green Airport, Providence, Rhode Island (RI) for default scenery. This is part of the eighth round of airports issued by Alpha India Group. AIG Ground aims to create high quality AFCADs for default and add on scenery airports. Airports are created drawing on the best available resources a...

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T.F. Green Airport, Providence, Rhode Island (RI) for default scenery. This is part of the eighth round of airports issued by Alpha India Group. AIG Ground aims to create high quality AFCADs for default and add on scenery airports. Airports are created drawing on the best available resources and aim to simulate the real world airport as closely as possible but also to ensure good levels of traffic with realistic parking and good flow of traffic around the airport. By Kyle Cormier and Alpha India Group.

View of T.F. Green Airport.

View of T.F. Green Airport.

T.F Green Airport is located in the city of Warwick, though airlines and locals refer to the airport as Providence and is the largest and most active airport operated by the Rhode ISland Airport Comission. KPVD was also the 1st state owned airport in the United States. KPVD started out with 3 runways 5/23 L and R and 16/34 but 5L/23R was later turned into a taxiway due to the proximity to the terminal. There are 22 gates but two are unassigned do to American Airlines pulling all of its flights from KPVD. KPVD is located 6 NM north of a military airport but KPVD occasionally hosts military traffic as well. KPVD is also used quite heavily by GA traffic, and local flight schools will use KPVD for IFR training due to the location,mix of traffic, and size of the airport.

Main Changes:

  • All surface features were redone to match the real world look of the airfield.
  • Default airport layout adjusted due to it not matching up with real world layout.
  • Added or enhanced aprons to match real world dimensions.
  • Changed all apron parking to match online references and coded as necessary for commercial, GA, and military.
  • Updated taxiway information, removing taxiways S and S1 and extending Taxiway M.
  • Changed the Tower viewpoint above the tower roof.
  • Created an extensive vehicle network to avoid delays to departing aircraft and to keep service vehicles off taxiways and increased the number of fuel trucks available.
  • Added buildings, parked cars and various other elements to add realism to the airport (Acceleration may be needed to view some of these enhancements but 95% of them should not need Acceleration.)
  • Added a heliport in its proper location.
  • Added roadway system to match real world layout.
  • Added missing fire stations, relocated or added buildings for airport operations and commercial businesses.
  • Added short term and long term parking with over 1000 cars hand placed.
  • Added landclass around airport.
  • Created new terminal buildings using stock library files and relocated all jetways to their proper locations.
  • Made 2 versions- one with crosswind runways in use and one with out.


ADE (Airport Design Editor) by Jon Masterson is an invaluable freeware utility for developing Afcads and the latest beta version - 1.46.02 - is significantly advanced with the addition of the Approach Mode, written by Jim Vile. Thank you to all the AIG members who looked at and offered advice on how to make this airport better.

Special Notes:

This file would be V2 of KPVD, a V1 file was uploaded to the Avsim library on 10/25/08. if you have loaded that file please remove it before loading this one. I think you will see some nice changes in this update.

There is both a crosswind runway version and a non crosswind version in this download.

Due to the fact that cars in parking lots seem to "flash" in and out when using grouped cars from the library objects, I have placed all the cars individually, placing over 1000 cars by hand.

This airport works best with UTX installed but is in no way needed to make this airport work in FSX.


  1. Remove any existing KPVD files in your FSX/scenery addon installation if there are any.
  2. Place the two files AIG_KPVD_ADEX_KTC_FSX_Default.BGL and AIG_KPVD_ADEX_KTC_Default_CVX.BGL (or AIG_KPVD_CW_ADEX_KTC_FSX_Default.BGL and AIG_KPVD_CW_ADEX_KTC_Default_CVX.BGL for the crosswind version) in your Addon Scenery/scenery folder and re-start FSX. AIG_KPVD_ADE_KTC_Default_CVX.BGL includes the landclass.


  1. Remove or delete the two files AIG_KPVD_ADEX_KTC_FSX_Default.BGl and AIG_KPVD_ADEX_KTC_Default_CVX_.BGL (or AIG_KPVD_CW_ADEX_KTC_FSX_Default.BGL and AIG_KPVD_CW_ADEX_KTC_Default_CVX.BGL) from your Addon Scenery/scenery folder and re-start FSX.

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AIG_KPVD_ADEX_KTC_Default_CVX.bgl02.07.101.57 kB
AIG_KPVD_CW_ADEX_KTC_Default.BGL01.14.10176.65 kB
AIG_KPVD_CW_ADEX_KTC_Default_CVX.bgl01.14.101.57 kB
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Most of the freeware add-on aircraft and scenery packages in our file library come with easy installation instructions which you can read above in the file description. For further installation help, please see our Flight School for our full range of tutorials or view the README file contained within the download.


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Carl DuFaultSat, 07 Jan 2017 05:14:36 GMT

Will you be updating this file? TF Green is going thru an expansion of runways 5 & 34 to allow for heavier and larger aircraft, and it would be nice to have the runway settings to match.

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