FS2004 Fairchild Republic A-10A Warthog 81-0963 Spangdahlem

PreviewThe A-10A Thunderbolt II is the first Air Force aircraft specially designed for close air support of ground forces. They are simple, effective and survivable twin-engine jet aircraft that can be used against all ground targets, including tanks and other armored vehicles. This particular aircraft ...

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The A-10A Thunderbolt II is the first Air Force aircraft specially designed for close air support of ground forces. They are simple, effective and survivable twin-engine jet aircraft that can be used against all ground targets, including tanks and other armored vehicles. This particular aircraft is the s/n 81-0963, USAFE 52d Fighter Wing, 81st Fighter Squadron, Spangdahlem Air Base, Germany. This Model comes with 3D gear bay's, full moving parts (landing gear, nose wheel, spinning wheels, control surfaces, airbrakes, and pilothead). Aircraft made with FS Design Studio Pro. Original model: Kirk Olsson. Repaint : Marcel Verdult. Sound and Panel: Webinblue. Minor Modifications and Package: Maverick. Special thanks: Marcel Ritzema.

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A-10A07.27.040 B
A-10A.air07.23.048.87 kB
A-10A_Checklist.htm07.23.0430.47 kB
A-10A_Reference.htm07.27.0410.21 kB
Aircraft.cfg07.27.048.05 kB
File_Id.diz07.23.04803 B
Model07.27.040 B
A-10 Thunderbolt II.mdl07.17.011.00 MB
Model.cfg07.23.0436 B
Panel07.27.040 B
A-10A.bmp05.06.022.25 MB
A-10A_FX07.27.040 B
Autosmoke.xml05.28.04306 B
Wingtip.xml07.23.04478 B
A_10A.gau06.02.02560.07 kB
A_10A_adi.gau07.16.00305.50 kB
A_10A_adi_Small.GAU07.23.04305.50 kB
A_10A_alt.gau01.02.00180.50 kB
A_10A_clock.gau07.22.00122.50 kB
A_10A_egt.1.gau06.26.99119.00 kB
A_10A_egt.2.gau06.26.99119.00 kB
A_10A_eng1.N1.gau01.10.00128.00 kB
A_10A_eng2.N1.gau01.10.00128.00 kB
A_10A_ff.1.gau06.26.99117.50 kB
A_10A_ff.2.gau06.26.99117.50 kB
A_10A_Fla.gau02.27.00118.50 kB
A_10A_gmeter.gau06.26.99130.00 kB
A_10A_lgr.gau11.02.9745.00 kB
A_10A_nozzle.1.gau06.26.99118.00 kB
A_10A_nozzle.2.gau06.26.99118.00 kB
A_10A_Radwar.gau03.10.98169.00 kB
A_10A_SBK.gau10.16.9841.00 kB
A_10A_spo.gau11.24.9719.50 kB
A_10A_vsi.gau01.02.00135.00 kB
A_10A_Wos.gau11.21.9985.00 kB
A_10A_Wst.gau11.21.9985.00 kB
F16.gau02.25.031.95 MB
lear_45.aoa.gau04.18.0114.50 kB
LEAR_45.RADIO_STACK2.GAU08.04.9950.00 kB
Panel.cfg07.24.042.24 kB
Panel.jpg07.23.0469.87 kB
Plane.jpg07.23.0431.98 kB
Readme.txt07.23.046.71 kB
Sound07.27.040 B
A10-WIND.WAV08.12.0035.08 kB
BAAPDIS.WAV09.02.9953.04 kB
LAAPDIS.WAV09.17.9911.25 kB
LAGEAR.WAV09.17.9918.25 kB
LAN11.WAV08.12.0065.53 kB
LAN12.WAV08.12.0051.79 kB
