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FSX Grumman F-14D Tomcat

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Microsoft Flight Simulator X (FSX) including Steam Edition & Prepar3D (P3D)
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FSX Grumman F-14D Tomcat Rev 2. Flight Dynamics,(V 03-07), FDE & Aircraft.cfg by IVAN KOSTIC". Aircraft perfectly controllable & maneuverable within the whole original Tomcat's flight envelope. F14D custom sound file by Christoffer Peterson given to me as a gift will full usage rights. Rework of Scott Printz's HUD_Hornet.XML for HUD development for the F14D & original aircraft.cfg by Ivan Kostic

FSX aircraft.cfg & panel.cfg rework/migration by Steve Hinson, GMAX model: J. Dobbings & Dino Cattaneo. NEW DFX MODEL 97% done by Darek Gurtowski with NEW textures by RD. This NEW model will replace Dino's model in 3-4 months. FSX rework & original files by Ivan Kostic & Steve Hinson. Systems Design: Steve Hinson. HUD rework by Ivan Kostic. FDE by Ivan Kostic. Panels by Steve Hinson, VC mold by Dino Cattaneo. Carrier Ops Pack-3 by Rob Barendregt, Doug Dawson, & Transonic Vapor Cloud by Nick Needham used with permission. This pack has the panel fix for CTD issues & all thumbnails added. I also added all the FSX camera views created for me by Bob Familton.

ORIGINAL for FSX replaces old FS9 gauge in your gauge file. Same with,, & No other download is needed! See inside for all credits & READ EVERY ONE of the DOCS in the DOCS folder. REV 2 is a auto-installed zip file using "Folder As Names" method with Winzip. Extract from temporary folder into "Microsoft Flight Simulator X" folder. See READ ME in main folder for install instructions of FSUIPC.dll Rev 4.9. Overwrite ALL Gauges= YES. Click YES for "TRUST GAUGES?". Added FSX Default Fuel Dump Function. Use Cntrl-

Shft-D to dump fuel, it will decrease level fast. Watch fuel gauge. Excellent for weight reduction for carrier operations 

REV 2 is a auto-installed zip file

HOT, you can load manually per standard FS methods or AUTOMATICALLY USING XP Extraction tool or WINZIP. 

If you do not use Folder as File names with Winzip, the folders inside the zip will just lineup with other folders. 
NOT a Emergency! Just open each, C/P from there if you make this error.

Auto Method, I tested using XP / mouse right click: it works fine IF YOU FOLLOW STEPS BELOW!

  1. Extract .zip download from the temp folder as follows: 
  2. The EXTRACTION is to be into "Microsoft Flight Simulator X"  Folder. 
  3. Use Folder as File Names to maintain Folder Structure during extraction IF Winzip used. 
  4. There will be ONE FOLDER LEFT. OPEN this Folder called FSUIPC_4_9.
  5. Execute the Round Yellow BalI ICON manually. The folder for this is now locared amongst the other files inside the MAIN FSX folder. It is FSUIPC_4_9. 
  6. When execution is being performed, installer will pause & display window will read: FSX.exe location. 
  7. Browse to FSX MAIN FOLDER, look for little blue box FSX.exe, Click on it. Press NEXT on installer.
  8. Installer will creat MODULES folder and install correct modules and files. 
  9. Done, KEEP ZIPS if repeat is needed.
  10. MAKE SURE FIREWALL IS set to ALLOW FSX.exe to pass through , Browse to find FSX.exe, ADD to Firewall list, CHECK the Filter BOX! Close
  11. Check for all folders present and in correct order with files inside,GREAt, You are done, Clean drive, defrag, rebbot. FLY a Tomcat! TO USE CARRIER, READ inside DOCS FOLDER! READ ALL DOCS HOT! HOT!

Thank you for your support

Steve Hinson




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The archive has 1281 files and directories contained within it.

File Contents

This list displays the first 500 files in the package. If the package has more, you will need to download it to view them.

