X-Plane 11/10 Republic RC-3 SeaBee V0

Preview The Republic RC-3 SeaBee is a four-place amphibian aircraft. The one presented here was used in 1947 by the French Air Force "Section de liaison du Haut-Commissariat de France" in Indochina.

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The Republic RC-3 SeaBee is a four-place amphibian aircraft. The one presented here was used in 1947 by the French Air Force "Section de liaison du Haut-Commissariat de France" in Indochina.

Republic RC-3 SeaBee flying over the coast.

Republic RC-3 SeaBee flying over the coast.

Credit to Bernard Augras for using its pilot.

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The archive RC-3 SeaBee.zip has 103 files and directories contained within it.

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Filename/Directory File Date File Size
RC-3 SeaBee05.24.120 B
Airfoils05.24.120 B
cockpit05.13.120 B
-Panels-05.14.120 B
buttons05.24.120 B
Clark YH 014.afl09.21.1124.48 kB
engine05.13.120 B
lights05.13.120 B
generic05.24.120 B
Clark-Y (good propeller).afl10.29.1124.48 kB
NACA 0009 (symmetrical).afl10.29.1124.48 kB
standard six05.11.120 B
airspeed05.11.120 B
Browse.plb05.13.1220.58 kB
objects05.24.120 B
NACA 0050 (symmetrical).afl09.21.1124.48 kB
Browse.plb05.14.1218.64 kB
Browse.plb05.24.1214.04 kB
but_avionics-1.png05.13.124.94 kB
but_avionics.png05.13.123.71 kB
but_battery-1.png05.13.124.94 kB
but_battery.png05.13.123.85 kB
but_brakes-1.png05.14.125.02 kB
but_brakes.png05.14.124.51 kB
but_command_slider-1.png05.13.124.94 kB
panel.png05.14.12522.01 kB
but_inverter-1.png05.13.124.94 kB
but_command_slider.png05.24.123.21 kB
but_inverter.png05.13.123.75 kB
but_generator-1.png05.13.124.94 kB
but_generator.png05.13.123.81 kB
but_hydraulic_pump_engine.png05.13.123.96 kB
but_hydraulic_pump_engine-1.png05.13.124.94 kB
but_nav_light-1.png05.13.124.94 kB
Browse.plb05.13.121.58 kB
but_nav_light.png05.13.123.80 kB
gen_annun-1.png05.12.127.67 kB
gen_annun.png05.12.124.56 kB
gen_annunanchor-1.png05.14.127.97 kB
gen_annunanchor.png05.12.124.56 kB
Browse.plb05.24.1220.22 kB
gen_annundoors.png05.24.124.56 kB
gen_annundoors-1.png05.24.128.44 kB
gen_needle-1.png10.31.063.88 kB
gen_needle.png10.31.0616.20 kB
gen_needle40knts-1.png05.12.12706 B
gen_needle40knts.png05.12.1216.89 kB
gen_needle160knts.png05.12.1229.86 kB
gen_trigger-1.png05.12.122.68 kB
gen_trigger.png05.12.122.69 kB
ASI_adap_GA-2.png05.11.123.56 kB
ASI_adap_GA-4.png03.14.064.02 kB
ASI_adap_GA.txt05.11.12266 B
ASI_adap_GA.png05.11.1215.23 kB
ASI_preset_GA_200-2.png04.03.054.21 kB
ASI_preset_GA_200.png05.11.1221.93 kB
Browse.plb05.11.1214.99 kB
Browse.plb05.24.1277.67 kB
capotmoteur.obj05.07.1286.92 kB
derive.obj05.07.1226.16 kB
deriveanimee.obj05.07.1228.86 kB
capotmoteur&moteur.obj05.24.12453.70 kB
ensembleflotteurs.obj05.24.12371.10 kB
flotteur.obj05.10.12186.07 kB
fuselage&vitres.obj05.12.12280.35 kB
fuselage.obj05.07.12216.39 kB
fuselage_paint.png05.24.12195.98 kB
deriveondulee.obj05.24.122.22 MB
fuselagecomplet&nervures.obj05.13.12951.55 kB
general_pilot.obj10.05.09304.04 kB
general_pilot.png10.23.07232.31 kB
interieur.obj05.13.1289.60 kB
interieurmod.obj05.13.1286.51 kB
moteur.obj05.07.12123.85 kB
fuselagecomplet.obj05.23.12979.30 kB
nervuresfuselage.obj05.10.12603.48 kB
panelcockpit.obj05.13.12583.95 kB
planhorizontalmixte.obj05.24.121.51 MB
planhorizonduleter.obj05.11.122.34 MB
SeaBee Read Me.rtf05.24.12437 B
trainarriere.obj05.11.12268.16 kB
planhorizontalondule.obj05.09.121.68 MB
trainprincipalajuste.obj05.12.12740.63 kB
voilure.obj05.07.12148.83 kB
voilure_paint.png05.24.12178.00 kB
voilureanimee.obj05.07.12133.83 kB
trainprincipalanime.obj05.11.12740.63 kB
waterrudder.obj05.24.1276.99 kB
ww2_pilot.obj05.14.12554.66 kB
ww2_pilot.png10.22.07299.22 kB
RC-3SeaBee.acf05.24.122.15 MB
RC-3SeaBee_paint.png05.13.1238.52 kB
RC-3SeaBee_paint2.png05.12.121.19 kB
SeaBee Read Me.rtf05.24.12536 B
SeaBee text.rtf05.14.12457 B
voilureonduleeanimee.obj05.24.1214.83 MB
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B
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John HaffnerSun, 11 Dec 2016 00:50:01 GMT

I downloaded the Seabee to my X-Plane 10.51 and it loads fine, but in the "Read Me" notes it mentions that all the doors are open and to close them before take-off. That is fine also, but there are no instructions as to how to close the doors, nor does the door button on the instrument panel work. Please advise as to a solution. Thanks.

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