FSX Saratoga County Airport V2 Scenery

Preview Saratoga County Airport, New York (5B2) v2.0 for FSX Acceleration. Located in the foothills of the Adirondack Mountains in upstate NY, USA. This facility is owned by Saratoga County, formerly housed Rich Air and currently houses North American Aviation. 5B2 is a non-controlled airfield caterin...

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Saratoga County Airport, New York (5B2) v2.0 for FSX Acceleration. Located in the foothills of the Adirondack Mountains in upstate NY, USA. This facility is owned by Saratoga County, formerly housed Rich Air and currently houses North American Aviation. 5B2 is a non-controlled airfield catering to small engine aircraft up to a few private jets, with daily traffic serving 'The Northcountry' and Saratoga Springs, New York. All objects fully designed and completely redone in Gmax using high resolution photoreal textures. Optional seasonal files included. Also includes new ADEX file, more accurate airport grounds perimeter, satellite photoreal grounds, custom taxiways, taxi-signs and taxi lights. ADEX file also designed to support general aviation AI. All textures mipmapped for performance. By Ed Cox. (See also 5B2_X_FIX.ZIP).

Screenshot of Saratoga County Airport scenery.

Screenshot of Saratoga County Airport scenery.

Saratoga County Airport (5B2), w/ all custom photoreal buildings, ground textures, field signs, and plaza buildings. With 3D taxilights, custom runway signs, and new ADE file, Airport re-designed from the ground up. Satelite Ground Textures change with the winter. Entire airport constructed in GMAX...

(Taken from Wikipedia)
Saratoga County Airport (FAA LID: 5B2) is a county-owned public-use airport located three miles (5 km) southwest of the central business district of Saratoga Springs, a city in Saratoga County, New York, United States. This general aviation airport serves the city of Saratoga Springs and surrounding areas.

Saratoga County Airport covers an area of 300 acres (120 ha) which contains two* runways: 5/23 measuring 4,700 x 100 ft (1,433 x 30 m) and 14/32 measuring 4,000 x 100 ft (1,219 x 30 m). Jet aircraft use runways 5 or 23.

For the 12-month period ending August 28, 2008, the airport had 38,700 aircraft operations, an average of 106 per day: 57% local general aviation, 39% transient general aviation, 4% air taxi and <1% military. At that time there were 54 aircraft based at this airport: 34 single-engine, 3 multi-engine, 16 gliders and 1 jet.

* - changed to 2, from original Wiki incorrect semantic post of four.

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The archive 5b2_x_v2.zip has 197 files and directories contained within it.

