FSX Colorado Springs-Peterson AFB Scenery

Preview (KCOS), CO. Custom built detailed terminal, hangars, nearby buildings, hotels, AFCAD includes parking for C-17s, C-130's, and is parking coded for military AI. Added fuel trucks and GSE. EZ Scenery, Rwy12, GGSE, and Dan French Core Libraries Vol 2 FSX or higher required (DLFCORELIBRARIES2FSX.Z...

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(KCOS), CO. Custom built detailed terminal, hangars, nearby buildings, hotels, AFCAD includes parking for C-17s, C-130's, and is parking coded for military AI. Added fuel trucks and GSE. EZ Scenery, Rwy12, GGSE, and Dan French Core Libraries Vol 2 FSX or higher required (DLFCORELIBRARIES2FSX.ZIP). By Dan French.

Screenshot of Colorado Springs scenery.

Screenshot of Colorado Springs scenery.

Fairly up to date (2012) rendering of Colorado Springs Municipal Airport/ Peterson AFB for FSX only. The two share runways and facilities, making this an interesting scenery to model. The main terminal is constructed with transparent windows for allowing interior furnishing. The airport also has some unique nearby buildings, including the military arrivals terminal on the southeast corner, the Northrup Grumman and Aerospace buildings, and the USAF Space command facility and other buildings on the northeast side and north of the Peterson flight line. (An index map is provided should you wish to locate these buildings). I especially like the Radison Hotel complex and its adjacent Airplane Restaurant built around a classic C-97. Many thanks to Tom Gibson and Greg Pepper for allowing me the use of their AI
aircraft to model this building.

I like plenty of fuel trucks (hate to wait in line) so there are lots of interconnected routes from the main southeast fuel storage facility. To have some accurate AI, I recommend installing the Plains ANG AI package by Dan Bourque (see below). The "AFCAD" provided is parking coded to this package. If you have my Altus AFb package installed, flights will show up here. A new traffic file is included to provide flights from KCOS for the troops at nearby Ft. Carson to the desert warfare training facilty at Ft. Irwin, CA and to Ft. Huachuca, AZ. Sceneries for these are planned but not yet available. (I have included an abbreviated "AFCAD" for Bicycle Lake AAF at Ft. Irwin). These flights utilize C-17s from my Altus package and C-5s from the MAIW West Coast C-5s package assigned to Kelly-Lackland AFB
(also a well-meaningly planned future scenery).

The military uses a "forward exit" for parking spaces, so the "AFCAD" was constructed using a modified plumbing method. This occasionally leaves little texture faults on the taxiways/ aprons. I've tried to correct all these, but you may notice one here or there. Pretend it's just
sloppy government painters.

This was a complicated, but fun one to do. I hope you enjoy the effort.

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Screenshot 1

The archive kcos_colospgspetersonafb_dlffsx.zip has 213 files and directories contained within it.

