FSX Lufthansa Cargo Boeing 777-200F

Preview Complete package of the Project Open Sky B777-200LRF as a representation of Lufthansa Cargo's Boeing 777-200F, the first of five is due for delivery next year. Complete with POSKY Boeing 777 virtual cockpit. Repaint by Paul Craig.

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Complete package of the Project Open Sky B777-200LRF as a representation of Lufthansa Cargo's Boeing 777-200F, the first of five is due for delivery next year. Complete with POSKY Boeing 777 virtual cockpit. Repaint by Paul Craig.

Screenshot of Lufthansa Cargo Boeing 777-200F in flight.

Screenshot of Lufthansa Cargo Boeing 777-200F in flight.

I gave this aircraft the registration no. of the oldest MD-11F (D-ALCO) Lufthansa Cargo have in service, they may retire this aircraft & give this registration no. to their first B777F.

As the Posky 777 2D panel is not very good, I have used the FSX Default B738 2D panel alongside the Posky 777 VC.


  1. Unzip downloaded files to a temporary folder.
  2. Copy the "Boeing777-300" gauges into your FSX Gauges folder located by default at: C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Gauges
  3. Copy the "msvcr70.dll" into your FSX main directory folder, this file allows FSX to use older gauge files from FS2002 etc.located by default at: C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X (This is the FSX main Directory)
  4. Copy & paste the folder "Posky Boeing 777-200LRF" into your FSX Airplanes folder located by default at: OS (C)/Program Files(x86)/Microsoft Games/Microsoft Flight Simulator X/SimObjects/Airplanes
  5. Copy the contents of the "Effects" folder into your FSX effects folder located by default at: C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Effects

When you add new livery texture folders, copy a "texture.cfg" file into the new texture folder to enable the VC to function. The VC textures "Texture.VC" included in this download are low resolution, but if you require higher resolution VC textures, you can convert them to 32bit using DXTbmp.

I have included my Posky utility panel toggle icon, this is an icon on the 2D panel that enables you to show & hide the utility panel by clicking on the icon.

Images & Screenshots

Screenshot 1Screenshot 2Screenshot 3Screenshot 4Screenshot 5

The archive lufthansa_cargo_posky_b777-f1b.zip has 375 files and directories contained within it.

File Contents

This list displays the first 500 files in the package. If the package has more, you will need to download it to view them.

