Air Holland Boeing 737 MAX 8 PH-OZG

PreviewA fictional repaint of the now defunct Air Holland for the TDS Boeing 737 MAX 8. Features 32-bit textures, opening doors and cargo doors, dynamic shine and effects, dynamic flexing wings that respond to turbulence, fully independent suspension, trim animation, gear steering, accurate flight dynam...

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A fictional repaint of the now defunct Air Holland for the TDS Boeing 737 MAX 8. Features 32-bit textures, opening doors and cargo doors, dynamic shine and effects, dynamic flexing wings that respond to turbulence, fully independent suspension, trim animation, gear steering, accurate flight dynamics, and more. Requires the Tenkuu Developers Studio Boeing 737 MAX 8 (TDS_B737MAX8_BASE_PACKAGE.ZIP). Painted by Elmar Westra.

Screenshot of Air Holland Boeing 737 in flight.

Screenshot of Air Holland Boeing 737 in flight.

To install the repaint you need the TDS Boeing 737 MAX 8 model. If you have my earlier version of this plane, you can just overwrite all the textures if you want.


  1. Unzip the downloaded file.
  2. Copy and paste the file/folder "Texture.HLN_PH-OZG" into your "TDS Boeing 737 MAX 8" (or whatever you call your TDS 737 MAX 8) folder.
  3. Open the "Aircraft.cfg" file and the following lines into it;
  4. DO NOT forget to change the 'XX' into a number.

title=Air Holland PH-OZG 737 MAX 8
atc_parking_types=GATE, RAMP
ui_type=737 MAX 8
ui_variation=Air Holland "PH-OZG"
description=The 737Max which Boeing has launched . The first release from us is 737Max8 which is the most popular model in this series. Basic info : 737Max is a re-engined and aerodynamically refined model of 737Next Generation series. Series is 737Max7 , Max8, Max9. New engine is Leap-X1B and for putting this huge engine , nose gear is extended. Also for making less drag , tail sections shape is changed . Wingtip design is also changed to Y shape to make less drag and also for having more lifts. \n\nTextures by Elmar Westra.

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2014-12-2_21-17-28-784.png12.17.141.91 MB
2014-12-2_21-17-28-786.png12.16.142.79 MB
2014-12-2_21-17-28-788.png12.02.14753.28 kB
2014-12-2_21-17-28-805.png12.21.142.91 MB
2014-12-2_21-17-28-806.png12.21.142.71 MB
2014-12-2_21-17-28-900.png12.23.14744.80 kB
Readme.txt12.23.142.63 kB
DECAL_TDS737_COCKPIT_BTMDECAL.bmp09.08.1464.07 kB
DECAL_TDS737_COCKPIT_TOPDECAL.bmp09.08.1464.07 kB
DECAL_TDS738_BOTTOM.bmp09.08.144.00 MB
TDS_WT250E2_T.BMP12.21.141.00 MB
TDS_WT250E2_T_L.bmp09.08.14256.07 kB
TDS737_BBJANT.BMP09.08.14256.07 kB
TDS737_ELEVL_L.BMP09.08.144.07 kB
TDS737_ELEVL_T.bmp09.08.141.00 MB
TDS737_ELEVR_L.BMP09.08.144.07 kB
TDS737_ELEVR_T.bmp09.08.141.00 MB
TDS737_ENGINE_L.BMP08.31.144.00 MB
TDS737_GSU_L.bmp09.08.14256.07 kB
TDS737_GSU_T.bmp12.21.144.00 MB
TDS737_GSU2_L.bmp09.08.14256.07 kB
TDS737_GSU2_T.bmp12.21.144.00 MB
TDS737_GSU3_L.bmp09.08.14256.07 kB
TDS737_GSU3_T.bmp12.21.144.00 MB
TDS737_GSU4_L.bmp09.08.14256.07 kB
TDS737_GSU4_T.bmp12.21.144.00 MB
Tds737_inside_L.bmp09.08.144.00 MB
Tds737_inside_t.bmp09.08.144.00 MB
TDS737_LEAPX_ENGINE_COVER_T.bmp12.02.144.00 MB
TDS737_LEAPX_ENGINEPYLON_T.bmp09.08.144.00 MB
TDS737_PARTS_L.bmp09.08.14256.07 kB
TDS737_PARTS_T.BMP09.08.144.00 MB
TDS737_PARTS2_L.bmp09.08.14256.07 kB
TDS737_PARTS2_T.bmp09.08.144.00 MB
TDS737_PARTS3_L.bmp09.08.14256.07 kB
TDS737_PARTS4.bmp09.08.14256.07 kB
Tds737_spring.bmp09.08.1416.07 kB
TDS737_TIRE.BMP09.08.141.00 MB
Tds737_TRANSPARENT.bmp09.08.14256.07 kB
Tds737_Wire.bmp09.08.1416.07 kB
TDS737MAX_PARTS3_L.bmp09.08.14256.07 kB
TDS737MAX_PARTS3_T.bmp09.08.144.00 MB
TDS737MAX_PARTS5_L.bmp09.08.14256.07 kB
TDS737MAX_PARTS5_T.bmp09.08.141.00 MB
TDS737MAX_WINGL_L.BMP09.08.144.07 kB
TDS737MAX_WINGL_T.bmp12.02.144.00 MB
TDS737MAX_WINGLET_L.BMP09.08.144.07 kB
TDS737MAX_WINGLET_T.bmp12.02.144.00 MB
TDS737MAX_WINGR_L.BMP09.08.144.07 kB
TDS737MAX_WINGR_T.bmp12.02.144.00 MB
TDS737ngstair_l.bmp09.08.14256.07 kB
TDS737ngstair_t.bmp09.08.141.00 MB
TDS737Option.bmp09.08.1464.07 kB
TDS737Option2.bmp09.08.1464.07 kB
TDS737SHAFT_L.BMP09.08.14256.07 kB
TDS737SHAFT_T.BMP09.08.1416.07 kB
TDS738_FUSEL_LIGHTSPLASH.bmp12.23.144.00 MB
TDS738_FUSER_LIGHTSPLASH.bmp12.23.144.00 MB
TDS738_SELFILLUMINATION.bmp08.31.144.00 MB
TDS738MAX_FUSEL_FRONT_L.bmp09.08.144.07 kB
TDS738MAX_FUSEL_FRONT_T.bmp12.23.144.00 MB
TDS738MAX_FUSEL_REAR_L.bmp09.08.144.07 kB
TDS738MAX_FUSEL_REAR_T.bmp12.02.144.00 MB
TDS738MAX_FUSER_FRONT_L.bmp09.08.144.07 kB
TDS738MAX_FUSER_FRONT_T.bmp12.23.144.00 MB
TDS738MAX_FUSER_REAR_L.bmp09.08.144.07 kB
TDS738MAX_FUSER_REAR_T.bmp12.02.144.00 MB
thumbnail.jpg12.23.1444.78 kB
Thumbs.db09.08.14197.00 kB
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B
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