Filename/Directory File Date File Size
104asam2.CAB04.12.07123.63 kB
b52h.cab04.12.07186.10 kB
Beech_Baron.cab04.13.071.30 MB
CONCORDE.GAU04.12.073.60 MB
COP304.12.070 B
Arrester.xml04.12.075.37 kB
CableCatch.wav04.12.07148.15 kB
CableRewind.wav04.12.07238.41 kB
CarrierZones.gau04.12.0788.82 kB
Catapult.xml04.12.074.34 kB
CatapultLaunch.wav04.12.07212.46 kB
Config.gau04.12.0760.85 kB
Config.ini04.12.071.56 kB
ControlPanel.xml04.12.074.19 kB
ControlPanel_Background.bmp04.12.071.57 kB
ControlPanel_Green.bmp04.12.071.12 kB
FILE_ID.DIZ04.12.07837 B
IFLOLS.jpg04.12.0746.19 kB
IFLOLS.xml04.12.073.50 kB
IFLOLS_Background.bmp04.12.0750.51 kB
IFLOLS_BallRed.bmp04.12.07322 B
IFLOLS_BallWhite.bmp04.12.07322 B
IFLOLS_CutLights.bmp04.12.071.23 kB
IFLOLS_DatumLights.bmp04.12.071.13 kB
IFLOLS_WaveoffLights.bmp04.12.079.20 kB
PositionDisplay.xml04.12.073.47 kB
PositionDisplayGreen.bmp04.12.078.71 kB
PositionDisplayRed.bmp04.12.078.71 kB
rcbco-30.gif04.12.071.42 kB
README rcbco-30.txt04.12.0732.07 kB
SonicBoom.wav04.12.07151.62 kB
SonicBoomControl.xml04.12.071.29 kB
Sound.dll04.12.0796.80 kB
Sound.ini04.12.07376 B
SpeedControl.dll04.12.0764.80 kB
WindowInit10080.xml04.12.071.20 kB
WindowStatus.gau04.12.0760.80 kB
cpt.icons.CAB04.12.0734.88 kB
cpt.toggles.light.square.cab04.12.0729.24 kB
cpt.toggles.metal.cab04.12.0730.58 kB
DigRA.cab04.12.0742.40 kB
dsd_arrester_zones.ini04.12.07715 B
dsd_catapult_zones.ini04.12.071.74 kB
F16.gau04.12.071.53 MB
F16_AST_StallWarn04.12.070 B
F16_AST_StallWarn.bmp04.12.072.75 kB
F16_AST_StallWarn.xml04.12.07726 B
F16_AST_StallWarn_bg.bmp04.12.073.16 kB
fs9gps.cab04.13.07550.10 kB
hja_jet04.12.070 B
airspeed.xml04.12.07668 B
airspeed_back.bmp04.12.072.63 kB
ap_altitude.xml04.12.071.38 kB
ap_back0.bmp04.12.075.96 kB
ap_back1.bmp04.12.074.90 kB
ap_heading.xml04.12.071.32 kB
ap_speed.xml04.12.071.66 kB
ap_vertspeed.xml04.12.071.46 kB
ap1.xml04.12.0714.85 kB
ap1_alt_off.bmp04.12.072.75 kB
ap1_alt_on.bmp04.12.072.75 kB
ap1_ap_off.bmp04.12.072.75 kB
ap1_ap_on.bmp04.12.072.75 kB
ap1_apr_off.bmp04.12.072.75 kB
ap1_apr_on.bmp04.12.072.75 kB
ap1_att_off.bmp04.12.072.75 kB
ap1_att_on.bmp04.12.072.75 kB
ap1_back.bmp04.12.07105.44 kB
ap1_bc_off.bmp04.12.072.75 kB
ap1_bc_on.bmp04.12.072.75 kB
ap1_fd_off.bmp04.12.072.75 kB
ap1_fd_on.bmp04.12.072.75 kB
ap1_hdg_off.bmp04.12.072.75 kB
ap1_hdg_on.bmp04.12.072.75 kB
ap1_lvl_off.bmp04.12.072.75 kB
ap1_lvl_on.bmp04.12.072.75 kB
ap1_mch_off.bmp04.12.072.75 kB
ap1_mch_on.bmp04.12.072.75 kB
ap1_nav_off.bmp04.12.072.75 kB
ap1_nav_on.bmp04.12.072.75 kB
ap1_spd_off.bmp04.12.072.75 kB
ap1_spd_on.bmp04.12.072.75 kB
ap1_yd_off.bmp04.12.072.75 kB
ap1_yd_on.bmp04.12.072.75 kB
ap2.xml04.12.0714.85 kB
ap2_back.bmp04.12.07105.44 kB
auto_taxi.xml04.12.072.28 kB
auto_taxi_back.bmp04.12.075.40 kB
auto_taxi_dmy.bmp04.12.071.09 kB
auto1_off.bmp04.12.0712.82 kB
auto1_on.bmp04.12.0712.82 kB
auto1_switch.xml04.12.07639 B
auto2_off.bmp04.12.0712.82 kB
auto2_on.bmp04.12.0712.82 kB
auto2_switch.xml04.12.07640 B
autobrakes1.xml04.12.071.18 kB
autobrakes1_1.bmp04.12.0722.91 kB
autobrakes1_2.bmp04.12.0722.91 kB
autobrakes1_3.bmp04.12.0722.91 kB
autobrakes1_max.bmp04.12.0722.91 kB
autobrakes1_off.bmp04.12.0722.91 kB
autobrakes1_rto.bmp04.12.0722.91 kB
brake.xml04.12.071.55 kB
brake_back.bmp04.12.0710.82 kB
brake_left_off.bmp04.12.072.65 kB
