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X-Plane 11/10 Civil Heavy Aircraft

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Gulfstream G-IV SPComplete with Base Model

This aircraft has been built with accuracy as the main goal. I have done my very best to place all objects in their correct locations. I have spent Hundreds of hours testing and tweaking the Flight Model. The aircraft is, to the best of my ability, an accurate representation of the Gulfstream G-IV SP. Limitations: Everything pertaining to the Flight Model is completely from X-Plane. All instruments, switches, flight controls, engines, fuel consumption, etc.  Due to All things...

File size: 141.01 MB | Download hits: 912

Boeing 727-200 AdvComplete with Base Model

X-Plane 10.20+ Boeing 727-200 Adv v2.3.1. Here, in this latest version, is a plane and flying experience worth the effort to master. This version has no 3D cockpit, but it does have eight panel views to give a 360 degree set of views around the interior of the cockpit, as well as a set of night textures. If you have enjoyed the previous versions, try out this better flying experience. The same good flying, better experience. By Ron Norvelle. Boeing 727 in flight ...

File size: 10.87 MB | Download hits: 2110

Eclipse 550Complete with Base Model

X-Plane Eclipse 550 v2. This is a twin-engine very light jet from Eclipse Aerospace. This Eclipse project is the result of more than 500 hours of work, from October 2012 to March 2013. Features: virtual 3D cockpit, custom sounds, group power unit, ten livreries, 64 bit compatible, manual in English and French. By Stephane Buon.   ...

File size: 118.53 MB | Download hits: 2368

Tupolev TU-144Complete with Base Model

X-Plane 10 Tupolev TU-144 v1.91. The Tupolev Tu144 was the first commercial supersonic transport aircraft. It was one of only two SSTs to enter commercial service. Created by Alexander Sheiko.​ ...

File size: 23.77 MB | Download hits: 1477

Tupolev Tu-204Complete with Base Model

X-Plane 9 And 10 Tupolev Tu-204. The Tupolev Tu-204 is a twin-engined medium-range jet airliner capable of carrying 210 passengers, designed by Tupolev and produced by Aviastar SP and Kazan Aircraft Production Association. By Alexander Malygin. ...

File size: 78.06 MB | Download hits: 1857

Boeing 767-400ERComplete with Base Model

X-Plane Boeing 767-400ER. The final 767 in the conversion saga is here: the B767-400ER flies exactly like the real one and has been tested by a pilot! The plane comes with detailed animations and a panel based on the real 777. The model is a conversion of the 767-400ER by Hiroshi Igami, textures are by Philip Foglar and the flight model and animation are done by Michael Chang (Zroman). Information was given by Warren Daniel of CLS. No manual was provided, the plane is similar to the 767-300ER...

File size: 42.04 MB | Download hits: 4621

Boeing 767-300ER GE CF6-80C BLComplete with Base Model

X-Plane Boeing 767-300ER GE CF6-80C BL. This variant features GE engines, no winglets and two passenger doors. The new Boeing 767 family has arrived in X-Plane! After almost six months of work, the final products are starting to roll out into the world. The plane is a joint production between modeller Hiroshi Igami and the FS-XP team. The plane is a conversion of the model of Skyspirit 2010's Boeing 767 family. Currently, there are 34 models slated for release between now and the end of...

File size: 50.02 MB | Download hits: 1288

The Skunk Project Boeing 737-200Complete with Base Model

X-Plane 10 The Skunk Project Boeing 737-200 v1.01. The Skunk Project B737-200 with P&W JT8D-9 engines and Sperry SP77 autopilot. By Adrian Fernandez Gomez. ​ Skunk 737 Project The Model The aircraft modelled is a erlier 1970's Boeing 737-200 original. This aircraft is equiped with Pratt & Whitney JT8D-9 engines, and original Sperry SP77 autopilot. There is no FMC, and no GPS. I belive in magic of radioelectric flight. You have only HSI, RMI and...

File size: 28.01 MB | Download hits: 7836

Embraer C-390 Beta 001 v0.1Complete with Base Model

Hi community, Screenshot of Embraer C-390 on the ground. This is my individual project that I'm bringing to the SSG development team. This plane at moment we can say is an fictional project because although it exists as a Embraer project and the Brazilian force has bought 20 units it will be delivered the first only in 2014. This plane will incorporate a BAE complete system and can carry 50.000lbs cargo or 80 parachutes or 2 medium tanks and will be able to air refuel...

File size: 15.86 MB | Download hits: 3205

Citation Sovereign (C680) XP10 Chg 10 10.04rc3Complete with Base Model

Citation Sovereign (C680) converted to X-Plane 10.04rc3. Screenshot of Citation Sovereign (C680) flying over water. 2-D Panel Aircraft Only with Default X-Plane Instruments. Same features as 9.70 with White and Black and White livery. Additional liveries included. Pilot Notes: Recommend starting aircraft in Cold and Dark Situation. Engines require 45-60 second stabilization time after engine start prior to taxi and takeoff. These recommendations are to reduce the...

