FS2004 Grumman F-14D Tomcat Panel

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FS2004 F-14D Panel with integrated Aircraft Carrier catapult and Arresting gear gauges developed and released as freeware by Rob Barendregt and Doug Dawson, with special input from Nick Needham. It is to be used with the great Gmax F-14D of Dino Catteneo and Jeff Dobbing (file name f14bfs9a.zip) that includes a VC. By Todd McKee

F-14D Tomcat Panel

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The archive f14car04.zip has 85 files and directories contained within it.

File Contents

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Filename/Directory File Date File Size
effects02.13.040 B
fx_RCB_machenvlop.fx12.30.0341.42 kB
F14BTomcat02.13.040 B
Aircraft.cfg02.12.0416.38 kB
f14d.air02.11.048.37 kB
f14d.JPG02.13.04278.85 kB
panel02.13.040 B
HUD.bmp02.18.00301.05 kB
Panel.cfg02.11.046.74 kB
Thumbs.db01.13.0413.50 kB
tomheadd.bmp02.09.03769.05 kB
Tomheadu1.bmp04.06.03769.05 kB
tomheadup.bmp02.09.03769.05 kB
rcbco-gauges.jpg02.03.04177.25 kB
README rcbco-11.txt02.08.0439.78 kB
FILE_ID.DIZ02.14.04330 B
gauges02.13.040 B
bendix_king_radio.dme.gau04.17.0164.00 kB
cad_sn3308a.gau01.05.03516.00 kB
dfd_yg7500.gau05.25.02684.00 kB
DO_rp_flaps5.gau01.29.99118.50 kB
dsd_arrester.gau02.06.0453.00 kB
dsd_catapult.gau02.06.0453.50 kB
dsd_xml_sound.gau02.05.0439.00 kB
f14.Alti2.gau03.13.98180.00 kB
f14toggle.gau04.09.9875.50 kB
f15j2_fsd_fuel_1.gau02.15.03127.50 kB
f15j2_fsd_fuel_2.gau02.15.03127.50 kB
F15-SPOILER.GAU10.16.0191.00 kB
F16.gau02.25.031.95 MB
f162k_config.gau01.23.0045.00 kB
f162k_pfd.gau03.17.01295.00 kB
F18E_AOAind.gau03.24.0052.00 kB
F86_Flapind.gau06.26.02118.50 kB
fa18e_radio.gau06.01.00113.50 kB
fsd_f84.tc.gau07.16.00134.00 kB
fsd_rf4.adi.gau07.16.00305.50 kB
fsd_rf4.alt.gau07.28.01180.50 kB
fsd_rf4.gmeter.gau12.26.00130.00 kB
FSD_RF4.HSI.gau08.19.00376.00 kB
fsd_rf4.vsi.gau01.02.00135.00 kB
FSD_TDO.asi.gau07.16.00149.00 kB
FSD_WARN.DH.GAU06.26.9985.00 kB
fsd_warn.gear.gau03.30.0285.00 kB
fsd_warn.overspeed.gau08.30.0085.00 kB
fsd_warn.parkbrake.gau08.30.0085.00 kB
FSD_WARN.STALL.GAU04.11.0185.00 kB
HWlgr.gau11.02.9745.00 kB
Igear.gau03.17.9845.00 kB
Isplr.gau03.17.9845.00 kB
Mil_AOA_Indicator.gau09.19.9880.50 kB
Military.Eicas.gau03.15.99157.50 kB
rcb-gauges02.13.040 B
F14BurnerLight.xml10.21.031.76 kB
F14EffectControl.xml12.23.033.30 kB
F14Reheat1.bmp10.20.032.11 kB
F14Reheat2.bmp10.20.032.11 kB
F14ReheatBoth.bmp10.10.032.11 kB
F14ReheatOff.bmp10.10.032.11 kB
FlameAndAfterburnerEffectControl.xml02.18.032.88 kB
ParkingBrakeSwitch.xml02.25.03678 B
RCB-Miljet02.13.040 B
Ball.xml01.26.0410.15 kB
BallAmber.bmp01.07.042.02 kB
BallBackground.bmp11.20.0357.30 kB
BallGreen.bmp12.10.032.02 kB
BallNeedleHorRed.bmp11.19.031.21 kB
BallNeedleVertRed.bmp11.19.031.37 kB
BallRed.bmp12.10.032.02 kB
Icon_Ball.bmp12.06.031.42 kB
Icon_Ball.xml12.06.03515 B
Icon_Ball_F16KO.bmp12.06.031.42 kB
Icon_Ball_F16KO.xml02.07.041.53 kB
SonicBoomControl.xml01.26.041.32 kB
SpoilersFollowTailhook.xml02.07.04989 B
T38A_RPM_1.gau05.10.00119.00 kB
GaugeSound.dll05.01.0340.00 kB
README_Panel.txt02.13.043.08 kB
sound02.13.040 B
dsd_cable_catch.wav01.26.04148.15 kB
dsd_cable_rewind.wav01.26.04238.41 kB
dsd_catapult_launch.wav01.26.04212.46 kB
dsd_xml_96.wav01.26.04151.62 kB
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B

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