brake_left_on.bmp04.12.072.65 kB
brake_right_off.bmp04.12.072.65 kB
brake_right_on.bmp04.12.072.65 kB
clock_datum.xml04.12.07695 B
clock_datum_back.bmp04.12.0757.12 kB
clock_day_night.xml04.12.071.12 kB
clock_day_night_back.bmp04.12.0721.75 kB
clock_timer.xml04.12.071.16 kB
clock_timer_back.bmp04.12.07140.18 kB
clock0.xml04.12.074.64 kB
clock0_back.bmp04.12.0754.74 kB
clock1.xml04.12.074.62 kB
clock1_back.bmp04.12.0720.48 kB
compass.xml04.12.07659 B
compass_back.bmp04.12.079.57 kB
compass_scale.bmp04.12.0754.68 kB
eicas1.xml04.12.0714.53 kB
eicas1_back.bmp04.12.07413.41 kB
eicas1_bild.bmp04.12.07413.41 kB
eicas1_e1_cut.bmp04.12.073.90 kB
eicas1_e1_on.bmp04.12.073.90 kB
eicas1_e2_cut.bmp04.12.073.90 kB
eicas1_e2_on.bmp04.12.073.90 kB
eicas1_gear_down.bmp04.12.0711.77 kB
eicas1_gear_trans.bmp04.12.0711.77 kB
eicas1_gear_up.bmp04.12.0711.77 kB
eicas1_n2_back.bmp04.12.0721.26 kB
eicas1_n2_bar_g.bmp04.12.0721.26 kB
eicas1_n2_bar_r.bmp04.12.0721.26 kB
eicas1_n2_mask.bmp04.12.0721.26 kB
eicas1_needle.bmp04.12.071.15 kB
eicas1_park_brake_off.bmp04.12.0710.04 kB
eicas1_park_brake_on.bmp04.12.0710.04 kB
eicas2.xml04.12.0714.54 kB
eicas2_back.bmp04.12.07413.41 kB
eicas2_bild.bmp04.12.07413.41 kB
eicas3.xml04.12.0724.78 kB
eicas3_back.bmp04.12.07413.41 kB
eicas3_bild.bmp04.12.07413.41 kB
eicas3_n2_back.bmp04.12.072.84 kB
eicas3_n2_bar_g.bmp04.12.072.84 kB
eicas3_n2_bar_r.bmp04.12.072.84 kB
eicas3_n2_mask.bmp04.12.072.84 kB
electric_avionic.xml04.12.07701 B
electric_avionic_off.bmp04.12.075.37 kB
electric_avionic_on.bmp04.12.075.37 kB
electric_battery.xml04.12.07627 B
electric_battery_off.bmp04.12.071.67 kB
electric_battery_on.bmp04.12.071.67 kB
electric_gen_e1.xml04.12.07650 B
electric_gen_e1_off.bmp04.12.071.67 kB
electric_gen_e1_on.bmp04.12.071.67 kB
electric_gen_e2.xml04.12.07651 B
electric_gen_e2_off.bmp04.12.071.67 kB
electric_gen_e2_on.bmp04.12.071.67 kB
electric1_battery.xml04.12.07628 B
electric1_gen_e1.xml04.12.07653 B
electric1_gen_e2.xml04.12.07654 B
electric1_gen_e3.xml04.12.07653 B
electric1_gen_e4.xml04.12.07654 B
electric1_switch_off.bmp04.12.075.02 kB
electric1_switch_on.bmp04.12.075.02 kB
flaps_b737.xml04.12.071.29 kB
flaps_b737_back.bmp04.12.0764.55 kB
flaps_b737_needle.bmp04.12.077.18 kB
flaps0.xml04.12.071.01 kB
flaps0_10.bmp04.12.0745.77 kB
flaps0_20.bmp04.12.0745.77 kB
flaps0_dn.bmp04.12.0745.77 kB
flaps0_up.bmp04.12.0745.77 kB
flaps1.xml04.12.071.01 kB
flaps1_20.bmp04.12.0745.77 kB
flaps1_8.bmp04.12.0745.77 kB
flaps1_dn.bmp04.12.0745.77 kB
flaps1_up.bmp04.12.0745.77 kB
flaps2.xml04.12.071.29 kB
flaps2_0.bmp04.12.0777.24 kB
flaps2_1.bmp04.12.0777.24 kB
flaps2_15.bmp04.12.0777.24 kB
flaps2_20.bmp04.12.0777.24 kB
flaps2_25.bmp04.12.0777.24 kB
flaps2_30.bmp04.12.0777.24 kB
flaps2_5.bmp04.12.0777.24 kB
flaps3.xml04.12.071.29 kB
flaps3_0.bmp04.12.0777.24 kB
flaps3_1.bmp04.12.0777.24 kB
flaps3_10.bmp04.12.0777.24 kB
flaps3_20.bmp04.12.0777.24 kB
flaps3_25.bmp04.12.0777.24 kB
flaps3_30.bmp04.12.0777.24 kB
flaps3_5.bmp04.12.0777.24 kB
fuel_cut.bmp04.12.0754.25 kB
fuel_fire E1.xml04.12.07902 B
fuel_fire E2.xml04.12.07899 B
fuel_fire E3.xml04.12.07902 B
fuel_fire E4.xml04.12.07902 B
fuel1_figures.xml04.12.073.86 kB
fuel1_figures_back.bmp04.12.0780.70 kB
fuel1_levels.xml04.12.078.30 kB
fuel1_levels_back.bmp04.12.0727.62 kB
fuel1_levels_filling.bmp04.12.076.16 kB
