FS2002 Ryanair Boeing 737-800 EI-DAO

Preview 'Pride of Scotland'. A repaint of the FFX Boeing 737-800 in the new colors of Ryanair with the additional Pride of Scotland titles carried by this aircraft. Features 32 bit textures, alpha channel for realistic reflections, no mipmaps. Repaint by Gerry McLaughlin.

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'Pride of Scotland'. A repaint of the FFX Boeing 737-800 in the new colors of Ryanair with the additional Pride of Scotland titles carried by this aircraft. Features 32 bit textures, alpha channel for realistic reflections, no mipmaps. Repaint by Gerry McLaughlin.

Screenshot of Ryanair Boeing 737-800 in flight.

Screenshot of Ryanair Boeing 737-800 in flight.


Unzip into a temporary file, find the folder called 'Boeing 737-800 Ryanair' and put this into your 'Aircraft' folder. This will give you the aircraft, with default panel and sound. If you already have another FFX 737-800, you might just want to use the textures with your previously downloaded plane. In that case, open up my Ryanair 737-800 folder, and rename the texture folder 'texture.pos' (without the inverted commas!) Add this re-named folder into the folder which has your 737-800. open up the CFG file and (after making a backup copy) cut and paste the section below into the file after the previous similar entry. Change 'fltsim.xx' and 'paint xx'to the next appropriate number. Discard the rest of my 'Boeing 737-800 Ryanair' folder.

To operate the retractable landing lights you must assign a key for tailhook. To open the door use shift+E, and to operate the airstairs you must assign a key for wingfold.

title=Boeing 737-800 paint xx


The 737-800 has CFM 56-7B20 engines but apparently Ryanair opted for the least powerful variant. Maximum thrust, however, is seldom needed and the planes are de-rated, quite alot, on take off and climb. A normal T/O config would be Flaps 5, N1 as low as 85 %, Vr about 120-130kts.(with appropriate fuel for a typical Ryanair flight) Climbspeed above FL100 is 300 kts. When airspeed reaches M0.78 the plane climbs to hold Mach no instead. It cruises at M0.79 and can climb up to FL410 depending on weight. Descent is normally done with idle thrust, 280 kts, and that gives a descent rate of approx 2200 ft/min.

ZFW = 57,4 Metric Tons or 126200 lbs (found in aircraft.cfg)
MTOW = 70 Metric Tons

Vref Flaps40
60 T = 133 kts
55 T = 127 kts
50 T = 120 kst

Allow for another 5 kts for approach spd.

It takes up to 179 PAX in a 1-class configuration.

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Boeing 737-800 Ryanair04.30.040 B
737800.air05.17.038.17 kB
737800_notes.txt04.26.04186 B
aircraft.cfg04.30.0412.03 kB
boeing737-400_check.txt03.01.001.75 kB
boeing737-400_notes.txt12.30.0282 B
boeing737-400_ref.txt03.01.00618 B
model04.30.040 B
B737_800.mdl05.12.031.06 MB
model.cfg12.28.0227 B
panel04.30.040 B
panel.cfg06.03.0332 B
sound04.30.040 B
sound.cfg06.03.0331 B
texture04.30.040 B
B738FUSEFORWARD_L.BMP04.23.044.00 MB
B738FUSEFORWARD_T.bmp04.30.044.00 MB
B738FUSEREAR_L.BMP04.06.0385.43 kB
B738FUSEREAR_T.bmp04.15.041.00 MB
BOTTOMLIGHT_L.BMP04.06.035.43 kB
BOTTOMLIGHT_T.BMP04.06.035.43 kB
CFM56_CONE_L.bmp04.06.035.43 kB
CFM56_CONE_T.bmp04.06.0342.78 kB
CFM56_TAILPIPE_L.bmp04.06.035.43 kB
CFM56_TAILPIPE_T.bmp04.06.0342.78 kB
FAN_BLURRED_L.bmp04.06.035.43 kB
FAN_BLURRED_T.BMP04.06.03341.43 kB
FAN_SLOW_L.bmp04.06.035.43 kB
FAN_SLOW_T.BMP04.06.03341.43 kB
FLAPGUIDES_L.bmp04.06.035.43 kB
FLAPGUIDES_T.BMP04.06.0385.46 kB
FRAMES_L.bmp04.06.035.43 kB
FRAMES_T.BMP05.04.0385.43 kB
GEARLEGS_L.bmp04.06.035.43 kB
GEARLEGS_T.bmp04.06.0342.78 kB
INTAKE_L.bmp04.06.035.43 kB
INTAKE_T.BMP04.06.0342.78 kB
leng_l.bmp04.24.041.00 MB
LENG_T.bmp04.15.041.00 MB
MESH_.bmp04.06.035.43 kB
MESH_T.BMP04.06.0342.78 kB
misc_l.bmp04.23.04256.07 kB
misc_t.bmp04.17.041.00 MB
moreflap_t.bmp04.07.034.00 MB
MOREKRAP_L.BMP04.06.035.43 kB
MOREKRAP_T.BMP04.06.035.43 kB
NGFLAPSB_L.bmp04.06.035.43 kB
NGFLAPSB_T.bmp04.07.03512.07 kB
NGFLAPS_L.bmp04.06.035.43 kB
NGFLAPS_T.bmp04.07.03512.07 kB
OLEO_L.bmp04.06.035.43 kB
OLEO_T.bmp04.06.03170.78 kB
PIMPLE_L.bmp04.06.035.43 kB
pimple_t.bmp04.17.0442.78 kB
PYLONS_L.bmp04.06.035.43 kB
PYLONS_T.bmp04.06.0385.46 kB
reng_l.bmp04.23.041.00 MB
reng_t.bmp04.20.041.00 MB
RWING_L.bmp04.06.035.43 kB
RWING_T.bmp04.07.034.00 MB
STAB_L.bmp04.06.035.43 kB
STAB_T.bmp04.07.031.00 MB
tail_l.bmp04.23.041.00 MB
tail_t.bmp04.21.041.00 MB
Thumbs.db04.30.0463.50 kB
FILE_ID.DIZ.txt04.30.04301 B
Readme.txt04.30.045.47 kB
Ryanb738.gif04.30.0433.49 kB
RyanPOS2.jpg04.30.04367.53 kB
Thumbs.db04.30.048.50 kB
ryanb73804.30.040 B
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B
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