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Filename/Directory File Date File Size
5B2_v2_FSX05.02.120 B
5B2_X_v2_thumb.gif05.02.1210.14 kB
Addon Scenery05.02.120 B
5B2_X_Gnd05.02.120 B
Scenery05.02.120 B
CVX_5B2_-_X.BGL04.29.12381 B
5B2_X_Obj05.02.120 B
Scenery05.02.120 B
5B2_01.bgl08.06.11355 B
5B2_ADEX_ERC.BGL05.01.1212.19 kB
5B2_ADEX_ERC_OBJ.BGL05.01.12157.14 kB
5B2_X_Lib01.bgl04.22.12350.00 kB
5B2_X_Lib02.bgl03.28.1259.88 kB
GPX_04_01.bgl04.27.1226.86 kB
GPX_08_01.bgl03.21.1212.44 kB
GPX_12_01.bgl03.21.128.88 kB
GPX_16_01.bgl03.21.1242.67 kB
GPX_20_01.bgl03.21.1222.50 kB
GPX_24_01.bgl03.21.123.56 kB
GPX_28_01.bgl03.21.1246.56 kB
GPX_32_01.bgl03.21.123.46 kB
Texture05.02.120 B
A1.dds03.19.12341.45 kB
A1w.dds03.19.12341.45 kB
A1w_lm.dds03.19.12341.45 kB
A1_lm.dds03.19.12341.45 kB
A2.dds03.19.12341.45 kB
A2w.dds03.19.12341.45 kB
A2w_lm.dds03.19.12341.45 kB
A2_lm.dds03.19.12341.45 kB
A3.dds03.19.12341.45 kB
A3w.dds03.19.12341.45 kB
A3w_lm.dds03.19.12341.45 kB
A3_lm.dds03.19.12341.45 kB
Antennas_1.dds03.22.12341.45 kB
Antennas_1_lm.dds03.22.12341.45 kB
B1.dds03.19.12341.45 kB
B1w.dds03.19.12341.45 kB
B1w_lm.dds03.19.12341.45 kB
B1_lm.dds03.19.12341.45 kB
B2.dds03.19.12341.45 kB
B2w.dds03.19.12341.45 kB
B2w_lm.dds03.19.12341.45 kB
B2_lm.dds03.19.12341.45 kB
B3.dds03.19.12341.45 kB
B3w.dds03.19.12341.45 kB
B3w_lm.dds03.19.12341.45 kB
B3_lm.dds03.19.12341.45 kB
Barrel_Y_01.dds03.22.1242.78 kB
Barrel_Y_01_lm.dds03.22.1242.78 kB
Beams_01.dds03.18.1242.79 kB
BEAMS_01_LM.dds03.18.1242.79 kB
Bldngs_01.dds03.25.121.33 MB
Bldngs_01_lm.dds03.25.121.33 MB
Bldngs_02.dds03.22.121.33 MB
Bldngs_02_lm.dds03.22.121.33 MB
Bldngs_03.dds03.18.12682.79 kB
BLDNGS_03_LM.dds03.18.12682.79 kB
Bldngs_04.dds03.18.12682.79 kB
BLDNGS_04_LM.dds03.18.12682.79 kB
Bldngs_05.dds03.22.121.33 MB
Bldngs_05_lm.dds03.22.121.33 MB
C1.dds03.19.12341.45 kB
C1w.dds03.19.12341.45 kB
C1w_lm.dds03.19.12341.45 kB
C1_lm.dds03.19.12341.45 kB
C2.dds03.19.12341.45 kB
C2w.dds03.19.12341.45 kB
C2w_lm.dds03.19.12341.45 kB
C2_lm.dds03.19.12341.45 kB
C3.dds03.19.12341.45 kB
C3w.dds03.19.12341.45 kB
C3w_lm.dds03.19.12341.45 kB
C3_lm.dds03.19.12341.45 kB
Concrete_01.dds03.19.12341.45 kB
Concrete_01_lm.dds03.19.12341.45 kB
Cone_01.dds03.22.1221.45 kB
Cone_01_lm.dds03.22.1221.45 kB
Cone_02.dds03.25.1221.45 kB
Cone_02_lm.dds03.25.1221.45 kB
Container_01.dds04.01.12170.78 kB
Container_01_lm.dds04.01.12170.78 kB
D1.dds03.19.1285.45 kB
D1w.dds03.19.1285.45 kB
D1w_lm.dds03.19.1285.45 kB
D1_lm.dds03.19.1285.45 kB
D2.dds03.19.1285.45 kB
D2w.dds03.19.1285.45 kB
D2w_lm.dds03.19.1285.45 kB
D2_lm.dds03.19.1285.45 kB
FuelPipes_01.dds03.22.1285.45 kB
FuelPipes_01_lm.dds03.22.1285.45 kB
FuelTanks_01.dds03.22.12170.78 kB
FuelTanks_01_lm.dds03.22.12170.78 kB
FuelTanks_02.dds03.22.12170.78 kB
FuelTanks_02_lm.dds03.22.12170.78 kB
FuelTanks_03.dds03.22.12170.78 kB
FuelTanks_03_lm.dds03.22.12170.78 kB
Grainer_01.dds03.19.12341.45 kB
Grainer_01_lm.dds03.19.12341.45 kB
Grass_01.dds04.05.1285.44 kB
Grass_01_lm.dds04.05.1285.44 kB
Hangar_Floor_01.dds03.19.12341.45 kB
