X-Plane 11/10 Boeing 848B52uav 1.000

Preview This 848 aircraft in this download package, is for Version 10.03 and above only.

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This 848 aircraft in this download package, is for Version 10.03 and above only.

Screenshot of Boeing 848B52uav in flight.

Screenshot of Boeing 848B52uav in flight.

There are four variations of the 848 uploaded to X-Plane.
848 Qantas in Civilian Heavy Weight
848-F FedEx in Civilian Heavy Weight
848B52uav in Military after 1946
Boeing 848 Galaxy II in Military after 1946

Each of these aircraft have different gross weights and capacities and uses.

Why a uav?
Why are all uav’s something small almost as small as you would buy as a toy?

Global range without refueling? YES!
Maximum take off weight: 1,500,000 lbs
Range: with 24,000lbs weapons load “GLOBAL”

Default weapons:
12 Tungsten Carbide tipped 2,000lb bunker buster javelin darts, rocket powered with a supersonic delivery.
12 B-83 nuclear bombs with a settable yield from low kiloton to 1.2 megaton range. (real)

Normal Cruise mach .83 for long range.

Initial Cruise altitude: 34,000ft, after fuel has burned off 1/4 of the fuel a higher altitude is available, and the range computer will show more range. Schedule another climb at 1/2 fuel, for maximum range.

Takeoff and landing at full flap settings, expect to be off the ground between 6,500ft and 8,000ft.
If a full automatic takeoff is planned (highly suggested) do not arm heading until above 40kts. The nose wheel is set for 65º ground turning and drops to 1-3 º above 40kts.

If a manual takeoff is planned, hold full stick back until airborne, level off immediately at liftoff.


Pilots operational notes and design philosophy are in the read me.

I am a dreamer, not an engineer.

Albert Einstein said, “ If you can dream, you can do the impossible”.


Memphis TN, USA

Screenshot of Boeing 848B52uav in flight.

Screenshot of Boeing 848B52uav in flight.

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The archive 848B52uav.zip has 633 files and directories contained within it.

