X-Plane 11/10 Airbus Military A319 MPA *BETA*

Preview "The A319 MPA is a long range maritime patrol and ASW aircraft developed by Airbus Military. The aircraft can be deployed in anti-submarine and anti-surface warfare, intelligence, reconnaissance and surveillance missions. The low-altitude loiter or search capability, exceeding range, endurance...

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"The A319 MPA is a long range maritime patrol and ASW aircraft developed by Airbus Military. The aircraft can be deployed in anti-submarine and anti-surface warfare, intelligence, reconnaissance and surveillance missions. The low-altitude loiter or search capability, exceeding range, endurance and fast transit speed make the A319 the best maritime patrol aircraft in its range."

Four tiled images of Airbus Military A319 MPA in flight.

Four tiled images of Airbus Military A319 MPA in flight.


As a follow-on to my P-8 Poseidon project, here's a proposed European ASW plane: the Airbus A319 Maritime Patrol Aircraft (MPA). A derivative of the famed A319, this aircraft is in the preliminary stages of design at EADS for the Indian military. This X-Plane model is derived from Riviere's civilian A319. Changes include the ability to support weapon systems (AGM-84 Harpoon missiles or torpedoes), a radically different texture, ELINT add-ons, flares, and many other smaller changes.

Note: This is currently in the beta stage and is far from the final product. I encourage other users share with me any changes they make (especially a new texture) so that I can make improvements in the future.. Thanks!

*All modifications and he reposting of such is with the expressed permission of Christian Riviere.

Images & Screenshots

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The archive Airbus A319 MPA.zip has 506 files and directories contained within it.

File Contents

This list displays the first 500 files in the package. If the package has more, you will need to download it to view them.

