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This project rebuilds the islands of Roatan, Barbareta, Guanaja, and Utila, and adds Cayos Cochinos and the numerous cays associated with the "Islas de la Bahia" (Islands of the Bay).

Aerial view of Honduras Islands scenery.

Aerial view of Honduras Islands scenery.

Both the Roatan (MHRO) and Guanaja (GJAJ/MHNJ) airports are completely overhauled and positioning is corrected. New and fully functioning AI airports are added for Utila (MHUT), Fort Cay (MHFC) and Cochino Pequeno (MHCP) of the Cayos Cochinos chain, and La Ceiba (MHLC) and Puerto Lempira (MHPL) are modified to accommodate AI traffic. Accurate coastlines, lakes, road and river data, as well as corrected landclass are provided based on the latest available satellite imagery. GA flight plans are provided to add or enhance service to the smaller islands. Updates were created or rebuilt in a manner which carefully aligned airport data with current satellite imagery, when available. Scenery was created using Airport Design Editor X v1.47.07, SBuilderX 3.13, and the FSX Object Placement Tool. Scenery objects were added and modified from stock FSX scenery to resemble as closely as possible the actual airports. By Carlyle Sharpe.

Simply import the "DBI" file with UT2 Power Pack, and install in UT2, OR you can place the "DB" file directly in "C:\Users\Your Name\AppData\Roaming\Flight One Software\Ultimate Traffic 2\Databases"

Remember to assign a Cessna light aircraft (CNA) in UT2 after the import is complete.