File Contents

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Filename/Directory File Date File Size
848B52uav01.19.120 B
__MACOSX01.19.120 B
848B52uav01.19.120 B
848B52-UAV01.17.120 B
848B52-UAV01.19.120 B
848.acf01.16.122.63 MB
848_paint.png01.10.1239.57 kB
848_paint2.png01.10.1232.90 kB
848_paint2_LIT.png01.16.1236.81 kB
848_paint_LIT.png01.16.1232.94 kB
Airfoils12.17.110 B
Boeing Mid (high subsonic).afl10.29.1124.48 kB
Boeing Root (high subsonic).afl10.29.1124.48 kB
Boeing Tip (high subsonic).afl10.29.1124.48 kB
Flat Plate (very thin).afl10.29.1124.48 kB
NACA 65(216)-415 (lam flow).afl10.29.1124.48 kB
NASA LS(1)-0417 (hi-lift).afl10.29.1124.48 kB
NLF(1)-0215F (laminar flow).afl10.29.1124.48 kB
cockpit01.03.120 B
-PANELS-01.04.120 B
panel.png01.04.1217.55 kB
cockpit01.19.120 B
-PANELS-01.19.120 B
panel.psd01.04.12708.36 kB
Thumbs.db02.13.0932.50 kB
buttons01.03.120 B
EFIS01.03.120 B
EFIS01.19.120 B
Avidyne02.13.090 B
Avidyne_MFD-1.png12.11.072.92 kB
Avidyne01.19.120 B
Avidyne_MFD-2.png12.11.077.36 kB
Avidyne_MFD-3.png12.11.0720.44 kB
Avidyne_MFD-4.png12.11.074.65 kB
Avidyne_MFD.png12.11.0788.78 kB
Avidyne_PFD-1.png12.11.0748.09 kB
Avidyne_PFD-2.png12.11.076.95 kB
Avidyne_PFD-3.png12.11.0714.06 kB
Avidyne_PFD-4.png12.11.0711.29 kB
Avidyne_PFD.png12.11.0788.69 kB
Thumbs.db02.13.095.50 kB
but_disp_VORADF1-1.png12.11.074.32 kB
but_disp_VORADF1.png12.11.073.23 kB
but_disp_VORADF2-1.png12.11.074.32 kB
but_disp_VORADF2.png12.11.073.27 kB
but_map_apt-1.png12.11.073.03 kB
but_map_apt.png12.11.073.34 kB
but_map_fix-1.png12.11.073.03 kB
but_map_fix.png12.11.073.32 kB
but_map_mode-1.png12.11.079.94 kB
but_map_mode.png12.11.073.35 kB
but_map_mode_HSI-1.png12.11.076.77 kB
but_map_mode_HSI.png12.11.073.24 kB
but_map_ndb-1.png12.11.073.03 kB
but_map_ndb.png12.11.073.34 kB
but_map_options-1.png12.11.073.03 kB
but_map_options.png12.11.073.65 kB
but_map_TCAS-1.png12.11.073.03 kB
but_map_TCAS.png12.11.073.36 kB
but_map_vor-1.png12.11.073.03 kB
but_map_vor.png12.11.073.35 kB
but_map_wxr-1.png12.11.073.03 kB
but_map_wxr.png12.11.073.35 kB
but_map_zoom-1.png12.11.077.64 kB
but_map_zoom.png12.11.073.40 kB
camera-1.png12.11.072.77 kB
camera.png02.13.091.84 kB
camera.txt02.13.0957 B
EFIS elements engine02.13.090 B
dig_CHT-1.png12.11.072.79 kB
EFIS elements engine01.19.120 B
dig_CHT-4.png12.11.073.78 kB
dig_CHT.png12.11.072.79 kB
dig_EGT-1.png12.11.072.79 kB
dig_EGT-4.png12.11.073.92 kB
dig_EGT.png12.11.072.79 kB
dig_EPR-1.png12.11.072.79 kB
dig_EPR-4.png12.11.073.45 kB
dig_EPR.png12.11.072.79 kB
dig_FF-1.png12.11.072.78 kB
dig_FF-4.png12.11.073.48 kB
dig_FF.png12.11.072.78 kB
dig_ITT-1.png12.11.072.79 kB
dig_ITT-4.png12.11.073.78 kB
dig_ITT.png12.11.072.79 kB
dig_MP-1.png12.11.072.81 kB
dig_MP-4.png12.11.073.78 kB
dig_MP.png12.11.072.81 kB
dig_N1-1.png12.11.072.78 kB
dig_N1-4.png12.11.073.45 kB
dig_N1.png12.11.072.78 kB
dig_N2-1.png12.11.072.78 kB
dig_N2-4.png12.11.073.45 kB