Filename/Directory File Date File Size
Boeing777-300.gau06.13.034.26 MB
effects10.12.120 B
Opensky_747_vclight.fx10.02.021.31 kB
Opensky_beacon.fx02.12.023.04 kB
Opensky_conden.fx10.03.023.15 kB
Opensky_condens.fx09.08.022.71 kB
Opensky_logo_light.fx10.03.021.31 kB
Opensky_nacelle_refl.fx09.29.021.29 kB
Opensky_nav_yellow.fx03.24.043.07 kB
Opensky_sparks.fx09.08.027.05 kB
Opensky_vortex.fx10.08.031.23 kB
Opensky_wing_light.fx09.29.021.31 kB
FILE_ID.DIZ10.12.12312 B
Installation Readme.txt10.12.122.35 kB
Lufthansa Cargo B777F Screenshot (1).jpg10.12.1265.92 kB
Lufthansa Cargo B777F Screenshot (2).jpg10.12.1255.91 kB
Lufthansa Cargo B777F Screenshot (3).jpg10.12.12159.95 kB
msvcr70.dll11.29.00300.00 kB
POSKY 777-200LRF10.12.120 B
Aircraft.cfg10.12.1216.25 kB
Boeing 777-200LRF General Electric 90-110B1L.air08.01.089.39 kB
model.VC10.12.120 B
model.cfg08.04.0835 B
OS772LRFV2--L_VC.mdl11.01.084.26 MB
panel.VC10.12.120 B
$vc_01.bmp10.12.121.00 MB
$vc_02.bmp06.26.084.00 MB
737_compass.BMP05.12.0695.51 kB
737_Panel_Decals_2.bmp05.12.06257.05 kB
737-800_panel_background.bmp05.12.06769.05 kB
737-800_panel_background_night.bmp05.12.06769.05 kB
B737_800.cab05.11.072.01 MB
forward_1024.bmp07.07.01769.05 kB
forward_640.bmp07.07.01301.05 kB
panel.cfg10.12.127.66 kB
Pky_util10.12.120 B
install.txt03.25.08143 B
Pky_Init.xml04.26.08621 B
Pky_Timer.xml03.26.08743 B
Pky_Util.xml04.09.085.67 kB
posky_sw_close.bmp03.25.082.30 kB
posky_sw_off.bmp03.25.082.30 kB
posky_sw_on.bmp03.25.082.30 kB
posky_sw_open.bmp03.25.082.30 kB
posky_utilbase.bmp04.09.0847.87 kB
Thumbs.db12.26.087.00 kB
Posky77710.12.120 B
Pky_AdvInit.xml05.14.08960 B
Pky2Rudder.xml04.25.08587 B
PkyAPUDoor.xml05.18.08343 B
PkyCALC.xml04.24.081.09 kB
PkyElev.xml05.19.08394 B
PkyEngRev.xml05.18.08699 B
PkyflaperonL.xml05.21.08486 B
PkyflaperonR.xml05.21.08490 B
PkyLeftgearboggie.xml04.15.08800 B
PkyLeftgearheight.xml08.19.07787 B
PkyLSAileronL.xml05.14.08484 B
PkyLSAileronR.xml05.14.08478 B
PkyLWINGMIDFLEX.xml04.29.08611 B
PkyLWINGTIPFLEX.xml09.27.07583 B
PkyNosegearheight.xml05.21.08732 B
PkyNosegearsteerling.xml09.14.07688 B
PkyRightgearboggie.xml04.15.08810 B
PkyRightgearheight.xml08.29.07508 B
PkyRudder.xml04.25.08582 B
PkyRWINGMIDFLEX.xml04.29.08615 B
PkyRWINGTIPFLEX.xml09.27.07581 B
PkySpoiler.xml04.24.083.64 kB
PkyWINGROOTFLEX.xml04.29.08633 B
poskydebug.xml04.29.08350 B
poskydebug2.xml04.29.08351 B
posky777_glassgauge10.12.120 B
airspeed_acc_arrow.bmp03.04.091.16 kB
airspeed_acc_arrow_mask.bmp03.04.091.17 kB
Airspeed_bug.bmp03.01.091.46 kB
airspeed_hold_numbers_0.bmp03.01.09196 B
airspeed_hold_numbers_1.bmp03.01.09196 B
airspeed_hold_numbers_2.bmp03.01.09196 B
airspeed_hold_numbers_3.bmp03.01.09196 B
airspeed_hold_numbers_4.bmp03.01.09196 B
airspeed_hold_numbers_5.bmp03.01.09196 B
airspeed_hold_numbers_6.bmp03.01.09196 B
airspeed_hold_numbers_7.bmp03.01.09196 B
airspeed_hold_numbers_8.bmp03.01.09196 B
airspeed_hold_numbers_9.bmp03.01.09196 B
airspeed_indicator.bmp03.18.091.77 kB
airspeed_maximum_bar.bmp03.18.092.19 kB
airspeed_minimum_bar.bmp03.18.092.44 kB
airspeed_number_strip.bmp02.28.0969.47 kB
Airspeed_number_strip_mask.bmp02.28.0913.03 kB
Airspeed_number_strip_ones.bmp03.18.091.60 kB
Airspeed_number_strip5_mask.bmp03.14.0917.22 kB
airspeed_numbers_0.bmp03.18.09200 B
airspeed_numbers_1.bmp03.18.09200 B
airspeed_numbers_2.bmp03.18.09200 B
airspeed_numbers_3.bmp03.18.09200 B
