X-Plane 11/10 Boeing 848-F FedEX Version 10 1.0

PreviewThere is one 848 aircraft in this download package.

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There is one 848 aircraft in this download package.

Screenshot of Boeing 848-F FedEX''s on the ground.

Screenshot of Boeing 848-F FedEX's on the ground.


NASA and MIT have proposed the Double Bubble D8, a third generation of aircraft scheduled to go into service in 2035.

The 747 first flew in 1969. (In 2035 this design will be 66 years old.)

Maximum of 1,260,000 lbs take off weight
Default cargo load is 360,000
Normal Cruise 573mph
Maximum speed mach 2.5
Range 15,000nmi empty with full fuel
Range 6,000 with maximum gross payload of 850,000lbs
Cruise Altitude: 36,000 until fuel goes below 1/2 full.

Credit: the rotating fan blades were used with permission from:
Andrew Gorman: . the engine compressor and fan blades.
Brent123:... the fan animation.

I am a dreamer, not an engineer.

Albert Einstein said, “ If you can dream, you can do the impossible”


Memphis TN, USA

Screenshot of Boeing 848-F FedEX in flight.

Screenshot of Boeing 848-F FedEX in flight.

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The archive FedEx 848.zip has 47 files and directories contained within it.

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Filename/Directory File Date File Size
FedEx 84801.19.120 B
__MACOSX01.19.120 B
FedEx 84801.19.120 B
848-FedEx01.19.120 B
848-FedEx01.19.120 B
848.acf01.16.122.61 MB
848_paint.png01.14.12103.77 kB
848_paint2.png01.12.1236.79 kB
848_paint2_LIT.png01.15.1232.17 kB
848_paint_LIT.png01.15.1288.17 kB
Airfoils12.17.110 B
Boeing Mid (high subsonic).afl10.29.1124.48 kB
Boeing Root (high subsonic).afl10.29.1124.48 kB
Boeing Tip (high subsonic).afl10.29.1124.48 kB
Flat Plate (very thin).afl10.29.1124.48 kB
NACA 65(216)-415 (lam flow).afl10.29.1124.48 kB
NASA LS(1)-0417 (hi-lift).afl10.29.1124.48 kB
NLF(1)-0215F (laminar flow).afl10.29.1124.48 kB
objects01.16.120 B
objects01.19.120 B
848_FUSELAGE.obj12.17.1123.57 kB
848_paint.psd12.19.111.92 MB
apuexhaust1.obj12.14.118.61 kB
gray guardian.obj12.21.118.61 kB
nosecap.obj12.16.1162.08 kB
one wide window1.obj12.19.1163.68 kB
red guardian.obj12.21.118.61 kB
turbine_compressor.obj12.09.11111.92 kB
turbine_model.png11.17.11202.11 kB
turbine_model2.obj12.09.11111.92 kB
weapons01.12.120 B
cargo 30,000lbs.wpn01.12.1212.75 kB
combined READ ME AND HISTORY for all 848.pdf01.19.12127.43 kB
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B
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William McDonaldSun, 24 Feb 2013 03:45:25 GMT

First off, thank you. I, of course haven't formed an opinion yet as I haven't even unzipped it yet. I am a big Boing fan from Stearman through their awsome military hardware and especially the 700 series. It looks fantastic. Fed-Ex always looks good but the wide body, double tail look great. I won't be around in 2035 so I'm glad you guys and x-plane are here now. My desk won't run v10 (intergrated graphics). If v9 had more DL options, I'd register. Then again I may have already-can't remember for sure. But great looking work and if it flies like the 757 continental alls right with the world. Sincerely, Bill McDonald

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