dig_N2.png12.11.072.78 kB
dig_pwr-1.png12.11.072.78 kB
dig_pwr-4.png12.11.073.45 kB
dig_pwr.png12.11.072.78 kB
dig_RPM_engine-1.png12.11.072.78 kB
dig_RPM_engine-4.png12.11.073.48 kB
dig_RPM_engine.png12.11.072.78 kB
dig_RPM_prop-1.png12.11.072.79 kB
dig_RPM_prop-4.png12.11.073.48 kB
dig_RPM_prop.png12.11.072.79 kB
dig_TRQ-1.png12.11.072.79 kB
dig_TRQ-4.png12.11.073.95 kB
dig_TRQ.png12.11.072.79 kB
dig_TRQ_mast-1.png12.11.072.79 kB
dig_TRQ_mast-4.png12.11.073.79 kB
dig_TRQ_mast.png12.11.072.79 kB
Thumbs.db02.13.095.00 kB
EFIS elements primary02.13.090 B
el_airspeed-1.png12.11.074.25 kB
EFIS elements primary01.19.120 B
el_airspeed-2.png12.11.073.17 kB
el_airspeed-3.png12.11.072.85 kB
el_airspeed-4.png12.11.073.97 kB
el_airspeed.png12.11.072.95 kB
el_airspeed.txt12.11.07305 B
el_altitude-1.png12.11.074.64 kB
el_altitude-2.png12.11.073.46 kB
el_altitude-3.png12.11.072.87 kB
el_altitude-4.png12.11.074.15 kB
el_altitude.png12.11.072.96 kB
el_altitude.txt12.11.07399 B
el_horizon-1.png12.11.0728.20 kB
el_horizon-2.png12.11.078.03 kB
el_horizon-3.png12.11.077.98 kB
el_horizon-4.png12.11.073.87 kB
el_horizon.png12.11.0713.34 kB
el_horizon.txt12.11.07198 B
el_horizon_CDI-1.png12.11.0728.20 kB
el_horizon_CDI-2.png12.11.078.03 kB
el_horizon_CDI-3.png12.11.077.98 kB
el_horizon_CDI-4.png12.11.073.87 kB
el_horizon_CDI.png12.11.0713.34 kB
el_horizon_CDI.txt12.11.07197 B
el_HSI_full_circle-1.png12.11.075.85 kB
el_HSI_full_circle-2.png12.11.073.75 kB
el_HSI_full_circle-3.png12.11.073.49 kB
el_HSI_full_circle-4.png12.11.073.59 kB
el_HSI_full_circle.png12.11.076.96 kB
el_HSI_full_circle.txt12.11.07297 B
el_HSI_semi_circle-1.png12.11.075.80 kB
el_HSI_semi_circle-2.png12.11.073.60 kB
el_HSI_semi_circle-3.png12.11.073.51 kB
el_HSI_semi_circle-4.png12.11.073.59 kB
el_HSI_semi_circle.png12.11.075.07 kB
el_HSI_semi_circle.txt12.11.07297 B
el_HSI_tape-1.png12.11.074.39 kB
el_HSI_tape-2.png12.11.073.10 kB
el_HSI_tape-3.png12.11.072.97 kB
el_HSI_tape.png12.11.072.82 kB
el_vvi_adaptive-2.png12.11.073.45 kB
el_vvi_adaptive-3.png12.11.073.92 kB
el_vvi_adaptive-4.png12.11.073.64 kB
el_vvi_adaptive.png12.11.073.96 kB
el_vvi_adaptive.txt12.11.07166 B
el_vvi_dig-1.png12.11.072.76 kB
el_vvi_dig-4.png12.11.073.72 kB
el_vvi_dig.png12.11.072.86 kB
el_vvi_dig_limit_hi-1.png12.11.072.76 kB
el_vvi_dig_limit_hi-4.png12.11.073.72 kB
el_vvi_dig_limit_hi.png12.11.072.86 kB
el_vvi_dig_limit_lo-1.png12.11.072.76 kB
el_vvi_dig_limit_lo-4.png12.11.073.72 kB
el_vvi_dig_limit_lo.png12.11.072.86 kB
el_vvi_vert-1.png12.11.073.80 kB
el_vvi_vert-2.png12.11.073.24 kB
el_vvi_vert-3.png12.11.073.08 kB
el_vvi_vert-4.png12.11.073.64 kB
el_vvi_vert.png12.11.073.79 kB
el_vvi_vert.txt12.11.07488 B
HITS-1.png12.11.072.76 kB
HITS.png12.11.0742.00 kB
HITS.txt12.11.0752 B
Thumbs.db02.13.096.00 kB
EFIS elements supplement02.13.090 B
el_asi_trend-1.png12.11.072.85 kB
EFIS elements supplement01.19.120 B
el_asi_trend.png12.11.073.05 kB
