AFCAD files are simply the compiled “.bgl” files that many versions of Microsoft Flight Simulator use to store the configuration of airports and airport data within the simulation program.  They are used all the way from FS2002 up to the latest version, FSX – which is covered in this category.  They have been expanded upon over the years and have always been open-to-edit so that developers and enthusiasts can modify the default airports themselves.

JFK airport updated and fixed with one of the AFCAD files for FSX.  Image shows the terminal building.

JFK airport updated and fixed with one of the AFCAD files for FSX. Image shows the terminal building.

The files in this category are for the many thousands of airports and airfields found within FSX.  The files mainly consist of modified, updated or corrected “.bgl” files which bring the airport data up to date – changes or updates could include;

  • Length or runways
  • Updated terminal buildings
  • New runways
  • New/updated gates and ramps
  • Updated or new ILS and radio communication information
  • New AI traffic information based on real-world traffic
  • Updated visual elements such as ground terrain, textures, taxiways and buildings around the airport/airfield

The format of these .bgl files is compiled XML, which is usually compiled by programs such as BglComp and Shp2Vec – both come as part of the FSX SDK.  Once the XML files have been compiled, they can be read and loaded by FSX.  You can create your own pre-compiled XML files with a text-based editor such as Windows Notepad for example.  However, there are a few easy to use applications that provide a GUI, making editing your favourite airport even easier.  If you are interested in editing airports yourself, the most comprehensive program available at the moment is Airport Design Editor by ScruffyDuck – it’s free to download and use.

Did you know, the acronym “AFCAD” (which stands for Airport and Facilities Data Computer Aided Design) is used loosely because the name “AFCAD” came from and old program developed by Lee Swordy for FS2002 and FS2004 and due to its popularity it has somehow become the accepted name for these .bgl files.  Even new editors have promoted “AFCAD Editor” in their name.

Enjoy browsing the files in this section, it’s one of our most popular and for good reason – having the most up to date and accurate airport information in FSX is most important when realism is the goal.

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Mega AFCAD Pack for USA (Over 550 Airports & Airfields)

This pack includes every single AFCAD package released by Smith Graphics for their FSX AFCAD series covering the USA. The pack contains over 550 updated airports, new airfields, and landing strips within the USA. AFCAD files are essentially the files that define how airports look and behave. While these files are generally small, they can greatly improve the realism of the airport making it look more like its real-world setup. They can also bring new airports and airfields to the...

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Tuguegarao Airport

Tuguegarao Airport, City of Tuguegarao, Cagayan Province, Luzon Island, Philippines. As part of the project to "populate" the Philippine Airports in FSX, Tuguegarao Airport scenery has been created. Created in ADE 1.65 and created by Dominique Gabriel Banaga. Overview of Tuguegarao Airport. 2 Parking gates for Aircraft 4 General Aviation Parking Spaces Added Ramp Added Terminal and Cargo Terminal Static Airport Emergency Vehicles Added Formal ATC comms for...

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Innsbruck Airport

Innsbruck Airport (LOWI) runway 08 ILS, Austria. An ILS approach for runway 8 at Innsbruck Austria, an exciting approach with a 7.0 degree glide path! By Nelson Lyon. This is an ILS approach for Innsbruck Austria rwy 08. This is for flight sim FSX/P3D only. Just place the included BGL file in your Addon Scenery/Scenery folder and activate as usual. The frequency is 111.50 and the course heading is 080. T/O RWY 08 and climb to 14000 feet. When passing 9000 feet do a left turn to heading...

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Brisbane West Wellcamp Airport

Brisbane West Wellcamp Airport (YBWW), Australia. This scenery includes ILS/DME approaches for both runways, four gates, and realistic runways and taxiways. By Liam Allport. Installation: Open file and copy "YBWW_ADEX_LA.bgl" Paste file into your "Microsoft Flight Simulator X/Addon Scenery/Scenery Thanks for downloading my first scenery and please enjoy! ...

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Roxas Airport Scenery V1

Capiz Airport (RPVR), Roxas City, Panay, Western Visayas, Philippines. This scenery is not entirely accurate, and is only created so it can create a feel of realism. The stock airport for this is only composed of a runway, and a control tower. Created with Airport Designed Editor v01.65. By Dominique Gabriel Banaga. Overview of Capiz Airport, Roxas City (RPVR). Here are some things added to the scenery: Added Ramp areas. 5 Aircraft Parking Space available. 3 Gates for...

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Lands End/St Just Airport

Lands End/St Just Airport, Southwest England, UK (EGHC). This is a major makeover from the default Saint Just. It includes accurately marked runways (some with edge lines and some without), terminal, correctly placed buildings, static Planes, fuel stations, static helicopter, accurate car park, two hangars in the correct location. By Ryan Bell. There is still one problem which needs to be fixed and that is that one of the buildings is not showing up. This will be repaired with another...

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Tresco Heliport

Tresco Heliport, Isles of Scilly, Southwest England, UK (EGHT). Includes static helicopter, correctly sized waiting room, tractors parked at the back of the building, accurate helipad locations, path which runs across the middle of the heliport, a fire engine. By Ryan Bell. So this is about 90% accurate to the real thing. This heliport is positioned on the approach into the Tresco Private Airstrip which is also included in this file. There is another freeware Tresco Heliport which is pretty...