fuel1_levels_mask.bmp04.12.076.16 kB
fuel1_on.bmp04.12.0754.25 kB
fuel1_tank.xml04.12.075.82 kB
fuel1_tank_all1.bmp04.12.0745.96 kB
fuel1_tank_all2.bmp04.12.0745.96 kB
fuel1_tank_all3.bmp04.12.0745.96 kB
fuel1_tank_back.bmp04.12.0745.96 kB
fuel1_tank_center1.bmp04.12.0745.96 kB
fuel1_tank_center2.bmp04.12.0745.96 kB
fuel1_tank_center3.bmp04.12.0745.96 kB
fuel1_tank_e1_cut.bmp04.12.073.90 kB
fuel1_tank_e1_on.bmp04.12.073.90 kB
fuel1_tank_e2_cut.bmp04.12.073.90 kB
fuel1_tank_e2_on.bmp04.12.073.90 kB
fuel1_tank_e3_cut.bmp04.12.073.90 kB
fuel1_tank_e3_on.bmp04.12.073.90 kB
fuel1_tank_e4_cut.bmp04.12.073.90 kB
fuel1_tank_e4_on.bmp04.12.073.90 kB
fuel1_tank_left1.bmp04.12.0745.96 kB
fuel1_tank_left2.bmp04.12.0745.96 kB
fuel1_tank_left3.bmp04.12.0745.96 kB
fuel1_tank_right1.bmp04.12.0745.96 kB
fuel1_tank_right2.bmp04.12.0745.96 kB
fuel1_tank_right3.bmp04.12.0745.96 kB
fuel1_tank_select.xml04.12.071.54 kB
fuel1_tank_select_back.bmp04.12.0768.02 kB
fuel1_tank_select_grip.bmp04.12.073.66 kB
fuel2_figures.xml04.12.076.08 kB
fuel2_levels.xml04.12.078.30 kB
fuel2_on.bmp04.12.0754.25 kB
fuel2_tank.xml04.12.078.41 kB
fuel2_tank_all1.bmp04.12.0745.96 kB
fuel2_tank_all2.bmp04.12.0745.96 kB
fuel2_tank_all3.bmp04.12.0745.96 kB
fuel2_tank_back.bmp04.12.0745.96 kB
fuel2_tank_center1.bmp04.12.0745.96 kB
fuel2_tank_center2.bmp04.12.0745.96 kB
fuel2_tank_center3.bmp04.12.0745.96 kB
fuel2_tank_left1.bmp04.12.0745.96 kB
fuel2_tank_left2.bmp04.12.0745.96 kB
fuel2_tank_left3.bmp04.12.0745.96 kB
fuel2_tank_right1.bmp04.12.0745.96 kB
fuel2_tank_right2.bmp04.12.0745.96 kB
fuel2_tank_right3.bmp04.12.0745.96 kB
fuel3_levels.xml04.12.077.55 kB
fuel3_on.bmp04.12.0754.25 kB
fuel4_levels.xml04.12.0710.94 kB
fuel4_levels_back.bmp04.12.0727.62 kB
fuel4_levels_filling.bmp04.12.073.83 kB
fuel4_levels_mask.bmp04.12.073.83 kB
fuel4_levels1_filling.bmp04.12.072.21 kB
fuel4_levels1_mask.bmp04.12.072.21 kB
fuel4_on.bmp04.12.0754.25 kB
gear _control.xml04.12.071.86 kB
gear _jet.xml04.12.071.29 kB
gear_downr.bmp04.12.079.43 kB
gear_lever_down.bmp04.12.0768.50 kB
gear_lever_up.bmp04.12.0768.50 kB
gear_transit.bmp04.12.072.08 kB
gear_upr.bmp04.12.079.43 kB
gear_warn_jet.bmp04.12.074.18 kB
gear_warning.bmp04.12.073.21 kB
glide_back.bmp04.12.074.15 kB
glide_down.bmp04.12.074.15 kB
glide_left.bmp04.12.074.15 kB
glide_right.bmp04.12.074.15 kB
glide_slope.xml04.12.071.59 kB
glide_up.bmp04.12.074.15 kB
hsi_jet.xml04.12.0722.57 kB
hsi1.xml04.12.0722.56 kB
hsi1_aw_filled.bmp04.12.071.69 kB
hsi1_aw_hollow.bmp04.12.072.65 kB
hsi1_back.bmp04.12.07342.18 kB
hsi1_flag_from.bmp04.12.07918 B
hsi1_flag_to.bmp04.12.07918 B
hsi1_glideslope_needle.bmp04.12.07470 B
hsi1_glideslope_scale.bmp04.12.076.23 kB
hsi1_gyro.bmp04.12.07149.47 kB
hsi1_heading_bug.bmp04.12.071.31 kB
hsi1_marker_inn.bmp04.12.072.39 kB
hsi1_marker_mid.bmp04.12.072.39 kB
hsi1_marker_out.bmp04.12.072.39 kB
hsi1_needle_adf.bmp04.12.076.50 kB
hsi1_needle_vor1.bmp04.12.0773.50 kB
hsi1_needle_vor2.bmp04.12.076.50 kB
hsi1_needle_wind.bmp04.12.071.90 kB
hsi1_plane.bmp04.12.072.84 kB
hsi1_rose_off.bmp04.12.075.38 kB
hsi1_rose_on.bmp04.12.075.38 kB
hsi1_rose_switch.xml04.12.07629 B
hsi1_rose1_switch.xml04.12.07644 B
hsi1_switch_adf_off.bmp04.12.073.18 kB
hsi1_switch_adf_on.bmp04.12.073.18 kB
hsi1_switch_vor2_off.bmp04.12.074.06 kB
hsi1_switch_vor2_on.bmp04.12.074.06 kB