Hangar_Floor_01_lm.dds03.25.12341.45 kB
HgrIns_01.dds03.18.12170.79 kB
HGRINS_01_LM.dds03.18.12170.79 kB
Ovrun_01.dds03.19.121.33 MB
Ovrun_01_lm.dds03.19.121.33 MB
Pipes_01.dds03.25.1242.75 kB
Pipes_01_lm.dds03.25.1242.75 kB
Plaza_01.dds03.25.121.33 MB
Plaza_01_lm.dds03.25.121.33 MB
Post_Conc_01.dds03.25.1221.45 kB
Post_Conc_01_lm.dds03.25.1221.45 kB
Roof_Tiler_01.dds03.25.1242.78 kB
Roof_Tiler_01_lm.dds03.25.1242.78 kB
Roof_Tiler_02.dds03.18.1242.79 kB
ROOF_TILER_02_LM.dds03.18.1242.79 kB
Roof_Tiler_03.dds03.18.1242.79 kB
ROOF_TILER_03_LM.dds03.18.1242.79 kB
Roof_Tiler_04.dds03.26.1285.45 kB
Roof_Tiler_04_lm.dds03.26.1285.45 kB
Runway_Overlay_01.dds03.19.121.33 MB
Runway_Overlay_01_lm.dds03.19.121.33 MB
Rwy_Base_01.dds03.19.121.33 MB
Rwy_Base_01_lm.dds03.19.121.33 MB
Rwy_Edge_01.dds03.19.1242.62 kB
Rwy_Edge_01_lm.dds03.19.1242.62 kB
Rwy_Edge_02.dds03.19.1221.12 kB
Rwy_Edge_02_lm.dds03.19.1221.12 kB
Rwy_Markings_01.dds03.19.121.33 MB
Rwy_Markings_01_lm.dds03.19.121.33 MB
Rwy_Markings_02.dds03.19.1210.62 kB
Rwy_Markings_02_lm.dds03.19.1210.62 kB
Signs_01.dds03.22.121.33 MB
Signs_01_lm.dds03.22.121.33 MB
Taxilight_01.dds03.26.1285.45 kB
Taxilight_01_lm.dds03.26.1285.45 kB
TaxiLine_01.dds03.19.1221.12 kB
TaxiLine_01_lm.dds03.19.1221.12 kB
TaxiLine_02.dds03.19.1242.75 kB
TaxiLine_02_lm.dds03.19.1242.75 kB
TaxiLine_03.dds03.19.1221.12 kB
TaxiLine_03_lm.dds03.19.1221.12 kB
TaxiwaySigns_01.dds03.22.12682.78 kB
TaxiwaySigns_01_lm.dds03.22.12682.78 kB
Taxi_Base_01.dds03.19.121.33 MB
Taxi_Base_01_lm.dds03.19.121.33 MB
Taxi_Base_02.dds03.19.121.33 MB
Taxi_Base_02_lm.dds03.19.121.33 MB
Tire_Marks_01.dds03.19.12341.44 kB
Tire_Marks_01_lm.dds03.19.12341.44 kB
Tire_Marks_02.dds03.19.12341.45 kB
Tire_Marks_02_lm.dds03.19.12341.45 kB
Ts_Tiedowns_01.dds03.19.12341.45 kB
Ts_Tiedowns_01_lm.dds03.19.12341.45 kB
Txwy_Edger_01.dds03.19.1221.38 kB
Txwy_Edger_01_lm.dds03.19.1221.38 kB
Txwy_Edger_02.dds03.19.1221.38 kB
Txwy_Edger_02_lm.dds03.19.1221.38 kB
Vehicles_GS_01.dds04.12.12341.45 kB
Vehicles_GS_01_lm.dds04.12.12341.45 kB
windsock.bmp07.27.1085.43 kB
windsock_lm.bmp07.27.1085.43 kB
Effects04.08.120 B
GS_ObsLight_01.fx04.08.122.49 kB
GS_RedLight_01.fx04.08.121.33 kB
GS_Taxilight_01.fx04.08.121.26 kB
texture04.03.120 B
fx_2_GS.bmp04.02.12341.40 kB
file.diz05.02.12836 B
ReadMe.txt05.02.126.58 kB
Screenshots05.02.120 B
ScreenShot017.jpg05.02.12231.89 kB
ScreenShot018.jpg05.02.12251.21 kB
ScreenShot019.jpg05.02.12348.04 kB
Seasonal_Objects05.01.120 B
Grass05.01.120 B
Summer_Grass05.01.120 B
Grass_01.dds04.05.1285.44 kB
Grass_01_lm.dds04.05.1285.44 kB
Winter_Grass05.02.120 B
Grass_01.dds05.02.1285.44 kB
Grass_01_lm.dds05.02.1285.44 kB
Trees05.02.120 B
Fall05.01.120 B
5B2_ADEX_ERC_OBJ.BGL05.01.12157.14 kB
HardWinter05.02.120 B
5B2_ADEX_ERC_OBJ.BGL05.02.12157.14 kB
Spring05.01.120 B
5B2_ADEX_ERC_OBJ.BGL05.01.12157.14 kB
Summer05.01.120 B
5B2_ADEX_ERC_OBJ.BGL05.01.12157.14 kB
Winter05.01.120 B
5B2_ADEX_ERC_OBJ.BGL05.01.12157.14 kB
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B

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