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Filename/Directory File Date File Size
Additional screenshots09.10.120 B
Airplane Restaurant.gif09.06.1211.53 kB
Index map.jpg09.06.12252.07 kB
Military Arrivals Bldgs.gif09.06.129.71 kB
Thumbs.db09.10.1214.00 kB
FILE_ID.DIZ09.10.12338 B
kcos_colosprings_dlfFSX.gif09.06.129.79 kB
KCOS_dlfFSX09.03.120 B
scenery09.03.120 B
AFX_BYS.bgl09.07.126.21 kB
AFX_KCOS.bgl09.07.1277.18 kB
dlf_lib_KCOS.bgl09.03.124.75 MB
dlf_lib_KCOS.txt09.03.121.68 kB
IS_KCOS_bldgs.bgl09.03.124.17 kB
IS_KCOS_objects.bgl09.03.1223.82 kB
IS_KCOSterminal.bgl07.07.12140 B
texture09.04.120 B
ACEHdwrSign.dds07.26.1210.78 kB
ACEHdwrSign_LM.dds07.26.122.78 kB
Aerospace_Doors.dds07.12.1210.79 kB
Aerospace_Doors_LM.dds07.12.1210.79 kB
Aerospace_siding.dds07.12.12808 B
Aerospace_siding2.dds07.12.12808 B
Aerospace_sign.dds07.12.1221.44 kB
Aerospace_sign_LM.dds07.12.1210.78 kB
Aerospace_windows.dds07.12.1221.45 kB
Aerospace_windows_LM.dds07.12.1221.45 kB
Aerospace_windows3.dds07.12.125.45 kB
Aerospace_windows3_LM.dds07.12.125.45 kB
AI C-97 MATS Pacific09.03.120 B
c97horiz.bmp11.28.0465.07 kB
eng.bmp11.28.0465.07 kB
fgear.bmp11.28.0465.07 kB
frame.bmp11.28.0465.07 kB
in.bmp11.28.0465.07 kB
lw.bmp07.28.0965.05 kB
Painted by Mike Stevens.txt09.30.0448 B
ruimain.bmp11.28.0465.07 kB
ruimotor.bmp11.28.0465.07 kB
ruinose.bmp11.28.0465.07 kB
rw.bmp07.28.0965.05 kB
spin_prop.bmp11.28.0465.07 kB
stairs.bmp06.25.0665.05 kB
tail.bmp01.05.0865.05 kB
tail_L.bmp09.22.061.30 kB
tal1.bmp11.28.0465.07 kB
tal1_L.bmp09.22.061.30 kB
tal2.bmp11.28.0465.07 kB
tal2_L.bmp01.05.0865.05 kB
tal3.bmp07.28.0965.05 kB
tal3_L.bmp01.05.0865.05 kB
tal4.bmp11.28.0465.07 kB
tal4_L.bmp01.05.0865.05 kB
ualpropwheel.bmp11.28.0465.07 kB
Airplane Restaurant_LM.dds09.03.1210.78 kB
Airplane_Restaurant.dds09.03.1210.78 kB
AnodAlum.bmp11.30.1142.74 kB
AnodAluminum.dds03.12.122.79 kB
Asphalt.dds03.12.122.79 kB
AsphStampedBrick.dds09.03.121.45 kB
BaseTrimKCOS.dds07.07.122.79 kB
BasExchLogo.dds09.01.1210.79 kB
BasExchLogo_LM.dds09.01.1210.79 kB
Berber.dds03.16.12808 B
Berber15_LM.dds03.16.12296 B
BGGlass.dds03.11.1210.75 kB
BGGlass_LM.dds03.11.125.44 kB
BGGlass_ORIGINAL.dds03.22.121.44 kB
BGGlass_ORIGINAL_LM.dds03.22.12448 B
BlueRoof256x128.dds02.08.1221.45 kB
Brick_DkRed2.dds07.12.122.79 kB
BrickBeige.dds02.21.1210.79 kB
BrickDkBrwn.dds02.29.1210.79 kB
Brown 1stFl_LM.dds12.14.111.45 kB
Brown_1stFl.dds12.14.111.45 kB
CargoDrs3forLMrender.dds03.16.1210.78 kB
CargoDrs3forLMrender_LM.dds03.16.1210.78 kB
Carpet_blue1.dds12.05.1110.79 kB
Carpet_blue1_LM.dds12.05.11808 B
Carpet_Tan.dds06.29.122.79 kB
Carpet_Tan_LM.dds06.29.122.79 kB
CeilingTileLights.dds12.05.1110.79 kB
CeilingTileLights_LM.dds12.05.112.79 kB
Colorado Springs_LM.dds07.07.122.75 kB
Colorado_Springs.dds07.07.122.75 kB
Concrete_Aggregate_Smoke.dds03.22.1221.45 kB
Concrete_Form.dds03.16.122.79 kB
Concrete_Form_LM.dds08.29.1210.79 kB
ConcreteAgg_64x64.dds07.07.12808 B
ConcreteAgg_64x64_LM.dds07.07.12808 B
ConcreteBlock.dds02.16.1210.79 kB
CVGterm1.dds08.30.12170.79 kB
CVGterm1_LM.dds08.30.1210.79 kB
DeltaAirCargo_sign.dds07.07.1242.78 kB
DeltaAirCargo_sign_LM.dds07.07.1221.45 kB
DoorMetalWhite_1.dds07.12.121.45 kB
DoorMetalWhite_1_LM.dds07.12.121.45 kB
Doors_auto.dds12.05.1142.79 kB
Doors_auto_LM.dds12.05.1110.79 kB
Doors2dark.dds12.07.1110.79 kB
Doors2dark_LM.dds12.07.112.79 kB
DoorsAuto2.dds08.30.125.45 kB
DoorsAuto2_LM.dds08.30.125.45 kB
DoorsGray.dds12.07.112.79 kB
DoorsGray_LM.dds12.07.11808 B
Fencing_DiamondMesh.bmp06.22.12746 B
FencingFine.dds11.07.1185.45 kB
FstFlGraymine.dds12.07.1142.75 kB
FstFlGraymine_LM.dds12.09.112.75 kB
GarageDoor.dds02.29.1210.79 kB