airspeed_numbers_4.bmp03.18.09200 B
airspeed_numbers_5.bmp03.18.09200 B
airspeed_numbers_6.bmp03.18.09200 B
airspeed_numbers_7.bmp03.18.09200 B
airspeed_numbers_8.bmp03.18.09200 B
airspeed_numbers_9.bmp03.18.09200 B
Airspeed_strip_ones_mask.bmp02.28.09356 B
Altitude_bug.bmp03.01.091.16 kB
altitude_indicator.bmp03.18.092.38 kB
altitude_lai.bmp03.13.0918.27 kB
altitude_number_0.bmp03.09.09184 B
altitude_number_00.bmp03.07.09224 B
altitude_number_000.bmp03.12.09224 B
altitude_number_1.bmp03.09.09184 B
altitude_number_2.bmp03.09.09184 B
altitude_number_3.bmp03.09.09184 B
altitude_number_4.bmp03.09.09184 B
altitude_number_5.bmp03.09.09184 B
altitude_number_6.bmp03.09.09184 B
altitude_number_7.bmp03.09.09180 B
altitude_number_8.bmp03.09.09184 B
altitude_number_9.bmp03.09.09232 B
altitude_number_blank.bmp03.07.091.15 kB
Altitude_number_strip.bmp03.18.091.07 MB
Altitude_number_strip_mask.bmp03.01.0915.24 kB
altitude_numbers_0.bmp03.18.09196 B
altitude_numbers_00.bmp03.18.09184 B
altitude_numbers_1.bmp03.18.09184 B
altitude_numbers_2.bmp03.18.09184 B
altitude_numbers_3.bmp03.18.09184 B
altitude_numbers_4.bmp03.18.09184 B
altitude_numbers_5.bmp03.18.09184 B
altitude_numbers_6.bmp03.18.09184 B
altitude_numbers_7.bmp03.18.09184 B
altitude_numbers_8.bmp03.18.09184 B
altitude_numbers_9.bmp03.18.09184 B
Altitude_strip_tens.bmp03.18.091.91 kB
Altitude_strip_tens_mask.bmp03.01.09524 B
aoa_bg.bmp03.09.092.54 kB
aoa_needle.bmp03.16.091.08 kB
attitude_bank_pointer.bmp02.28.091.27 kB
attitude_bank_slip_skid.bmp02.28.091.15 kB
attitude_card.bmp02.28.09422.67 kB
attitude_card_mask.bmp02.28.0937.03 kB
attitude_fd_bar_pitch.bmp02.28.09316 B
attitude_fd_bar_roll.bmp02.28.09532 B
attitude_plane.bmp02.28.092.68 kB
attitude_roll_card.bmp02.28.09422.55 kB
attitude_roll_card_mask.bmp02.28.0918.65 kB
attitude_roll_ticks.bmp02.28.0910.59 kB
baro_number_0.bmp03.12.09176 B
baro_number_1.bmp03.12.09176 B
baro_number_2.bmp03.12.09176 B
baro_number_3.bmp03.12.09176 B
baro_number_4.bmp03.12.09176 B
baro_number_5.bmp03.12.09176 B
baro_number_6.bmp03.12.09176 B
baro_number_7.bmp03.12.09176 B
baro_number_8.bmp03.12.09176 B
baro_number_9.bmp03.12.09176 B
baro_number_dot.bmp03.13.09668 B
eicacs_flap_bar.bmp03.24.092.00 kB
eicas_degree.bmp03.22.09128 B
eicas_egt.bmp03.23.09252 B
eicas_engine_egt.bmp03.23.097.14 kB
eicas_engine_egt_red.bmp03.23.097.14 kB
eicas_engine_egt_yellow.bmp03.23.097.14 kB
eicas_engine_n1.bmp03.22.097.06 kB
eicas_engine_n1_red.bmp03.22.097.05 kB
eicas_engine_n1_yellow.bmp03.22.097.05 kB
eicas_engine_n2.bmp03.25.097.05 kB
eicas_engine_n2_red.bmp03.25.097.05 kB
eicas_flap_15g.bmp03.24.09488 B
eicas_flap_15m.bmp03.24.09492 B
eicas_flap_1g.bmp03.24.09400 B
eicas_flap_1m.bmp03.24.09404 B
eicas_flap_20g.bmp03.24.09488 B
eicas_flap_20m.bmp03.24.09492 B
eicas_flap_25g.bmp03.24.09488 B
eicas_flap_25m.bmp03.24.09492 B
eicas_flap_30g.bmp03.24.09488 B
eicas_flap_30m.bmp03.24.09492 B
eicas_flap_5g.bmp03.24.09400 B
eicas_flap_5m.bmp03.24.09404 B
eicas_flap_backbar.bmp03.24.091.02 kB
eicas_flap_bar_mask.bmp03.24.092.83 kB
eicas_flap_green.bmp03.24.09104 B
eicas_flap_magenta.bmp03.24.09108 B
eicas_flap_up.bmp03.24.09448 B
eicas_flaps.bmp03.24.09476 B
eicas_gear_down.bmp03.22.091.18 kB
eicas_gear_retract.bmp03.24.091.18 kB
eicas_gray_needle.bmp03.22.095.51 kB
eicas_gray_needle_mask.bmp03.22.091.61 kB
eicas_gray_needle_red.bmp03.22.095.51 kB
