FSX Shuttle Flight 999 To Nav'Iret

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Shuttle Flight 999 To Nav'Iret. Includes FSX scenery and flights. Magadan City is located in far eastern Russia away from bustling Moscow. Shuttle 999 has daily flights to Nov'Iret and in winter flights are somewhat scary to the passengers since sudden storms and high winds makes the flights rather bumpy. This scenery provides: Five new airfields in lonely coastal towns, original airport buildings, Russian static aircraft and airport vehicles, night lighting on all airports and new landclass. As you approach Nov'Iret remember the nearby exclusion zone that covers Chernokinsky ICBM base which is still in 24 hour alert! If you must fly over it (bad weather or sheer curiosity) do not linger or make loops over it! Just fly normally and get out of there fast. By Gera Godoy Canoca.

Shuttle Flight 999 To Nav'Iret.

Shuttle Flight 999 To Nav'Iret.

Set Up:

1) Make a Directory called "russian shuttle" and make two sub-directories called "SCENERY" and "TEXTURE".

2) Unzip the files to a Temporal Directory.

3) Place all .BGL and CL files in the "SCENERY" sub directory just created.

4) Place all .BMP files in the "TEXTURE" sub directory just created.

5) Place all .PL files found enclosed in your--- C:\Documents and Settings\YOUR NAME\My Documents\Flight Simulator X Files.

6) Place the finished "russian shuttle" Directory in FSX/Addon Scenery Directory. Now go to FSX and jump to The Menu and ADD the Directory to the list Scenery.

7) Print the .JPG MAP.

You are now ready to start your flights.....

Thank you for downloading my scenery and hope you enjoy your stay.


Shuttle Flight 999 To Nav'Iret.

Shuttle Flight 999 To Nav'Iret.

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The archive maga1.zip has 89 files and directories contained within it.

File Contents

This list displays the first 500 files in the package. If the package has more, you will need to download it to view them.

Filename/Directory File Date File Size
AFX_UH03.bgl02.04.10956 B
AFX_UH5R.bgl01.30.10957 B
AFX_UH7K.bgl01.30.10970 B
AFX_UH9Z.bgl01.31.10989 B
AFX_UHOZ.bgl01.30.10954 B
AVIONESRUSOS.bgl02.05.103.67 MB
CVX_NOV-IRET.BGL01.30.10336 B
CVX_WESTRUSSIA-01.BGL01.30.10228 B
EAST-RUSSIA-SHUTTLE.bgl02.07.1026.07 kB
LC_3223.bgl01.30.10298 B
LC_7656.bgl01.30.10318 B
LC_8810.bgl01.30.10308 B
LC_8833.bgl01.30.10301 B
LC_8888.bgl01.30.10297 B
NEPAL-OBJECTS.bgl01.20.101.71 MB
RUSIA-COSAS.bgl02.04.102.59 MB
RUSIA-PISTA-800.bgl02.07.104.13 kB
RUSIA-PISTA22-800.bgl02.07.104.13 kB
ASIAIR.bmp12.30.0933.05 kB
EP006.bmp09.21.0921.42 kB
EP006_LM.bmp09.21.0921.42 kB
FRENTE33.bmp02.04.1017.05 kB
FRENTE44.bmp02.04.1017.05 kB
FRENTERIL.bmp02.01.105.05 kB
gazel1.bmp09.22.08128.07 kB
gazel1_LM.bmp09.21.08128.07 kB
gazel2.bmp09.21.0816.07 kB
gazel2_LM.bmp09.21.0816.07 kB
GRISFRENT.bmp02.04.105.05 kB
LADO1.bmp01.31.1065.05 kB
LADO2.bmp01.31.105.05 kB
LADO3.bmp01.31.1065.05 kB
LADO4.bmp01.31.105.05 kB
LADOAZUL.bmp02.01.1065.05 kB
LADOROJO.bmp02.01.1017.05 kB
Mig21 texture - Desert Russia.bmp06.18.09512.07 kB
Mig21 texture - Grey.bmp06.19.09512.07 kB
mig21 texture.bmp06.18.09512.07 kB
OTROROT1.bmp02.04.105.05 kB
OTROROT2.bmp02.04.1017.05 kB
OTROROT3.bmp02.04.1017.05 kB
PARQUEO-1-2.bmp08.29.09257.05 kB
Pozharki.bmp09.09.08170.75 kB
Pozharki_LM.bmp09.09.08170.75 kB
ROTULO1.bmp01.31.105.05 kB
ROTULO2.bmp01.31.1017.05 kB
ROTULO4.bmp01.31.1017.05 kB
ROTULO5.bmp01.31.10129.05 kB
Shd.bmp09.20.0821.43 kB
Su 25 Russia Brown.bmp10.05.09512.07 kB
SU7 Czechoslovakia Camo.bmp10.01.09512.07 kB
SU7 Russia Camo.bmp09.30.09512.07 kB
SU7 Russia Silver.bmp10.01.09512.07 kB
Tch1.bmp09.06.08170.75 kB
Tch1_LM.bmp09.06.08170.75 kB
Tch2.bmp09.06.08170.75 kB
Tch2_LM.bmp09.13.08170.75 kB
Tch3.bmp09.06.08170.75 kB
Tch3_LM.bmp09.05.08170.75 kB
Tch4.bmp09.09.08170.75 kB
Tch4_LM.bmp09.09.08170.75 kB
Tch5.bmp09.09.08170.75 kB
Tch5_LM.bmp09.08.08170.75 kB
Tch6.bmp08.11.0810.77 kB
Tch6_LM.bmp09.01.0810.77 kB
Tch7.bmp09.06.08170.75 kB
Tch7_LM.bmp09.06.08170.75 kB
VENT01.bmp02.04.109.05 kB
FOTO1.jpg01.31.10316.96 kB
FOTO111.jpg02.04.1051.94 kB
HELI APROACHING SOKOL.jpg01.31.10875.03 kB
HELI APROACHING SOKOL2.jpg01.31.10943.30 kB
HELI AT SOKOL.jpg01.31.10776.90 kB
FLIGHT-PLAN.jpg02.08.10293.79 kB
FSadventureSky-RUSSIA-01-VFR Sokol to Kopkersky AF Zpetzial.PLN02.05.102.59 kB
FSADVENTURESKY-EAST RUSSIA-VFR Kopkersky AF Zpetzial to Sokol.PLN01.31.102.31 kB
RUSSIAN SHUTTLE FLIGHT 999 instructions.pdf02.08.10136.63 kB
file_id.diz02.09.1074 B
read me first.txt02.09.101.58 kB
LOGO.jpg02.09.10333.94 kB
HELI AT SOKOL2.jpg01.31.101.41 MB
HELI RAMP IN MAGADAN.jpg01.31.101.03 MB
HELI TERMINAL AT MAGADAN.jpg01.31.10462.86 kB
chiqui.png02.09.1040.47 kB
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B

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