FSX Boeing 777 Style PFD, Nav, EICAS And Chart

Preview Boeing 777 Style PFD, Nav, EICAS And Chart Glass Instruments. These instruments are designed to run on a separate computer other than the main FSX computer. This release adds a sound module that has the ability to play ATC chatter as well as altitude call outs on landing. It may be run as a si...

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Microsoft Flight Simulator X (FSX) including Steam Edition & Prepar3D (P3D)
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Boeing 777 Style PFD, Nav, EICAS And Chart Glass Instruments. These instruments are designed to run on a separate computer other than the main FSX computer. This release adds a sound module that has the ability to play ATC chatter as well as altitude call outs on landing. It may be run as a single module or with the rest of the CRG modules. Will run on XP with some limitations (length of wave file). The instrument displays require DirectX10 and Vista or Win7. The DB manager and chart displays should run with XP, Vista, and Win 7. By Kapock Cavanaugh.

Image of Boeing 777 style PFD.

Image of Boeing 777 style PFD.

NOTE: If you have installed a previous release of CRGSIM be sure to copy your .cfg files to a safe area so they are not lost when unpacking the new release. After the new release is unpacked then copy the .cfg files back to the proper places.

NOTE: Update to performance notes in the documentation. Stopping "Themes" with the window task manager seems to consistently improve frame rates and smooth operation. If frame rates drop below 20 consider trying this out. It works on every one of the lab computers.

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The archive crgsim-0_043.zip has 113 files and directories contained within it.