eicas_gray_needle_yellow.bmp03.22.095.51 kB
eicas_needle_left.bmp03.25.09180 B
eicas_needle_right.bmp03.25.09180 B
eicas_negative.bmp03.22.09100 B
eicas_positive.bmp03.22.09136 B
eicas_rev_green.bmp03.25.09316 B
eicas_rev_yellow.bmp03.25.09316 B
eicas_tat.bmp03.22.09252 B
eicas_tat_degree.bmp03.22.09152 B
eicas_tatbmp.bmp03.22.09252 B
eicas_times1000.bmp03.22.09628 B
eicas_to.bmp03.22.09272 B
fltdir.bmp03.18.092.22 kB
heading_h.bmp03.15.09128 B
indicator_back.bmp02.28.095.89 kB
mach_number_dot.bmp03.15.09100 B
mach_number_dot_red.bmp03.22.09100 B
mach_number_dot_yellow.bmp03.22.09100 B
mask.bmp03.18.09904 B
mfd_airplane.bmp03.17.09816 B
nd.xml03.26.0943.63 kB
nd_arc.bmp03.19.09288.30 kB
nd_arc_mask.bmp03.18.09156.34 kB
nd_arc_top_mask.bmp03.18.0951.65 kB
nd_degree_dot.bmp03.21.09108 B
nd_gps.bmp03.21.09220 B
nd_gps_range_20.bmp03.21.09224 B
nd_gs.bmp03.20.09188 B
nd_heading_pointer.bmp03.20.09420 B
nd_tas.bmp03.20.09252 B
nd_track_bar.bmp03.20.092.29 kB
nd_track_box.bmp03.23.092.17 kB
PFD.xml03.25.0968.10 kB
pfd_glideslope_background.bmp03.13.091.92 kB
pfd_gs_needle_filled.bmp03.13.09356 B
pfd_heading_card.bmp03.18.0964.32 kB
pfd_heading_card_bug.bmp03.23.09276 B
pfd_heading_card_mag.bmp03.09.09296 B
pfd_heading_card_mask.bmp03.18.094.12 kB
pfd_heading_card_pointer.bmp03.09.09308 B
pfd_localizer_background.bmp03.13.091.96 kB
pfd_localizer_needle_filled.bmp03.13.09372 B
pfd_omi_i.bmp03.18.09600 B
pfd_omi_m.bmp03.18.09600 B
pfd_omi_o.bmp03.18.09596 B
pfd_trk_bar.bmp03.09.09908 B
posky_eicas1.xml03.26.09108.96 kB
posky_eicas2.xml03.25.0972.73 kB
posky777_eicas_back.bmp03.23.09156.35 kB
posky777_eicas2_back.bmp03.25.09157.30 kB
posky777_nd_back.bmp03.18.09156.34 kB
posky777_pfd_back.bmp02.28.09156.34 kB
radioheight_background.bmp03.18.09908 B
red_numbers_0.bmp03.22.09196 B
red_numbers_1.bmp03.22.09196 B
red_numbers_2.bmp03.22.09196 B
red_numbers_3.bmp03.22.09196 B
red_numbers_4.bmp03.22.09196 B
red_numbers_5.bmp03.22.09196 B
red_numbers_6.bmp03.22.09196 B
red_numbers_7.bmp03.22.09196 B
red_numbers_8.bmp03.22.09196 B
red_numbers_9.bmp03.22.09196 B
Thumbs.db03.25.09232.06 kB
vertical_speed_background.bmp03.06.096.07 kB
vertical_speed_bug.bmp03.06.09132 B
vertical_speed_needle.bmp03.06.09316 B
vertical_speed_needle_mask.bmp03.18.091.31 kB
wind_vector.bmp03.20.09472 B
yellow_numbers_0.bmp03.22.09196 B
yellow_numbers_1.bmp03.22.09196 B
yellow_numbers_2.bmp03.22.09196 B
yellow_numbers_3.bmp03.22.09196 B
yellow_numbers_4.bmp03.22.09196 B
yellow_numbers_5.bmp03.22.09196 B
yellow_numbers_6.bmp03.22.09196 B
yellow_numbers_7.bmp03.22.09196 B
yellow_numbers_8.bmp03.22.09196 B
yellow_numbers_9.bmp03.22.09196 B
PU_ICON10.12.120 B
PU_Icon.bmp04.10.123.05 kB
PU_Icon.xml04.10.12297 B
upper_640.bmp05.12.0618.99 kB
sound10.12.120 B
sound.cfg05.12.0630 B
texture.Lufthansa Cargo10.12.120 B
Os_wt500e_l.bmp10.22.081.00 MB
Os_wt500e_t.bmp09.29.12256.07 kB
Os772_COCKPIT_L.bmp08.06.08256.07 kB
Os772_COCKPIT_T.bmp08.06.08256.07 kB
OS772_LFuse_FRONT_L.BMP02.09.101.00 MB
OS772_LFuse_FRONT_T.BMP10.11.124.00 MB
OS772_LFuse_MID_L.BMP02.09.101.00 MB
OS772_LFuse_MID_T.BMP10.12.124.00 MB
OS772_LFuse_REAR_L.BMP02.09.101.00 MB
OS772_LFuse_REAR_T.BMP10.12.124.00 MB
OS772_RFuse_FRONT_L.BMP02.09.101.00 MB
OS772_RFuse_FRONT_T.BMP10.11.124.00 MB
OS772_RFuse_MID_L.BMP02.09.101.00 MB
OS772_RFuse_MID_T.BMP10.12.124.00 MB
OS772_RFuse_REAR_L.BMP02.09.101.00 MB