hsi1_track_line.bmp04.12.079.99 kB
hsi1r_back.bmp04.12.07342.18 kB
hsi1r_glideslope_scale.bmp04.12.074.56 kB
hsi1r_needle_adf.bmp04.12.0721.70 kB
hsi1r_needle_vor1.bmp04.12.0754.05 kB
hsi1r_needle_vor2.bmp04.12.0721.70 kB
hsi1r_plane.bmp04.12.07966 B
hsi1r_rose.bmp04.12.07105.81 kB
hsi1r_track_hdg.bmp04.12.074.99 kB
hsi1r_track_line.bmp04.12.072.51 kB
hsi2.xml04.12.0722.56 kB
hsi2_aw_filled.bmp04.12.071.69 kB
hsi2_aw_hollow.bmp04.12.072.65 kB
hsi2_back.bmp04.12.07342.18 kB
hsi2_back1.bmp04.12.07342.18 kB
hsi2_glideslope_scale.bmp04.12.076.23 kB
hsi2_gyro.bmp04.12.07149.47 kB
hsi2_heading_bug.bmp04.12.071.31 kB
hsi2_needle_vor1.bmp04.12.0773.50 kB
hsi2_needle_wind.bmp04.12.071.90 kB
hsi2_plane.bmp04.12.072.84 kB
hsi2r_back.bmp04.12.07342.18 kB
hsi2r_back1.bmp04.12.07342.18 kB
hsi2r_glideslope_scale.bmp04.12.074.56 kB
hsi2r_needle_vor1.bmp04.12.0754.05 kB
hsi2r_plane.bmp04.12.07966 B
hsi2r_rose.bmp04.12.07105.79 kB
hsi2r_track_hdg.bmp04.12.0710.55 kB
hud_g.xml04.12.0713.89 kB
hud_icon_green.xml04.12.07630 B
hud_icon_green_off.bmp04.12.072.90 kB
hud_icon_green_on.bmp04.12.072.90 kB
hud_icon_red.xml04.12.07622 B
hud_icon_red_off.bmp04.12.072.90 kB
hud_icon_red_on.bmp04.12.072.90 kB
hud_icon_yellow.xml04.12.07634 B
hud_icon_yellow_off.bmp04.12.072.90 kB
hud_icon_yellow_on.bmp04.12.072.90 kB
hud_r.xml04.12.0713.90 kB
hud_w.xml04.12.07157 B
hud_w_back.bmp04.12.07122.12 kB
hud_w1.xml04.12.07159 B
hud_w1_back.bmp04.12.07122.12 kB
hud_y.xml04.12.0713.88 kB
hudr_air.bmp04.12.07181.55 kB
hudr_back.bmp04.12.07219.80 kB
hudr_bank_left.bmp04.12.071.62 kB
hudr_bank_right.bmp04.12.071.62 kB
hudr_pitch_down.bmp04.12.071.62 kB
hudr_pitch_up.bmp04.12.071.62 kB
hudr_vsi.bmp04.12.0786 B
hudr_vsi_down.bmp04.12.071.62 kB
hudr_vsi_up.bmp04.12.071.62 kB
ice_deice.xml04.12.071.09 kB
ice_deice_off.bmp04.12.074.54 kB
ice_deice_on.bmp04.12.074.54 kB
ice_pitot.xml04.12.071.04 kB
ice_pitot_off.bmp04.12.074.54 kB
ice_pitot_on.bmp04.12.074.54 kB
icon_atc.bmp04.12.071.54 kB
icon_atc.xml04.12.07238 B
icon_avionics.bmp04.12.071.54 kB
icon_avionics.xml04.12.07271 B
icon_checklist.bmp04.12.071.54 kB
icon_checklist.xml04.12.07267 B
icon_gps.bmp04.12.071.54 kB
icon_gps.xml04.12.07260 B
icon_map.bmp04.12.071.54 kB
icon_map.xml04.12.07238 B
jet _airspeed.xml04.12.073.77 kB
jet_airspeed_back.bmp04.12.07282.49 kB
jet_altimeter.xml04.12.074.12 kB
jet_altimeter_back.bmp04.12.07282.49 kB
jet_aoa.xml04.12.071.16 kB
jet_aoa_back.bmp04.12.0753.87 kB
jet_aoa_needle.bmp04.12.073.98 kB
jet_ap_alt.xml04.12.07785 B
jet_ap_alt_off.bmp04.12.071.37 kB
jet_ap_alt_on.bmp04.12.071.37 kB
jet_ap_apr.xml04.12.07759 B
jet_ap_apr_off.bmp04.12.071.37 kB
jet_ap_apr_on.bmp04.12.071.37 kB
jet_ap_bc.xml04.12.07718 B
jet_ap_bc_off.bmp04.12.071.37 kB
jet_ap_bc_on.bmp04.12.071.37 kB
jet_ap_cmd.xml04.12.07747 B
jet_ap_cmd_off.bmp04.12.071.53 kB
jet_ap_cmd_on.bmp04.12.071.53 kB
jet_ap_fd.xml04.12.07693 B
jet_ap_fd_off.bmp04.12.071.37 kB
jet_ap_fd_on.bmp04.12.071.37 kB
jet_ap_hdg.xml04.12.07771 B
jet_ap_hdg_off.bmp04.12.071.37 kB
jet_ap_hdg_on.bmp04.12.071.37 kB
jet_ap_ias.xml04.12.07808 B
jet_ap_ias_off.bmp04.12.071.37 kB
jet_ap_ias_on.bmp04.12.071.37 kB
jet_ap_mach.xml04.12.07806 B
jet_ap_mach_off.bmp04.12.071.37 kB
jet_ap_mach_on.bmp04.12.071.37 kB
jet_ap_nav.xml04.12.07751 B
jet_ap_nav_off.bmp04.12.071.37 kB