GarageDoor_LM.dds02.29.1210.79 kB
GarageDoor8.dds03.01.1210.79 kB
GarageDoor8_LM.dds03.01.1210.79 kB
GreenwRafters.dds03.17.1221.45 kB
GreenwRafters_LM.dds03.17.1210.79 kB
Grill_Plate.bmp06.22.125.40 kB
GrndTxtr_Desert.dds07.07.122.79 kB
HamptonBrickRed.dds07.16.12808 B
Inside walls_LM.dds05.10.1210.79 kB
Inside_walls.dds05.10.1210.79 kB
KSATCntrlTwrBldgRfmid.dds02.29.1221.45 kB
KSATRoof1.dds02.08.1242.79 kB
KSATroof2.dds03.10.121.45 kB
KSATRoof3.dds02.14.1221.45 kB
KSATTowerBldg0.dds12.12.1142.79 kB
KSATTowerBldg0_LM.dds12.12.1142.79 kB
KSATTowerBldg2.dds08.05.112.79 kB
KSATTowerBldg3.dds08.05.1185.45 kB
KSATTowerBldg4.dds08.05.1110.78 kB
LoadDock3Door.dds03.03.125.45 kB
LoadDock3Door_LM.dds03.03.125.45 kB
Metal_Corrogated.dds12.05.1110.79 kB
Metal_Seamed.dds12.07.1110.79 kB
MetalRuf.bmp04.09.12754 B
NorthGrum_BldgSide.dds07.13.125.45 kB
NorthGrum_BldgSide_LM.dds07.13.125.45 kB
NorthGrum_sign.dds07.13.125.44 kB
NorthGrum_sign__LM.dds07.13.125.44 kB
OverpassSiding1.dds03.26.1221.45 kB
OverpassSiding2.dds03.06.125.45 kB
PaintWallWhtshGray.dds03.24.122.79 kB
PetersonRedCarpet.dds07.16.1285.45 kB
PinkAdobe.dds12.07.1142.79 kB
PkGarageRoofCars.dds02.04.1242.79 kB
PkGarageRoofCars_LM.dds02.04.1242.79 kB
Radisson.dds09.03.1210.78 kB
Radisson_LM.dds09.03.1210.78 kB
Roof_A.dds09.01.1210.79 kB
Roof_G.dds03.22.125.45 kB
RoofACequip.dds03.10.122.79 kB
RoofBlackCheck.dds07.15.1210.79 kB
RoofGrayPiping.dds12.18.1110.79 kB
RoofH_1.dds08.03.1221.45 kB
RoofH_1_90L.dds08.03.1221.45 kB
RoofH_1a.dds08.03.122.79 kB
RoofH_2.dds08.03.1210.79 kB
RoofMetalSeamRed_.dds08.30.122.79 kB
RoofPlainGray.dds03.10.122.79 kB
RoofShingles.dds03.02.1210.79 kB
RoofSpanish.dds11.20.1121.45 kB
Siding_BlueGray.dds07.17.122.79 kB
SidingBlue.dds07.17.122.79 kB
SidingPrplTrimKCOS.dds06.28.122.79 kB
SidingTermKCOS.dds07.08.122.79 kB
Skyway_1024x128.dds02.06.1285.44 kB
Skyway_1024x128_LM.dds02.06.1221.44 kB
Skyway_128x16noBaseNew.dds03.26.1210.75 kB
Skyway_128x16noBaseNew_LM.dds03.26.1210.75 kB
Skyway_128x64_noBase.dds09.01.125.45 kB
Skyway_128x64_noBase_LM.dds09.01.125.45 kB
Skyway_512x128_withDoors.dds12.08.1142.78 kB
Skyway_512x128_withDoors_LM.dds12.08.1110.78 kB
SkywayDoorsDark.dds03.01.1210.79 kB
SkywayDoorsDarkv2_LM.dds02.21.122.79 kB
StEPkLotC.dds03.03.1242.79 kB
StEPkLotC_LM.dds03.03.1242.79 kB
StEPkLotMOB.dds03.24.1210.79 kB
StEPkLotMOB_LM.dds03.24.1221.45 kB
Stone_FlagAsh_.dds07.12.12808 B
Stone_MasonMulti.dds07.12.122.79 kB
Swearingenroofplain.dds12.13.112.78 kB
TanStucco.dds12.07.1142.79 kB
Thumbs.db09.03.125.00 kB
Tile_Mosaic_Multi_.dds09.01.122.79 kB
Tile_Travertine_2inch.dds12.05.1142.79 kB
Tile_Various_Tan.dds12.05.1142.79 kB
TileDkGreen.dds08.03.1210.79 kB
uscustoms.dds08.30.1210.79 kB
uscustoms_LM.dds08.30.1210.79 kB
Vegetation_Grass1_.dds05.30.122.79 kB
Vegetation_Juniper2_.dds02.14.1242.79 kB
Wall_Whitetxtr.dds04.01.12296 B
WarehseTruckPking3.dds07.26.122.78 kB
WarehseTruckPking3_LM.dds07.26.122.78 kB
WarehseTruckPking4.dds07.26.1210.75 kB
WarehseTruckPking4_LM.dds07.26.125.44 kB
WhitePanel3a_90R.dds03.02.12808 B
WhiteStucco.dds10.26.1142.79 kB
Windows_NorthGrum.dds07.13.121.45 kB
Windows_NorthGrum_LM.dds07.13.121.45 kB
Windows2LongKCOS.dds07.07.121.44 kB
Windows2LongKCOS_LM.dds07.07.121.44 kB
Windows3Gray.dds03.18.1210.78 kB
Windows3Gray_LM.dds03.18.125.45 kB
WindowsBlueGrn.dds04.01.122.78 kB
WindowsBlueGrn_LM.dds04.01.122.78 kB
WindowSingle.dds07.12.122.79 kB
WindowSingle_LM.dds07.12.12808 B
Wood_BlackBarn.bmp06.22.122.74 kB
KCOS_dlfFSX_readme.txt09.10.127.06 kB
Traffic_DLF_KCOS_FSX.bgl09.07.1212.93 kB
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B
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