OS772_RFuse_REAR_T.BMP10.12.124.00 MB
OS772F__INTERIOR_L.bmp03.26.071.07 kB
OS772F__INTERIOR_T.bmp10.11.121.00 MB
Os772F_SCD_CARGO.BMP10.10.124.00 MB
OS772Option2.bmp10.22.0816.07 kB
OS772V2_Glass_T.BMP07.18.075.43 kB
os773ERv2_Parts_L.bmp08.06.081.07 kB
os773ERv2_Parts_T.bmp10.11.124.00 MB
os773ERv2_WINGL_L.bmp03.26.071.07 kB
os773ERv2_WINGL_T.bmp10.12.124.00 MB
os773ERv2_WINGR_L.bmp03.26.071.07 kB
os773ERv2_WINGR_T.bmp10.12.124.00 MB
Os777_GE90-115B_Fan_blurred.bmp02.09.1064.07 kB
Os777_GE90-115B_Fan_Slow.bmp02.09.1064.07 kB
Os777_GE90-115B_L.bmp03.26.071.07 kB
Os777_GE90-115B_Parts_L.bmp03.26.071.07 kB
Os777_GE90-115B_Parts_T.bmp10.11.124.00 MB
Os777_GE90-115B_T.bmp10.11.124.00 MB
OS777_PAXDOORSIDE_L.bmp08.06.081.07 kB
OS777_PAXDOORSIDE_T.bmp08.06.081.00 MB
OS777_SPRING_L.BMP08.06.081.07 kB
OS777_SPRING_T.BMP08.06.0816.07 kB
os777_WHEEL_L.bmp08.06.081.07 kB
os777_WHEEL_T.bmp08.06.08256.07 kB
Os777CONTAINER_FRONT_L.BMP08.06.081.07 kB
Os777CONTAINER_REAR_L.bmp08.06.081.07 kB
Os777CONTAINER_REAR_T.bmp10.10.124.00 MB
OS777frontwheel_T.bmp08.06.0864.07 kB
OS777GSU1_L.BMP03.26.071.07 kB
OS777GSU1_T.BMP09.29.121.00 MB
OS777GSU2_L.BMP03.26.071.07 kB
OS777GSU2_T.BMP09.29.121.00 MB
OS777maintire_L.bmp08.06.081.07 kB
OS777maintire_T.bmp02.09.1064.07 kB
OS777mainwheelF_T.bmp02.09.1064.07 kB
OS777mainwheelR_T.bmp02.09.1064.07 kB
OS777nosetire_L.bmp08.06.081.07 kB
OS777nosetire_T.bmp02.09.1064.07 kB
OS777Option.bmp10.11.1216.07 kB
Os777shaft_L.bmp08.06.081.07 kB
Os777shaft_t.bmp08.06.084.07 kB
OS777V2_LowerCargo_L.BMP08.06.081.07 kB
OS777V2_LowerCargo_T.BMP08.06.08256.07 kB
os777v2_Parts_L.bmp08.06.081.07 kB
os777v2_Parts_T.bmp10.05.121.00 MB
os777v2_Parts2_L.bmp08.06.081.07 kB
os777v2_Parts2_T.bmp08.06.081.00 MB
texture.cfg01.24.12146 B
thumbnail.jpg10.12.127.46 kB
Texture.VC10.12.120 B
$vc_01.bmp07.13.08512.07 kB
$vc_02.bmp07.13.08512.07 kB
$vc_03.bmp07.13.08512.07 kB
os777_VC_01_l.bmp06.09.084.00 MB
os777_VC_01_t.bmp07.13.08512.07 kB
os777_VC_010_l.bmp06.09.084.00 MB
os777_VC_02_l.bmp06.30.084.00 MB
os777_VC_02_t.bmp07.13.08512.07 kB
os777_VC_03_l.bmp07.02.084.00 MB
os777_VC_03_t.bmp07.13.08512.07 kB
os777_VC_04_l.bmp06.30.084.00 MB
os777_VC_04_t.bmp07.13.08512.07 kB
os777_VC_05_l.bmp06.09.084.00 MB
os777_VC_05_t.bmp07.13.08512.07 kB
os777_VC_06_L.bmp06.30.084.00 MB
os777_VC_06_t.bmp07.13.08512.07 kB
os777_VC_07_l.bmp07.01.084.00 MB
os777_VC_07_t.bmp07.13.08512.07 kB
os777_VC_08_l.bmp06.30.084.00 MB
os777_VC_08_t.bmp07.13.08512.07 kB
os777_VC_09_l.bmp06.09.084.00 MB
os777_VC_09_t.bmp07.13.08512.07 kB
os777_VC_10_l.bmp06.30.084.00 MB
os777_VC_10_t.bmp07.13.08512.07 kB
texture.cfg01.24.12146 B
vc_01_l.bmp06.26.084.00 MB
vc_02_l.bmp06.26.084.00 MB
Posky Readme.txt10.12.126.95 kB
thumbnail.png10.12.1246.52 kB
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Although I like to try out new aircraft that I’ve never really had the pleasure to fly or be in before in real-life, I decided to pick up this steady Cargo Boeing 777-200F aircraft as it was something that I knew really well. It would be nice to make a nice change and try out something I already had a great knowledge of so that I could test out just how close to the real thing that this package got. Well, I have to say that having spent more than enough time aboard a 777-200F virtually and in brief real-life experiences before, I knew what I was looking for; and I was hugely impressed!