jet_ap_nav_on.bmp04.12.071.37 kB
jet_ap_vs.xml04.12.07873 B
jet_ap_vs_off.bmp04.12.071.37 kB
jet_ap_vs_on.bmp04.12.071.37 kB
jet_egt.xml04.12.071.06 kB
jet_egt_back.bmp04.12.07227.27 kB
jet_flaps.xml04.12.071.31 kB
jet_flaps_0.bmp04.12.0777.24 kB
jet_flaps_1.bmp04.12.0777.24 kB
jet_flaps_15.bmp04.12.0777.24 kB
jet_flaps_20.bmp04.12.0777.24 kB
jet_flaps_25.bmp04.12.0777.24 kB
jet_flaps_30.bmp04.12.0777.24 kB
jet_flaps_5.bmp04.12.0777.24 kB
jet_flaps_harr.xml04.12.071.58 kB
jet_flaps_harr_0.bmp04.12.0792.97 kB
jet_flaps_harr_1.bmp04.12.0792.97 kB
jet_flaps_harr_15.bmp04.12.0792.97 kB
jet_flaps_harr_20.bmp04.12.0792.97 kB
jet_flaps_harr_25.bmp04.12.0792.97 kB
jet_flaps_harr_5.bmp04.12.0792.97 kB
jet_flaps_harr_60.bmp04.12.0792.97 kB
jet_flaps_harr_70.bmp04.12.0792.97 kB
jet_flaps_harr_90.bmp04.12.0792.97 kB
jet_gforce.xml04.12.073.64 kB
jet_gforce_back.bmp04.12.07282.49 kB
jet_gforce_needle_g.bmp04.12.073.92 kB
jet_gforce_needle_r.bmp04.12.073.92 kB
jet_hud_1.xml04.12.078.48 kB
jet_hud_1_back.bmp04.12.07209.04 kB
jet_hud_11.xml04.12.076.82 kB
jet_hud_11_back.bmp04.12.07209.04 kB
jet_hud_2.xml04.12.078.58 kB
jet_hud_2_back.bmp04.12.07209.04 kB
jet_hud_22.xml04.12.078.59 kB
jet_hud_22_back.bmp04.12.07209.04 kB
jet_hud_3.xml04.12.078.59 kB
jet_hud_3_back.bmp04.12.07209.04 kB
jet_hud_33.xml04.12.078.59 kB
jet_hud_33_back.bmp04.12.07209.04 kB
jet_hud_att_back1.bmp04.12.07282.49 kB
jet_hud_att_mask1.bmp04.12.07282.49 kB
jet_hud_att_plane1.bmp04.12.07282.49 kB
jet_hud_att_plane2.bmp04.12.07282.49 kB
jet_hud_att_pointer1.bmp04.12.071.62 kB
jet_hud_att_pointer2.bmp04.12.071.62 kB
jet_hud_att_scale1.bmp04.12.07582.24 kB
jet_hud_att_scale2.bmp04.12.07582.24 kB
jet_hud_att_scale3.bmp04.12.07582.24 kB
jet_hud_attitude1.xml04.12.071.79 kB
jet_hud_attitude2.xml04.12.071.79 kB
jet_hud_attitude3.xml04.12.071.79 kB
jet_left_mir.xml04.12.07631 B
jet_left_mir1.xml04.12.07642 B
jet_levels.xml04.12.074.79 kB
jet_levels_back.bmp04.12.077.88 kB
jet_levels_filling.bmp04.12.073.83 kB
jet_levels_mask.bmp04.12.073.83 kB
jet_levels1_filling.bmp04.12.072.21 kB
jet_levels1_mask.bmp04.12.072.21 kB
jet_log_pan.bmp04.12.07938 B
jet_log_pan.xml04.12.07604 B
jet_mir_back.bmp04.12.073.00 MB
jet_mir1_left.bmp04.12.0740.55 kB
jet_mir1_right.bmp04.12.0740.55 kB
jet_mirl.bmp04.12.0771.83 kB
jet_mirr.bmp04.12.0771.83 kB
jet_n1n2.xml04.12.071.75 kB
jet_n1n2_back.bmp04.12.07227.27 kB
jet_n1n2_needle_g.bmp04.12.071.76 kB
jet_n1n2_needle_r.bmp04.12.071.76 kB
jet_n1n2_needle_w.bmp04.12.073.46 kB
jet_oil_press.xml04.12.071022 B
jet_oil_press_back.bmp04.12.07227.27 kB
jet_oil_temp.xml04.12.071.04 kB
jet_oil_temp_back.bmp04.12.07227.27 kB
jet_right_mir.xml04.12.07632 B
jet_right_mir1.xml04.12.07645 B
jet_turn.xml04.12.07725 B
jet_turn_back.bmp04.12.071.88 kB
jet_turn_ball.bmp04.12.07374 B
jet2_egt.xml04.12.071.82 kB
jet2_n1n2.xml04.12.073.21 kB
jet2_oil_press.xml04.12.071.70 kB
jet2_oil_temp.xml04.12.071.79 kB
light_beacon.xml04.12.07610 B
light_beacon_off.bmp04.12.072.21 kB
light_beacon_on.bmp04.12.072.21 kB
light_land.xml04.12.07606 B
light_land_off.bmp04.12.073.11 kB
light_land_on.bmp04.12.073.11 kB
light_nav.xml04.12.07589 B
light_nav_off.bmp04.12.072.21 kB
light_nav_on.bmp04.12.072.21 kB
light_panel.xml04.12.07603 B
light_panel_off.bmp04.12.073.11 kB
light_panel_on.bmp04.12.073.11 kB
light_strobe.xml04.12.07601 B