Filename/Directory File Date File Size
Airbus A319 MPA05.17.120 B
A319.acf05.17.125.10 MB
__MACOSX05.17.120 B
Airbus A319 MPA05.17.120 B
A319_cockpit_texture.png03.18.09831.84 kB
A319_cockpit_texture_LIT.png03.12.09407.06 kB
A319_paint.png05.17.12465.26 kB
A319_paint2.png05.17.1229.44 kB
A319_paint2_LIT.png03.22.096.22 kB
A319_paint_LIT.png03.22.0924.08 kB
A319_panel.png05.17.12682.32 kB
airfoils03.23.090 B
A318.afl03.08.0724.97 kB
airfoils05.17.120 B
NACA 0009 (symmetrical).afl04.29.0424.23 kB
cockpit03.23.090 B
annunciators03.23.090 B
but_ann_test-1.png11.28.053.02 kB
cockpit05.17.120 B
annunciators05.17.120 B
but_ann_test.png04.03.053.74 kB
Thumbs.db11.28.054.50 kB
autopilot03.23.090 B
autopilot engage03.23.090 B
ott_alt_eng_HM-1.png06.09.052.99 kB
autopilot05.17.120 B
autopilot engage05.17.120 B
ott_alt_eng_HM.png04.03.053.67 kB
ott_asi_eng_HM-1.png06.09.052.99 kB
ott_asi_eng_HM.png04.03.053.69 kB
ott_atr_eng_HM-1.png06.09.052.99 kB
ott_atr_eng_HM.png04.03.053.69 kB
ott_bc_eng_HM-1.png06.09.052.99 kB
ott_bc_eng_HM.png04.03.053.65 kB
ott_GS_eng_HM-1.png06.09.052.99 kB
ott_GS_eng_HM.png04.03.053.69 kB
ott_hdg_eng_HM-1.png06.09.052.99 kB
ott_hdg_eng_HM.png04.03.053.67 kB
ott_LCA_eng_HM-1.png06.09.052.98 kB
ott_LCA_eng_HM.png04.03.053.65 kB
ott_loc_eng_HM-1.png06.09.052.99 kB
ott_loc_eng_HM.png04.03.053.64 kB
ott_syn_eng_HM-1.png06.09.052.99 kB
ott_syn_eng_HM.png04.03.053.69 kB
ott_VN_eng_HM-1.png06.09.052.99 kB
ott_VN_eng_HM.png04.03.053.75 kB
ott_vvi_eng_HM-1.png06.09.052.99 kB
ott_vvi_eng_HM.png04.03.053.71 kB
ott_winglev_eng_HM-1.png06.09.052.99 kB
ott_winglev_eng_HM.png04.03.053.61 kB
Thumbs.db09.11.0539.00 kB
autopilot select03.23.090 B
ott_disp_ALT-1.png11.29.044.13 kB
autopilot select05.17.120 B
ott_disp_ALT-3.png11.28.042.78 kB
ott_disp_ALT.png11.28.042.96 kB
ott_disp_ALT.txt11.29.04545 B
ott_disp_HDG-1.png02.26.043.40 kB
ott_disp_HDG-3.png11.28.042.78 kB
ott_disp_HDG.png11.28.042.96 kB
ott_disp_HDG.txt07.09.04390 B
ott_disp_SPD-1.png02.26.043.43 kB
ott_disp_SPD-3.png11.28.042.78 kB
ott_disp_SPD.png11.28.042.96 kB
ott_disp_SPD.txt07.09.04896 B
ott_disp_VVI-1.png03.05.044.27 kB
ott_disp_VVI-3.png11.28.042.78 kB
ott_disp_VVI.png11.28.042.96 kB
ott_disp_VVI.txt07.09.04656 B
Thumbs.db06.09.0522.00 kB
buttons03.23.090 B
but_avionics-1.png04.20.053.48 kB
buttons05.17.120 B
but_avionics.png04.20.054.22 kB
but_battery-1.png04.20.051.24 kB
but_battery.png04.20.051.98 kB
but_inverter-1.png04.20.053.48 kB
but_inverter.png04.20.054.22 kB
engine03.23.090 B
but_generator-1.png04.20.053.48 kB
engine05.17.120 B
but_generator.png04.20.051.98 kB
but_igniter-1.png10.30.044.35 kB
but_igniter.png12.03.043.62 kB
Thumbs.db04.20.0511.50 kB
fuel03.23.090 B
but_fuelpump-1.png04.20.053.48 kB
fuel05.17.120 B
but_fuelpump.png04.20.054.24 kB
Thumbs.db04.20.0510.00 kB
landing gear03.23.090 B
but_gear_handle_GA-1.png01.28.057.92 kB
landing gear05.17.120 B
but_gear_handle_GA.png01.19.043.18 kB
but_gear_light_HM-1.png04.21.053.15 kB
but_gear_light_HM.png04.03.053.09 kB
Thumbs.db04.21.0511.50 kB
lights03.23.090 B
but_beacon-1.png09.12.055.04 kB
lights05.17.120 B
but_beacon.png04.21.053.87 kB
but_land_light-1.png02.26.054.54 kB
but_land_light.png01.24.054.12 kB
but_nav_light-1.png09.12.054.98 kB
but_nav_light.png04.21.053.83 kB
but_strobe_light-1.png09.12.054.98 kB
but_strobe_light.png04.21.053.87 kB
but_taxi_light-1.png02.26.054.52 kB
but_taxi_light.png01.24.054.12 kB
Thumbs.db09.13.0527.50 kB
starter03.23.090 B
but_starter_HM-1.png08.15.043.02 kB
starter05.17.120 B
but_starter_HM.png01.19.043.72 kB
Thumbs.db04.19.058.00 kB
Thumbs.db06.06.0514.00 kB
clocks03.23.090 B
chrono_GA-1.png06.09.052.84 kB
clocks05.17.120 B
chrono_GA-3.png04.03.052.80 kB
chrono_GA-4.png04.03.053.28 kB
chrono_GA.png04.03.0510.95 kB
Thumbs.db06.09.0559.00 kB
de-ice03.23.090 B
all_systems-1.png09.13.054.97 kB
de-ice05.17.120 B
all_systems.png09.13.053.83 kB
pitot_heat-1.png09.13.054.97 kB
pitot_heat.png09.13.053.84 kB
Thumbs.db09.13.0517.50 kB
ECAM03.23.090 B
mode_ENG-1.png06.06.05617 B
ECAM05.17.120 B
mode_ENG.png04.03.053.27 kB
mode_FAIL-1.png06.06.052.84 kB
mode_FAIL.png04.03.053.24 kB
mode_FCON-1.png06.06.052.84 kB
mode_FCON.png04.03.053.27 kB
mode_FUEL-1.png06.06.052.84 kB
