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FS2004 Miles HP Reading Marathon Mk1 - 1A

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Manual install version. A four engined British Feederliner from the 1950's, supplied in two liveries: BEA and WAAC. Model and textures by Peter Larkham.

Screenshot of Miles HP Reading Marathon Mk1 G-ALUB in the air.

Screenshot of Miles HP Reading Marathon Mk1 G-ALUB in the air.

title=Miles Marathon Mk.1
sim=Miles Marathon Mk.1
ui_manufacturer=Miles (HP Reading)
ui_type=M.60 (H.P.R.1) Marathon 1/1A
ui_variation=British European Airways
description=1st production aircraft c\/n101,G-ALUB was the world sales demonstrator before being evaluated by BEA in 1951,resulting in the cancellation of the Clansman Class fleet order.Converted to the first RAF MkT11 as XA249,wfu & stored Hullavington July 1954.Bought by Hants & Sussex Aviation 1959 and broken up.

title=Miles Marathon Mk.1A
sim=Miles Marathon Mk.1
ui_manufacturer=Miles (HP Reading)
ui_type=M.60 (H.P.R.1) Marathon 1/1A
ui_variation=West African Airways Corporation
description=c/n133.This the fifth of seven used by WAAC.Previously G-AMHV & later XJ831 (RAE Farnborough).Stored in 1960 again as G-AMHV & sold as CF-NUH but undelivered.Broken up at Wymeswold,Leics.1963.


Screenshot 1

The archive has 164 files and directories contained within it.

