FSX KML Utility V1.10 Beta

A freeware scenery design tool that converts Google Earth .kml files into FSX scenery. By Matthew Styles.

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A freeware scenery design tool that converts Google Earth .kml files into FSX scenery. By Matthew Styles.

Release History:

V1.00 Beta - 19th 0ct 2006

  • This is first beta release of FSX KML.

V1.01 Beta - 19th 0ct 2006

Issues resolved:

  • Fixed error with FSX_KML_TAGS.XML file not found.

V1.02 Beta - 21st 0ct 2006

Issues resolved:

  • Fixed error reading polygon/poylines. FSX KML could sometimes insert an erroneous point of 0, 0.

V1.03 Beta - 28th 0ct 2006

Issues resolved:

  • Better handle tags in description field. Be less strict about "whitespace" and cr/lf.
  • Better handle international settings for decimals.
  • Add more excludes to fsx_kml_tags.xml (see tags starting with "exclude__").
  • Add support for moving kml items up/down.
  • Add support for moving kml items via drag drop.
  • Add support for creating new kml folder.
  • Create shapes in order they appear in the KML.
  • Assign UUID (starting at 1) to each shape in the KML based on its order in the KML.

Known issues (Features not implemented in this release):

  • Freeway tags (moving traffic) - in v1.03 you must manually edit the FW .DBF file to set traffic density and direction.

V1.04 Beta - 20th Jan 2007

Issues resolved:

  • Use INI file (FSX_KML.INI) to remember settings including list of KML files and folder settings.
  • Allow multi select of KML files in Add KML file dialog.
  • Display points for selected polygon/polyline.
  • Add REVERSE POINTS button to allow direction of polygon/polyline to be reversed.
  • Add POLYGONHOLE tag to support "holes" in polygons, eg for making islands in rivers.
  • Add LEGACY_LANDWATERMASK_WATER_NOFLATTEN tag for water polygons that "cling" to mesh.
  • Default freeway traffic to one lane of traffic.

V1.05 Beta - 21st Jan 2007

New features and issues resolved:

  • Added "AutoReversePointsForPolygonHoles" build option. This option will auto reverse points for polygon holes when creating shape file. Apparently GE always writes polygons in a clockwise fashion to the KML file irrespective of which way they are actually drawn in GE. This option simplifies the creation of polygon holes because you no longer need to manually reverse point order in FSX KML. Option is on by default.
  • Added "OutputFolder" build option. This lets you specify the folder where files are written during the build process.
  • Fixed error when loading the saved list of KML files and a KML file can longer be found.

V1.06 Beta - 14th Apr 2007

New features:

  • Added grid to allow manual editing of polygon/polyline points (longitude, latitude, elevation).
  • Added button for setting all points in polygon/polyline to a specific elevation.
  • Added support for tag parameters (eg freeway traffic data and hydro poly slopeX/Y).
  • Added option to save backups to backup subdirectory (on by default).
  • Added XML tab to show XML for highlighted node.
  • Remember window size and position.

Issues resolved:

  • Changed tag name of "Park" to "LandClassPoly" since landclass polys can be used for more than just parks! Existing "Park" tags are automatically renamed to "LandClassPoly".
  • Handle extra '.' in filenames.

V1.07 Beta - 25th Apr 2007

New features:

  • Added "Shape" tab with support for shape viewing. Select single (or multiple) polygon/polylines to see its shape. Selecting a folder will show all shapes in that folder and any sub folders.
  • Added "Select All" function (Ctrl A) to select all polylines/polygons.
  • Added "New" button to Vertices form to insert vertice.
  • Added "Copy" button to Vertices form to copy the selected vertice.
  • Added "Delete" button to Vertices form to delete selected vertice.
  • Added "Move Up" and "Move Down" button to Vertices form to move selected vertice up or down in list.
  • Added Options menu to main form. Moved "Save Backups" to this menu.
  • Added "Remember Window Position and Size" to the options menu.
  • Updated the "About" form to credit the 3rd party development libraries used (eg Shapelib).

Issues resolved:

  • Fixed misplaced longitude and latitude labels on vertice grid.

V1.08 Beta - 18th May 2006

New features:

  • Add BGLCOMP support for placing of FSX library objects along polyline. The use of "Variance" parameters below helps create more naturalistic looking scenery by applying random variance to object positioning. Support the following parameters:
  • Altitude AGL or MSL.
  • Altitude variance - Random variance in meters applied to alitude (use 0 for no variance).
  • Pitch (0 - 360).
  • Pitch variance - Random variance in degrees (0 - 180) applied to pitch (use 0 for no variance).
  • Bank (0 - 360).
  • Bank variance - Random variance in degrees (0 - 180) applied to bank (use 0 for no variance).
  • HeadingType.
  • Track - Heading of each object follows the direction of each polyline segment.
  • Fixed - Heading of all objects is specified by Heading parameter.
  • Random - Heading is random for each object.
  • Elevation - Heading for each object is specified by elevation of associated polyline vertice.
  • Heading (0 - 360) - Used when HeadingType = Fixed.
  • Heading variance - Random variance in degrees (0 - 180) applied to heading (use 0 for no variance).
  • Scale - Scale multiply of object (defaults to 1.0).
  • ScaleVariance - Random variance in scale to apply to objects. (use 0 for no variance).
  • ImageComplexity - VerySparse, Sparse, Normal, Dense, VeryDense, ExtremelyDense.
  • FSX_KML_Tags tab - Add tags for all default FSX scenery library objects.
  • Build tab - Add button for setting BGLComp SDK path.
  • Build tab - Add "Open" button for output folder path to open Windows Explorer on that folder.

Issues resolved:

  • Fixed issue with copy button.

V1.09 Beta - 23rd June2006

New features:

  • Added BGLCOMP support for scenery exclusion rectangles ("ExclusionRectangle" tag). The exclusion rectangle will be defined by the "bounding" rectangle of the polyline/polygon. Supports the following parameters.
  • ExcludeAllObjects.
  • ExcludeBeaconObjects.
  • ExcludeEffectObjects.
  • ExcludeGenericBuildingObjects.
  • ExcludeLibraryObjects.
  • ExcludeTaxiwaySignObjects.
  • ExcludeTriggerObjects.
  • ExcludeWindsockObjects.
  • ImageComplexity - VerySparse, Sparse, Normal, Dense, VeryDense, ExtremelyDense.
  • Added BGLCOMP support for Extrusion Bridges ("ExtrusionBridge" tag). Draw a polyline and tag it with "ExclusionBridge", then use the vertice editor to set the height of each bridge segment.
  • Added "Change to" button on the Vertice Editor to change shape type from polygon to polyline and vice versa.
  • Enhanced polygons holes so that if a polygon cannot be found in the same folder as polygon hole ("polygon folder") then the parent folder is searched for the first polygon preceding the polygon folder. This makes it possible to better organize a project by placing polygon holes (i.e islands) in a sub folder and still have then associated with a water polygon in a parent folder.

V1.10 Beta - 19th August 2007

New features:

  • Land class tiles.
  • Water class tiles.

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