LAN13.WAV08.12.0079.31 kB
LAN14.WAV08.12.0079.31 kB
LAN1SHUT.WAV08.12.00180.54 kB
LAN1STRT.WAV08.12.00335.56 kB
LAN21.WAV08.12.0032.81 kB
LAN22.WAV08.12.0040.00 kB
LAN23.WAV08.12.0045.36 kB
LAN24.WAV08.12.0053.76 kB
LAN2SHUT.WAV08.12.00180.54 kB
LAN2STRT.WAV08.12.0091.28 kB
LAN2T.WAV08.12.0051.24 kB
LAOVER.WAV09.17.9913.25 kB
LBN11.WAV08.12.0065.53 kB
LBN12.WAV08.12.0051.79 kB
LBN13.WAV08.12.0079.31 kB
LBN14.WAV08.12.0079.31 kB
LBN1SHUT.WAV08.12.00180.54 kB
LBN1STRT.WAV08.12.00335.81 kB
LBN21.WAV08.12.0032.81 kB
LBN22.WAV08.12.0040.00 kB
LBN23.WAV08.12.0045.36 kB
LBN24.WAV08.12.0053.76 kB
LBN2SHUT.WAV08.12.00180.54 kB
LBN2STRT.WAV08.12.0091.28 kB
LBN2T.WAV08.12.0095.68 kB
LMFLAPS.WAV08.12.00107.62 kB
LMGEARDN.WAV08.12.0066.69 kB
LMGEARUP.WAV08.12.0066.69 kB
Sound.cfg10.01.0312.47 kB
XLAN11.WAV08.12.0088.47 kB
XLAN12.WAV08.12.0079.49 kB
XLAN13.WAV08.12.0085.33 kB
XLAN14.WAV08.12.0060.25 kB
XLAN1SHUT.WAV08.12.00180.54 kB
XLAN1STRT.WAV08.12.00335.56 kB
XLAN21.WAV08.12.0088.47 kB
XLAN22.WAV08.12.0067.28 kB
XLAN23.WAV08.12.0064.51 kB
XLAN24.WAV08.12.0088.72 kB
XLAN2SHUT.WAV08.12.00180.54 kB
XLAN2STRT.WAV08.12.0091.28 kB
XLAN2T.WAV08.12.0051.24 kB
XLBN11.WAV08.12.0088.47 kB
XLBN12.WAV08.12.0079.49 kB
XLBN13.WAV08.12.0085.33 kB
XLBN14.WAV08.12.0060.25 kB
XLBN1SHUT.WAV08.12.00180.54 kB
XLBN1STRT.WAV08.12.00335.56 kB
XLBN21.WAV08.12.0088.47 kB
XLBN22.WAV08.12.0067.28 kB
XLBN23.WAV08.12.0064.51 kB
XLBN24.WAV08.12.0088.72 kB
XLBN2SHUT.WAV08.12.00180.46 kB
XLBN2STRT.WAV08.12.0091.28 kB
XLBN2T.WAV08.12.0051.24 kB
Texture07.27.040 B
canopy1.bmp06.19.01257.05 kB
cockpit.bmp07.09.0165.05 kB
cockpit1.bmp06.29.0165.05 kB
cockpit1_LM.bmp06.29.0165.05 kB
cockpit2.bmp06.23.0117.05 kB
cone.bmp06.13.0165.05 kB
decal1.bmp06.18.0165.05 kB
decal2.bmp06.27.0165.05 kB
decal3.bmp06.18.0165.05 kB
engfan.bmp06.13.0165.05 kB
engine.bmp04.10.03257.05 kB
flaps.bmp04.10.03257.05 kB
fuse.bmp04.10.031.00 MB
gear1.bmp06.29.0165.05 kB
gear2.bmp04.06.03192.05 kB
light1.bmp06.20.0117.05 kB
light1_lm.bmp06.20.0117.05 kB
tail1.bmp04.10.03257.05 kB
tail2.bmp04.10.03257.05 kB
tail3.bmp04.10.03257.05 kB
tire.bmp06.20.0117.05 kB
tire2.bmp06.21.0117.05 kB
tire3.bmp06.21.0117.05 kB
weapons.bmp07.08.0165.05 kB
wing1.bmp04.10.031.00 MB
wing2.bmp04.10.03257.05 kB
Aircraft07.27.040 B
fx_A10_Contrail.fx07.24.042.39 kB
fx_A10_JetStartHeat.fx10.12.0310.36 kB
fx_A10_Smoke.fx07.25.041.17 kB
fx_A10_Tiremark.fx07.24.044.95 kB
fx_A10_Wingtip.fx07.24.041.23 kB
Texture07.27.040 B
fx_1.bmp06.18.01170.75 kB
fx_heat.bmp06.15.0185.40 kB
fx_heat_r.bmp04.17.0321.40 kB
fx_smoke.bmp06.18.0116.08 kB
fx_wake_3.bmp06.18.0142.75 kB
Effects07.27.040 B
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B