Despite being the perfect tool for those who enjoy the more civil side of aircraft, even flight sim buffs like myself will enjoy being able to shoot about the skies of the world in an intricate military aircraft. The quality of a fighter jet puts normal aircraft to shame in terms of speed, power and accuracy and the F-14D Tomcat certainly brings all of these features to the table. As you might already expect, given that the aircraft cost around $38m to build back in the day, this cat has some pretty significant claws.

But how does it fly? Will you enjoy flying this as much as you would a more traditional aircraft?

The Tomcat

Brought is an answer to the now defective F-4 Phantom II, the Tomcat hit the markets like one of the massive missiles that it can fire off. Because it brought in some features like LANTIRN targeting, it became a far more useful aircraft than its single purpose predecessors – for anyone who wants to fly an aircraft that’s as quick as your most delicate aircraft whilst carrying the punching power of a squad of tanks, this is the one for you. As a military buff myself, being able to hop into the cockpit of a Tomcat and instantly recognize all of the little details that are included was absolutely sublime.

Plenty More to Come

One of the best features about this package, in my opinion, was the swell of new features that were brought in on time. It uses the default fuel dump section but the horde of new animations that were included make your aircraft look and feel far more realistic. Add in the new camera functions – created by the excellent Bob Familton – and you’ve got a whole new way to both fly your aircraft and watch it all unfold in front of you. For the visual lovers of the FSX series, very little community made aircraft carry this same attention to detail or authority and this can make it the perfect addition for you. If realism is your thing, then this is one of the best fighter jet remakes I’ve ever had the pleasure of flying.

Easy to Install

However, one problem that many flight simulation add-ons have is that getting the program to install can be a fair bit more difficult than you might already have hoped for. Thankfully, it is a matter of clicks to install this addition and this can make it so much easier to follow and love. You’ll get prompted for each part of the installation as you go along, too, for things like what gauges you want to overwrite. This lets you take control of the aircraft and make sure it looks as good as you possibly need it, without hampering the performance in any way.

All in all, if you aren’t sure of what you need in terms of military aircraft we can guarantee you’ll notice all of the cool features and quirks you would hope to with this remake of the Tomcat. 

Adam McEnroe

Adam McEnroe

Adam McEnroe is a flight sim enthusiast who has been simming since the days of FS95. Adam writes all of the download section editorials after testing each of the files.  Adam has extensive knowledge using various flight simulator packages and thoroughly tests the files before writing about them.  Adam also like to fly real-world aircraft in his spare time and is training for his PPL.

Should you wish, you can contact Adam via email at

Installation of Add-on Aircraft/Scenery

Most of the freeware add-on aircraft and scenery packages in our file library come with easy installation instructions which you can read above in the file description.  For further installation help, please see our Knowledge Center for our full range of tutorials or view the README file contained within the download.


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Robert1174Sun, 01 Oct 2017 04:43:53 GMT

WARNING: Weapons system / weapons configuration will NOT work without TacPack Combat systems from their website: . (Not sponsored not endorsed).

jim lynchSun, 30 Jul 2017 06:32:51 GMT

Best fighter jet that I have ever downloaded.

SilverlightPonyWed, 22 Feb 2017 12:11:54 GMT

Anyone else having major issues with this in Dx10 mode? Even with the DX10 Scenery Fixer and after carefully reinstalling the plane, major chunks of its model/textures are completely missing and performance is terrible (extremely long load times and like 1 fps when I get 25-30 with any other plane). Very disappointing since the Tomcat is one of my favorite planes ever. :(

BmdMon, 08 Aug 2016 21:31:58 GMT

How can i change wing angle?

Pro MemberEric PipkinThu, 14 Jul 2016 13:54:29 GMT

Maybe a stupid question, but is there a way to practice aerial refueling with appropriate aircraft, and how?

Pro MemberCaptainK49Fri, 14 Sep 2012 19:31:59 GMT

Hello... what great textures and very cool to fly... where are the VC cockpit gauges? Lights? If anyone knows how to find the correct gauges and install them please let me know...thanks!

Aquarius12Fri, 14 Sep 2012 16:44:25 GMT

Thank you for bringing alive the F14, good job. I love the realistic features.

Pro MembersponduletSun, 22 Jan 2012 11:20:43 GMT

Seem to have an issue when I run this with Acceleration as the game re-starts when I end flight? Any suggestions or is it not compatible with Acceleration?

Pro MemberwebremMon, 02 Jan 2012 10:24:14 GMT


Pro Membersparrow747Mon, 26 Sep 2011 22:13:02 GMT

Excellent job. My uncle flew this plane from when it first took flight to it's retirement. He was as well pleased except for a couple of quirks. First, the plane needs too much speed to stay aloft while landing on a carrier. Second, fix the issues with the cockpit and qauges (need to be more realistic (virtual view). Otherwise, great job. I'll give it an 8.