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This complete package is resplendent with detail, ensuring that you get all of the help that you need in really buying into this aircraft and the style that it brings to the table. It’s got awesome textures that look fantastic in the light and during the evenings, shining as they should, as well as a hugely detailed that they fit over. Scale, size and attention to detail all come into play here in a massive way as you are treated to one of the most awesome looking designs that I’ve come across for the brilliant 200F.

However, it’s not all just fancy design with no end product or realism; the interior of the aircraft is spot on. The cockpit looks great and gives you plenty of information and details about what has to be taken care, and when. This means that you aren’t stuck trying to get the cockpit under control and learn what everything does whilst you are flying along at breakneck speed. As far as installation goes it was incredibly quick to put together and the actual getting to grips process with the aircraft was equally as simple.

I wanted a nice and simple rendition of this aircraft and this package I got a truly awesome remake that ticked every box that I had there to be ticked. The quality of the detail in the textures both inside and outside – as well as the performance of the cockpit – means that you should have no problems buying into what you are flying here. A nice little touch I liked was that this model comes with the oldest MD-11F Lufthansa Cargo registration number possible. It’s just an aesthetic but in terms of setting the scene and making you feel at home? It works a treat!

This uses a range of virtual cockpit changes as well as default FSX B738 2D panels, to make sure you have a perfect balance between performance and overall control within the aircraft. It also comes with a nice little 2D panel that allows you to hide the utility panel, or show it depending on hat you want/need.

