FSX AI Carrier Scenery

PreviewThis is just a demo, right, so no complaints if there are any shortcomings. There are a few issues whch I mention below but this scenery is just for fun and to show what can be done with FSX. And this is just scraping the surface! Roger Mole (Rollerball).

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This is just a demo, right, so no complaints if there are any shortcomings. There are a few issues whch I mention below but this scenery is just for fun and to show what can be done with FSX. And this is just scraping the surface! Roger Mole (Rollerball).

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The archive FSX_CV.zip has 178 files and directories contained within it.

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Filename/Directory File Date File Size
Carrier08.18.060 B
scenery08.18.060 B
addon_scenery08.18.060 B
effects08.18.060 B
A6_AI08.18.060 B
texture08.18.060 B
sound08.18.060 B
model08.18.060 B
Hawk_Heli_AI08.18.060 B
model08.18.060 B
texture08.18.060 B
sound08.18.060 B
Hawkeye_AI08.18.060 B
texture08.18.060 B
sound08.18.060 B
model08.18.060 B
simobjects_airplanes08.18.060 B
world_scenery08.18.060 B
scenery08.19.060 B
ocean flattens08.19.060 B
Ocean Flattens08.19.060 B
scenery08.19.060 B
Traffic_sm.bgl08.17.06547.73 kB
ReadMe.txt08.19.066.05 kB
screenie.jpg08.18.0650.07 kB
thumb.gif08.18.0611.86 kB
carrier_FXdemo.BGL08.17.06249 B
cxsm.BGL08.18.061.91 kB
ofsm.bgl08.19.06463 B
fx_steam3.fx12.30.031.36 kB
Aircraft.cfg08.17.067.63 kB
A6AI.air08.18.0610.06 kB
$Intruder_4.bmp07.12.0265.05 kB
$Intruder_5.bmp08.03.0265.05 kB
104-6pilot.bmp08.08.0242.74 kB
chrome_l.bmp07.15.025.43 kB
chrome_t.bmp07.09.025.43 kB
Cockpit_l.bmp07.18.0285.43 kB
Controls.bmp08.08.0242.74 kB
ds_tire.bmp08.08.0242.74 kB
Eng.bmp03.20.0442.75 kB
Flap_Bot.bmp08.08.0242.74 kB
Flap_Top.bmp08.08.0242.74 kB
Flir.bmp08.08.022.74 kB
Floor.bmp08.08.0242.74 kB
Fuel_Probe.bmp08.08.0242.74 kB
Fuse.bmp03.20.0442.75 kB
Fuse_Bottom.bmp08.08.0242.74 kB
Fuse_Rear.bmp03.20.0442.75 kB
gear1.bmp08.08.0242.74 kB
Gear.bmp08.08.0242.74 kB
Hook.bmp08.08.0210.74 kB
mk80_fam.bmp08.08.0242.74 kB
Nose.bmp03.20.0442.75 kB
panel640.bmp08.08.0286.40 kB
panel.bmp08.08.02170.74 kB
panel_l.bmp07.18.0285.43 kB
Parts.bmp08.08.0242.74 kB
prop_turbine1.bmp08.08.0242.74 kB
prop_turbine2.bmp08.08.0242.74 kB
Radar_l.bmp08.03.02586 B
Rudder_Bot.bmp08.08.0242.74 kB
Rudder_Top.bmp03.20.0442.75 kB
seats.bmp08.08.02170.74 kB
Slat.bmp08.08.0242.74 kB
SlatN.bmp03.20.04192.05 kB
StripDay_L.bmp07.31.0285.43 kB
StripDay_T.bmp08.02.0242.74 kB
Tail_Left.bmp03.20.0442.75 kB
Tail_Right.bmp03.20.0442.75 kB
throttle_quadrant_640.bmp08.08.0242.74 kB
WingL.bmp03.20.0442.75 kB
WingR.bmp03.20.0442.75 kB
$Intruder_1.bmp04.24.0265.05 kB
$Intruder_2.bmp07.09.0265.05 kB
$Intruder_3.bmp07.09.0265.05 kB
Thumbs.db01.11.02157.50 kB
Sound.cfg12.16.0130 B
Model.cfg04.26.0223 B
A-6E.mdl08.13.021.71 MB
aircraft.cfg08.17.0614.35 kB
HeliAI.air08.15.045.64 kB
Aegean Hawk.mdl11.17.032.08 MB
Model.cfg12.28.0330 B
Internals.bmp08.24.031.00 MB
rotor.bmp11.11.03341.40 kB
Thumbs.db08.17.0472.00 kB
tx_bh_cockpit.bmp11.13.031.00 MB
tx_bh_doors.bmp08.19.04256.07 kB
tx_bh_doors_inner.bmp11.08.03257.04 kB
tx_bh_floorswalls.bmp11.10.03257.05 kB
tx_bh_floorswalls_2.bmp12.30.03257.07 kB
tx_bh_frontdoors.bmp08.19.04256.07 kB
tx_bh_frontdoors_inner.bmp11.15.03341.43 kB
tx_bh_fuselage.bmp08.18.04257.05 kB
tx_bh_fuselage_inner.bmp11.10.03256.55 kB
tx_bh_nacelles.bmp08.18.04257.05 kB
tx_bh_stabs.bmp08.18.04257.05 kB
tx_bh_tailboom.bmp08.19.04257.05 kB
tx_bh_various_1.bmp08.18.04257.05 kB
tx_bh_windows_1.bmp12.30.03256.07 kB
tx_bh_windows_1_inner.bmp11.15.03341.43 kB
doorsA.bmp08.19.04257.05 kB
fdoorsA.bmp08.19.04257.05 kB
tx_bh_doorsN.bmp08.19.04768.05 kB
tx_bh_frontdoorsN.bmp08.19.04768.05 kB
com2001.wav06.21.01814.92 kB
com2002.wav06.21.01814.49 kB
com2003.wav11.25.01217.16 kB
osp.wav11.25.0117.07 kB
r3.wav11.25.0145.15 kB
shut2002.wav06.25.01831.72 kB
sound.cfg12.11.015.82 kB
strt2002.wav06.27.01908.29 kB
T2002.wav06.21.01367.72 kB
Turbo.wav11.25.01219.48 kB
Aircraft.cfg08.18.067.80 kB
E-2C.air05.13.0214.34 kB
hawkAI.air08.18.0613.62 kB
ds_tire.bmp04.20.0265.05 kB
Parts.bmp12.09.0165.05 kB
Hook.bmp05.01.0217.05 kB
Throttle.bmp02.20.0265.05 kB
FuseRear1Inner.bmp12.09.0165.05 kB
104-6pilot.bmp05.01.0265.05 kB
Hook_Well.bmp05.01.0265.05 kB
Engine.bmp05.01.0265.05 kB
Engine_Exhaust.bmp05.05.0265.05 kB
Flap.bmp05.01.0265.05 kB
Fuse_Bottom.bmp05.05.02257.05 kB
Front2InnerRear.bmp12.09.0165.05 kB
MLGFrontDoor.bmp05.05.0265.05 kB
Nose.bmp05.13.0265.05 kB
Lower_Intake.bmp05.01.0265.05 kB
Upper_Intake_Side.bmp05.01.0265.05 kB
FrontLG_Door_Forward.bmp05.01.0265.05 kB
MLGRearDoor.bmp05.05.0265.05 kB
Tail_Ver_Inner.bmp05.05.0265.05 kB
Elevator.bmp05.01.0265.05 kB
Rudder_Outer.bmp05.04.0265.05 kB
Radar_Dome.bmp05.08.0265.05 kB
Upper_Radar_Support.bmp05.01.0265.05 kB
Rear_Radar_Support.bmp05.04.0265.05 kB
Center_Radar_Support.bmp05.04.0265.05 kB
RFront_Middle_Radar_Support.bmp05.04.0265.05 kB
Right_Front_Radar_Support.bmp05.04.0265.05 kB
Thumbs.db10.07.01747.00 kB
Floor.bmp12.31.0165.05 kB
$Hawkeye_L.bmp05.03.0265.05 kB
Gear.bmp03.21.0217.05 kB
Yoke.bmp03.18.0265.05 kB
FrontInnerBot.bmp01.02.0265.05 kB
FrontInnerTOP.bmp05.04.0265.05 kB
$Hawkeye_R.bmp05.03.0265.05 kB
$Hawkeye_Top.bmp05.03.0265.05 kB
$Hawkeye_Rear.bmp05.03.0265.05 kB
Controls.bmp02.18.0265.05 kB
Flap2.bmp05.08.0265.05 kB
gear1.bmp04.07.0265.05 kB
panel.bmp04.21.02257.05 kB
panel_640.bmp05.07.02257.05 kB
Flaps.bmp03.21.0217.05 kB
Flap1.bmp04.08.0465.05 kB
Fuselage.bmp04.08.04257.05 kB
Tail_Ver_Outer_Inner.bmp04.08.0465.05 kB
Tail_Horizontal.bmp04.08.0465.05 kB
Wing.bmp04.08.04257.05 kB
Tail_Ver_Outer_Right.bmp04.08.04192.05 kB
Tail_Ver_Outer_Left.bmp04.08.04192.05 kB
P3_Prop1.bmp02.13.0165.05 kB
P3_Prop2.bmp02.13.0165.05 kB
C2_Prop1.bmp05.17.0165.05 kB
Sound.cfg04.07.0442 B
Model.cfg05.02.0223 B
E-2C.mdl05.13.021.73 MB
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B