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Flightsim_thumbnail.gif07.22.1215.86 kB
Honduras AI Traffic07.22.120 B
Ttools format07.22.120 B
Daily07.22.120 B
Aircraft_Honduras_Islands.txt07.24.1132 B
Airports_Honduras_Islands.txt07.25.11780.17 kB
Flightplans_Honduras_Islands.txt02.06.122.16 kB
UT207.22.120 B
Readme.txt07.22.12287 B
UT2Daily_Honduras_Islands.db07.29.11192.00 kB
UT2Daily_honduras_islands.dbi02.07.12192.00 kB
Place in Documents-Flight Simulator X Files07.22.120 B
Honduras Islands - Barbareta (MHBA).FLT07.22.129.38 kB
Honduras Islands - Barbareta (MHBA).FSSAVE07.22.12195.38 kB
Honduras Islands - Barbareta (MHBA).WX07.22.1284.90 kB
Honduras Islands - Cayos Cochinos.FLT07.22.129.39 kB
Honduras Islands - Cayos Cochinos.FSSAVE07.22.12195.17 kB
Honduras Islands - Cayos Cochinos.WX07.22.123.28 MB
Honduras Islands - Cochino Pequeno (MHCP).FLT07.22.129.56 kB
Honduras Islands - Cochino Pequeno (MHCP).FSSAVE07.22.12163.21 kB
Honduras Islands - Cochino Pequeno (MHCP).WX07.22.1284.80 kB
Honduras Islands - Cruise Ships at Mahogany Bay.FLT07.21.129.41 kB
Honduras Islands - Cruise Ships at Mahogany Bay.FSSAVE07.21.12189.77 kB
Honduras Islands - Cruise Ships at Mahogany Bay.WX07.21.1284.90 kB
Honduras Islands - Dolphins at Maya Cay.FLT07.21.129.42 kB
Honduras Islands - Dolphins at Maya Cay.FSSAVE07.21.12235.27 kB
Honduras Islands - Dolphins at Maya Cay.WX07.21.1284.80 kB
Honduras Islands - Fort Cay (MHFC).FLT07.22.129.39 kB
Honduras Islands - Fort Cay (MHFC).FSSAVE07.22.12188.14 kB
Honduras Islands - Fort Cay (MHFC).WX07.22.1284.90 kB
Honduras Islands - Guanaja (GJAJ).FLT07.21.129.33 kB
Honduras Islands - Guanaja (GJAJ).FSSAVE07.21.12174.00 kB
Honduras Islands - Guanaja (GJAJ).WX07.21.1284.80 kB
Honduras Islands - Moonrise over Guanaja.FLT07.22.129.40 kB
Honduras Islands - Moonrise over Guanaja.FSSAVE07.22.12113.13 kB
Honduras Islands - Moonrise over Guanaja.WX07.22.1284.71 kB
Honduras Islands - Roatan (MHRO).FLT07.21.129.49 kB
Honduras Islands - Roatan (MHRO).FSSAVE07.21.12212.88 kB
Honduras Islands - Roatan (MHRO).WX07.21.1284.80 kB
Honduras Islands - Roatan to Guanaja flight.FLT07.22.129.49 kB
Honduras Islands - Roatan to Guanaja flight.FSSAVE07.22.12136.87 kB
Honduras Islands - Roatan to Guanaja flight.WX07.22.1284.90 kB
Honduras Islands - Utila (MHUT).FLT07.21.129.35 kB
Honduras Islands - Utila (MHUT).FSSAVE07.21.12150.02 kB
Honduras Islands - Utila (MHUT).WX07.21.1284.80 kB
Readme07.22.120 B
Readme.htm07.22.1212.22 kB
Readme.txt07.22.12324 B
Add.jpg07.21.1253.47 kB
HI_1.jpg07.20.12324.21 kB
HI_2.jpg07.20.12377.55 kB
HI_after-76m.jpg07.21.12138.98 kB
HI_Barbareta_600.jpg07.21.12187.39 kB
HI_before-76m.jpg07.21.12134.01 kB
HI_before-after-76m.jpg07.21.12115.84 kB
HI_before-after-Guanaja.jpg07.21.12146.60 kB
HI_before-after-Roatan.jpg07.21.12217.24 kB
HI_before-after-Utila.jpg07.21.12169.53 kB
HI_Cayos Cochinos_600.jpg07.21.12135.36 kB
HI_Cochino Pequeno Airport.jpg07.21.12186.45 kB
HI_Composite_800.jpg07.21.12356.57 kB
HI_Fort Cay Airstrip.jpg07.21.12182.82 kB
HI_Guanaja Cays.jpg07.22.12141.09 kB
HI_Guanaja-after.jpg07.21.12195.41 kB
HI_Guanaja-before.jpg07.21.12178.05 kB
HI_Guanaja_600.jpg07.21.12189.70 kB
HI_Roatan (MHRO).jpg07.21.12200.24 kB
HI_Roatan-after.jpg07.21.12229.69 kB
HI_Roatan-before.jpg07.21.12262.70 kB
HI_Roatan_600.jpg07.21.12180.45 kB
HI_thumbnail.gif07.22.1215.86 kB
HI_thumbnail_large.jpg07.22.12123.91 kB
HI_Utila-after.jpg07.21.12211.06 kB
HI_Utila-before.jpg07.21.12200.37 kB
HI_Utila_600.jpg07.21.12194.60 kB
Thumbs.db08.04.1069.00 kB
scenery07.22.120 B
0_CVX_000_Honduras_Islands_terrain_exc.BGL07.20.111.81 kB
1_CVX_001_Honduras_Islands_water_Cayos_Cochinos.BGL07.28.1110.41 kB
1_CVX_1_Honduras_Islands_Landclass_Holes_Cayos_Cochinos.BGL07.28.111.40 kB
1_CVX_2_Honduras_Islands_Landclass_Filler_Cayos_Cochinos.BGL07.22.12938 B
2_CVX_001_Honduras_Islands_water_Guanaja.BGL07.21.1228.89 kB
2_CVX_1_Honduras_Islands_Landclass_Holes_Guanaja_v3.BGL07.20.1239.56 kB
2_CVX_2_Honduras_Islands_Landclass_Filler_Guanaja_v3.BGL07.17.1241.60 kB
3_CVX_001_Honduras_Islands_water_Roatan.BGL07.20.1295.86 kB
3_CVX_1_Honduras_Islands_Landclass_Holes_Roatan.BGL07.18.1296.26 kB
3_CVX_2_Honduras_Islands_Landclass_Filler_Roatan.BGL07.20.1261.18 kB
3_Honduras_Islands_Landclass_Filler_Roatan_EXT.BGL07.20.12920 B
4_CVX_001_Honduras_Islands_water_Utila.BGL07.10.1225.08 kB
4_CVX_1_Honduras_Islands_Landclass_Holes_Utila.BGL07.15.128.71 kB
4_CVX_2_Honduras_Islands_Landclass_Filler_Utila.BGL07.14.124.42 kB
4_Honduras_Islands_Landclass_Holes_Utila_EXT.BGL06.27.12292 B
GJAJ_ADEX_CS.BGL07.22.122.74 kB
GJAJ_ADEX_CS_CVX.bgl07.22.12379 B
GJA_ADEX_CS_ignore.BGL07.22.12417 B
MHBA_ADEX_CS.BGL07.20.121.10 kB
MHBA_ADEX_CS_CVX.bgl07.20.12264 B
MHCP_ADEX_CS.BGL06.28.123.32 kB
MHCP_ADEX_CS_CVX.bgl07.25.11277 B
MHFC_ADEX_CS.BGL07.20.121.10 kB
MHFC_ADEX_CS_CVX.bgl07.20.12287 B
MHLC_ADEX_CS.BGL07.22.127.91 kB
MHPL_ADEX_CS.BGL07.25.11975 B
MHPL_ADEX_CS_CVX.bgl07.25.11464 B
MHRO_ADEX_CS.BGL07.22.127.40 kB
MHRO_ADEX_CS_CVX.bgl07.22.12326 B
MHUT_ADEX_CS.BGL07.21.121.78 kB
MHUT_ADEX_CS_CVX.bgl07.21.12408 B
Objects_Barbareta.BGL07.20.12412 B
Objects_Cayos_Cochinos.BGL07.22.127.92 kB
Objects_Fort_Cay.BGL07.22.122.09 kB
Objects_Guanaja.BGL07.20.124.34 kB
Objects_Roatan.BGL07.22.128.01 kB
Objects_Utila.BGL07.20.124.11 kB
WC_2426.bgl07.19.11507 B
WC_2426a.bgl07.20.12310 B
WC_2526.bgl07.19.11520 B
YouTube comparisons07.22.120 B
GǬGuanaja Island, Boat Taxi from Airport to Hotel Alexander, HondurasGǼGÇÅ - YouTube.website07.22.12849 B
GǬHD, Boat taxi from Guanaja Airport to Hotel Alexander on Bonacca CayGǼGÇÅ - YouTube.website07.22.12836 B
GǬHD, Flying from Roatan to Guanaja, Bay Islands, HondurasGǼGÇÅ - YouTube.url06.23.12261 B
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B

Installation of Add-on Aircraft/Scenery

Most of the freeware add-on aircraft and scenery packages in our file library come with easy installation instructions which you can read above in the file description. For further installation help, please see our Knowledge Center for our full range of tutorials or view the README file contained within the download.


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