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FS2004 Bluestream Airlines VA Beech G-18

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Bluestream Airlines VA Beech Super G-18, registration N951BS and N952BS. Based at KHAO USA flying charter, air taxi, scheduled passenger flights and cargo to various local airports. Model, animation, panel, and several gauges by Greg Pepper. Bluestream Airlines paint by John Elliott Young.

Screenshot of Bluestream Airlines VA Beech G-18 in flight.

Screenshot of Bluestream Airlines VA Beech G-18 in flight.

This is the fourth gMAX model I have created. With the first, many concessions to detail were made to keep the "polygon" count down and provide acceptable performance. With each successive model, more detail (and more polygons) was added without any noticeable decline in performance. With this model, the decision was made from the vary outset to add as much detail as practical and let the polygon count fall where it may. This model has 28,043 polygons and 220 individual parts. Surpassingly it flies very well on both a 700 MHz and 1.8 GHZ machine.

The model represents the most accurate representation of a Beech Super 18, as I know how to make. Before anyone starts counting rivets and e mailing me on what I did wrong, let me say, "I know it's not perfect." I have titled it as a "Super G 18" but in reality it combines aspects of the "Super E18 and Super H18". In reality this was not that uncommon with real Beech 18's. Many older "Twin Beech's" were retrofitted with more modern components. Even the Beechcraft factory modified many "18's".

As nice as a well-detailed exterior model is to look at, to me the look and feel of the cockpit does more to give the pilot the feeling he is flying one airplane or another. A great deal of attention was given to get the 2D and 3D cockpits right. Having said that, I know that some of the switches and controls are not exactly like the real Beech 18 or located where they should be. I had to make several compromises in building the panels and cockpits. These compromises were due to my lack of gauge building knowledge and experience with the new Easy Gauge program and the limitations of FS2002 and a lack of "good" information in MS's SDK. I do feel however the basic "look" and "feel" of a Beech 18 cockpit was captured. If you ever have flown a "real" beech 18, you will fell right at home.

The cowl flaps, gear suspension, wheels and passenger door are animated as well as the usual gear, flaps, and control surfaces. The 3D "Virtual" cockpit features many moving controls and "live" instruments.


Screenshot 1Screenshot 2Screenshot 3

The archive has 148 files and directories contained within it.