File size: 15.46 MB | Download hits: 3545

Dornier Do-28A V3Complete with Base Model

The Dornier Do-28A is a two-engined four seater aircraft developed from the single engine Do-27. It has excellent low speed characteristics and high cruise speed. The one presented here had been operated by the "Douanes Francaises" (French Customs) from 1969 to 1980. Based at Hyères LFTH ( in the south east of France) it was the first aircraft to detect a degazing cargo boat in the Mediterranean Sea. Screenshot of Dornier Do-28A V3 in flight. Credit to Bernard...

File size: 3.45 MB | Download hits: 901

Boeing 848-F FedEX Version 10 1.0Complete with Base Model

There is one 848 aircraft in this download package. Screenshot of Boeing 848-F FedEX's on the ground. READ THE INCLUDED HISTORY AND READ ME. NASA and MIT have proposed the Double Bubble D8, a third generation of aircraft scheduled to go into service in 2035. The 747 first flew in 1969. (In 2035 this design will be 66 years old.) Performance: Maximum of 1,260,000 lbs take off weight Default cargo load is 360,000 Normal Cruise 573mph Maximum speed mach 2.5 Range...

File size: 1.20 MB | Download hits: 1360

Boeing Qantas 848 1Complete with Base Model

There is one 848 aircraft in this download package, and it is for Version 10.03 and above only. View from the back, of Boeing Qantas 848 on runway. There are four 848 variants on X-PLane. 848 Qantas in Civilian Heavy after 1946 848F FedEx variant in Civilian Heavy after 1946 848B52 An Air Force replacement for the aging B-85 in Military after 1946 848-Boeing Galaxy II in Military after 1946 848 Qantas Spirit of Australia 640-800 passengers (competitor of the AirBus...

File size: 1.48 MB | Download hits: 650

x737 Boeing 737-800 and BBJ2 update (XP 970 & 10) 4.4.1bComplete with Base Model

All X-Plane 10 and X-Plane 970 pilots on Mac, Win or Linux hosts are invited to download the latest update 4.4.1 of our award-winning x737project aircraft. We made some minor changes to provide perfect X-Plane 970 and 10 compatibility. Besides some fixes in the plugin system we fixed the nose gear doors which remained opened once you have opened the acf file in PlaneMaker 10. Screenshot of Boeing 737-800 on the ground. A list of bugs fixed in this version or pending can be found...

File size: 64.32 MB | Download hits: 19072

GOL Boeing 737Repaint

FOR X-PLANE 11 BOEING 737-800 DEFAULT. PAINT GOL PR-GTE INSTALL: COPY "GOL" TO: X-Plane 11AircraftLaminar ResearchBoeing B737-800liveries Author: Sabach Greg. ...

File size: 46.15 MB | Download hits: 317

MD-82 British Airways LandorRepaint

This is a repaint of the default MD-82 in X-Plane 11.  The paint includes the iconic British Airways Landor livery famous in the 1980's. ​Installation is easy, simply extract the contents of the ZIP file and place within the liveries folder of the default MD-82. Author: Paul Mort. ...

File size: 8.54 MB | Download hits: 253

Qatar Airways Boeing 737-800Repaint

This is a repaint of the default Boeing 737-800 in X-Plane 11.  The paint includes a livery for Qatar Airways (latest colors). ​Installation is easy, simply extract the contents of the ZIP file and place within the liveries folder of the default Boeing 737-800. Author: Paul Mort. ...

File size: 29.31 MB | Download hits: 472

Air New Zealand Boeing 777-200ERRepaint

X-Plane 10 Air New Zealand Boeing 777-200ER. A B777-200ER in the livery of Air New Zealand. The aircraft ZK-OKC is now painted in the new colors. For the Ramzzess B777-200ER. By Cameron Jenkins. Air New Zealand 777 on runway ...

File size: 12.57 MB | Download hits: 2616

Air France Boeing 747Repaint

This is a livery for the default X-plane 10 747. This time around it is of the newest Air France paint. I have very little to say about this, it was a request that was scheduled for later but I wanted something simple to do after toiling away on the Virgin livery… not sure where to go next, probably Lufthansa or Corsair. As usual, many thanks to fellow user 'hemlockson' for advice. Also, thanks to 'leen de jaguar' for the normals. Please remember that tips, requests etc....

File size: 16.22 MB | Download hits: 962

Air New Zealand Boeing 747-400Repaint

This livery is one of two Air New Zealand 747 liveries, representing ZK-NBU and ZK-NBW (the latter having the waves). I'm really pleased with the outcome of these! Air New Zealand is only operating 2 744s now; from what I can tell, ZK-NBU is still flying but BW is not. As usual, many thanks to fellow user 'hemlockson' for the interior and advice, and to 'leen de jager' for the normals. Please remember that tips, requests etc. are welcomed! Air New Zealand...

File size: 16.62 MB | Download hits: 434

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