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Filename/Directory File Date File Size
Please Read1st.txt09.04.06658 B
fx_engstrt_dv.fx01.22.055.46 kB
fx_sparks.fx04.18.015.04 kB
fx_spray.fx08.11.014.97 kB
fx_tchdrt.fx08.27.013.74 kB
fx_tchdwn.fx10.17.043.56 kB
fx_wake.fx05.30.032.05 kB
Mar_Pcab.fx09.04.061.31 kB
effects09.04.060 B
gauges.zip09.05.063.35 MB
gauges09.05.060 B
Aircraft.cfg09.03.0610.60 kB
Documentation09.04.060 B
HPR1.pdf09.04.06356.81 kB
Miles Marathon Mk.1.air06.30.066.45 kB
model09.04.060 B
miles marathon mk.1.mdl09.02.062.46 MB
Model.cfg05.15.0638 B
panel09.04.060 B
connie_yoke09.04.060 B
connie_yoke.bmp03.03.06334.04 kB
connie_yoke.txt04.23.051.28 kB
connie_yoke.xml04.23.051.28 kB
Yoke_1.bmp03.03.06334.04 kB
Yoke_anim1.bmp03.03.06334.04 kB
Yoke_anim2.bmp03.03.06334.04 kB
Yoke_orig.bmp03.03.06384.05 kB
Copy of panel.cfg07.06.064.05 kB
dual feather.bmp09.04.06117.24 kB
Icons.bmp03.02.069.90 kB
main.bmp04.05.062.25 MB
marathon.cab04.05.06486.19 kB
panel.cfg07.07.064.05 kB
radio.bmp03.24.0645.00 kB
starter panel.bmp03.24.06468.80 kB
Yoke.bmp02.18.06445.83 kB
sound09.04.060 B
CAGEAR.WAV07.19.01234 B
canopy_latch_close.wav04.09.0395.79 kB
canopy_latch_open.wav04.09.0384.69 kB
CASTALL.WAV07.19.01298 B
CE1A.wav03.28.0263.36 kB
CE1B.WAV03.04.0130.08 kB
CE2A.wav03.28.0281.58 kB
CE2B.WAV03.04.0130.07 kB
CE3A.wav03.28.02319.45 kB
CE4A.wav03.28.0274.23 kB
CEP1A.WAV03.28.02107.83 kB
CEP1B.WAV03.01.01195.54 kB
CEP2A.WAV03.28.0264.13 kB
CEP2B.WAV03.28.0273.82 kB
cmflaps.wav03.28.02110 B
com1port.wav12.17.05329.78 kB
com1star.wav12.17.05329.78 kB
com2port.wav12.17.05345.34 kB
com2star.wav12.17.05345.34 kB
comet_flaps.wav04.17.03179.34 kB
comet_geardown.wav04.18.01151.29 kB
comet_gearup.wav04.18.01137.88 kB
comet_noncombust_left.wav03.14.0327.19 kB
comet_noncombust_right.wav03.14.0328.25 kB
comet_prop_left.wav03.14.03340.18 kB
comet_prop_right.wav03.14.03233.58 kB
comet_rpm1_left.wav03.14.03281.81 kB
comet_rpm1_right.wav03.14.03281.51 kB
comet_rpm2_left.wav03.14.03315.56 kB
comet_rpm2_right.wav03.14.03314.87 kB
comet_rpm3_left.wav03.14.03343.76 kB
comet_rpm3_right.wav03.14.03343.56 kB
comet_rpm4_left.wav03.14.03327.76 kB
comet_rpm4_right.wav03.14.03327.28 kB
comet_shutdown_left.wav03.14.0361.88 kB
comet_shutdown_right.wav03.14.0368.38 kB
comet_starter_left.wav05.15.0314.18 kB
comet_starter_right.wav05.15.0311.68 kB
comet_startup_left.wav03.14.03115.13 kB
comet_startup_right.wav03.14.03120.88 kB
geardn.wav03.28.02216 B
klaxapdis.wav08.28.06224.23 kB
L.wav03.28.0233.24 kB
porteng1.wav12.17.0568.54 kB
porteng2.wav12.17.0568.54 kB
R.wav03.28.0263.00 kB
shutport.wav12.17.05181.02 kB
shutstar.wav12.17.05181.02 kB
Sound.cfg09.03.0618.14 kB
stareng1.wav12.17.0568.54 kB
stareng2.wav09.03.0670.12 kB
wind3.wav03.22.0262.45 kB
XCE1a.WAV03.28.0293.43 kB
XCE1B.WAV03.28.0228.20 kB
XCE2A.WAV03.28.0294.96 kB
XCE2B.WAV03.28.0228.12 kB
XCE3A.WAV03.28.0283.65 kB
XCE4A.wav03.28.02145.54 kB
XCEP1A.WAV03.28.02107.83 kB
XCEP1B.WAV03.28.0253.47 kB
XCEP2A.WAV03.28.0264.26 kB
XCEP2B.WAV03.28.0258.30 kB
XCESHUTA.WAV03.28.0265.99 kB
XCESHUTB.WAV03.28.0265.99 kB
XCESTRTA.WAV03.28.027.72 kB
xcomet_noncombust_left.wav03.14.0327.19 kB
xcomet_noncombust_right.wav03.14.0328.25 kB
xcomet_prop_left.wav03.14.03340.18 kB
xcomet_prop_right.wav03.14.03233.58 kB
xcomet_rpm1_left.wav03.14.03315.05 kB
xcomet_rpm1_right.wav03.14.03326.60 kB
xcomet_rpm2_left.wav03.14.03315.66 kB
xcomet_rpm2_right.wav03.14.03282.20 kB
xcomet_rpm3_left.wav03.14.03242.09 kB
xcomet_rpm3_right.wav03.14.03242.81 kB
xcomet_rpm4_left.wav03.14.03325.10 kB
xcomet_rpm4_right.wav03.14.03325.30 kB
xcomet_shutdown_left.wav03.14.0379.13 kB
xcomet_shutdown_right.wav03.14.0379.13 kB
xcomet_starter_left.wav03.27.0326.36 kB
xcomet_starter_right.wav03.27.0344.11 kB
xcomet_startup_left.wav03.14.03161.63 kB
xcomet_startup_right.wav03.14.03161.63 kB
texture.bea09.04.060 B
bigstripy.bmp09.04.0665.05 kB
boxy.bmp02.17.0665.05 kB
boxy2.bmp02.17.0665.05 kB
boxy3.bmp02.17.0665.05 kB
boxy4.bmp02.17.0665.05 kB
fins.bmp06.02.06256.07 kB
fuselage.bmp06.27.061.00 MB
marpilot.bmp09.02.06257.05 kB
Painter.doc07.02.0631.00 kB
pilotface.bmp08.30.0665.05 kB
prop.bmp05.18.0664.07 kB
propdisc.bmp04.09.0685.40 kB
smlparts.bmp07.02.061.00 MB
spinner_T.bmp06.02.0664.07 kB
tyre2.bmp02.18.0665.05 kB
tyrewall.bmp04.23.0665.05 kB
wheel.bmp07.02.0665.05 kB
wing_lower.bmp06.02.061.00 MB
wing_top.bmp06.02.061.00 MB
texture.waac09.04.060 B
bigstripy.bmp09.04.0665.05 kB
boxy.bmp02.17.0665.05 kB
boxy2.bmp02.17.0665.05 kB
boxy3.bmp02.17.0665.05 kB
boxy4.bmp02.17.0665.05 kB
fins.bmp06.25.06256.07 kB
fuselage.bmp07.01.061.00 MB
marpilot.bmp09.02.06257.05 kB
pilotface.bmp09.01.0665.05 kB
propblur_T.bmp06.01.0664.07 kB
smallparts.bmp06.25.0664.07 kB
smlparts.bmp07.02.061.00 MB
spinner_T.bmp06.02.0664.07 kB
tyre2.bmp02.18.0665.05 kB
tyrewall.bmp04.23.0665.05 kB
wing_lower.bmp07.01.061.00 MB
wing_top.bmp07.01.061.00 MB
Miles HP Marathon Mk 109.04.060 B
file_id.diz09.10.06201 B
HPR1.jpg09.05.0662.12 kB
Documentation.txt09.06.067.29 kB
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B

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