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Filename/Directory File Date File Size
Bluestream_Airlines_Beech_Super_G1807.15.040 B
Aircraft.cfg07.14.0411.67 kB
Beech Super G 18 Manual.jpg10.08.02157.05 kB
Beech Super G18 Manual.pdf10.08.02440.45 kB
Bluestream Airlines Info.txt07.13.042.21 kB
Bluestream_SuperG18_panel.jpg07.14.0499.35 kB
Bluestream_SuperG18_side.jpg07.14.0488.80 kB
FILE_ID.DIZ07.15.04464 B
FS2004 Beech Super G18 Bluestream Airlines.txt07.14.04298 B
Model07.14.040 B
Model.cfg06.26.0223 B
b18g.mdl07.29.02927.17 kB
Panel07.14.040 B
Thumbs.db06.15.0421.50 kB
b18g-pnl.jpg08.13.0218.03 kB
b18g_elec_1024.bmp07.27.02364.50 kB
b18g_main_1024.bmp07.28.022.25 MB
b18g_yoke.bmp06.16.02360.87 kB
gauges07.14.040 B
MP3_Radio_HQ.gau04.26.00176.00 kB
Radio Gauge instructions.txt07.04.042.28 kB
alba_rp_flaps5.gau11.16.00118.50 kB
b18_airspeed.gau07.23.02252.50 kB
b18g_3_combo.gau07.09.02249.50 kB
b18g_R_engine3_combo.gau07.09.02249.50 kB
b18g_amps_1.gau07.27.02322.00 kB
b18g_amps_2.gau07.27.02590.00 kB
b18g_avi_mstr.gau07.21.02144.50 kB
b18g_bat_mstr.gau07.27.02144.50 kB
b18g_bcn_lgt.gau07.21.02128.50 kB
b18g_cyl_temp.gau07.23.02248.00 kB
b18g_dual_MP.gau07.08.02260.50 kB
b18g_dual_tach.gau07.07.02260.50 kB
b18g_eng1_mag.gau07.20.02366.00 kB
b18g_eng2_mag.gau07.20.02366.00 kB
b18g_flap.gau06.23.02101.50 kB
b18g_gear.gau06.23.02333.00 kB
b18g_gen1.gau07.27.02124.50 kB
b18g_gen2.gau07.23.02124.50 kB
b18g_lft_fuelpump.gau07.13.02124.50 kB
b18g_lnd_lgt.gau07.21.02128.50 kB
b18g_mixture.gau06.23.02173.00 kB
b18g_nav_lgt.gau07.21.02128.50 kB
b18g_pnl_lgt.gau07.21.02128.50 kB
b18g_prop.gau06.23.02189.00 kB
b18g_rt_fuelpump.gau07.13.02124.50 kB
b18g_start_left.gau07.27.02124.50 kB
b18g_start_right.gau07.27.02124.50 kB
b18g_stb_lgt.gau07.21.02128.50 kB
b18g_throttle.gau08.04.02274.00 kB
b18g_volts.gau07.22.02323.50 kB
electrical.gau07.13.0249.50 kB
panel.cfg06.20.045.90 kB
throttle_quad_1024.bmp08.11.021.00 MB
Readme -FS2002 Manual Checklist -- Beech Super G18.txt10.08.022.72 kB
Sound07.14.040 B
SOUND.CFG09.05.0111.40 kB
baron_apdisconnect.wav08.15.01176.62 kB
baron_falsestart_left.wav08.15.01194.12 kB
baron_falsestart_right.wav08.15.01207.12 kB
baron_flaps.wav08.15.01175.61 kB
baron_geardn.wav08.15.01288.12 kB
baron_gearup.wav08.15.01312.37 kB
baron_gearwarning.wav08.15.01239.59 kB
baron_gyro.wav08.15.011.88 MB
baron_noncombustion_left01.wav08.15.0181.86 kB
baron_noncombustion_left02.wav08.15.0161.75 kB
baron_noncombustion_right01.wav08.15.0198.72 kB
baron_noncombustion_right02.wav08.15.01163.42 kB
baron_prop1a_left.wav08.15.0160.75 kB
baron_prop1a_right.wav08.15.0165.25 kB
baron_prop1b_left.wav08.15.0168.25 kB
baron_prop1b_right.wav08.15.0165.25 kB
baron_prop2a_left.wav08.15.0162.75 kB
baron_prop2a_right.wav08.15.0160.75 kB
baron_prop2b_left.wav08.15.0173.25 kB
baron_prop2b_right.wav08.15.0173.75 kB
baron_rpm1_left.wav08.15.01235.66 kB
baron_rpm1_right.wav08.15.01218.28 kB
baron_rpm2_left.wav09.06.01253.04 kB
baron_rpm2_right.wav09.06.01253.04 kB
baron_rpm3_left.wav08.15.01228.29 kB
baron_rpm3_right.wav08.15.01249.91 kB
baron_rpm4_left.wav08.15.01245.96 kB
baron_rpm4_right.wav08.15.01170.75 kB
baron_shutdown_left.wav08.15.01156.12 kB
baron_shutdown_right.wav08.15.01175.12 kB
baron_stallhorn.wav08.15.0186.69 kB
baron_starter_left.wav08.15.0153.25 kB
baron_starter_right.wav08.15.0153.37 kB
baron_startup_left.wav08.15.01161.32 kB
baron_startup_right.wav08.15.01217.00 kB
baron_switch01.wav08.15.013.05 kB
baron_switch02.wav08.15.012.36 kB
baron_switch03.wav08.15.012.31 kB
baron_switch04.wav08.15.013.07 kB
xbaron_falsestart_left.wav08.15.01167.62 kB
xbaron_falsestart_right.wav08.15.01170.12 kB
xbaron_noncombustion_left01.wav08.15.0143.14 kB
xbaron_noncombustion_left02.wav08.15.0196.35 kB
xbaron_noncombustion_right01.wav08.15.0134.27 kB
xbaron_noncombustion_right02.wav08.15.01101.41 kB
xbaron_prop1a_left.wav08.15.0160.75 kB
xbaron_prop1a_right.wav08.15.0165.25 kB
xbaron_prop1b_left.wav08.15.0168.25 kB
xbaron_prop1b_right.wav08.15.0165.25 kB
xbaron_prop2a_left.wav08.15.0162.75 kB
xbaron_prop2a_right.wav08.15.0160.75 kB
xbaron_prop2b_left.wav08.15.0173.25 kB
xbaron_prop2b_right.wav08.15.0173.75 kB
xbaron_rpm1_left.wav08.15.01236.92 kB
xbaron_rpm1_right.wav08.15.01195.55 kB
xbaron_rpm2_left.wav08.15.01248.18 kB
xbaron_rpm2_right.wav08.15.01223.52 kB
xbaron_rpm3_left.wav08.15.01213.25 kB
xbaron_rpm3_right.wav08.15.01267.71 kB
xbaron_rpm4_left.wav08.15.01171.65 kB
xbaron_rpm4_right.wav08.15.01214.63 kB
xbaron_shutdown_left.wav08.15.01144.57 kB
xbaron_shutdown_right.wav08.15.01146.12 kB
xbaron_starter_left.wav08.15.0134.87 kB
xbaron_starter_right.wav08.15.0142.87 kB
xbaron_startup_left.wav08.15.01317.69 kB
xbaron_startup_right.wav08.15.01352.43 kB
Texture07.14.040 B
2blade-prop.bmp06.12.0465.05 kB
Chrome_parts_t.bmp06.12.04256.07 kB
b18g_1_t.bmp06.12.041.00 MB
b18g_2_t.bmp06.13.041.00 MB
b18g_3_t.bmp06.12.041.00 MB
b18g_4.bmp06.12.041.00 MB
b18g_4_t.bmp07.14.021.33 MB
b18g_5.bmp06.12.041.00 MB
cowl_t.bmp06.12.04256.07 kB
Texture.107.14.040 B
2blade-prop.bmp06.12.0465.05 kB
Chrome_parts_t.bmp06.12.04256.07 kB
b18g_1_t.bmp06.12.041.00 MB
b18g_2_t.bmp06.13.041.00 MB
b18g_3_t.bmp06.12.041.00 MB
b18g_4.bmp06.12.041.00 MB
b18g_4_t.bmp07.14.021.33 MB
b18g_5.bmp06.12.041.00 MB
cowl_t.bmp06.12.04256.07 kB
readme.txt06.25.049.93 kB
super_g_18.air07.30.028.91 kB
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B

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