The best part about all of this, though, is the detail in the textures thanks to the increasingly detailed liveries that are included. Run these through DXTbmp for a massive level of improvement, as well. Overall this remake of the Lufthansa Cargo Boeing 777-200F was one of the most impressive renditions that I’ve come across o this model.

Adam McEnroe

Adam McEnroe

Adam McEnroe is a flight sim enthusiast who has been simming since the days of FS95. Adam writes all of the download section editorials after testing each of the files. Adam has extensive knowledge using various flight simulator packages and thoroughly tests the files before writing about them. Adam also like to fly real-world aircraft in his spare time and is training for his PPL.

Should you wish, you can contact Adam via email at adam@flyawaysimulation.com.

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AbhinavSun, 15 Nov 2020 16:04:42 GMT

I am not able to take off from this aircraft although I have installed all the files correctly. Please can anyone help?

ZaakirSun, 07 Apr 2019 09:50:16 GMT

It took me 16000ft to pull up at full thrust

FarishTue, 02 Apr 2019 21:30:39 GMT

My VC is black i can see through the windows and the gauges function properly. it there any way of fixing this?

Keegan EngelaWed, 07 Nov 2018 12:07:38 GMT

I seem to have a problem with the texture of the Aircraft can somone please help me.

JohnyMon, 02 Apr 2018 13:54:08 GMT

Is it actually virtual cockpit?

EdwatsolalakinodikubaladaskunabulaSun, 15 Oct 2017 15:36:28 GMT

my vc is black...how can i fix it please?

jackdanielsThu, 01 Jun 2017 08:28:34 GMT

what is the ils landing speed for this aircraft ?

SlimShadyFromD12Fri, 30 Jan 2015 01:32:27 GMT

Good addon. I R8 8/8. Works fine on Steam Edition for me.

britviscTue, 09 Dec 2014 16:21:24 GMT

A really good download. Im glad to have it in my aircraft folder!!

CarlosSat, 13 Apr 2013 17:32:09 GMT

Thanks this is unbelievable.

TatchThu, 20 Dec 2012 01:10:48 GMT

My VC is black but i can see through the windows and the guages function properly. is there any way of fixing this?

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