FS2004 Continental Boeing 757-300

Preview Features dynamic shine, real virtual cockpit, opening doors and cargo doors, all normal animations. By Alexei Yarlykov.

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Features dynamic shine, real virtual cockpit, opening doors and cargo doors, all normal animations. By Alexei Yarlykov.

Screenshot of Continental Boeing 757-300 taking off.

Screenshot of Continental Boeing 757-300 taking off.


Just unzip the file and send the Aircrafts folder to the FS2004 AIRCRAFT FOLDER.

Then, copy the B757 folder and paste into the main gauge folder.

IMPORTANT! To install the VC you need to go into the panel.cfg and after the line [Default View] add the all text from panel_vc.txt or, I recommend editing the panel.cfg file to add the virtualcocpit gauges. Simply copy and paste the following into the panel.cfg file after the [Default View] section:

Backup up all files before editing, as I take no responsibility for damage.


gauge00=Boeing747-400!Standby Altimeter, 806,144,128,112
gauge01=Boeing747-400!Clock, 186,111,192,192
gauge02=Boeing747-400!Standby Airspeed Indicator, 893,14,128,128
gauge03=Boeing747-400!Standby Attitude Indicator, 677,112,128,128
gauge04=b757\ID_767_EICAS1!ID_767_EICAS1, 814,544,186,154
gauge05=b757\ID_767_EICAS2v2!ID_767_EICAS2v2, 807,773,198,164
gauge06=b757\ID_767_Oil!ID_767_Oil, 741,774,68,163
//gauge07=ID_M11_TAT, 806,471,88,24
gauge08=b757\fsd_warn.overspeed, 806,105,39,18
gauge09=b757\fsd_warn.parkbrake, 460,282,39,18
gauge10=b757\fsd_warn.stall, 380,263,39,18
gauge11=b757\HGHB_SPEEDBRAKE, 380,281,39,18
gauge12=b757\742sa5.hghb_gearan, 937,144,88,51
gauge13=Boeing747-400!Multi-Function Display, 3,565,276,313
gauge14=b757\757_ind, -3, 300 ,291,283
gauge15=Boeing747-400!Autopilot VS Window, 586,18,160,40
gauge16=Boeing747-400!Autopilot Altitude Hold Switch, 747,17,40,40
gauge17=Boeing747-400!Autopilot Approach Switch, 551,65,40,40
gauge18=Boeing747-400!Autopilot Hdg Switch, 545,19,40,40
gauge19=Boeing74-400!Autopilot Heading Window, 423,18,120,40
gauge20=Boeing747-400!Autopilot IAS-Mach Switch, 592,64,40,40
gauge21=Boeing747-400!Autopilot IAS-Mach Window, 261,17,120,40
gauge22=Boeing747-400!Autopilot Localizer Switch, 507,62,40,40
gauge23=Boeing747-400!Autopilot Master Switch, 465,63,40,40
gauge24=Boeing747-400!Autopilot Nav Switch, 636,65,40,40
gauge25=Boeing747-400!Autopilot Speed Switch, 381,18,40,40
gauge26=Boeing747-400!Autopilot VS Switch, 423,64,40,40
gauge27=Boeing747-400!Autopilot Altitude Window, 260,64,160,40
gauge28=Boeing777-300!Nav 1, 2,-1,254,108
gauge29=737-400!Flaps Ext, 724,72,39,17
gauge30=737-400!Low Oil Left, 724,89,39,17
gauge31=737-400!Low Oil Right, 763,89,39,17
gauge32=Boeing747-400!Master Warning Light, 680,64,42,42
gauge33=737-400!AT Lim, 421,282,39,18
gauge34=737-400!Start Valve Left, 421,264,39,17
gauge35=737-400!Start Valve Right, 460,264,39,17
gauge36=737-400!Flaps Transit, 763,72,39,17
gauge37=b757\757.rmi, 281,305,229,281
gauge38=b757\757_Airspd, 3,113,181
gauge39=b757\757_Alt, 383,113,147
gauge40=b757\757_flaps, 803,15,88
gauge41=b757\757_vs, 531,112,145
gauge42=Boeing747-400!Compass, 511,262,104,88


[Default View]

Continental Boeing 757-300 on runway at night.

Continental Boeing 757-300 on runway at night.

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The archive b753pwvc.zip has 46 files and directories contained within it.

File Contents

This list displays the first 500 files in the package. If the package has more, you will need to download it to view them.

Filename/Directory File Date File Size
Boeing757-300_PW12.14.030 B
Airctaft12.14.030 B
Boeing757-300_con12.14.030 B
Model12.14.030 B
Model.cfg06.01.0329 B
b757-300.mdl12.13.03677.49 kB
PANEL12.14.030 B
panel_vc.cfg12.14.032.49 kB
SOUND12.14.030 B
Sound.cfg12.14.0332 B
Texture.CON12.14.030 B
vc757pr_l.bmp12.13.031.00 MB
vc757pr_t.bmp12.13.031.00 MB
vc.bmp11.23.031.00 MB
b757_l.bmp12.14.031.00 MB
b757_t.bmp12.14.031.00 MB
P1_l.bmp12.07.031.00 MB
vc757_l.bmp12.13.031.00 MB
vc757_t.bmp12.07.031.00 MB
b757-300_notes.txt08.13.030 B
b757-300.air12.14.039.37 kB
Aircraft.cfg12.14.0312.46 kB
Gauges12.14.030 B
b75712.14.030 B
ID_767_EICAS1.gau12.12.02105.50 kB
ID_767_EICAS2v2.gau12.12.02105.50 kB
ID_767_Oil.gau12.02.0274.00 kB
757_Airspd.gau12.05.0345.50 kB
757_Alt.gau12.05.0330.50 kB
757_flaps.gau12.06.0315.00 kB
757_vs.gau12.05.0329.50 kB
fsd_warn.overspeed.gau08.30.0085.00 kB
fsd_warn.parkbrake.gau08.30.0085.00 kB
fsd_warn.stall.gau08.30.0085.00 kB
HGHB_SPEEDBRAKE.gau10.16.9841.00 kB
742sa5.hghb_gearan.gau07.01.9812.00 kB
757.rmi.gau12.02.03172.50 kB
757_ind.gau12.02.03288.50 kB
753Con_Int1_Night.jpg12.14.0355.22 kB
753Con_Ext1.jpg12.14.0379.63 kB
753Con_Ext1_Night.jpg12.14.0352.27 kB
753Con_vc1.jpg12.14.0383.49 kB
Readme.txt12.14.034.67 kB
753Con.gif12.14.0313.85 kB
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B
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