FSX DeHavilland DHC2-MK3 Turbo Beaver Amphibian. Private Owner "The Raven"

PreviewC-FETN. Based at CYKZ Toronto Buttonville Municipal Airport. Designed in FSDS2 & FSDS3 with full animation, wing views, dynamic shine, full suspension, Water Rudders, includes a pair of 2D Panels and a dynamic VC with a complete cabin, with opening crew doors, Passenger doors, Cargo door with ste...

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C-FETN. Based at CYKZ Toronto Buttonville Municipal Airport. Designed in FSDS2 & FSDS3 with full animation, wing views, dynamic shine, full suspension, Water Rudders, includes a pair of 2D Panels and a dynamic VC with a complete cabin, with opening crew doors, Passenger doors, Cargo door with steps, custom sound, Check & Ref HTML files and more. Panel help can be found in the Panel_Docs folder and during flight in the Ref List of the Kneepad. By Jean-Pierre Brisard, Barry Blaisdell, Bob May, and Kevin Pardy - Premier Aircraft Design.

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The archive dh2x_fet.zip has 128 files and directories contained within it.

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airplanes09.01.060 B
fsfsconv09.01.060 B
tbeaversnd09.01.060 B
carfltflap.wav04.17.01200.93 kB
carfltn11.wav04.17.01352.73 kB
carfltn12.wav04.17.01274.50 kB
carflt_gearwarndown.wav04.17.01172.87 kB
carflt_gearwarnup.wav04.17.01170.11 kB
kagear.wav04.17.0188.25 kB
Kan13.wav02.02.01409.37 kB
Kan14.wav02.02.01366.30 kB
Kan1strt.wav09.16.99153.75 kB
Kan2shut.wav06.16.00195.17 kB
Kan2strt.wav06.16.0065.17 kB
kap1a.wav04.17.0160.75 kB
kap1b.wav04.17.0162.75 kB
kap1c.wav04.17.0134.75 kB
kap1d.wav04.17.0134.75 kB
kap2a.wav04.17.0168.25 kB
kap2b.wav04.17.0173.25 kB
kapr.wav04.17.0137.31 kB
sound.cfg07.30.0611.15 kB
tbvr_apd.wav04.17.0113.69 kB
tbvr_door_close.wav04.09.03131.81 kB
tbvr_door_open.wav04.09.03945.71 kB
tbvr_ovr.wav02.20.0322.23 kB
tbvr_stall.wav04.17.01105.28 kB
tbvr_wind.wav06.18.00516.98 kB
xcarfltn21.wav04.17.01260.81 kB
xcarfltn22.wav04.17.01238.15 kB
Xkan11.wav04.17.01238.15 kB
Xkan12.wav02.02.01335.28 kB
Xkan13.wav02.02.01495.51 kB
Xkan14.wav02.05.0161.09 kB
xkan1strt.wav09.16.99152.75 kB
xkan2shut.wav06.16.00195.17 kB
xkan2strt.wav06.16.0065.17 kB
xkap1a.wav04.17.0160.75 kB
xkap1b.wav04.17.0162.75 kB
xkap1c.wav04.17.0134.75 kB
xkap1d.wav04.17.0134.75 kB
xkap2a.wav04.17.0168.25 kB
xkap2b.wav04.17.0173.25 kB
xkapr.wav04.17.0137.31 kB
DHC2_BeaverMK3T_C-FETN10.17.060 B
Aircraft.cfg10.17.0615.35 kB
annun.gif09.22.0635.63 kB
DH2T_FET.jpg09.17.06116.96 kB
DH2T_FET150.gif09.20.0618.19 kB
DH2X_Install_Help.jpg10.16.06203.19 kB
DHC2_Mk3A2_Check.htm09.17.0673.73 kB
DHC2_Mk3A_Ref.htm09.22.0610.38 kB
GH4.gif02.18.0633.00 kB
Panel.gif09.27.0699.70 kB
ReadMe_First.txt10.17.065.91 kB
TurboBeaver_Mk3.air10.16.0613.17 kB
Texture.FETN10.17.060 B
cabseat_FETN.bmp08.25.06512.07 kB
chrome.bmp10.13.0564.07 kB
Elevator.bmp08.25.06256.07 kB
floats.bmp08.26.061.00 MB
fuse_beaver.bmp08.26.061.00 MB
helice.bmp07.27.0665.05 kB
Interiors_beaver2.bmp09.18.06512.07 kB
Panel_Spotmodel.bmp09.15.06128.07 kB
pilote.bmp08.02.0632.07 kB
pilots_L.bmp10.06.05257.05 kB
prop.bmp09.19.06256.07 kB
TBeaver_VC1.bmp09.12.061.00 MB
thumbnail.jpg09.19.0613.17 kB
wheeltwin.bmp07.06.05256.07 kB
Wings.bmp08.22.061.00 MB
YOKE.bmp09.07.06512.07 kB
sound10.17.060 B
Sound.cfg09.12.0637 B
PANEL_DOCS10.17.060 B
DavtronM803.doc08.26.0257.00 kB
Gauge Credits.txt10.17.061.95 kB
HOTSPOTS.jpg09.14.06193.23 kB
kln90bgpsreadout.pdf07.07.0259.29 kB
POPUPS.jpg10.17.06154.57 kB
README rcbgh-40.txt06.04.0525.44 kB
RKG_Fuelstat_readme.txt08.01.0213.27 kB
VC.jpg09.15.06101.23 kB
panel.FETN10.17.060 B
BK_Radio.gau08.31.06296.00 kB
cad_kln90brored.gau07.18.02144.00 kB
Cessna208.gau06.12.032.71 MB
Davtron.gau08.27.0392.00 kB
DHC2A_Instr.gau09.08.064.07 MB
frame.bmp09.25.03155.48 kB
GH_Sound.gau04.15.0580.00 kB
panel.cfg10.17.0618.07 kB
rcb_groundhandling4.cab05.25.0533.14 kB
RKG_fuelstat.gau08.31.06601.50 kB
TB_IFR3x.BMP09.12.062.25 MB
Tb_main3x.bmp09.11.062.25 MB
Turbo_Beaver.cab09.20.061010.61 kB
Turbo_Beaver2.cab10.17.06210.17 kB
model10.17.060 B
BeaverMK3_FETN_ver13.mdl09.19.061.99 MB
Model.cfg10.14.0641 B
SimObjects09.01.060 B
fx_PADwater2.fx07.30.062.03 kB
fx_vclightwhite.fx05.12.061.31 kB
fx_PADnavgre.fx09.01.064.56 kB
fx_PADnavred.fx09.01.064.56 kB
fx_PADnavwhi.fx09.01.063.05 kB
fx_PADstrobeh.fx09.02.064.81 kB
fx_PADbeaconh.fx09.02.064.75 kB
effects09.20.060 B
Groundhandling09.20.060 B
GH01_Conversation1.wav10.26.03188.92 kB
GH02_Conversation2.wav10.30.0376.44 kB
GH03_Conversation3.wav11.04.0355.39 kB
GH04_Conversation4.wav10.30.03181.55 kB
GH05_Conversation5.wav10.30.03134.51 kB
GH06_SoftClick.wav03.07.05551 B
GH07_Error.wav10.26.038.75 kB
GH08_PushbackRoll.wav05.11.0544.58 kB
GH09_Warning.wav10.26.039.56 kB
GH10_Attention.wav10.29.0347.23 kB
GH11_Brakes.wav11.06.0329.74 kB
Sound.ini05.23.05905 B
sound09.20.060 B
file_id.diz10.20.06551 B
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B