As the download itself states, this is only a demo so it’s not finished. Despite the performance and graphical limitations that an unfinished product tends to come with, I was deeply impressed by how this mod handled itself in the skies and how easy it was to actually get to grips with as I flew.

Preview screenshot

Not only did this new scenery package make a nice difference to the aircraft carriers that I see, but it made a nice change from the norm.

This AI carrier scenery grouping looks wonderful and whilst it certainly has its own limitations and problems at this moment in time, I hope that in the future it will e finished and finally carry the effectiveness that it was originally supposed to.

Indeed, this scenery option is something that I would be more than happy to recommend to anyone who wants new quality aircraft carriers around the place when they are flying. It’s a minor change but it is one that is well worth having due to the level of detail that it brings to the table.

A very impressive piece of kit, this should be worth your time outside of the minor performance issues that it can bring to the table. These are relatively minor, though, and I would be quite happy to recommend that you try this out if you want to see something that does a great job of capturing the beauty of an aircraft carrier without having to go too far into the levels of detail needed.

Adam McEnroe

Adam McEnroe

Adam McEnroe is a flight sim enthusiast who has been simming since the days of FS95. Adam writes all of the download section editorials after testing each of the files. Adam has extensive knowledge using various flight simulator packages and thoroughly tests the files before writing about them. Adam also like to fly real-world aircraft in his spare time and is training for his PPL.

Should you wish, you can contact Adam via email at adam@flyawaysimulation.com.

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Shalabajs123Mon, 11 May 2009 19:25:05 GMT
Didn't work!
mooreSat, 06 Oct 2007 18:00:15 GMT
Did not have anything but a floating platform
joey457Thu, 09 Aug 2007 05:32:38 GMT
can't see it
chacopalTue, 26 Jun 2007 04:01:19 GMT
didnt work for me
FSXnathanThu, 28 Dec 2006 19:55:20 GMT
Great, This addon suits the SR-71A Blackbird add-on. Thanks!

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