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Penzance Heliport V3

Penzance Heliport (EGHK), Southwest England, UK. By Ryan Bell. This final version fixes minor issues like: The people repairing the helicopter are gone now because they were facing the wrong way. The beacon is gone because I don't think there is one in real life. The tower in the middle of the car park is now an actual tower. There is a guy riding a motorbike into the car park. And the marshal waving the helicopter in is now looking at the...

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St Marys Airport

St Marys Airport (EGHE), Isles of Scilly, southwest England, UK. This scenery is an update for the default St Marys airport (EGHE). It includes more realistic runways, animated people around the airport, static aircraft, plane spotters at the end of the runways, dolphins, a whale, an aircraft carrier out at sea, carrier aircraft, new terminal and tower, new buildings and an all new repair hangar. By Ryan Bell. The default St Mary's airport was a bit dull and had minimal effort put into...

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ORBX EDCG Rugen Airport

AFCAD file for the ORBX "EDCG Rugen Airport", Germany. This package contains an expanded AFCAD file for the ORBX freeware "EDCG Rugen Airport", designed by Thomas Zipfel. This version offers more real parking areas and positions, an adapted runway length and glide paths (like in real life), reworked VASI light positions and last but not least a usable fuel station. By Uwe Stengel. Overview of Rugen Airport, Germany (EDCG). ...

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Imagine Sim VHHH AFCAD

AFCAD specifically for Imagine Simulation VHHH Hong Kong International Airport. By Hans Wilms. This will not work for the stock FSX version or any other VHHH add-on! Chek Lap Kok is amongst the most impressive airports from an architectural point of view. Huge as it is, it is easy to navigate, extremely efficient and a joy to visit. For many years it has been voted as 'Best airport of the year' by international travelers, for me personally it still is and will remain so for a long...

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Philippine Airports

AFCAD For Philippine Airports. Includes Plaridel, Butuan, GenSan, Tagbilaran, San Fernando, Dumaguete, Kalibo and Basco. Correct aprons and taxiways are applied. By Marc Clinton Labiano. Installation: Close FSX. Extract files to FSX/Addon Scenery/Scenery. Start FSX. Go to Settings/Scenery Library/ then click Add Area - Add On Scenery - Scenery Enjoy! NOTE: Not a MAJOR corrections to the default airports but I've added the correct apron position and taxiways based on...

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Boscobel Aerodrome

Boscobel Aerodrome (MKBS), Jamaica. Not a representation of the Ian Fleming. This is the old MKBS before the renovation, which is much more challenging for landings, and handled more air traffic. FSX did no justice when it came to domestic airports in Jamaica so this at least upgrades one of them. Also included is a .bgl file for Ocho Rios, the most important tourist town served by MKBS. Though optional, SceneryTech North America 1.4 is recommended, as it completely changes Jamaican vegetation...

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ORBX EDBH Barth Stralsund Airport V2

This package contains a expanded AFCAD file (v2.0) for Thomas Zipfel freeware "EDBH Barth Stralsund Airport", available at the ORBX website. This version contains reworked links for a better AI traffic handling and a reduced usable runway length (corresponding to the markings). By Uwe Stengel. Overview of Barth Stralsund Airport. ...

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AFCAD File for KBWI, Baltimore/Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport, Maryland (MD), USA. This airport has a new runway added. ...

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Heringsdorf - 2013 X

AFCAD Files For Heringsdorf - 2013 X (EDAH), Germany. This package contains a new AFCAD set for Captain Sevens (Volker Wegener) "Heringsdorf - 2013 X". All files were completely built from scratch. The BASE named file was built for currently (civil) used airfield areas. The EXTENDED file was constructed from the BASE file and contains in addition a revived military apron from 1988/1989 in the east of the airfield. By Uwe Stengel. Overview of Heringsdorf, Germany. ...

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An AFCAD file for LFMT - Montpellier Mediterranee Airport, located in the south of France. This file has been created and tested for Flight Simulator X, Prepar3D v1.4, and Prepar3D v2. As there was no realistic scenery file for this airport, it was decided to create one, with very basic tools. All objects used are from FS library, and scenery design was made with ADE 1.6. By Patrick Jaloyan. Aerial view of Montpellier Mediterranee Airport. Here is the version 1.3 for LFMT airport,...

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LFRD V1.19

LFRD, Dinard Airport, update V1.19. The airport LFRD is located in Britanny, northern France. The airport has correct frequency, additional parking, correct runway and taxi locations. Now with animated hangars and airside traffic. By Jean-Luc Neale. Aerial view of Dinard Airport. This airport update was designed with the latest version of ADE (Airport Design Editor) and made only for the default FSX and P3D airport. However it should work with FS9 as well. This is my first...

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LFRD, Dinard Airport. The airport LFRD is located in Britanny, northern France. The airport has correct frequencies, additional parking, correct runway and taxi locations. By Jean-Luc Neale. Aerial view of Dinard Airport. This airport update was designed with the latest version of ADE (Airport Design Editor) and made only for the default FSX and P3D airport. This is my first venture into scenery tweaking and I've done this because I've found many mistakes with...

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Warsaw Chopin Airport (Okecie) is the largest international airport in Poland. Files for updated detailed default and for crosswind runways activated. Added the new S2 rapid exit taxiway, new N2 taxiway, extended A8 and added three cargo gates all of which will be completed by the end of 2013. Updated taxi signs, added visual effects for day and night, three helipads and other improvements. You should download LOT and EuroLot AI and flight plans for best performance. Optional lights included....

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