mode_FUEL.png04.03.053.23 kB
mode_HYD-1.png06.06.052.84 kB
mode_HYD.png04.03.053.25 kB
Thumbs.db06.06.0516.00 kB
EFIS03.23.090 B
but_map_options-1.png06.06.05634 B
EFIS05.17.120 B
but_map_options.png04.03.053.65 kB
EFIS elements primary03.23.090 B
el_airspeed-1.png04.17.085.18 kB
EFIS elements primary05.17.120 B
el_airspeed-2.png04.19.083.32 kB
el_airspeed-3.png04.17.082.85 kB
el_airspeed-4.png04.17.083.88 kB
el_airspeed.png04.19.083.47 kB
el_airspeed.txt04.17.08328 B
el_altitude-1.png04.17.085.54 kB
el_altitude-2.png04.19.083.56 kB
el_altitude-3.png04.17.082.87 kB
el_altitude-4.png04.17.084.15 kB
el_altitude.png04.19.083.50 kB
el_altitude.txt04.17.08417 B
el_horizon-1.png04.20.055.96 kB
el_horizon-2.png04.24.057.20 kB
el_horizon-3.png04.20.053.94 kB
el_horizon-4.png04.20.051.82 kB
el_horizon.png04.20.0511.99 kB
el_vvi_vert-1.png06.06.053.52 kB
el_vvi_vert-2.png06.06.053.24 kB
el_vvi_vert-3.png06.06.053.24 kB
el_vvi_vert-4.png04.03.053.64 kB
el_vvi_vert.png06.06.053.52 kB
Thumbs.db04.19.0848.50 kB
EFIS elements supplement03.23.090 B
el_glideslope-1.png04.03.052.82 kB
EFIS elements supplement05.17.120 B
el_glideslope-2.png04.20.053.06 kB
el_glideslope.png04.03.052.82 kB
el_localizer-1.png04.03.052.84 kB
el_localizer-2.png04.20.052.79 kB
el_localizer.png04.03.052.84 kB
Thumbs.db06.06.0511.00 kB
Thumbs.db06.06.058.00 kB
flaps03.23.090 B
han_flap_HM-1.png12.03.044.29 kB
flaps05.17.120 B
han_flap_HM.png03.13.045.18 kB
han_flap_HM.txt12.03.0468 B
Thumbs.db06.06.059.00 kB
handles03.23.090 B
han_mixture_linear-1.png04.20.054.42 kB
handles05.17.120 B
han_mixture_linear.png08.15.045.26 kB
han_mixture_linear.txt08.15.0466 B
han_sbrake2-1.png01.05.056.27 kB
han_sbrake2.png03.13.045.83 kB
han_sbrake2.txt12.03.0467 B
han_thro_linear-1.png01.28.058.31 kB
han_thro_linear.png01.28.054.50 kB
han_thro_linear.txt01.29.0568 B
Thumbs.db06.06.0515.00 kB
radios03.23.090 B
DME03.23.090 B
DME_N12_GA-1.png06.10.053.06 kB
radios05.17.120 B
DME05.17.120 B
DME_N12_GA-2.png04.03.053.75 kB
DME_N12_GA-4.png04.03.053.21 kB
DME_N12_GA.png04.03.057.26 kB
Thumbs.db06.10.0511.50 kB
NAV COM03.23.090 B
rad_NAVCOMADF_HM-1.png09.13.056.35 kB
NAV COM05.17.120 B
rad_NAVCOMADF_HM-2.png09.13.052.83 kB
rad_NAVCOMADF_HM-4.png04.03.053.29 kB
rad_NAVCOMADF_HM.png04.03.0519.56 kB
Thumbs.db09.13.0510.00 kB
transponder03.23.090 B
Thumbs.db06.10.0511.50 kB
transponder05.17.120 B
transponder_GA-1.png06.10.052.91 kB
transponder_GA-2.png04.03.053.00 kB
transponder_GA-4.png04.03.053.18 kB
transponder_GA.png04.03.0511.10 kB
standard six03.23.090 B
altimeters03.23.090 B
alt_GA-1.png04.03.054.42 kB
standard six05.17.120 B
altimeters05.17.120 B
alt_GA-2.png06.09.054.10 kB
alt_GA-3.png06.09.053.99 kB
alt_GA.png04.03.0524.12 kB
alt_GA.txt06.09.05142 B
Thumbs.db09.11.0515.50 kB
artificial horizons03.23.090 B
horizon_small_adj-1.png04.03.055.63 kB
artificial horizons05.17.120 B
horizon_small_adj-2.png04.03.056.16 kB
horizon_small_adj-3.png04.03.055.33 kB
horizon_small_adj-4.png04.21.0516.97 kB
horizon_small_adj.png04.21.0524.33 kB
horizon_small_adj.txt04.03.05190 B
Thumbs.db09.11.0523.00 kB
objects03.23.090 B
A319_nacelle.obj06.01.10259.28 kB
objects05.17.120 B
A319_nacelle.png03.14.0981.92 kB
A319_nacelle_LIT.png03.22.098.86 kB
A319fuse.obj05.29.09186.88 kB
A319pod.obj03.23.0960.36 kB
Thumbs.db03.24.0934.50 kB
sounds03.23.090 B
engine03.23.090 B
A319 engn1_out.wav12.30.0792.62 kB
sounds05.17.120 B
engine05.17.120 B
A319 engn2_out.wav12.30.0792.62 kB
A319_engn1_inn.wav07.26.08313.95 kB
A319_engn2_inn.wav07.26.08313.95 kB
systems05.17.120 B
A319 flap.WAV08.12.02430.51 kB
systems05.17.120 B
A319 gear.WAV08.12.02109.83 kB
chaff_flare.wav01.03.1224.84 kB
Thumbs.db03.23.0927.50 kB
weapons05.17.120 B
AGM-84B.png05.17.123.70 kB
weapons05.17.120 B
AGM-84B.wpn05.06.1212.74 kB
MK46.png04.06.12192.05 kB
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great pictures need more look see i well i am in work 2 and half years 737 in our home where kids moved out it take half the room

it P8 /md82 combined sim parts and condemend real aviation parts Respectfully AD-1 AW USN Retired Navy Jet Mechanic i will post what i got tell me where Merry Christmas And best of Holidays

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