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The 1945 Miles Aerovan was a small twin-prop short-haul transport with tubby fuselage (the "flying tadpole"). This Gmax version carries a Cooper Formula 3 car as cargo. By Dennis Simanaitis.

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The 1945 Miles Aerovan was a small twin-prop short-haul transport with tubby fuselage (the "flying tadpole"). This Gmax version carries a Cooper Formula 3 car as cargo. By Dennis Simanaitis.

Screenshot of Miles Aerovan in flight.

Screenshot of Miles Aerovan in flight.

This latest version of the Miles M.57 Aerovan is an entirely new Gmax rendering. It is designed for FS2004 but seems to work in FS2002 as well.


Through the wonders of PKWare, there will be four elements in this unzipped download: miles57a.txt (this file, read and save if you wish), file_id.diz (an id file, delete), a folder named miles57a (the aircraft itself) and a folder named gauges.

Put the miles57a folder in your FS9's aircraft folder. Put the contents of the gauges folder in your FS9/gauges folder (duplicates may be discarded). The aircraft comes with default Ford Tri-Motor sound (which isn't bad actually).

Fredrick and George Miles sensed that, after World War II was over, there would be a demand for a small, short-haul aircraft capable of carrying goods or people. On January 26, 1945 the Miles M.57 Aerovan prototype made her maiden flight. A capacious "flying tadpole," the Aerovan was capable of carrying nine passengers or a single "motor car," the latter loaded through a rear hatch that opened to one side allowing easy drive-on/off access.

Some 50 Aerovans were built in several series. Though practical (and handsome in its purposeful way), the M.57 was a bit ahead of its time and lacking in available power. Aerovans remained in service into the Fifties, though, alas, Miles Aircraft Ltd failed in 1948.

The archive m57ds.zip has 50 files and directories contained within it.

File Contents

This list displays the first 500 files in the package. If the package has more, you will need to download it to view them.

Filename/Directory File Date File Size
file_id.diz03.10.05205 B
gauges03.10.050 B
BCK.toggle_40.gau04.13.9928.00 kB
bendix_king.adf.slaved.gau11.12.97242.50 kB
Brab-FUEL-L.GAU01.02.00100.00 kB
Brab-FUEL-R.GAU01.02.00100.00 kB
Brab-toggle-land1.gau01.02.0028.00 kB
Brab-toggle-pan1.gau01.02.0028.00 kB
Brab-toggle-strobe1.gau01.02.0028.00 kB
cessna_182.manifold_pressure_fuel_flow.1.gau04.17.01138.00 kB
cessna_182.manifold_pressure_fuel_flow.2.gau04.17.01138.00 kB
DH89-trim.GAU02.16.999.50 kB
DH89-turn.gau02.03.99107.00 kB
HK1-ignition.gau07.13.9976.00 kB
Hughes-comm1.gau10.30.98142.00 kB
prop2ERKadf.gau06.14.98102.00 kB
prop2ERKap.gau05.24.98132.00 kB
rapide.alt.gau01.24.99201.50 kB
rapide.att.gau04.27.04323.50 kB
rapide.clock.gau01.24.99131.50 kB
rapide.vertical-speed.gau01.24.9998.50 kB
raprpm1.gau02.11.99100.00 kB
raprpm2.gau02.11.99100.00 kB
rapWHISKEY-2.GAU02.15.9944.00 kB
schweizer.airspeed.gau04.17.01124.00 kB
m57a.txt03.20.054.25 kB
Miles57a03.10.050 B
aircraft.cfg02.28.057.46 kB
aircraft.cfgorg02.15.057.91 kB
Miles57a.air01.18.029.17 kB
model03.10.050 B
Miles57a.mdl02.28.051.94 MB
model.cfg12.08.9927 B
panel03.10.050 B
m57_fuel.bmp02.28.05234.43 kB
m57_panel.bmp02.13.054.00 MB
m57_radio.bmp12.30.04234.43 kB
panel.cfg03.10.052.92 kB
sound03.10.050 B
sound.cfg02.08.0537 B
texture03.10.050 B
blue.bmp01.17.051.00 MB
m57details1_L.bmp02.07.051.07 kB
m57details1_t.bmp02.07.051.33 MB
m57details2_L.bmp02.07.051.07 kB
m57details2_t.bmp02.07.051.00 MB
m57details3.bmp03.07.054.00 MB
pilot.bmp02.08.051.00 MB
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B
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