Although I am by no means someone with an extensive knowledge or understanding of amphibian aircraft, I always liked them. So, I decided to pick up this cool mod by Jean-Pierre Brisard, Barry Blaisdell, Bob May, and Kevin Pardy of Premier Aircraft Design. It was a good take on the De Havilland DHC2-MK3 Turbo Beaver Amphibian aircraft. Based on a private version nicknamed The Raven by its owner, this is a nice touch to show you just how cool an aircraft like this can across, even with such personalization.

Preview screenshot

It sits based at the Toronto Buttonville Municipal Airport, and is a great way for you to see what this aircraft looks like up close and in person. The attention to detail and the general work put into the body, the cockpit and the performance is something to really behold. The team made this in both FSDS2 and 3, and they produced all of the extras that we have now come to expect from PAD.

Ease of Use and Features

With dynamic shine to add that extra glare to the model to the new full animations, this makes the aircraft feel alive and actually in flight. Now, it does not feel like a floating object flying through the sky without cause – it feels, looks, acts and sounds like the quality aircraft that it is.

It’s also very easy to fly, which was a nice touch. The full suspension allows you to easily take hold of the aircraft in sticky, tight situations. I found myself benefitting from the authenticity of the suspension more times than I care to remember!

Also, the water rudders are a nice touch that makes it easy for this aircraft to feel like the amphibian that it is. If you want to have a look at a private aircraft that can handle the challenge of going underwater, then this is definitely the place to start.

It’s even got a fully working cabin inside, which I thought was very impressive given just how tight and intricate the cockpit of the aircraft is. With passenger doors and cargo doors, too, this aircraft can soon feel pretty spacious inside when you see just how much work the development team have done to make it feel welcome and authentic.

It also comes with custom sounds which do a lot to make the whole process sound realistic and engaging. It’s a massive benefit and one that can go a long way to making sur you feel comfortable in the cockpit. When you start getting used to the sounds actually correlating with what you do, it soon becomes much easier to work with!

If you check the Panel_Docs folder, too, you can find a fair chunk of useful information about the process here. It can be a bit tough to get panels working with this but I found the documents found in here – and the reference and instruction documents – made it much easier to get to grips with this.

Overall? A very much impressive and well put together take on a very cool aircraft. Worth trying for any FSX users who want something new.

Adam McEnroe

Adam McEnroe

Adam McEnroe is a flight sim enthusiast who has been simming since the days of FS95. Adam writes all of the download section editorials after testing each of the files. Adam has extensive knowledge using various flight simulator packages and thoroughly tests the files before writing about them. Adam also like to fly real-world aircraft in his spare time and is training for his PPL.

Should you wish, you can contact Adam via email at adam@flyawaysimulation.com.

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Dan BarkleyWed, 15 Nov 2017 02:04:28 GMT

I used to work on this aircraft at Pearson. Surprised to see it here as an add on. Very cool.

SkyCaptainPirateSat, 04 Feb 2012 05:02:32 GMT

Had a problem with the prop texture. For me it shows up white and blocks my VC view. Any suggestions?

SkyCaptainPirateSat, 04 Feb 2012 04:59:51 GMT

Had a problem with the prop texture. For me it shows up white and blocks my VC view. Any suggestions?

kbohmeMon, 27 Nov 2006 19:41:33 GMT
excellent aircraft. flys well and just beautiful. I only wish that the landing/taxi lights worked in fsx

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