File Contents

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Filename/Directory File Date File Size
Chart720x720.jpg06.07.12169.12 kB
Charts01.10.130 B
02322U.dat05.11.129.93 MB
14161D.dat05.12.129.63 MB
14161U.dat05.12.1210.67 MB
14271D.dat05.13.129.67 MB
14271U.dat05.12.1210.72 MB
14381D.dat05.12.128.50 MB
14381U.dat05.12.1210.40 MB
14391D.dat05.13.129.76 MB
14391U.dat05.13.1210.34 MB
14502D.dat06.09.127.82 MB
14502U.dat06.09.1210.38 MB
14981D.dat06.10.128.01 MB
14981U.dat06.10.1210.60 MB
24332D.dat05.14.127.34 MB
24332U.dat05.14.129.79 MB
24442U.dat06.11.129.76 MB
24452D.dat06.11.127.35 MB
24452U.dat06.11.129.76 MB
24712D.dat06.10.127.77 MB
24712U.dat06.10.1210.40 MB
24991D.dat06.10.127.96 MB
24991U.dat06.10.1210.58 MB
27712D.dat06.10.127.77 MB
baltwa.mt207.19.129.25 MB
baltwa.mt307.19.1236.97 MB
baltwa.mt407.30.129.29 MB
bcmtz.rls05.04.121.83 MB
bostac.mt207.18.127.90 MB
bostac.mt307.18.1231.59 MB
chitac.mt207.18.123.34 MB
chitac.mt307.18.1213.36 MB
crgchart.dat08.02.1228.73 kB
crgchart.exe01.10.1352.00 kB
crgchart1.cfg06.05.12162 B
cstac77.mt207.14.126.68 MB
cstac77.mt307.14.1226.68 MB
den77.mt207.14.125.35 MB
den77.mt307.14.1221.41 MB
dfwtac.mt207.15.129.16 MB
dfwtac.mt307.22.1218.23 MB
houtac.mt207.18.125.86 MB
houtac.mt307.18.1223.45 MB
houvfr.mt407.31.125.88 MB
latac.mt207.22.126.18 MB
latac.mt307.22.1224.94 MB
latvfr.mt408.01.126.28 MB
nytac.mt207.15.125.06 MB
nytac.mt307.15.1220.24 MB
sdtac.mt207.22.124.56 MB
sdvfr.mt408.01.124.58 MB
sea77.mt207.12.124.32 MB
sea77.mt307.12.1217.25 MB
seavfr.mt407.31.124.34 MB
sftac.mt207.15.124.78 MB
sftac.mt307.15.1219.12 MB
crgcom.exe01.09.1339.00 kB
crgfsx.exe09.25.1242.50 kB
CrgLicense.txt07.31.11467 B
crgsim-0.043.jpg04.03.1233.94 kB
CrgSim.pdf01.10.131.80 MB
crgwinkeys.exe01.10.1353.00 kB
EICAS01.10.130 B
EICAS700x700.jpg04.25.1251.84 kB
crgeicas1.cfg05.13.12759 B
crgeicas1.dat05.06.12240.01 kB
crgeicas1.exe01.10.1378.50 kB
FILE_ID.DIZ09.29.12581 B
KeyAssign.pdf09.05.1239.98 kB
NAVs01.10.130 B
crgnavl.cfg04.03.1247 B
crgnavl.dat04.27.12359.95 kB
crgnavl.exe01.10.1398.50 kB
crgnavr.cfg11.01.1145 B
crgnavr.dat04.27.12359.95 kB
crgnavr.exe01.10.1399.00 kB
NaDB.dat11.25.111.58 MB
NavFlightPlan.dat12.03.1195 B
nvarf.dat11.25.117.15 MB
WpFl.dat11.25.115.98 MB
PFD400x400.jpg04.03.1233.94 kB
PFDs01.10.130 B
crgpfdl.cfg04.13.12223 B
crgpfdl.dat04.19.123.71 MB
crgpfdl.exe01.09.13255.50 kB
crgpfdr.cfg04.14.12226 B
crgpfdr.dat04.19.123.71 MB
crgpfdr.exe01.09.13255.50 kB
README.txt09.05.123.21 kB
Sound01.10.130 B
1000ft.wav09.26.1215.63 kB
100ft.wav09.26.1216.63 kB
10ft.wav09.26.1212.13 kB
200ft.wav09.26.1213.13 kB
20ft.wav09.26.1213.63 kB
300ft.wav09.26.1213.13 kB
30ft.wav09.26.1213.63 kB
400ft.wav09.26.1215.13 kB
40ft.wav09.26.1212.63 kB
500ft.wav09.26.1217.13 kB
50ft.wav09.26.1214.13 kB
Aprchmins.wav09.26.1225.13 kB
CrgPlaylist.m3u09.22.12156 B
crgsound.cfg09.25.121.38 kB
crgsound.exe01.10.1350.00 kB
KBOS-ATC-1.mp310.11.111.77 MB
KBOS-ATC-2.mp310.11.113.62 MB
KBOS1.wav09.09.1223.62 MB
KBOS2.wav09.20.12159.48 MB
Minimums.wav09.26.1223.13 kB
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B
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Most of the freeware add-on aircraft and scenery packages in our file library come with easy installation instructions which you can read above in the file description. For further installation help, please see our Flight School for our full range of tutorials or view the README file contained within the download. If in doubt, you may also ask a question or view existing answers in our dedicated Q&A forum.


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Aidy1473Thu, 03 Jul 2014 12:40:45 GMT

Ok call me a donkey if you wish. d3dx10_43 cured by downloading complete update from microsoft, this updates all versions of dx and ensures dx10 is correct..well done me...Graphics card driver , mmm had a prob there, not DX10 compatable, replaces with Ge610 silint graphics card ( which sits upside down in an SLi Motherboard modified case to blow air across the heat sink (runs a cool 35 deg). instruments worked fine after sorting out port forwarding on the router between FSX sim and INST computer.

really great to look at eicas adjusts for 2 and 4 engine A/c automatically, well done

we need someone to let us know how to get it to show UK maps though.

Aidy1473Fri, 20 Jun 2014 14:42:40 GMT

Error Program can't start missing file d3dx10_43

Please advise


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