Preview San Francisco International Airport, California (CA). Version 2 (real world runway ops). By Kambiz Agazi.

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San Francisco International Airport, California (CA). Version 2 (real world runway ops). By Kambiz Agazi.

Overview of San Francisco International Airport.

Overview of San Francisco International Airport.

Version 2 is a complete file set. Version 1 changes, shown below, are included in version 2.

KSFO_KA.bgl and KSFO_KA_OBJ.BGL represent a modification to the stock FSX KSFO.

Version 2 changes:

  • Fixed some taxiway issues creating bottlenecks when the airport is near capacity.
  • Updated the SID/DP waypoints per the latest SID/DP plates.
  • Updated all approaches per most current plates including new SIM CLOSE PAR ILS for 28L. Refer to the appropriate plate for final approach waypoints and altitudes.
  • Updated Terminal assignments per the official Web page for KSFO - fall 2010. Focus on Terminal assignments - gate assignments approximate only.
  • Minor fixes to some parking orientation to fix missing oil spot.
  • Linked runway operations of 28L/28R with 1L/1R and 10L/10R with 19L/19R.
  • Removed takeoff from the 19s as per real world operations.
  • Minimal landing on the 1s - 1L and 1R open for takeoff.
  • Added some apron spots and "other" visuals to enhance the experience at the airport.

Note regarding real world runway operations and limitations/trade-offs in FSX:

I attempted to close the 1s for landing without impacting the 19s, but unfortunately due to the complications of double crosswinded parallels using Jim Vile's advanced crosswind runway technique at KSFO and the limitations of the FSX ATC engine, this was not possible using conventional FSX SDK tools. I believe there are tools available to make this work, but those would be in addition to the FSX SDK and outside the scope of this project.

Runways 28R/28L open for takeoff and landing. More landings on 28R - more takeoffs from 28L. Runways 1L/1R open for takeoff and some limited landings. Due to the location of 1L, FSX ATC will direct all AI to takeoff from 1L. Runway 1R remains open and can be used by the user plane. This is a limitation of the FSX ATC engine. A work around is available with tools other than those in the FSX SDK.

Runway 10L is open for takeoff and landing. 10R is open for landing only. I've done this to minimize AI traffic flow issues.

Runways 19L/19R open for landing only per real world operations. I have included a "fake" ILS curved approach for 19R hoping to increase the score of 19R and capture some AI that would otherwise be directed to the 10s. You will see AI flying a down wind base leg starting at the SAU VOR and performing a circle to land on 19R at 4 NM out. The user will not see or be offered the fake ILS on 19R as I have designed it for AI only.

Therefore, in version 2 I worked on minimizing landings on the 1s and 10s. I also worked on maximizing landings on the 19s and 28s. I have eliminated takeoff on the 19s.

AI will not takeoff on the 19s. Runways 1/28 operations linked together. Runways 10/19 operations linked together. More AI landing on 28R/28L. Limited AI land on 1L/1R.

At least 50% of the landings occur on 10L/10R. This can't be changed or the "opposite" runway operation will be adversely impacted as well.

For 28L, I have redone the final ILS approach to match the new sim par close plate for 28L. WETOR is the IF at 5,000 feet and ROKME the FAF at 4,000 feet. If you fly the vector to final 28L ILS you will be directed to intercept the glide slope at ROKME at 4000. Other transitions available. Always a good idea to intercept a couple of hundred feet below the plate altitude readouts. Use the new plate for additional info.

IMPORTANT: In order to see the apron and parking lot spot lighting you'll need to install the wonderful lights from Jim Dhaenens. I'm including his light files with this package.

To install Jim's lights, place the lightobj.bgl file in your ...\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Scenery\Global\scenery folder and and files in ...\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Scenery\Global\Texture folder.

Version 1 changes for reference only:

  • All new ILS and RNAV(GPS) approaches with transitions and missed approach holds per the current plates shown on airnav. For RNAV(GPS) use the Y suffix plate except for Rwy 28R use Z and Rwy 10R use X. I also added the new LDA at 28R, VOR B and VOR 19L. Please see the plates over at airnav.
  • Custom AI Terminal Assignments and jetways for all terminals based on the official web page. I tried my very best to keep the gate numbers and numbers of gates per terminal accurate. Some minor tweaks were necessary. Overflow parking provided due to busy nature of this airport. Parking sizes optimized for use with MTX 5.2 and WOAI schedules.
  • T2 is under construction but I've included future parking for 5 airlines, which are likely to use this terminal.
  • The International Terminal was a challenge. As hard as I tried, I could not include all of the necessary heavy spots at G or A. Overflow parking is provided to supplement.
  • I corrected several hold short and jetway problems. I may have missed some please keep an eye out.
  • Runway specifications - lighting, markings and touchdown equipment - updated per airnav.
  • Custom cargo parking for the soon to be released MTX animated CRGO AI and custom GA for the Challengers.
  • Corrected or added several missing parking centerline Ts.
  • Added a few more fuel trucks.
  • Added additional vehicle paths including one that crosses the airport - I watched as vehicles crossed the airport using taxiways so I included a path in order to keep them off of taxiways.
  • Fixed one backward taxiway sign.
  • Moved several hold shorts away from the runway(s) to give AI more time to stop off runway. This may help with encroachments!
  • I closed 10R-28L for landing (take-off only). From above, 1L-19R is also closed for landing. I believe this will help with traffic flow during peak traffic times.

Skywest operates as DALX and UALX. KSFO should be UALX only. I have manipulated to the best of my ability to keep the UALX Skywest and the DALX Skywest separate and parking at the correct terminal. however, you may see some mixing.

Installation: The preferred method is to create a folder called KSFO with a scenery subfolder. Place the two KSFO bgl files in the scenery subfolder. You will need to activate the KSFO folder once in FSX. I suggest placing it at or near the top of the scenery priority list - above ALL regional, state or national scenery including UTX USA.

I have tested KSFO using FSX sp2, and while I don't anticipate issues with using the earlier versions (RTM and SP1), I cannot guarantee that the visuals will look the same on every setup. While not needed for the scenery to work, I also tested to ensure that KSFO works with UTX USA, Scenery Tech North America and FS Genesis USA Mesh.

While every attempt was made to eliminate errors, there's no such thing as "perfect" scenery. Please let me know if you come across any MAJOR errors or problems.

Special note: KSFO version 2 was modified using the powerful airport design utility by Jon Masterson (ADE V1.47). The approach transitions were created using official plates and ADE V1.47. A special thanks to Jim Vile who is a member of the ADE team and is the author of the approach code module of ADE. The approaches and transitions would not have been possible without Jim's KIAD tutorial and help.

FSX Lights by Jim Dhaenens provide an excellent set of apron lights. Special thanks to Jim for allowing the use of his lights in freeware packages.

Happy Flying!

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