Pro MemberHengchianweeSat, 30 Jul 2011 15:23:00 GMT
It is awesome
Thank you for bring alive the f14
Pro MemberDaleSWA1795Sun, 24 Oct 2010 23:27:23 GMT
I give it a 7 only because all the switches don't work and can't fire misssles or drop the tanks hard to land on the carrier, you can program to work the tail hook up and down, fun to fly and the swing wings work fine great burner and easy to land on a land base excelent brakes and speed brakes.
Pro Membercdoy69Sun, 24 Jan 2010 03:51:40 GMT
i almost gave it a 9 due to the fact that it doesn't have a lunch bar but other than that greant plane
Pro MembertrojanoidThu, 31 Dec 2009 18:38:53 GMT
Best download on this site. A+++, "Whoa!" is the first thing is said when I flew it. The interior is outstandng like no other aircraft. The different style rock, especially the tiger one. The outside effects are really cool too, the sound barrier ect.
Pro MembermysticfireSat, 07 Nov 2009 22:17:23 GMT
the after burner works just wait a while and go full throttle and it will work. and for the air craft carrier go to guam and the id is guam go around the island and you will see it.
Pro MemberdarkroomsThu, 15 Oct 2009 20:42:22 GMT
I gave this F-14 a 6 due to the difficulty of installation/download. Very fast, good cockpit visuals, but I find the handling in turns with rudder to be a bit dodgey. Maybe Im used to slower aircraft. Not easy to install to get my panels and gauges. If it weren't for that, it would have been an 8 or 9. I still like to fly this jet.
Pro MembertoddstotmanWed, 23 Jul 2008 20:33:49 GMT
This is my dad's favorate now mine too AWESOME
Pro MemberwarlissThu, 05 Jun 2008 23:57:19 GMT
I like it overall, but the HUD display doesn't work in virtual cockpit. Is there a fix for that?
Pro MemberlizardladSat, 02 Feb 2008 17:22:31 GMT
Although it is hard to land, this plane gives you an amazing flying experience.
Pro MemberlittlebenoitSun, 27 Jan 2008 18:15:39 GMT
great job, all guages work, all panels come up, the only problem i have is that the afterburners dont have fire, and the rear thrust things dont move, im not sure if you had those though..
Pro Memberzero1123Sat, 05 Jan 2008 19:09:11 GMT
Nice aircraft, it has goog flight dynamics with variable geometry wings. Nice effect with after burner. It sounds like a real fighter jet with sonic boom effect. However this aircraft could have been better, the panel put me down. It works well but the details is unsatisfactory especially in virtual cokpit view. Since I'm more of a panel person, i give this aircraft an 8. Other than that this is an awesome plane. FSX users should check this out for a spin.
Pro Memberdare2442Tue, 13 Nov 2007 23:32:53 GMT
probably one of the best military aircraft ive ever flown and ive flown enough lol but man ur not gunna find another one of these on da internet lmao trust me ive looked!!! REALLY GOOD PLANE!!!
Pro Memberjewkid80Sun, 04 Nov 2007 03:19:20 GMT
in fsx the origanal version is it possible to use an air craft carrier
Pro Member2tallSat, 03 Nov 2007 22:40:16 GMT
Cool, well done. Flying the Tomcat is fun. Nice details. Artwork is right on. Download is easy. Where is Mavrick & Goose? I need an aircraft carrier and some Rayban sunglasses.
Pro MemberJodynamoMon, 10 Sep 2007 19:54:13 GMT
What a GREAT!! jet plane flies powerfull even with folding wings. I havnt got the full thing but nice work all I need is a aircraft carrior to land on in the water.
Pro Memberdkt3Tue, 17 Jul 2007 04:27:36 GMT
its awsome even though i didn't download it yet but i know its good becuse of the the comments
Pro MembermavbitSun, 24 Jun 2007 10:52:28 GMT
Pro MemberAlbicaFri, 22 Jun 2007 17:07:32 GMT
Pro Membervinny5cSat, 09 Jun 2007 16:00:25 GMT
my favorit planejet .
Pro MemberSEBSCOOBYTue, 29 May 2007 22:20:23 GMT
Great plane - have had hours of fun in this
Pro MembermtaylormanSun, 27 May 2007 04:35:58 GMT
This plane and the effects are really great. But the FSUIPC caused me great problems. It really messed up how FSX Missions run. Most, if not all missions-both default and 3rd party didn't function right-if they functioned at all. Keep this in mind if you like running missions. Even after deleting the FSUIPC.dll there were still problems. Mission pointers, audio and text messages often didn't occur. You could never complete a mission with several goals.
Pro MemberbonkMon, 21 May 2007 11:23:42 GMT
I just Luuurrv this bird! Mach one effect is really cool. At the moment,my favourite.
Pro MemberrustymaisWed, 16 May 2007 22:59:52 GMT
Very easy to install and get to work. Accelerates and slows down a little too quickly but overall a good project. A
Pro MemberAerofanatic73Sat, 12 May 2007 22:48:06 GMT
The plane is very well designed and performs well with FSX. I love the realistic features.
Pro MemberbigKsThu, 10 May 2007 20:41:53 GMT
it fly perfectly and has great detail and you can get it to work very easily.
Pro Memberrick07Sun, 06 May 2007 19:34:36 GMT
Awesome plane, love the sound effect and graphics when breaking the sound barrier!
Pro MemberStarCasterXSun, 06 May 2007 01:39:04 GMT
Awesome plane, great textures.

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