As a bit of an innovator, the A-10 Thunderbolt Ii was the first Air Force aircraft that specifically worked to be a solid tool for ground support for troops. As far as firepower goes, very few aircraft can get near the Thunderbolt thanks to its vicious collection of firepower as well as its ability to survive even the most challenging of situations.

Preview screenshot

The fact it runs with a twin-engine gives it that extra nice boost to its speed, too, which makes it excellent for getting in and out of tight situations as well as delivering rapid air support when needed. It’s been equally effective in the past against ground targets and armored vehicles, as well as fortified positions and the like. As such, it’s a favored tool for laying waste to large outposts and other sections thanks to the incredible power that it packs in there.

With this download, you’ll be able to see that power through a realistic recreation of the real thing. This brings the style and its strength to the fore, making it incredibly easy to see the range of power that something like this can bring to a simulation environment – it’ll sure be different to anything that you’ve flown recently!

This aircraft provided in here is based on an 81st Fighter Squadron from the USAFE 52d Fighter Wing. This means that you are flying a true version of this aircraft, and this means that all of the correct additions in terms of features and visuals have been included. The model comes equipped with a range of excellent features that make it so fun to fly, including 3D gear bays. This looks excellent and adds a fantastically convincing factor to the flight itself. If you are looking for ways to make your flight sim experience a bit more authentic, this is a good bet.

Furthermore, it adds fully moving parts such as nose wheels, control surfaces, airbrakes and even the head of the pilot to ensure that the entire process can look realistic and be a lot more fun to engage with. This project includes such a wide range of smaller features, too, that you can easily feel at home in this incredibly detailed cockpit sector. It manages to capture all of the finest parts of the cockpit whilst making sure it provides you with easy access to just about all of the tools you’ll need to operate the aircraft safely.

The aircraft has been updated and improved by a team of experts using the FS Design Studio Pro system. The likes of Kirk Olsson, the original creator, have developed some awesome tools and this remake of the A-10A Thunderbolt II is a hugely impressive remake. If you want to see what the true power of one of the most effective aircraft in recent years has been capable of achieving then you should definitely pick this model up. It makes it much easier to hop in and just take off, enjoying the true power of military hardware.

Adam McEnroe

Adam McEnroe

Adam McEnroe is a flight sim enthusiast who has been simming since the days of FS95. Adam writes all of the download section editorials after testing each of the files. Adam has extensive knowledge using various flight simulator packages and thoroughly tests the files before writing about them. Adam also like to fly real-world aircraft in his spare time and is training for his PPL.

Should you wish, you can contact Adam via email at adam@flyawaysimulation.com.

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steve1070Fri, 22 Jan 2010 03:32:16 GMT
good sound and a/c textures . good gauges.HUD sucks totally unreadable lines and numbers.VC toally unusable.
jianqingTue, 17 Nov 2009 10:30:51 GMT
xray93Tue, 10 Nov 2009 21:57:47 GMT
Too jerky but it is a military plane after all.
chunt841Sat, 28 Apr 2007 00:19:48 GMT
this planes jumps around more than my jack russel! but it looks good and i like the custom sounds so its not that bad. thank you
StunningMon, 12 Feb 2007 20:07:22 GMT
Poor. If you realy want to fly the A10, go and pay money for it! This dowload just anoyed me!
violentvioletTue, 20 Jun 2006 00:11:19 GMT
I've downloaded better,a little too jumpy.

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