el_baro-1.png12.11.072.86 kB
el_baro-4.png12.11.073.26 kB
el_baro.png12.11.073.06 kB
el_DH-1.png12.11.072.82 kB
el_DH-4.png12.11.073.19 kB
el_DH.png12.11.072.96 kB
el_DME_VORADF1-1.png12.11.073.65 kB
el_DME_VORADF1-4.png12.11.076.12 kB
el_DME_VORADF1.png12.11.073.31 kB
el_DME_VORADF2-1.png12.11.073.82 kB
el_DME_VORADF2-4.png12.11.076.12 kB
el_DME_VORADF2.png12.11.073.27 kB
el_DME_waypoint-1.png12.11.073.08 kB
el_DME_waypoint-4.png12.11.075.72 kB
el_DME_waypoint.png12.11.073.19 kB
el_flap-1.png12.11.072.98 kB
el_flap-2.png12.11.072.79 kB
el_flap-4.png12.11.073.64 kB
el_flap.png12.11.073.10 kB
el_gear-1.png12.11.073.21 kB
el_gear.png12.11.073.03 kB
el_glideslope-1.png12.11.072.82 kB
el_glideslope-2.png12.11.072.94 kB
el_glideslope.png12.11.072.82 kB
el_groundspeed-1.png12.11.072.84 kB
el_groundspeed-4.png12.11.073.26 kB
el_groundspeed.png12.11.072.93 kB
el_heading-1.png12.11.072.83 kB
el_heading-4.png12.11.073.28 kB
el_heading.png12.11.072.95 kB
el_localizer-1.png12.11.072.84 kB
el_localizer-2.png12.11.072.87 kB
el_localizer.png12.11.072.84 kB
el_machnumber-1.png12.11.072.79 kB
el_machnumber-4.png12.11.073.72 kB
el_machnumber.png12.11.072.94 kB
el_OBS1-1.png12.11.072.86 kB
el_OBS1-4.png12.11.073.28 kB
el_OBS1.png12.11.072.94 kB
el_OBS2-1.png12.11.072.87 kB
el_OBS2-4.png12.11.073.17 kB
el_OBS2.png12.11.072.95 kB
el_ORBITAL_GS-1.png12.11.072.90 kB
el_ORBITAL_GS-4.png12.11.073.39 kB
el_ORBITAL_GS.png12.11.072.98 kB
el_radioalt-1.png12.11.072.84 kB
el_radioalt-4.png12.11.073.19 kB
el_radioalt.png12.11.072.97 kB
el_re-entry-4.png12.11.078.28 kB
el_re-entry.png12.11.077.56 kB
el_TAS_GS-1.png12.11.072.96 kB
el_TAS_GS-4.png06.16.064.04 kB
el_TAS_GS.png12.11.072.99 kB
el_TAS_GS_wind-1.png12.11.073.02 kB
el_TAS_GS_wind-2.png12.11.072.85 kB
el_TAS_GS_wind-4.png06.16.064.04 kB
el_TAS_GS_wind.png12.11.073.19 kB
el_wind-1.png12.11.073.02 kB
el_wind-2.png12.11.073.03 kB
el_wind-4.png06.16.064.05 kB
el_wind.png12.11.073.16 kB
Thumbs.db02.13.095.50 kB
EFIS maps02.13.090 B
map_s_BC-1.png12.11.0713.83 kB
EFIS maps01.19.120 B
map_s_BC-2.png12.11.0721.31 kB
map_s_BC-3.png05.30.0623.91 kB
map_s_BC-4.png12.11.074.73 kB
map_s_BC.png12.11.0714.17 kB
map_s_BC.txt12.11.07118 B
map_s_GA-1.png12.11.0713.83 kB
map_s_GA-2.png12.11.0721.31 kB
map_s_GA-3.png05.30.0623.91 kB
map_s_GA-4.png12.11.074.73 kB
map_s_GA.png12.11.077.83 kB
map_s_GA.txt12.11.07118 B
map_s_HM-1.png12.11.0713.95 kB
map_s_HM-2.png12.11.0721.31 kB
map_s_HM-3.png05.30.0623.90 kB
map_s_HM-4.png12.11.074.73 kB
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Robert DemareeTue, 04 Sep 2018 11:37:03 GMT

Is there any sure-fire way to tell if a MOD or package is TRULY compatible with x-plane 11? I've wasted a considerable amount of download/installation time of packages that are marked X-PLANE 11 compatible, but when installed--are NOT recognize by x-plane 11, or I receive some error message.

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